Shout! Factory, Arrow Video, Others Offer Audiences Plenty Of Alternatives To All The Prequels, Sequels, and Remakes Hitting Theaters, Streaming Services

Courtesy: Shout! Factory

It seems like ever year, audiences everywhere are seeing an increase in the number of classic TV shows and movies that were once popular everywhere they go.  It really is a sad state of affairs.  Of course that is not the only avenue in which older content is getting renewed so to speak.  The originals also get new life every now and then on DVD and Blu-ray through various distributors, sometimes in better form than others and vice versa.  This year saw a handful of classic TV shows and movies get some laudable re-issues and some less so. 

What is most interesting about this year’s field of top new DVD and BD re-issues is the wide range of companies that released said titles.  It shows that along with the likes of Shout! Factory – which has made quite the name for itself over the years in the home entertainment field – other familiar and up-and-coming names are really working to make their names known in that field, too, such as Arrow Video and Corinth Films, making for so much more variety.

From Shout! Factory’s re-issue of Explorers, to Arrow Video’s re-issue of the original Dune, to even Mill Creek Entertainment’s re-issue of the classic, short-lived animated series, The Critic, this year’s re-issues and the companies that released them offered audiences plenty of alternatives to the never-ending ocean of prequels, sequels, and reboots that filled theaters and streaming services this year.  As with every list from Phil’s Picks, this list features the Top 10 titles in the given category with five additional honorable mention titles for a total of 15.  This year’s list was not easy to compile but is complete.

Without any further ado, here for your consideration is Phil’s Picks’ 2021 Top 10 New DVD/BD Re-Issues.


  1. Explorers
  1. Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In: The Complete Series
  1. The Final Countdown
  1. The Belles of St. Trinian’s
  1. Ken Burns’ Baseball
  1. The Rolling Stones: A Bigger BangLive at Copacabana Beach
  1. Dune
  1. Motorhead: No Sleep Till Hammersmith
  1. The Interrogation
  1. The Snake Girl and the Silver Haired Witch
  1. The Transformers: The Movie
  1. Superman: The Animated Series
  1. The Critic: The Complete Series
  1. Star Trek: The Original Series
  1. Emergency: The Complete Series

It should be stressed here that in the case of Emergency and Star Trek, those two series sets are intentionally set at the bottom of this year’s list as, their positives are few.  They are the least of the year’s best new re-issues.  Audiences would do well to largely avoid these sets.  There is a reason they are at the bottom of even the honorable mention titles.  Keeping that in mind, this year’s list of top new DVD and BD re-issues is officially wrapped.  There are still plenty of other lists coming, such as the year’s top new box sets for grown-ups, families, and even family DVDs/BDs.  Stay tuned!

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Previously Unpublished “Rolling Stone” Magazine Motorhead Interview Unearthed

Courtesy: BMG/Sanctuary Records

Rolling Stone magazine has unearthed a previously unpublished interview with Motorhead front man Lemmy Kilmister.

The half-hour-long interview was originally recorded in 1981 at the offices of the band’s then label, Bronze Records, by journalism Malcolm Dome ahead of a festival at which Motorhead was scheduled to perform. The performance was part of the band’s support of its live recording, No Sleep Til Hammersmith.

The release of the previously unpublished interview is part of the push by BMG to promote the upcoming re-issue of No Sleep Til Hammersmith. The re-issue is scheduled for release June 25.

The band premiered a soundcheck performance of ‘Stay Clean‘ June 11. That performance is one of a handful of extras featured in the upcoming box set. The full information for the box set is noted below.

The No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith CD box set contains:

  • The No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith album, remastered from the original master tapes, featuring extra bonus tracks and newly unearthed, previously unreleased sound check recordings.
  • The three full recordings of the concerts that made up No Sleep, never before released in their entirety.
  • The story of No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith told through previously unpublished and new interviews with the people that were on the road at the time.
  • Never before seen photos and rare memorabilia.
  • Double sided, A3 concert posters from 1981.
  • Reproduction USA ’81 tour pass.
  • MOTÖRHEAD ‘England’ plectrum.
  • 1981 European tour badge.
  • Reproduction Newcastle City Hall ticket.
  • Port Vale gig flyer post card.

The box set’s track listing is noted below.

