Infinite Eve Debuts ‘2020’ Video

Infinite Eve debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the video for its new instrumental single ‘2020‘ Tuesday.  Written and performed by Infinite Eve guitarist Paul Warren, the song also features a guest appearance by guitarist Any Wood (Scott Stapp, Rascal Flatts, Sebastian Bach).

The video’s visualization does its own share to engage audiences.  It features an eye whose color constantly changes, as well as what is believed to be Warren performing the song and various digital graphics.  throughout it all, the accents in the bars are echoed in a specific fashion, too.

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

The song’s arrangement features a heavy yet controlled guitar riff that echoes the tensions felt by audiences this year.  The ethereal choral vocals and the subtle electronics and keyboards lend the arrangement to comparisons to works from the likes of Dream Theater and Devin Townsend.

More information on Infinite Eve’s new single, video and more is available online now at:






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The Band Perry Announces Release Date For New LP

Courtesy:  BBGun Press

Courtesy: BBGun Press

Country trio The Band Perry is readying its new album.  The second full length offering from the sibling music act will release its currently untitled new album April 2nd.  The album’s release is preceded by the release of its lead single, ‘Better Dig Two.’  Fans can check out the video for that single now on YouTube at

Along with the new single, the band has also officially launched a new site dedicated to and for its fans.  Fans can check it out now at  The new website is a new online community for all of the band’s fans to discuss all of the band’s latest news, meet-and-greet opportunities, exclusive pre-sale ticketing, photos, events and lots more.  It’s an all inclusive site for any and all fans of The Band Perry where they can post photos and videos of the band as well as take part in online forums.  Fans can also get all the latest news on the as-yet untitled album, tour news and more on the band’s official website, and on its official Facebook and Twitter pages at and

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Gloriana’s New LP Is Worth A Thousand Words And More

Courtesy: Emblem Records

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is often tossed around for a variety of reasons.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then country trio Gloriana’s new sophomore effort, A Thousand Miles Left Behind is worth a thousand words itself and then some.  So why don’t we track this and see if we can put up a thousand words for A Thousand Miles…?

A Thousand Miles Left Behind is an album that puts Gloriana a thousand miles ahead of so many other country acts today without losing any of its country or bluegrass roots from its last album.  Fans that may be new to the band can liken it to fellow country acts such as: Nickel Creek, Sugarland, and Rascal Flatts just to name a few.  Lyrically, the album’s content is nothing new.  It centers on the topics of love gained and lost.  But it’s the manner in which the songs examine these topics that make the songs so interesting.  The album’s opener, ‘Gold Rush’ would seem, thanks to its musical backing, that it’s about love gained.  It’s that happy sounding.  But a closer look at the lyrical content shows otherwise.  The band sings here, “A thousand miles left behind/The bridges crossed and the mountains climbed/The only thought that crossed my mind/Was winning you back and making you mine/So goodbye city of angels/I left my angel back at home.”  That verse alone gives something of a Proclaimers vibe.  The band’s song, ‘I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles’ has a similar vibe, lyrically.  And ‘Gold Rush’ is just as enjoyable as the aforementioned song.  Here’s a song about someone who has given up someone special, but only wants to be back with said person.  It would have been so easy to take the standard old school country track, and done an oh-woe-is-me style piece.  Instead, the band took the higher road and made something that is both catchy and hopeful.  Kudos to the band for that.  It makes for a solid opening to the album.  Fans get something somewhat similar later in the album when the band starts into ‘Carolina Rose.’

The band keeps the enjoyment level high after ‘Gold Rush’ with the equally fun, ‘Sunset Lovin’.’  The music in this piece is just as catchy and is bound to make it a fan favorite, too.  The song’s lyrics take it that extra level, too.  The band sings of a couple just sitting in a parking lot together, making out harmlessly to the radio as the sun sets in the distance.  If that’s not a throwback to old school romance, it’s anyone’s guess what is.  The band writes here, “Hey, oh/You and me and the radio/Kissing along to our favorite song/Hey, oh/I ain’t never gonna let you go/All we need is all we got/Sunset lovin’ in the parking lot.”  Again this isn’t something that fans of any musical genre hear all that much in today’s era of music.  So yet again, the band is to be highly commended for this.  It’s an entirely harmless song that in its own way, could be compared to something from Zac Brown Band.

‘Gold Rush’ and ‘Sunset Lovin’’ are both hit songs from what is without a shadow of a doubt a solid sophomore effort from Gloriana.  But of the album’s eleven tracks, there’s at least one that stands out more than others as a surprise.  That song is ‘(Kissed You) Good Night.’  From the opening musical strains and verse, listeners are led to believe it’s a song of lost love.  But the surprise is that it is in fact not that.  The band writes of a couple who almost misses a chance at love, but makes love begin at the last moment.  The band writes in the song’s chorus, “I turned off the car/Ran through the yard/Back to your front door/Before I could knock/You turned the lock/And met me on the front porch.”  The band goes on, picking things up even more, “And I kissed you/Good Night/And now that I’ve kissed you/It’s a good night, good night/baby/good night.”  There’s something special about the way in which the band wrote both the lyrics and the music to this song.  It all comes together to create a wholly vivid picture in the listener’s mind.  Some listeners could even potentially see this song playing out like a scene from a movie in their minds as they listen to the song.  That the song would start off like a standard piece about lost love, only to surprise listeners makes it that much more of a hit.  It’s obvious the band has a way with both music and words especially here.

On the exact opposite end, but equally surprising in its enjoyment is the song, ‘Go On…Miss Me.’  Again, instead of taking the classic old school oh-woe-is-me road, the band takes a funnier, more modern road.  Rachel Reinhert sings in this song about a guy who had done her wrong.  But rather than sulk about it, she sings, “Whoa, no way/You’ll ever trick me/You’ll never pull me in to fall for you again/’Cause your cheating heart/Will never win/So go on…Miss me.”  This shows a strong, empowered woman both lyrically and musically, who won’t let one bad experience hold her down.  One more time, kudos to Gloriana as a whole for taking the high road here.  Even better in this song is a moment when Reinhert sings about the man in question living in his parents’ basement.  There’s a little guitar lick that seems to be the musical equivalent of her thumbing her nose at the guy.  It’s just a small moment.  But it’s sure to bring laughs from listeners.

‘(Kissed You) Good Night’ and ‘Go On…Miss Me’ are just a couple more example of what makes Gloriana such a stand out group, as are the previously mentioned pieces here.  But the reality is that the album in its entirety is a solid work that successfully continues to bridge the ever shrinking gap between pop music and country music.  It’s one that is loaded with more than its share of fan favorites.  And speaking of fan favorites, fans can enjoy the music anywhere as the album is available in stores and online now.  Or they can experience the band’s sound in person, too.  Gloriana will be performing at Mount Olive College next Friday, October 12th in Mount Olive North Carolina as part of the college’s annual Fall Festival.  Fans can get a full run down of the band’s tour dates online and all the latest news from the band now at and

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