The Veer Union Offers A Big Success In Its Small New Album

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There is an old adage that big things can, and often do, come in small packages. It is an adage that proves especially true for The Veer Union’s newly released album, Manifestations. Released April 8, the record is composed of only seven songs that run just over 21 minutes. Even being such a brief presentation, the record offers plenty for audiences to appreciate, both in its musical arrangements and its lyrical themes. Each topic will be addressed in its own right here. They are just a part of what makes the album successful. The album’s production rounds out its most important elements and will also be discussed later. All things considered, they make Manifestations one more of the year’s top new hard rock and metal albums in a field that is quickly becoming very crowded.

Manifestations, the eighth new album from hard rock band The Veer Union, is another successful new offering from the group. Its success comes in part through its featured musical arrangements. The arrangements that make up part of the record’s body are of note because of their familiarity and exhibited growth. The familiarity comes in the melodic hard rock sounds and approaches taken to each composition. It once again makes the songs easily comparable to works from the likes of Sevendust. At the same time, the breakdowns/bridges exhibit a certain growth from the band. Case in point is the bridge in the record’s opener, ‘From The Fire In You.’ The band goes full death metal in the very brief breakdown, as is evidenced in the heavy, crunching guitars and the equally heavy screams from front man Crispin Earl. This is an approach that the band has rarely taken in its existing catalog and works quite well here. In another example, the bridge featured in ‘Fade Into The Future’ takes audiences into more of a metalcore direction a la Killswitch Engage while also still incorporating a little death metal influence at the same time. That blend of influences makes this moment another notable addition to the record that continues to show the importance of the album’s musical content. On a completely different note, the album’s penultimate entry, ‘ABCDEFU’ stands out not just because of its breakdown, but its overall approach. The whole of the song takes the band in an almost emocore direction while continuing to blend in the noted metalcore leanings for a unique overall approach that is certain to resonate with audiences, especially considering the song’s lyrical theme.

Speaking of lyrical content, the overall lyrical content featured alongside Manifestations‘ musical arrangements adds its own layer of appeal to the album’s presentation. That is because it will resonate just as much with audiences. In the case of ‘ABCDEFU’ is that familiar theme of a broken relationship. In this case, it finds the song’s subject flipping that proverbial middle finger to someone who simply made that relationship absolutely miserable. The song’s subject is going all out against that person, singing, “You said you just needed space/And so I gave it/When I had nothing to say/You couldn’t take it/You told everyone I’m a d***/So I became it/Always had to put yourself above me.” Again, here is that situation of a toxic relationship. It is that familiar to audiences, and still hits so hard.

On an opposite, more uplifting note, Earl and company offer messages of hope and determination in ‘From The Fire In You’ and ‘Standing My Ground.’ Each song reminds listeners to not give up even in the most difficult situations. Right from its outset, ‘From The Fire In You’ makes that clear in the no-nonsense line, “You’re stronger than a hurricane/When you face the world with your eyes wide open/Buried underneath of your skin/Is a fire now awoken.” From there, Earl tells listeners, “Don’t let yourself drown deep in the dark/Don’t let your scars now rip you apart/Time to dig yourself out of the divide/Give it one last try now/It’s do or die.” Again, this is a positive message that any listener should and will welcome. That is especially the case when it is considered alongside the song’s massively heavy musical arrangement.

‘Standing My Ground’ delivers a similar message that the band talked about when the band released the single back in January. The band said of the song’s theme in a prepared statement, “When you’re knocked down to the lowest point in your life you really have two choices; you can roll over and die or you can face your demons head on. Sometimes you have to dig the deepest you ever have to find the strength to get up, to keep fighting and to push the hardest you ever have to get your life, dreams and/or your sanity back on the trajectory required to find the happiness and sense of accomplishment we all seek. ‘Standing my Ground’ is the heaviest track we’ve ever released. It’s an anthem for those who are about to, or have almost lost everything. It serves a reminder that no matter what, no matter how huge the adversity may be, keep going.” Once again, it is a message that will certainly resonate with any listener.

On yet another note, ‘Karma’s Coming For You’ also shows the importance of the album’s lyrical content. In the case of this song, it is difficult to know if it is referencing a broken romantic or platonic relationship. Either way, it is clear that it is referencing a situation that has gone south especially for someone who is not showing his/her true self to others, especially the song’s protagonist. The protagonist here is telling the antagonist that (as the title references) karma is coming for that person. Earl sings of the topic in the song’s chorus, “All you bring is your dishonor/Now, I can see your truth come crashing down/In the words of my father: Your karma is coming for your crown/Hiding all your lies gets harder/Now, your demons reaching out for you to drown/In the words of my father: Your karma is coming for your crown.” Everybody knows at least one person like this song’s antagonist. It is that person who tries so hard to be fake and to hide being fake. The lies will and always do, catch up to that person, and karma with them. To that end, this song’s lyrical theme will help any listener deal with that person and those people. It is just one more way in which the lyrical themes featured in this record prove so important to the album’s presentation. When it is considered with the other themes examined here and with the rest of the record’s themes, the whole makes the lyrical content in whole clearly important in its own right to the record.