NO SLEEP ‘TIL HAMMERSMITH   Ace of Spades Stay Clean Metropolis The Hammer Iron Horse No Class Overkill (We Are) The Roadcrew Capricorn Bomber Motörhead Over The Top Train Kept A Rollin’ Stay Clean (soundcheck) Limb From Limb (soundcheck) Iron Horse (Soundcheck)LIVE AT NEWCASTLE CITY HALL 30/3/1981   Ace Of Spades Stay Clean Over The Top Metropolis Shoot You In The Back The Hammer Jailbait Leaving Here Iron Horse Fire Fire Capricorn Too Late Too Late No Class (We Are) The Road Crew Bite The Bullet The Chase Is Better Than The Catch Overkill Bomber Motörhead
LIVE AT NEWCASTLE CITY HALL 29/3/1981  Ace Of Spades Stay Clean Over The Top Metropolis Shoot You In The Back The Hammer Jailbait Leaving Here Fire Fire Capricorn Too Late Too Late No Class (We Are) The Road Crew Bite The Bullet The Chase Is Better Than The Catch Overkill Bomber MotörheadLIVE AT LEEDS QUEENS HALL 28/3/1981   Ace Of Spades Stay Clean        Over The Top   Metropolis       Shoot You In The Back The Hammer    Jailbait Leaving Here   Fire Fire           Capricorn         Too Late Too Late        No Class          (We Are) The Road Crew         Bite The Bullet The Chase Is Better Than The Catch      Overkill           Bomber Motörhead
Courtesy: Adrenaline PR

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Motorhead Premieres New Soundcheck Performance Of Its Song, ‘Stay Clean’

Courtesy: Sanctuary Records

A month after releasing its latest live recording, Louder Than Noise…Live in Berlin, Motorhead’s surviving members are revisiting another of its classic tours.

The band debuted a soundcheck performance of its song ‘Stay Clean‘ Thursday along with a companion video of the rough recording. The performance was recorded during a soundcheck ahead of one of its shows in March 1981 during the “No Sleep ’81 Tour.”

‘Stay Clean’ is part of the band’s classic live recording, ‘No Sleep Til Hammersmith.’ The band is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the recording’s release this year with a new re-issue of that presentation scheduled for release June 25 hrough Sanctuary Records. Pre-rders are open for the re-issue.

The forthcoming re-issue features a new mediabook presentation complete with new liner notes. It also features a second disc that contains a previously unreleased concert from Motorhead’s “Short Sharp Pain in the Neck Tour,” which was also held in 1981.

More information on Motorhead’s upcoming re-issue of No Sleep Til Hammerstein is available along with all of the latest Motorhead news at:




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Motorhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’ 40th Anniversary Box Set Is A Great Tribute To A Great Album And Band

Courtesy: BMG/Sanctuary Records

Forty years ago Motorhead released what has gone on to become one of the most beloved records in the history of rock when it released Ace of Spades.  The timeless album got its own re-issue Friday thanks to officials at /Sanctuary Records in the form of the Ace of Spades Box Set.  This multi disc box set is a fitting tribute to the album and to the legacy of Motorhead.  That is proven in part through the expansive content featured in the box set.  It will be discussed shortly.  The box set’s packaging adds to the appeal of its presentation.  It will be discussed a little later.  The set’s average price point rounds out its most important elements and will also be addressed later.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of the box set.  All things considered, the 40th anniversary presentation of Ace of Spades proves itself a fitting tribute to an important album and band.

BMG/Sanctuary Records’ newly released 40th anniversary celebration of Motorhead’s landmark album Ace of Spades is a fitting tribute to the album and band.  It is a presentation that the band’s most devoted audiences will welcome in their music libraries.  That is proven in part in its expansive content.  Audiences do not just get a standard CD re-issue here.  This set is a multi-disc vinyl collection that features the band’s album re-mastered along with two previously unavailable double live albums separate previously unreleased instrumentals and demos ad b-sides.  Between the live content, the b-sides, demos, instrumentals and the album, the total track count comes to 73.  Along with all of the musical content, audiences also get a bonus comic book, 40-page book that tells the story of Ace of Spade’s creation, “Ace of Spades Tour” booklet, and dice to go along with the board game featured in the packaging.  This aspect will be discussed shortly.  Adding to the appeal even more is that the collection also features a DVD loaded with a full live concert from 1981 and a series of live TV clips.  The live content on the live vinyls is impressive in its own right because on one hand its production is top notch.  On the other hand, the content is not limited to just Ace of Spades.  Rather, it features music that the band had composed up to and including that point. 

