Greta Van Fleet Debuts ‘Heat Above’ Video

Courtesy: Lava/Republic Records

Greta Van Fleet debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the video for its single ‘Heat Above‘ Thursday. The video’s premiere comes more than a week after the band debuted the song by itself.

‘Heat Above’ is the third single from the band’s forthcoming album, The Battle at Garden’s Gate. The album has also produced the singles, ‘Age of Machine‘ and ‘My Way Soon.’

The new video for ‘Heat Above’ is a unique visual presentation. Recorded in a sound stage (and apparently in what looks like a bomb shelter), it presents a certain 70s glam look, with all of the white, the soft lens effect and the band members’ attire.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Heat Above’ continues to show Greta Van Fleet’s evolving growth away from its comparisons to Led Zeppelin. While front man Joshua Kizka’s vocals still closely resemble those of Robert Plant, that is the only real link to Led Zeppelin this song has. Kizka’s vocals, as a matter of fact, pair with the song’s instrumentation here to make the song overall just as comparable to works from Rush as to those from Led Zeppelin.

The band explained the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“‘Heat Above’ is theatrical, eloquent, and exaggerated.” The statement reads. “This is a dream in the clouds, a moment of peace in the storm.  Thematically, we are dead center in the cult of Heaven, surreal, strange and free.”

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Greta Van Fleet Announces New LP Title, Release Date; Debuts Album’s Second Single

Courtesy: Lava/Republic Records

Greta Van Fleet’s next album will come in the new year.

The band announced it will release its new album The Battle at Garden’s Gate on April 16 through Lava/Republic Records. Pre-orders are open.

In anticipation of the album’s pending release, the band debuted its second single, ‘Age Of Machines‘ Thursday. The single’s premiere comes less than two months after the band debuted the album’s lead single ‘My Way, Soon’ and its companion video.

While ‘My Way, Soon’ continues the lend itself to comparison to Led Zeppelin, GVF’s latest single is a stark stylistic contrast to its existing body of work. The song’s arrangement sets a decidedly brooding atmosphere through the use of its guitars, bass, and heavy drums. Yes, front man Joshua Kiszka is still easily likened to Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant here, but that is the closes comparison that one can make.

The production that is used in the song gives the sound from the band in whole a certain echo effect. The guitar riffs throw back to the golden age of rock thanks to that production and their own approach. The drums and bass collectively sound so full, too, while the use of the choral vocal element adds its own touch to the song.

The lyrical content that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement touches on a familiar topic. According to information provided about the song, its lyrics center on “the influence of technology on modern life; the role conflict plays in the global sphere; the deceptive fulfillment of tangible riches; and philosophical questions about life, love and power.”

Kiszka addressed the song’s lyrical content, albeit indirectly, during a recent interview.

“There was a lot of self-evolution happening during the writing of this album that was prompted by experiences I had, experiences we all had, so a lot of contemplation occurred,” he said.

Kaje Jiszka expanded on Josh’s comments.

“It’s reflecting a lot of the world that we’ve seen, and I think that it’s reflecting a lot of personal truth.  What Josh does very well with the lyrics is telling ancient tales with a contemporary application,” said Jake.

Drummer Danny Wagner built on his band mates’ comments with his own thoughts, discussing not just the band’s new single, but the group’s forthcoming album, too.

“We realized that while growing up, we had been shielded by many things, and we were unaware of a lot of things,” said Wagner.  “And then we were thrown out into this huge world, and it was a bit of a culture shock at first.  But as we started to travel a lot, meet new and different people and experience different cultures, our definition of ‘normal’ changed.”

Bassist Sam Kiszka also shared his thoughts on the band’s new material.

“I suppose that everything has changed except what got us here in the first place,” added Sam.  “Everything – our perception of the world, perception of life itself, what it means to be an artist, what it means to be part of a beautiful, gorgeous society.  We’ve gained a larger understanding of why we’re all here.”