While the overall content featured in Manifestations is undeniably important to the record’s presentation, it is just part of what makes the album successful. The record’s production rounds out its most important items. The production is important to the record’s presentation because it ensures that the instrumentation in each song is so well-balanced. Each instrument gets its own attention, ensuring that the wall of sound in each composition evokes the fullest emotional impact among audiences. At the same time, the instrumentation in each song is just as well balanced with the vocals, ensuring even more, the fullest impact in each song. It means that audiences can relatively easily understand the message delivered in each song, thus completing each song’s presentation. When the positive result of the album’s production is considered along with the impact of the record’s content, the whole makes Manifestations an overall success that The Veer Union’s established audiences will enjoy just as much as any casual hard rock and metal fan.

Manifestations, the latest album from The Veer Album, is another successful offering from the band that has spent the better part of its life flying just under the mainstream radar. Its success comes in part through its featured musical arrangements. The arrangements stand out because they exhibit a blend of familiar melodic hard rock main bodies and newer, metalcore and death metal approaches at various points. The whole there makes the arrangements fully engaging and entertaining. The lyrical themes that accompany the record’s musical arrangements are of note because of their accessibility. The record’s production rounds out its most important elements, ensuring a positive general effect. Each item examined is important in its own way to the whole of the album’s presentation. All things considered, they make the album one more of the album’s top new hard rock and metal albums.

Manifestations is available now through the band’s own label, Rock Shop Records. More information on The Veer Union’s new single, video, and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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2Shadows Debuts New Single, ‘Screamworks,’ Companion Video

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Metal band 2 Shadows debuted its new single over the weekend along with the song’s video.

The band debuted the video for its new single ‘Screamworks‘ and its video Friday. The song’s debut comes les than three months after the band debuted its then latest single, ‘Scratching at the Surface’ and its video through Metal Insider.

As with the band’s prior single, this latest offering was produced by The Veer Union front man Crispin Earl. The song blends elements of industrial metal with some symphonic/melodic metal elements to make the song engaging and entertaining. The addition of front man Glen Bridden’s death/black metal style screams to the mix adds to the song’s edge even more.

According to comments from Bridden, the lyrical theme content that accompanies the song’s musical arrangement, touches on a universal topic to which everyone will relate.

“’Screamworks’ is a song about people who make you want to SCREAM,” said Bridden. “People who would rather manipulate you to serve their own end even when you have a common goal in mind. The song is an expression of the frustration found in dealing with someone who has their head shoved so far up their own….you know. In a lot of ways its hugely cathartic for us and allows us to finally talk about past experiences bottled up for far too long.”

The ‘Screamworks’ video features the band performing its new single on some scaffolding in an undisclosed studio setting. Meanwhile various imagery, such as a cathedral, tarot cards, and people dancing around a bonfire plays along with that central footage. The lighting in the cathedral shots leaves viewers to assume that the scaffolding on which the band performs its single is inside that setting.

2Shadows is working on its forthcoming debut EP. It is unknown if ‘Screamworks’ and ‘Scratching at the Surface’ will feature as part of the record.

More information on 2 Shadows’ new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Late Night Savior Debuts ‘Monster’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: Rock Shop Records

Independent hard rock  band Late Night Savior is building anticipation for its next album.

The band debuted the lyric video for its new single ‘Monster‘ July 24.  The video features footage of the band performing its new single in a studio setting while the song’s impacting lyrics are presented along with the video.

The song’s musical arrangement is a composition that will appeal to hard rock fans while its lyrical theme presents a personal message that will appeal to just as many audiences if not more.  The song was produced by Crispin Earl (The Veer Union / Rock Shop Records).

Front man Brandon Johnson discussed the song’s lyrical theme in a recent interview.

‘The song ‘Monster,’ for me, is more about selfishness than anything,” he said.  “I was told that chasing something I wanted wasn’t what I should be doing and it got in my head like a bad dream.  The ones I cared about left me alone and I became a monster in their eyes.”

“But I came to the realization that the healthiest thing for me was to kill that thought and be selfish, do this for me and no one else,” added Johnson.  “I’m okay being the villain in someone else’s story as long as I’m not the villain of mine.  Every time I heard someone say I wasn’t following what I should be doing, the “prescription” if you will, it just became my motivation to prove them wrong.”

‘Monster’ is available to stream and download here.

Late Night Savior released its debut album Among The Forgotten in 2016.  It was followed by the release of the band’s sophomore album Into The Aftermath in 2017.  The band’s third, as-yet-untitled album next year through its new label home Rock Shop Records.

More information on Late Night Savior’s new single and lyric video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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