Slipknot “{sic}” As Ever On Download Blu-Ray Re-Issue

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision/Roadrunner Records

When the nine-man metal machine that is Slipknot released its self-titled debut album thirteen years ago, this musical monster instantly became one of metal’s biggest names.  In the years since that album’s release, Slipknot has maintained its spot as one of metal’s elite.  Its albums have gone multi-platinum.  And its last real concert DVD, “Disasterpieces” (2002) was a mega hit in its own right.  2006’s “Voliminal” was more a documentary than a concert DVD.  So it doesn’t count.  Now, Slipknot has a brand new live blu-ray re-issue of its 2010 DVD,” {sic}nesses:  Live at Download” due out next week.  This blu-ray is an excellent introduction to the legendary intensity that is a live Slipknot show for the uninitiated.  And for longtime members of the Maggot Corps who might not have been able to pick up the DVD a couple years ago, it’s a welcome new live release from the band.

“{sic}nesses:  Live at Download” is one more absolutely amazing live show from Slipknot.  It has all the intensity of the band’s show from “Disasterpieces.”  The only real difference is that unlike in “Disasterpieces”, fans don’t get to see the show from the POV of the band this time.  That’s not an entirely bad thing, though.  Having already done it once, would have meant wearing it out had they done that again.  However, the same energy felt in that show was felt this time, too.  It just came from the vantage point of the people behind the scenes, recording the show.  The people behind the scenes are to be commended, too.  They caught every bit of energy from both the stage and the audience of 80,000 concert goers and translated it expertly for people watching the show from home. 

The band’s Download set lasted roughly an hour and a half.  The band barely let up throughout that near ninety minute performance.  Even when it moved into the likes of ‘Dead Memories’, the energy was still there.  Every pit was in full motion the entire night.  And every person there was singing every word to every song.  Flags flew in the crowds representing no fewer than ten different nations.  It is simply a performance to behold.  As noted already, whether a new fan or a longtime member of the Maggot Corps, this brand new live release from one of metal’s top acts is top notch.  Perhaps the only down side to the entire thing would be the tour documentary included as a bonus feature.  Tour documentaries are really nothing new to any band’s live releases.  But it takes nothing away from the concert, which is why fans will pick up this release.  Viewer discretion should be exercised with this release as there is explicit language and nudity.

“{sic}nesses:  Live at Download” will be available next Tuesday, July 31st.  It will be available in stores and online.  It can be ordered online at

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