Greg Kurstin (Adele, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney) produced The Battle at Garden’s Gate.

More information on Greta Van Fleet’s new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’ Proves Greta Van Fleet Deserves More Credit Than It Gets

Courtesy: Lava/Republic Records

When Greta Van Fleet released its sophomore EP From The Fires last year, the upstart Michigan-based, very quickly made quite the impact on audiences.  Audiences either loved the band or hated the group.  That was due to the band’s classic rock influenced sound, which showed very blatant influence from Led Zeppelin.  As a matter of fact, that influence was so blatant that the band was called the second coming of Led Zeppelin by many, both in positive and negative fashion.  The release of its debut full-length studio recording Anthem of the Peaceful Army Oct. 19 has only served to widen that gap, with just as many – if not more – people taking either one side in the debate on the up-and-coming band or another.  While the band’s debut full-length album (and its third overall studio recording) does present even more cause for comparison to Led Zeppelin, a thorough listen through the album also shows that the band deserves more credit than its critics have given the group.  That is evident right from the album’s outset in its opener, ‘Age of Man.’ It will be discussed shortly.  ‘You’re The One,’ which comes just past the record’s midway point, is another way in which the band proves in this record that it deserves more support than it gets.  ‘Brave New World,’ which comes even later in the record’s 45-minute run time, is one more way in which this record proves Greta Van Fleet deserves more support than it gets.  Each song, in its own way, proves that Greta Van Fleet is not quite the band that so many people think.  When they are joined with the rest of Anthem of the Peaceful Army, the whole of the record paints a picture of a band that has great potential for growth.  Keeping that in mind, it proves to be a record that shows Greta Van Fleet as a group that deserves more credit than it gets from so many listeners.

Greta Van Fleet’s debut album (and third overall studio recording) is a laudable new offering from the neo-classic rock outfit from Michigan.  That is because the album in whole paints a picture somewhat different from that painted by the singles that have so far been released from the record and its predecessors.  The album’s opener, ‘Age of Man’ is just one of the songs included in the album that serves to support that statement.  Musically speaking, the song bears more of an influence from Rush and other similar classic rock acts of that ilk than to Led Zeppelin.  Of course that is just this critic’s own interpretation.  That is evident through the combination of front man Joshua Kiszka’s vocal delivery style and the work of his band mates – Jacob Kiszka (guitar), Samuel Kiszka (bass/keyboards) and Daniel Wagner (drums/percussion) – throughout the song.  It displays clearly, the band attempting to use those influences to establish its own identity.  It succeeds in attempting to achieve that goal, too.  Keeping this in mind, the song’s lyrical content does just as much to help the song to stand out.  Joshua Kiszka sings here, “In an age of darkness, light appears/And it wards away the ancient fears/March to the anthem of the heart/to a brand new day/A brand new start.”  He goes on to sing, “To wonder lands of ice and snow/In the desert heat where nothing grows/A tree of life in rain and sun/To reach the sky, it’s just begun.”  As the song transitions into its chorus, he sings, “And as we came into the clear/To find ourselves where we are here/Who is the wiser to help us steer/And will we know when the end is near?”  What makes all of this significant here in the first half of the song is that these lyrics seem to be a metaphorical way of addressing the world’s current situation.  It seems to try to remind listeners that there is positive in the world’s negative, yet seems to ask through the chorus, who will help lead us to that positive.  Again, this is all just the interpretation of this critic in particular.  It should not be taken as gospel.  Though in the song’s third verse, Kiszka continues, “Beauty lies in every soul/The more you love, the more you know/They pass the torch and it still burns/One children, then it’s now our turn.”  It’s as if Kiszka is telling listeners again, that that positive is there, but it’s up to us to make it exist.  Once again, this is just this critic’s interpretation, and could likely be completely off base, so it should not be considered the only interpretation.  When this seeming message of positivity is considered along with the almost contemplative vibe of the song’s musical arrangement, that seeming message tends to make more sense even if it is not the correct interpretation.  Keeping this in mind, the song proves to be a strong start for Greta Van Fleet in its latest recording, and just one example of why the band is deserving of more than the Led Zeppelin comparisons that it has constantly received.  It is a song that infuses a variety of musical influences in its arrangement, and that presents a seemingly deep lyrical theme with wording that is certain to generate plenty of discussions.  While the impact of this song cannot be ignored, it is just one of the songs included in the album that proves Greta Van Fleet deserves more credit than it has gotten and gets.  ‘You’re The One’ is another song that shows this band is not just another Led Zeppelin ripoff.

