MVD Entertainment Group Announces Release Date, Specs For ‘Double Dragon’ Re-Issue

Courtesy: MVD Entertainment Group

MVD Entertainment has a special treat coming in the new year for gamers everywhere.

The company recently announced it will re-issue the 1994 cinematic adaptation of the classic video game Double Dragon on Jan. 22 on a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.  The movie will be re-issued as part of MVD’s MVD Rewind Collection. Pre-orders are open now. A trailer for the movie is streaming online now here.

MVD’s forthcoming Double Dragon re-issue will feature a wide array of bonus content, such as the pilot episode of Double DragonThe Animated Series, a new “making of” documentary and new featurette on the movie’s producer, Don Murphy.

The full list of the movie’s bonus content is noted below.

Bonus Materials
* High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations of the main feature
* Audio: English 5.1 Stereo, English 2.0 Stereo, German 2.0 Stereo
* English, French and Spanish Subtitles
* NEW! “The Making of Double Dragon” (full length documentary featuring interviews with stars Scott Wolf and Marc Dacascos, writers Peter Gould & Michael Davis and producer Don Murphy)
* NEW! “Don Murphy: Portrait of a Producer” featurette
* Archival ”Making of” featurette
* Behind the Scenes featurette
* 1993 Double Dragon Animated Series Pilot Episode #101: “The Shadow Falls”
* Storyboard Gallery
* Press Photos, Marketing and Behind The Scenes Photo Galleries
* TV Spots
* VHS Home Video Trailer
* Original Theatrical Trailer
* Collectible Mini-Poster
* Reversible Sleeve Featuring Alternate Artwork

The story at the center of Double Dragon, follows two teenage brothers — Jimmy (Mark Dacascos — The Island of Dr. MoreauDriveOnly The Strong) and Billy Lee (Scott Wolf — Party of FiveNight ShiftPerception) as the pair works to protect their half of a magical amulet from the evil tycoon Koga Shuko (Richard Patrick — Terminator 2The X-FilesWayne’s World).  Shuko has the other half of the amulet, and wants the brothers’ half of the amulet so that he can have untold power.  Billy and Jimmy are aided in their efforts by Marian (Alyssa Milano — CharmedCommandoWho’s The Boss) and her vigilante group, The Power Corps.

MVD Entertainment Group Director of Acquisitions and Sales Eric D. Wilkinson spoke highly of the movie’s forthcoming re-issue.

Double Dragon was arguably one of my favorite projects for the Rewind Collection,” Wilkinson said.  “This release marks the first time Double Dragon will be available on Blu-ray and in HD in North America!  Special features producer Richard Schenkman and I worked tirelessly to create some amazing brand new bonus material that includes a feature-length “making of” documentary that I know collectors will love.  These new bonus features, along with some great archival bonus material, and the addition of the pilot of the Double Dragon animated television series (courtesy of Invincible Entertainment) MVD is proud to present the definitive edition of Double Dragon in a kick-ass (pun intended) Blu-ray + DVD combo pack collector’s set.”

Double Dragon was directed by James Yukich (Jeff BeckLive at the Hollywood Bowl, Def LeppardAnd There Will Be a Next TimeMegadethCountdown to Extinction Live), produced by Don Murphy (TransformersNatural Born KillersFrom Hell), Jane Hamsher (From HellNatural Born KillersThe War of the Roses) and Alan Schecter (Fair Gamethe Last Boy ScoutShowdown) and written by Michael Davis (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IIEight Days A Week100 Girls), Emmy Award-winner peter Gould (Breaking BadBetter Call SaulToo Big To Fail), Paul Dini (BatmanThe Animated SeriesBatman BeyondLost) and Neal Shusterman (GoosebumpsThe Haunting HourCry Victory).

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White Squall Less Storm, More Drama

Courtesy: Hollywood Pictures/Mill Creek Entertainment

Jeff Bridges’ 1996 starring vehicle, White Squall, was originally marketed as an action movie.  But the reality of this high seas story is that it is a coming of age story for a group of young men aboard a windjammer.  That’s not entirely a bad thing, though.  While most of the movie’s marketing is centered around the story’s final climactic storm scene, it’s the story itself that makes this movie worth the watch.

Writer Todd Robinson’s adaptation of  Charles Gieg, Jr. and Felix Sutton’s book The Last Voyage of the Albatross, will keep its audience’s attention for its entire two hour and seven minute run time.  As the young men are learning the basics of seamanship before heading out of port, Robinson foreshadows the troubles to come when one of them comes far too close to accidentally hanging himself.  It rather contradicts the belief that the albatross is a good luck charm.  For those that may not know, this is a direct reference to Samuel Ttaylor Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner. 

Rather than having good luck, the young men have to face Cuban miltiary forces on their way to the infamous Bay of Pigs and even an unstable crewmate who does something so terrible that it makes Sheldon (Jeff Bridges) throw him off of the boat.  They also have to get shots for STD’s after their encounters with a group of Dutch girls to whom they play host to for a short while.  Through it all, the crew becomes close friends, and grow to be men during their voyage, helping to save each other in the final climactic storm scene. 

The only real major downside to this entire movie would be that after the final storm scene, the story drags on for roughly another twenty minutes or so that it didn’t need.  Other than that, White Squall is a good action/drama that still holds its own over fifteen years after its original debut.

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