The DVD that comes with the box set is an impressive added accent in its own right to the presentation.  The editing between the talk show content and live content is smooth.  What’s more, the quality of the vintage footage is surprisingly appealing, too.  Considering that most of the footage was recorded in 1980 and 1981, it has clearly stood the test of time.  That in itself is sure to instill a certain sense of nostalgia among the band’s most devoted and longtime fans.  One of the most powerful moments in the presentation comes early in its nearly hour-long presentation as drummer Phil Taylor noted that being in the band was what kept him out of any trouble, and how honestly appreciative he was to be able to be part of the band.  The moment when the band is sitting down for an interview on a Swedish talk show is a great light hearted moment, too.  Audiences will laugh as Lemmy Kilmister talks about being fired from his first band and starting Motorhead literally three days later.  It’s one of those moments when one can only imagine what the rock world would have been like had Lemmy not parted ways with that first band.  It was one of those blessing in disguise moments, obviously.  That anecdote that he shares is just one of the wonderfully entertaining discussions that audiences get from that talk show.  Audiences will have even more to discover for themselves when they purchase this box set.  When the content on the Blu-ray is coupled with the material on the vinyls, that whole makes for so much for audiences to appreciate.  That goes without saying.  All of this is just part of what makes this box set a win for Motorhead fans.  The box’s very packaging adds even more to its presentation.

The packaging for the new Ace of Spades box set is so stand out in part because of how it contains everything.  The vinyls are essentially stacked inside their own unique “sleeves” inside the bigger case.  Essentially they are their own packaging as their own releases within the bigger box.  They are stacked one on top of another, but still protected with enough room to move around inside the box without danger of damage.  Fans will really appreciate this aspect of the packaging.  What’s more, it opens and closes easily and safely without concern about it coming open accidentally.

On another note, the packaging also doubles as a board game, complete with the previously noted dice.  So not only do audiences get lots of great music here, but they also get to play a game while taking in that great music at the same time.  Simply put, Ace of Spades’ 40th anniversary box set stands out just as much for its packaging as for its content.  Now keeping all of this in mind, there is one last element to examine, the pricing.

Ace of Spades 40th Anniversary box set is not an inexpensive set.  Using listings at Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart, its average price point is $165.  It was not listed at Barnes & Noble Booksellers or at Books-A-Million.  That seems like a high price on the surface, but considering that the box contains the Ace of Spades album, two double live recordings, a DVD loaded with live content, a disc containing rarities and b-sides, another disc of previously unreleased instrumentals from the Ace of Spades sessions, a facsimile tour booklet, board game complete with dice, and a comic book, the price really adds up.  If audiences consider the average price of a full-length album, the price for a double live recording, and everything else, the pricing is about right.  To that end, yes, the average price point is high, but it is not over the top.  Amazon offers the lowest of the prices, at $149.82 while Best Buy’s listing of $179.99 is anything but the best buy here.  Target’s listing of $153.99 is the middle ground for this set.  Walmart has the second highest price at $174.98.  Regardless of which retailer audiences choose, the quantity and quality of the content makes the box set a welcome offering for Motorhead’s most devoted and longtime fans.  When this is considered along with the content and packaging, the whole shows that even more to be true.

BMG/Sanctuary Records’ new 40th Anniversary re-issue of Motorhead’s landmark album Ace of Spades is a standout among this year’s field of music re-issues.  That is proven in part through its expansive content, which will keep listeners engaged and entertained for a long time.  The box’s packaging builds on that appeal even more for many reasons.  The pricing for the box set rounds out its most important elements, as noted here.  Each item noted is important in itself to the set.  All things considered, this box set proves a must have for Motorhead’s most devoted and longtime fans.  The set is available now.  More information on the box set is available along with all  of the latest Motorhead news at:




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‘Blues And Beyond’ Is An Interesting New Musical Moore Profile

Courtesy: BMG

Early this month, BMG Music and Sanctuary Records partnered to pay tribute to the late great blues guitarist Gary Moore with a new compilation of Moore’s music. The collection, Blues and Beyond was released on a two-disc standard edition and a deluxe four-disc collection that also features two discs of live material and a book written by author Harry Shapiro. For the sake of this review, the focus will be on the standard two-disc collection. That collection is an interesting new presentation. That is due in part to the collection’s featured songs. They will be discussed shortly. The songs’ sequencing is just as important to discuss in examining this recording as the collection’s featured songs. The songs’ arrangements round out its most important elements. Each element is important in its own right to its whole. All things considered, the noted elements make Blues and Beyond a presentation that is certain to interest Moore’s fans as well as blues fans in general.