‘You’re The One’ has been likened by some to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Your Time Is Gonna Come,’ and while a close listen to both songs does reveal a certain similarity, it can just as easily be argued that they are dissimilar, too in their musical arrangements.  It’s one more example of Greta Van Fleet using another band’s influences to try to establish its own identity.  Yes, the use of the organ and the old-school sound of the drums, and even the guitar line show similarities, but those similarities are not as direct as in other equally rare moments in this record.  To that end, the song shows yet again that even despite the similarities between the two songs, the band does deserve at least some credit as it shows the band is not trying to blatantly rip off its influences.  The song’s lyrical content adds even more to its interest.  The content shows the song is a standard love song, with Kiszka singing, “Babe, ain’t no denyin’/That I got you in my head/Girl, I’d be lyin’/If you stood yourself and said/You’re the one I want/You’re the one I need/You’re the one I had/So come back to me.”  This is the exact opposite, lyrically, of ‘Your Time Is Gonna Come,’ which is a song about a breakup sung from the standpoint of someone telling another that said person’s time will come.  GVF’s song may be similar to Led Zeppelin’s work stylistically, and similar lyrically in that the two songs both center on relationships, but GVF’s work is about a man who wants a woman, not someone breaking up with another person.  To that end, here we have another example of why Greta Van Fleet deserves more credit than it gets.  With this in mind, there is still at the very least one more example in this song, of why Greta Van Fleet deserves more credit than it gets. It comes in the form of ‘Brave New World,’ which comes late in the album’s run.

‘Brave New World’ stands out because as with the previously discussed songs, this work’s musical arrangement is another example of Greta Van Fleet clearly trying to establish its own identity.  Instead of the Zeppelin influences that people love to make so much with the band, this song’s arrangement presents more influence from the likes of Rush and Ritchie Blackmore among others with its slow yet bombastic guitar and drums.  Kiszka’s own vocal delivery conjures thoughts of a combined Robert Plant and Geddy Lee, while the bass work adds to the song’s heaviness.  It honestly could be considered the album’s most notable work because it so clearly shows the potential that the band has, despite what so many people would have people think.  The song’s lyrical content shows just as much as its musical arrangement, the potential that the band has.  Looking through the song’s lyrical content, it comes across as a social commentary of sorts, again presented through metaphors.  This is inferred as Kiszka sings, “As to the drifters of the high rift plains/They can see the ashes and the acid rain/It turns to dust before their very eyes/And it chokes to death within the smog it lies.”  This comes across as a statement of what has become of the world.  That seeming statement continues as he sings in the song’s chorus, “Take one look at your skies/And in the darkness realize/Kill, fear, the power of lies/For we will not be hypnotized.”  This comes across as Kiszka presenting a defiant message that the world will overcome what has caused it to become what it has become.  The seeming social commentary continues as Kiszka sings, “Turn back the clock within your glass of sand/To a time of love within this blackened land/A silent child climbs a mound of char/Where he plants a seed that grows beyond the stars.”  This comes across as Kiszka telling people to remember that there was a better day, and that it is possible to get back to that better time, despite everything that has happened.  Once again, this is all just one critic’s interpretation.  Even with that in mind, it goes without saying that this lyrical content is presented in a smart fashion, even being presented through metaphorical language.  It still seems to make a statement that at least seems to match, and is deep, regardless.  That contemplative nature of the song’s lyrical content couples with its equally thoughtful musical arrangement to make the song stand out even more.  When this is considered along with the presentation of ‘You’re The One,’ ‘Age of Man’ and the rest of the album’s featured offerings, the whole exhibits Greta Van Fleet as a band that despite its comparisons to Led Zeppelin, deserves far more credit than it deserves.

