Year of the Locust Announces New Live Dates

Year of the Locust has announced a new string of live dates.

The band will serve as support for Saliva from May 23 – May 26 on Saliva’s current headlining tour.  Once that short run is done, the band will embark on its own headlining tour starting May 31 and running through June 10.

YOTL’s upcoming headlining tour is presented by Phantom Records. The band’s current live dates are noted below.


Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Shows with Saliva:

5.23.18 • Amityville, NY • Revolution

5.24.18 • Halethorpe, MD • Fishhead Cantina

5.25.18 • New Bedford, MA • Greasy Luck

5.26.18 • Rochester, NY • Pineapple Jack’s

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

The Dawning Tour:

5.31.18 • Cincinnati OH • Mad Frog

6.01.18 • Fort Wayne, IN • Glory Hub

6.02.18 • Columbus, OH • Bethel Road Pub

6.03.18 • Lafayette, OH • PRIVATE

6.06.18 • Warren, MI • Hot Rock

6.07.18 • Mentor, OH • Music Lynxx

6.08.18 • Niagara Falls, NY • Evening Star Music Hall

6.09.18 • Binghamton, NY • The Spotlight

6.10.18 • Stanhope, NJ • Stanhope House

Audiences can hear some of YOTL’s music now as the video for the band’s songs ‘Sunrise,’ ‘Movin’ On‘ and ‘Rise Up‘ are streaming online now.  ‘Sunrise’ can be downloaded now via iTunes.

More information on Year Of The Locust’s new live dates is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:






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Breaking Through Joins Saliva For “Only The Sickest Survive Tour”

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Up-and-coming hard rock outfit Breaking Through has hit the road alongside Saliva for Saliva’s new tour.

The bands hit the road Nov. 24 for Saliva’s “Only The Sickest Survive Tour.” The roughly three-week tour runs through Dec. 16 in El Paso, TX and includes performances in Tucson, AZ; New Orleans, LA; Fresno, CA and other cities.

Breaking Through is serving as support for the tour. Its performances are in support of its latest EP Lessons Learned (2016). That seven-song EP, which can be ordered now via iTunes, includes the hit single ‘Escape Plan.’ Its video was released in 2014 and can be seen here. The song will appeal both musically and lyrically to fans of Breaking Benjamin, Saving Abel and other similar acts.

Along with the band’s most recent EP, audiences can also order the band’s first EP The Scarlet Letters via iTunes. It includes the single ‘Not A Saint,’ whose video is streaming online now here.

More information on Breaking Through is available online now including the band’s latest news, tour updates and more at:




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Saliva’s New LP Is One Of 2014’s Top Ten Best New Rock Records

Courtesy: Rum Bum Records

Courtesy: Rum Bum Records

Tennessee based hard rock band has been through a lot in recent years. The band parted ways with now former front man Josey Scott in 2011 after the release of what would become its last album on Island Records, Under Your Skin. Scott allegedly left the band in order to follow a career as a Christian musician. He was subsequently replaced by new front man Bobby Amaru in 2012. The band’s first new album with Amaru at the helm, In It To Win It (Rum Bum Records) stayed in print for only a short time. In its place, Saliva will release its ninth full length album—Rise Up–later this month, which boasts many of the songs from In It To Win It. Considering this and everything that Saliva has been through since 2011, the album’s title and songs are quite fitting. Together, they make what is one of the best new rock albums of 2014.

Saliva opens its new album in proper fashion with the album’s title track. The anthemic song presents a carpe diem message of sorts through its lyrical side. This is evident as Amaru sings in the song’s chorus, “Rise up/Come face to face/Rise Up/Let’s make a change/Tomorrow could be the end/Rise up/You’d better take a shot/Rise up/When it’s all you got/Tomorrow could be the end/Rise up!” The song’s second verse is just as convincing in presenting the song’s message as Amaru sings, Now when I go back to yesterday/So close/But still/I’m so far away/You know/We all gotta learn from our mistakes/I can’t die young/I won’t fade away/It’s time we choose a side/Some things are worth the fight/It’s time to set it off.” The message here is clear. Amaru and company seem to be responding to the adversity that the band had faced up to the time that Amaru joined its ranks. The irony is that if this is indeed the case, this song could still so easily apply to so many situations for any listener. That being the case, its lyrics, and the fire in its musical accompaniment makes this song the perfect opener and re-introduction for the band on this record.

