Daniel Guaqueta’s New EP Speaks Volumes With Very Little

Courtesy:  Leuven Records

Courtesy: Leuven Records

Daniel Guaqueta is one of the busiest individuals in the underground music community. He has spent the better part of the 2000s working with a variety of acts including the likes of Storage 24, Buddy and the Squids, and most recently the multi-national act Questions in Dialect. Since first breaking into the music industry he also worked with a number of well-known individuals such as Roy Mitchell-Cardenas (Mutemath), and veteran producers Bob Weston (Nirvana) and Andy Baker (Drive By Truckers). That is just a small sampling of what he has done over the course of his career so far. Needless to say he is not the type to sit idly on his accomplishments. Case in point, last week he released his new EP Saying Is Only Saying So Much. The five track collection is easily one of the best of this year’s crop of new EPs. The main reason that it is deserving of such a title is its musical content. Guaqueta put quite the thought and consideration into the featured songs in regards to their musical content. That is clear in the depth exhibited in each song. The disc’s overall lyrical content makes it just as much of an interesting collection. Guaqueta takes the road less traveled with the disc’s lyrical content just as with its musical content. Just as worth noting to the record’s benefit is its sequencing. Just as much thought was put into the songs’ sequencing as was put into the composition of each song and the songs’ lyrical content. That is clear in listening to the progression of the songs over the course of the disc’s twenty-two minute run time. Such thought and consideration solidifies the record’s interest and makes it well worth the listen. In listening to it in its entirety, those that do so will agree that all noted elements prove that Saying is Only Saying So Much is again one of the best of this year’s new crop of EPs.

Saying is Only Saying So Much is a solid outing for Daniel Guaqueta. The Mississippi-born, Colombian-raised musician’s new EP is in fact one of the year’s best in its respective category. The main reason for such a title is its overall musical content. Listening through each of the disc’s five tracks, it is clear that Guaqueta put quite the thought and consideration into each composition. Each song is a deep work of electronic music that will keep listeners completely engaged from beginning to end of the record’s twenty-two total minutes. Most notable of that sound is that it’s not just some EDM-style sound. Rather it is more akin to the work done by Trent Reznor at many points than any of the major names in the world of EDM, electronica or other related electronic music sub genres. More specifically, it is especially similar to the music that Reznor crafted in his Nine Inch Nails remix albums. Though, there are similarities to his more recent NIN original recordings, too. For all of the similarities that Guaqueta’s work bears to that of Trent Reznor’s work, Guaqueta does boast his own original sound across the course of SIOSSM’s (as it will henceforth be known) body. There are so many subtle nuances incorporated (not just thrown in) into each song that collectively even with only five songs, the record in whole requires a close listen in order to fully appreciate not just those nuances but the effect of those nuances on the songs. In understanding and appreciating all of this, listeners will agree that the depth of the songs featured on this record form a solid foundation for SIOSSM and just one reason that the record proves to be one of the best of this year’s crop of new EPs.

The overall musical content that makes up the body of SIOSSM is in itself plenty of reason for listeners to hear Daniel Guaqueta’s new EP at least once if not more. Of course it is just one reason that listeners will appreciate this latest effort from the multi-national musician and performer. The record’s overall lyrical content is just as important to its enjoyment as its musical content. While Guaqueta is a bi-lingual performer, listeners will be happy to know that he performs only one of the disc’s songs (its opener) entirely in Spanish. The other four tracks are performed entirely in English. One of those four works–‘We Were’–even boasts a hip-hop vibe mixed in with the song’s electronic foundation. Not only that but rapper AJC even gets to put his skills on display rapping, “We’re just sitting here/I’m gettin’ tired of us all just bein’ here/For the things we did/Waitin’ on the call/amount to nothin’/But our sense be consumin’ us all/The people of the world are thinkin’ that we can live to be a thousand a thousand a thousand a thousand a thousand more.” He goes on to comment on how people go on to hate each other even more as they get older because of the inferred sense of self-entitlement that they have. It’s a deep message communicated in just one verse that together with the song’s musical content exhibits that much more clearly why the EP’s lyrical content is so important to the record in whole. The lyrical content of the EP’s title track is one more example of the EP’s overall lyrical content in its enjoyment. He sings in an ethereal fashion, “The breath we took from each other/We looked for reasons to understand/When we said we were loving/We stood saying different instead/We tell each other secrets/And tell the love we’ve had for others/We share our little fairytales/And tell each other that’s all I have.” Guaqueta goes on in the same fashion throughout the rest of the song with lyrical content that is just as introspective and thought-provoking. AJC puts his talents on display in the second half of the song, adding even more depth to the song’s lyrical side. The emotional depth of this song’s lyrical content makes the song so moving in and of itself. The equally moving musical content put on display makes the song even deeper. It is not only another example of the power and importance of the lyrics within the EP’s songs but of the songs’ lyrics coupled with the songs’ musical content. The combination of both elements paints a picture that in whole proves clearly why SIOSSM is more than deserving of being added to any critic’s list of the year’s best new EPs. For all of their importance they are still not all that listeners will appreciate about this release. Its sequencing rounds out the presentation, taking listeners on a journey that will keep them fully engaged right to the record’s end.

Both the musical and lyrical content exhibited throughout the course of SIOSSM are of the utmost importance to the record. While both elements play their own important roles they are hardly the only important factors to note in the disc’s success. Its sequencing is just as important as those elements. The sequencing displays just as much thought and consideration as the songs’ overall combined content. As listeners will note, the record starts in an upbeat fashion in ‘Emisora’ before gradually changing its overall vibe until finally ending in the deeply contemplative ‘Ryokan.’ That finale is a piece that is not for those with a short attention span. It is a composition that listeners absolutely must give their full attention in order to fully appreciate everything that it has to offer. By the time the song ends, those that really give the EP in whole their full attention will understand and agree that the disc’s sequencing is just as important as the record’s overall musical and lyrical content if not more so. Regardless of which of the noted elements is most important, it can be said that all three elements together will have listeners saying that SIOSSM is one of this year’s bet new EPs.

Daniel Guaqueta’s new EP SIOSSM is one of this year’s best new EPs. That is exhibited through both the musical and lyrical content of each of the record’s songs. The sequencing of the EP’s songs is just as important in making an argument in favor of the disc. All three elements considered together, they paint a musical picture in this record that will give listeners something new to appreciate with each listen. That being the case, it can be said even more than before that SIOSSM is more than deserving of being added to any critic’s list of the year’s best new EPs. It is available now and can be ordered direct online via Daniel Guaqueta’s official website at http://www.danielguaqueta.com. More information on SIOSSM is available via Guaqueta’s website and his official Facebook page and Twitter account at:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dguaq

Twitter: http://twitter.com/TRmusicUSA

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