Greta Van Fleet is currently one of the biggest names in the rock realm today.  That is due to a handful of singles that have lent themselves to comparisons to the one and only Led Zeppelin.  At the same time, those singles have proven to be anything but beneficial for the band.  Rather, they have caused quite a division among audiences.  Songs such as ‘Brave New World,’ ‘You’re The One’ and ‘Age of Man’ show a side of Greta Van Fleet that the band’s singles have not and do not present.  They show a band striving to use its influences to develop its own identity and that clearly has potential.  Keeping this in mind, the band’s debut album (and third overall studio recording) Anthem of the Peaceful Army proves to be a positive new effort from the up-and-coming neo-classic rock band, and one that shows the band deserves more credit than it receives.  It is available now.  More information on Anthem of the Peaceful Army is available online now along with all of Greta Van Fleet’s latest news and more at:










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Greta Van Fleet Debuts Its New Single, ‘When The Curtain Falls’

Courtesy: Lava Music/Republic Records

Great Van Fleet debuted some new music this week.

The up-and-coming rock and roll band debuted its new single ‘When The Curtain Falls’ on July 16.  Much like so much of the band’s work from its 2017 release From The Fires, this latest song once again lends itself easily to comparisons with Led Zeppelin.  That is clear in the song’s bombastic drums, infectious guitar riffs and vocals.

If one were to hear this song on the radio and not know it was Greta Van Fleet, one would in fact think it was Led Zeppelin.  That’s how close the two acts are stylistically in this case.

‘When The Curtain Falls’ is streaming online now via YouTube, Greta Van Fleet’s official website, Spotify and Apple Music.  It can be downloaded via Amazon, and iTunes.

Audiences in PIttsburgh, Pennsylvania will get to hear this song and other works from Greta Van Fleet July 18 at the band’s sold out show there.  Performances, also in support of From The Fires, include stops in Floyd, Virginia; Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois; Seattle, Washington and other cities across America and the world.  Audiences can see the band’s current tour schedule online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:






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The End Is Coming…For Black Sabbath

Courtesy:  Republic Records/Live Nation

Courtesy: Republic Records/Live Nation

The end is near. No, not armageddon. Legendary hard rock act Black Sabbath made the announcement today that Black Sabbath will embark on its farewell tour next year.
Black Sabbath–Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, and Tony Iommi–announced today that it will hit the road next January for its final tour. Audiences can see the announcement for themselves online now via Youtube at

Courtesy:  Republic Records/Live Nation

Courtesy: Republic Records/Live Nation

The band’s current schedule sees it opening its tour on January 20th in Omaha, Nebraska and running through February 25th at New York’s famed Madison Square Gardens. From there the band will take some time off to recharge before hitting the road again down under beginning April 15th in Perth, Australia. The band’s current slate of dates is listed below. It is only the current schedule. More dates will be announced next month.

Photo Credit: Mark Weiss

Photo Credit: Mark Weiss

North American Tour Dates
1/20 Omaha, NE CenturyLink Center
1/22 Chicago, IL United Center
1/25 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
1/28 Saskatoon, SK Sasktel Centre
1/30 Edmonton, AB Rexall Centre
2/1 Calgary, ON Scotiabank Saddledome
2/3 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena
2/6 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome
2/9 San Jose, CA SAP Center
2/11 Los Angeles, CA The Forum
2/13 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay Events Center
2/15 Denver, CO Pepsi Center
2/17 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
2/19 Detroit, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills
2/21 Hamilton, ON FirstOntario Centre
2/23 Montreal, QB Bell Centre
2/25 New York City, NY Madison Square Garden
Australia/New Zealand Tour Dates