‘Rise Up’ is the perfect opener for Saliva’s return. It’s not the only positive addition to the band’s album, either. Just as powerful, is the band’s defiant and equally anthemic song ‘Army.’ It’s songs such as this that have helped so many people get through some tough times. Amaru sings in this song, “Runnin’ your lip/Got a grin on your face/Boy, you better quit/’Fore I give you a taste/Come on/Come on/Say I’m going down/With my crown in the mud/But you’re just another boy/And you can’t back it up/Come on!” Everybody has dealt with someone such as the subject presented in this song in their life. Anyone that hasn’t is very lucky. It’s thanks to songs such as this one that a person is able to deal with said individuals without either getting expelled, fired, or sent to jail. The collective chants behind Amaru as he sings later in the song, “You and what army’s gonna take my throne/Break my bones/steal my soul/Ain’t no army gonna climb these walls/Ten feet tall/I won’t fall” followed by the song’s wailing guitar are certain to get any listener’s adrenaline flowing. All assembled, this song proves once more just how serious Saliva’s members are about what they do. It’s one more example proving that Saliva is still alive and kicking.

Rise Up boasts more than its share of heavy, fist-pumping pieces that are certain to be fan favorites even if they aren’t used as radio singles. There are also some more reserved songs throughout the course of this album’s twelve total tracks. Simply put, this album’s songs boast quite the musical and lyrical range. In between the extreme energy and the more subdued songs that fill out this album, there is one that stands out more than any other. It stands out because while it is a high energy piece, its proud defiance is different from anything else on this record. The song in question is ‘Redneck Freakshow.’ It’s another proverbial musical middle finger in which Amaru and company present a Southern Pride of sorts. As a matter of fact, Amaru and company even make mention of the middle finger in the song’s chorus. Amaru sings in the song’s chorus, “It’s the live wild lifestyle/In our face/It might be crazy/But it keeps us sane/White trash/Cold beer/The party never stops here/That’s how we roll in the redneck freakshow/Throw down/get high/middle finger to the sky/That’s how it goes in the redneck freakshow!” Every one of Saliva’s fans are certain to sing along to this chorus and the rest of the song whether they be in their car, apartment, home or even at a live Saliva show. If this song doesn’t become a radio single for Saliva, it would be quite the surprise. For that matter, if any of the songs on Rise Up don’t become radio singles, it would be a surprise. There is something positive to say about every track on this record. And fans will find that out for themselves when the album hits store shelves Tuesday, April 26th.

Saliva is currently touring in support of Rise Up. The band is in Iowa this weekend. It will hit the stage at L.A.’s famed Whiskey A Go Go Wednesday, April 16th. Fans can get the band’s most up-to-date tour schedule and keep up with all the latest news from the band now online at and To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Saliva Starting Fresh In 2014

Courtesy: Rum Bum Records

Courtesy: Rum Bum Records

Saliva rises again.  The Memphis, Tennessee based band that made its name in the late 1990s, is all new in every sense of the word.  Having parted ways with its now former front man Josey Scott and its former label, it has gone back to the drawing board and started fresh.  It will release its new single ‘Rise Up’ online next Tuesday, February 18th.  The single is the title track from its upcoming album due out April 29th via its new label, Rum Bum Records.  New single.  New album.  New label.  New front man.  It doesn’t end there.  The band will also hit the road in support of its new album beginning February 28th in Orlando, Florida.  Currently, the band has announced a total of nine dates.  More dates are likely to be announced.  Fans can keep up with those updates and more on the band’s official website and Facebook page, and

The band’s new front man is Bobby Amaru.  Guitarist Wayne Swinny explained in an interview how the band came to meet its new front man. “We’re lucky to have found him”, says Swinnny of Amaru.  “We discovered him through one of our old crew guys.  He really energized the rest of us.  He’s a great songwriter, and a top-shelf producer in his own right.”  Swinny went on to explain the meaning behind the song and how it relates to adding Amaru to the fold, as well as producer Bobby Huff (3 Doors Down, Papa Roach) on Rise Up.  “It’s a statement on where we’re at.  The title just has that fire to it.”

The current track listing for Rise Up is available below.

