Your Sister’s Sister Not A Typical Romance Story

Courtesy: IFC Films/4 Culture/Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs/Northwest Film Forum/mpi media group

Your Sister’s Sister is not for everybody.  That needs to be noted right off the top of this new indie flick from IFC Films.  The story’s summary tends to focus largely on the lead character, Jack as it opens with his brother Tom having died.  The story doesn’t explain how Tom died.  But that’s not important as it’s his death that leads to the story’s most basic roots.  At its most basic roots, Your Sister’s Sister is exactly as the story’s title notes, a story about sisters.  At the same time, one can’t help but note the similarities to Seth Rogen’s 2007 hit movie, Knocked Up.Your Sister’s Sister has been marketed largely as a romantic dramedy.  But the reality is that the central story is that of the relationship between sisters Iris (Emily Blunt –The Adjustment Bureau, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen), and Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt – Mad Men).  The eventual revelation of the story between the pair is that while Hannah is a lesbian, she wants a child of her own.  So she essentially sets up Jack.  How she does that will be left up to viewers who have yet to see this movie.  But when this is revealed, the crux of the story is also revealed, which is the seemingly hidden turmoil between the sisters.  The problem is made worse because of something that Iris reveals to Hannah after Hannah finally admits to Iris what she has done and why.  This is where the similarity to Knocked Up comes into play.

Unlike Seth Rogen’s character in Knocked Up, Jack (Mark Duplass – The League) was in the dark about Hannah’s plan, too.  That is until the sisters return to the house after their alone time.  The whole thing turns almost into an odd Jerry Springer episode as the story’s final moments play out, even leaving the story wide open for interpretation in a near Sopranos style close.  Considering all of this, Your Sister’s Sister won’t appeal to everyone.  But for those who are open minded enough, it’s a story that is worth watching at least once.

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