Perth Arena
Entertainment Centre
Rod Laver Arena
Allphones Arena
Entertainment Centre
Vector Arena
Forsyth Barr Stadium

Fans can get information on tickets, VIP packages, and more for the North American leg of the upcoming tour online now via Live Nation’s official website at More information on Black Sabbath’s tour is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Alive And Burning Is A Good First Live Effort From Alive And Burning

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Glam/Goth metal act Black Veil Brides will release its first-ever live recording this week. The recording, dubbed Alive and Burning, will be released tomorrow, July 10th on DVD and Blu-ray. For those that are fans of the Hollywood, CA-based band its debut live recording proves to be a good first effort. The main element of the recording that fans will appreciate in this concert is its set list. The seventeen song set list lifts from all four of the albums that the band has released since it first formed roughly nine years ago in Ohio’s Queen City. The band’s stage presence is also of note in regards to what fans will like about it. Last but not least worth noting is the concert’s collective audio and video mix. The audio mix by itself is slightly problematic. It is not perfect but still bearable. On the other hand, the work of the camera crew does an expert job of capturing the band’s energy and the effect of that energy of the audience in attendance. The end result of their work is a concert that translates quite well not only that combined energy but also captures the very essence of a BVB live show. For those that are not able to attend a live BVB show for one reason or another, this is very important. So, kudos to the camera crew for that. That having been noted, it is one more reason that BVB fans will enjoy this recording. All things considered, Alive and Burning is not a perfect first live outing for Black Veil Brides. But it is a good one nonetheless. It is one that any of the band’s fans will want to have in their own collections.

Alive and Burning is a good first live effort from Black Veil Brides. The seventeen-song, eighty-two minute concert will entertain any fan of the glam/goth rock band. The set list in question is the primary reason that BVB’s fans will enjoy this recording. The show’s set, which was recorded during a stop on the “Black Mass Tour 2014,” covers all four of the albums that the band has released since originally forming roughly nine years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio. Examining the set list even more closely, fans will be interested to know that not one of the band’s albums is featured more so than any of its others over the course of the concert. All four albums are equally represented throughout the course of the concert. The band even included its cover of Billy Idol’s hit ‘Rebel Yell’ and its original composition ‘Coffins’ that were both included in its 2011 EP Rebels in te show. Simply put BVB fans get a set list in this concert that is both full and fully representative of the band’s career so far. It’s just one reason that BVB’s fans will enjoy this recording. The band’s stage presence throughout the show is another reason that fans will enjoy the show.

The set list pulled for Alive and Burning is in itself plenty of reason for BVB’s fans to check out the band’s new live recording. It covers a relatively healthy swath of the band’s career so far, covering equally all four of its albums and even its currently lone EP. While the set list is pivotal in its own right to fans’ enjoyment of Alive and Burning, one would be thoughtless to ignore the band’s stage presence as part of the recording’s success and enjoyment by fans, too. Fans that weren’t lucky enough to be at the band’s hometown show will be happy to know that the band’s stage presence will keep them rapt. Front man Andy Biersack takes every opportunity to interact with the audience both during and between songs. This includes climbing giant stacks of amps among other things. Guitarists Jake Pitts and Jinx throw back to rhe days of big riffs and even bigger hair with their work on their instruments and teased hair. The pair’s performance, complete with old school glam metal motions, instantly conjures thoughts of Motley Crue, Poison and other well-known names of the 80s. The same applies to bassist Ashley Purdy’s presence. Even drummer Christian “CC” Coma keeps audiences happy with his work behind the kit. All five members’ performances are full of energy and combined they make for a stage presence that translates quite well even to fans watching at home. Being that the band members’ performances translate so well, they show in their own way why they are important in their own right to the success and enjoyment of the recording among BVB’s fans.