BMG Music and Sanctuary Records’ new Gary Moore compilation Blues And Beyond is an interesting new collection of Moore’s music. It is a record that gives audiences what can only be described as a small snapshot of the late great guitarist’s extensive and successful career. That snapshot is presented through a 28-song collection that includes Moore’s 2001 album Back to the Blues and his 2004 album Power of the Blues in full along with a small portion of A Different Beat (1999) and almost half of his 2002 album Scars. For those who might be less familiar with Moore’s body of work, it wasn’t until about 2001 that Moore, who was also known early in his career for rock compositions with Thin Lizzy and Skid Row, really started to focus solidly on his blues chops. A Different Beat was an experimental record for Moore that really started his transition back to the blues in more focused fashion. Keeping that in mind, it makes sense why BMG and Sanctuary opted to present two of Moore’s biggest blues records for this collection. In the same vein, the inclusion of songs from A Different Beat also explains the & Beyond portion of the collection’s title. The songs taken from that record, as few as they are, give audiences an interesting look into Moore’s attempts to branch out beyond the standard 12-bar blues, and in turn makes this collection that much more interesting. When those experimental songs are joined with the collection’s more standard blues works, the whole of the collection insures listeners’ maintained engagement and entertainment. Keeping this in mind, the collection’s featured songs are themselves only part of what makes this collection of interest. Its sequencing is just as important to note as its songs.

While this compilation focuses only on one specific period in Gary Moore’s career, audiences will note the compilation never once sits too long on one of the featured albums. Over the course of just the collection’s first five songs, the collection switches back and forth constantly between Back to the Blues and Power of the Blues. From there on out, that variety continues, with selections from Scars and A Different Beat thrown in to keep things fresh and to keep audiences engaged. The variety doesn’t end when the collection’s first disc ends, either. Rather, it continues solidly throughout the whole of the compilation’s second disc. The maintained engagement insured through the compilation’s variety also insures listeners’ continued entertainment. Keeping that in mind, it becomes clear why the collection’s sequencing is just as important to its presentation as its songs. Even with all of this in mind, the set’s sequencing is not the last of its most important elements. The arrangements presented throughout the course of this collection play their own key part to its presentation, too.

The arrangements that are presented in this collection’s featured songs are so important to note because of the range of influences that they exhibit. throughout the course of the set’s two discs and 28 songs, audiences are treated to songs that clearly boast influence from the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, B.B. King, John Mayall and others. The 12-minute-plus ‘Ball and Chain’ is just one of the featured songs that conjures thoughts of Vaughn. That’s thanks not just because of the arrangement itself but also because of Moore’s own vocal delivery here. Moore actually sounds eerily like Vaughn here; so much so that it would be easy to mistake the two for one another. The collection’s opener, ‘Enough of the Blues’ conjures thoughts of King’s work with Eric Clapton on Riding With The King while ‘You Upset Me Baby’ is full on B.b. King style work. ‘Bring My Baby Back’ is more akin to works from John Mayall. ‘Evil,’ on the other hand could just as easily likened to works from Albert King, another of Moore’s contemporaries. Between these songs and the others included in Blues and Beyond, it becomes clear how important each influence and arrangement is to the collection’s whole. They show Moore’s expert ability to emulate the noted musicians while also paying tribute to them with his own works. It is a telling statement, needless to say. When this is kept in mind along with the collection’s featured songs and their sequencing, the whole of those elements makes the recording in whole one that, again, is sure to interest Moore’s fans as well as blues fans in general.

BMG and Sanctuary’s new Gary Moore compilation Blues and Beyond is a collection that is certain to interest Moore’s fans and blues aficionados alike. That is due in part to a set of songs that focuses primarily on a period in which Moore was devoted in his blues compositions. It also adds in a touch of his more experimental material for additional interest. The collection’s sequencing is just as certain to keep listeners engaged as the songs themselves. Much the same can be said of the songs’ arrangements. Each noted element is important in its own right to the whole of the collection’s presentation. All things considered, they make the collection in whole one that is as welcome an introduction to Moore’s work as a continuation for those fans already familiar with the famed guitarist. With that in mind, it is an interesting new collection that any blues fan will appreciate. It is available now in stores and online. More information on Blues and Beyond is available online now along with all of the latest Gary Moore news at:



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Geoff Tate Releases Artwork For New Solo LP

Courtesy: Inside Out Music

Queensryche front man Geoff Tate has released the artwork and track listing for his upcoming new solo release, “Kings & Thieves.”  The album is due to hit store shelves Tuesday, November 6th in the U.S.  “Kings & Thieves” is Tate’s second solo release.  His last solo release, which was a self-titled record, was released in June 2002 via Sanctuary Records.  “Kings & Thieves” will be released via Inside/Out Records.

The songlist for Tates new album is as follows:

01. She Slipped Away

02. Take A Bullet

03. In The Dirt

04. Say U Luv It

05. The Way I Roll

06. Tomorrow

07. Evil

08. Dark Money

09. These Glory Days

10. Change

11. Waiting

Tate will tour this Fall and Winter in support of his new solo release beginning Wednesday, October 17th at the Newton Theatre in Newton, New Jersey.  He will also hold a seven-date run in Canada alongside rock legend Alice Cooper from November 7th – 16th.  For a full list of tour dates and to get all the latest news from Geoff Tate, go online to,,, and

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