‘Rise Up’ Tracklisting [subject to change]

1-“Rise Up”
2-“She Can Sure Hide Crazy”
3-“No One But Me”
5-“1000 Eyes”
6-“Redneck Freakshow”
10-“In It To Win It”
11-“The Enemy”
12- “I Don’t Want It”

More information on Saliva’s new album, tour and more is available online at, and  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Pop Evil Impresses Again On Its Third Full Length Record

Courtesy:  Entertainment One

Courtesy: Entertainment One

2013 is just over halfway over, and already the critics’ lists of the year’s best in movies and music have gotten pretty crowded.  Now with the release of its third full length studio album, Onyx, Michigan based Pop Evil has made the already crowded list of the year’s best rock records even more crowded.  This album shows Pop Evil picking up right where it left off with its sophomore release, War of Angels (2011).  The band wastes absolutely no time getting right back into gear on this album as its opener, ‘Goodbye My Friend’ shows.  This song will get listeners moving with tis high adrenaline music and its equally stabbing lyrics.  Front man Leigh Kakaty sings what seems a song about a broken friendship in this piece.  He sings in the song’s second verse, “A lesson/I’ve been down this road before/You wasted/Another chance to be something more/Walkin’ in misery/Your trail of lies/Has come to an end/Now I say my goodbyes!”  The intensity in Kakaty’s voice as he screams out in the intro to the chorus, “Goodbye my friend” and the intensity of the guitar break that follows creates a complete musical sense of so much anger and frustration that so many people of so many ages have felt more than once in life.  That ability for listeners to relate lyrically and be able to feel the same energy through the music makes this a solid choice for this record.

‘Goodbye My Friend’ is a good way to start out this album.  Of course it’s just one small part of what makes it a solid release.  The album’s very next song, ‘Deal With The Devil’ keeps listeners’ adrenaline flowing full throttle.  The steady drone of guitarist Nick Fuelling’s guitar early in the song’s opener make this an easy choice for a live show as it would have no problem getting crowds going.  This critic may be wrong, but the chorus of “When ya’ high/Who ya’ flyin’ for/When ya’ ride/Who ya’ riding for/When ya’ toast/Who ya’ drinkin’ for/When ya’ play/Gotta deal with the devil”  but it almost comes across as a warning about making poor decisions in life.  It’s as if Kakaty is warning listeners, be careful of your choices, those negative choices may have some negative consequences.  Should this actually be the reality of this song, then it maintains the certain lyrical vibe started with the album’s opener.  The same can be said of the song’s lyrical side, too, especially when the song breaks into its guitar break late in the song.  Taking all of this into account, it leaves no doubt it is another solid addition to this album.

The band grabs listeners and keeps their attention with ease in the first two tracks on Onyx.  And it doesn’t let up even after ‘Deal With The Devil.’  Some listeners might recognize the album’s next song, ‘Trenches.’  Musically and stylistically, it bears quite the similarity to material recorded by the band’s rock brethren in Saliva.  This isn’t a bad thing, either as it will once again keep listeners attention and keep them moving, too with its music.  Lyrically, it’s just as striking as it comes across as a song of self-determination that flips the proverbial bird to the naysayers out there.  Kakaty sings in this song’s chorus, “I’ve waited all of my life/To get out of the trenches/I’m ready to fight for/What I believe you can’t steal from me/I won’t take this/Gonna fill these trenches and stand up/Wake up/I won’t give up/Cause here I come/Here I come!”  Who out there hasn’t had naysayers trying to kick them when they’re doing.  It can be in everyday life.  It can be in the workplace or somewhere else.  But again, because listeners regardless of background, age, etc. can relate to this, it is sure to become yet another fan favorite both on the record and live.

Pop Evil offers plenty for listeners to enjoy early on with its new record as one can tell by now.  And it offers much more intensity throughout the album’s remaining nine tracks.  There is much more lyrically uplifting material throughout the record including the song, ‘’Beautiful’ in which Kakaty sings about prejudices that people have on others based on the color of someone’s skin, their gender, etc.  He sings, telling listeners, “Where it begins/The color of your skin/Nothin’s gonna change/Is it where you grew up/You’ll never know what they’re gonna say…You’re beautiful/You’re beautiful to me/Don’t ever say/You never lost your way/You’re beautiful today/And every day for the rest of your life.”  In an age when bullying has become such a prescient issue in our society, this song could not be more relevant.  And being so uplifting, it makes for one more wonderful addition to Onyx both musically and lyrically.  It’s one of those opuses that could give so much hope to so many in such a short amount of time.  The band is to be highly commended for crafting such a song and including it on this recording.

So much more could be noted of this album.  But suffice to say that it is some of the best work from Pop Evil yet in the band’s career.  And, it gives hope for the future of this hard rocking band based in the nation’s heartland.  The album is available now in stores and online now.  And the band is currently touring in support of the album.  It will be in Rothbury, MI next Friday, June 14th at the Double JJ Ranch.  From there, the band will head to Club Getaway in Kent, CT alongside Ten Years.  There are even more dates that fans can check out.  For a full listing and to see if the band is coming to their town, fans can check out the current tour lineup on the band’s Facebook page at and its official website,  Fans can keep up with all of the very latest from the band on Twitter at

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