Both the set list featured in Alive and Burning and BVB’s stage presence play their own part in making it a recording that the band’s fans will enjoy. While both elements play their own important part in the enjoyment of the show, neither would be worth mentioning without a mention of the recording’s production values. This is where things get just a little bit dicey. The production values, while good, are not perfect. The camera crew is to be highly commended for its work capturing the band’s performance. However, the audio mix is a bit troublesome. Those behind the lenses capture every possible angle of the show both from the stage and from the vantage point of the audience. It is thanks to their painstaking efforts that fans watching the concert in their own homes will find that they have the best seat in the house. What’s more, it is thanks to the camera crew that the energy of the band in its stage presence translates so well. That is because of the pacing and angle of the shots. For all of the quality work put out by the concert’s camera crew, those charged with handling the concert’s audio came up a little bit short. The issue at hand here is that at many points throughout the concert, Biersack is seemingly overpowered by his band mates. There are times at which it even sounds like his mic isn’t even on and he is being picked up by one of his band mates’ mics. It could of course just be this critic’s own take. On the good side, Biersack’s interaction with the audience between songs is much clearer. So why the audio at least seems unbalanced during the songs in comparison to between them is anyone’s guess. Luckily the imbalance isn’t so bad that it ruins the concert. It is bearable. Because it is bearable, it serves to heighten the intensity of the band’s stage presence and the work of the camera crew. The efforts of all involved coupled with the show’s set list more than make up for the seeming issues with the concert’s audio mix and in turn keep Alive and Burning a good first effort from BVB.

Alive and Burning is a good first live effort from BVB. Its career-spanning set list of sorts in itself makes it worth the watch among the band’s fans. The band’s stage presence and the work of the camera crew in capturing the band’s presence work together to provide fans with a show that they will agree makes up for not being there. Even with what seems like some issues of balance in the show’s audio mix, the rest of the concert’s positives more than make up for that one issue. Because they do, they show once more why BVB’s fans shoud see this concert at least once. Alive and Burning will be available in stores and online both on DVD and Blu-ray. More information on this and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online at:




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The Band Perry Shows Real Promise For The Future With Its Second Full Length Record

Courtesy:  Republic Nashville

Courtesy: Republic Nashville

Pioneer, the latest release from superstar country trio The Band Perry is one of 2013’s best new country music records. The dozen tracks that make up the band’s sophomore album are comprised primarily of the ups and downs of love. Though, there are some songs that sail into other realms such as the tribute to mothers that is ‘Mother Like Mine’ and the album’s title track. The album’s simplistic lyrical side set next to its equally fun musical side makes this an album that makes The Band Perry more than just a country act. It makes the band just as much a viable force in the world of pop music, too. And odds are that at this rate, it will be for some time, too.

The first two songs taken from Pioneer are prime examples of what makes the album work so well. It all starts out with a song about a semi-homicidal woman that believed her “only crutch was loving one man just a little too much.” There are those that would try to argue this song is rather dark and that it takes the whole theme of a woman scorned a bit far. But those that know their music history will recall quite the similarity to a certain older song about one Frankie and Johnny. Frankie caught Johnny cheating on her and shot him much as vocalist Kimberly Perry lightly hints her character would do, too. Keeping this in mind, the song’s lyrical content seems not as dark. The song’s musical side partnered with its lyrical side collectively shows why this was an obvious choice for the album’s lead single. Much the same can be said of the album’s second song, ‘DONE.’

‘Done’ is an interesting follow-up to ‘Better Dig Two’ because it is a total contrast to that song in every sense. Whereas the prior of the two songs was dark and moody, this song is more up-tempo and liberating for lack of better wording. ‘DONE.’ sees a figure that is actually glad to be rid of an unfaithful partner. Ms. Perry sings proudly in the song, “Mama always told me that I should play nice/She didn’t know you when she gave me that advice/I’m through/With you/You’re one bridge I’d like to burn/Scatter the ashes/Smash the urn/I’m through with you la ti da/I don’t wanna be your just for fun/Don’t wanna be under your thumb/All I wanna be is done/Done.” Lyrics like this are not rare to today’s country music scene. That’s because female vocalists have become increasingly self-confident. It’s a nice change of pace for a female vocalist with such pride. The song’s up-tempo and almost bombastic musical styling adds to the song’s general effect, making it just as unsurprising that it was chosen as another of this album’s singles.

‘DONE.’ and ‘Better Dig Two’ are just two of the songs that make Pioneer such an easily accessible record for listeners. They’re also just two of the many songs based in the world of relationships that make up this album. For all the songs steeped in themes of love gained and lost on this record, The Band Perry also has material that breaks from that norm on that norm. One of the best of those songs is the tribute to mothers, ‘A Mother Like Mine.’ The gentle drums and guitars perfectly musically illustrate the calming feelings that mothers make us all feel.  There’s even a subtle banjo part added in the background that adds its own extra flavor to the song’s musical side.  The Perry siblings make the song complete as they sing in the song’s chorus, “Oh, the wars would all be over/’Cause she’d raise us all as friends/And no one would ever wonder/If somebody wanted them/We’d walk on grass that’s greener/And our cares would all be freer/If the world had a mother like mine.”  This is how mothers are.  Mothers love their children no matter what.  They teach friendship rather than conflict.  Mother’s Day might be months away, but that doesn’t matter.  This is one of those songs that could apply to any mother, any time of the year.  And it’s one more part of what makes Pioneer such a welcome return for The Band Perry.  Pioneer is available now in stores and online.  The band is taking some time off for the holidays before it launches the next leg of its worldwide “We Are Pioneers 2013-2014” tour in January.  Fans can check out the band’s latest tour schedule and get all the latest news from the band online at and  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Black Sabbath Members To Make Special Appearance At Grammy Museum

Courtesy:  Universal Republic Records

Courtesy: Universal Republic Records

Black Sabbath founding members Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler are set to make a special appearance at the Los Angeles’ Grammy Museum next month.  The special appearance is part of a promotional tour supporting the release of the band’s new live DVD, Black Sabbath Live…Gathered In Their Masses

Ozzy and Geezer will take part in a Q&A session and special early screening of the band’s new live DVD during its appearance.  The whole thing will be held at the museum’s Clive Davis Theater.  During the Q&A session, Ozzy and Geezer will share with fans their thoughts on the band’s reunion, a #1 album in 13 and the band’s hugely successful world tour among other topics.  More information on the event is available online at

Black Sabbath Live…Gathered In Their Masses will be available on Tuesday, November 25th.  It will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, combo pack, and deluxe box set.  The concert presented in the upcoming release was recorded April 29th and May 1st in Melbourne, Australia as the band kicked off its world tour in support of 13.  The band is currently on the road, touring across South America and Mexico.  Once that leg is done, the band will head overseas to tour Europe in November and December.  A full listing of the band’s current tour dates and more is available online at,, and    To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Black Sabbath Announces Title, Release Date For New Live DVD

Courtesy:  Vertigo/Republic Records

Courtesy: Vertigo/Republic Records

Black Sabbath has officially announced that it will release a brand new live DVD this Fall.  The band, which just finished off the American leg of its worldwide tour, will release its new live DVD, titled Black Sabbath: LiveGathered in their Masses on November 26th,.  It will be released via Vertigo/Republic Records.  The performance contained on the new live DVD was recorded between April 29th and May 1st, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia.

Having wrapped up the American leg of its tour, Black Sabbath is set to make its way to South American next.  The South American and Mexican leg of the band’s tour kicks off Friday, October 4th in Santiago, Chile.  After wrapping its South American and Mexican tour, the band is expected to make its way across Europe through November and December.  A full listing of the band’s upcoming tour dates is available online at,, and http://twitter.comOfficialSabbath.

The band’s new release, 13, debuted at #1 in thirteen countries.  That includes the United States.  The album’s #1 debut marks the very first #1 in the U.S.

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