Sinshrift Front Man Trenton Valenzuela Discusses The Band’s New Music, Playing The Blue Ridge Rock Festival In New Interview With Phil’s Picks

Courtesy: Godsize Records

Up-and-coming rock band Sinshrift is scheduled to release its debut album next month. The band is also scheduled to perform at this year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival right around the time of the festival. The album has already produced one single and a companion video for that song. So needles to say this band is off to a strong start. As things pick up, front man Trenton Valenzuela took some time Tuesday to talk with Phil’s Picks about everything that the band has going on. Valenzuela’s interview with Phil’s Picks is featured here.

PP: First off, congratulations on the new record deal.  What does it mean to you all as a band to be able to say you are signed to a label?  Did you have any potential deals in the works with any other labels prior to signing with Godsize?  What really stands out about Godsize to you that made you want to sign with the company?

TV: Thank you very much! We chose to be with Godsize because it afforded us the opportunity to be on a label with major distribution, but most importantly, the ability for us to put a face to a name and actually know individuals that are working alongside us. We’re surrounded by an amazing team of bright individuals that love music as much as we do. It’s not everyday that you get to go to work with people you actually like, we’re super lucky!

PP: According to the news release that announced the new deal, you all also have a new album on the way in September.  Now maybe I missed the information in the release, but I didn’t see any information specifying an exact release date or much else about the album.  Considering we’re almost into September, it would seem that a release date would be in order, so what can you say about that?  How many songs in total will the album feature?

TV: The album will be released on September 10th, and it features ten songs! We’re super excited for everyone to hear the material!

PP: Talk to me about the topics that the album addresses in its lyrical themes.  Are they from personal perspectives, or from other sources?

TV: Lyrically speaking it comes from a personal place, and also draws inspiration from things going on in the world around me. I feel that the album goes through a roller coaster of emotions. I hope that when people hear the album, it makes them feel something.

PP: Along with announcing the new album, the release that the media received also announced the premiere of the video for the album’s lead single, ‘Run.’  The song’s musical arrangement is easily comparable to so much music from your more well-known mainstream counterparts.  So what has the reaction been so far from radio outlets and audiences in general to the song?

TV: The song has been very well received! People seem to be very excited about it, and we’re thrilled!

PP:The news release that announced the debut of the video also didn’t mention anything in the way of what the song is about, lyrically.  I listened closely to the song.  It sounded, from what I could tell, to center on maybe a broken relationship.  Am I somewhere in the ballpark with that interpretation or completely off in the stands?

TV: It’s got a lot of things going on in that song, even though it’s pretty straight forward! We like the listener to take away whatever they want out of a song, that’s what makes music fun.

PP: Going back for a moment to your new record deal, Godsize A&R rep Scott Rose had been watching you guys “for years.”  Is that something that you can confirm?  Has the connection between you all and Godsize really gone back that far?  If that’s the case, then when did talks between the band and label really start up about the record deal?

TV: My guitarist John, and I would catch Scott perform live with his band Rikets when they would come through Arizona. We’ve known Scott for many years, he has done just about everything in the business and has always been super transparent and honest with us about how this whole thing works. He’s a brilliant individual, and a great friend.

PP: Changing gears, you all are going to get some major attention next month at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival Sept. 9-12 in Danville, VA.  That is as long as concerns over COVID don’t end up causing it to get shut down.  The festival is sold out, too, meaning you are likely to have a lot of eyes and ears when you tentatively take the stage.  You all are going to be with some very well-known company, too, in regards to the up-and-coming bands, as well as some more well-known acts on the bill.  What does it mean to you all as a band to be featured as part of the rich lineup for such a respected music festival?

TV:  Having the ability to perform at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival is a huge blessing. Their team has put together a once in a lifetime lineup, and to be a part of that is very special. We look forward to working with the BRRF crew for many years to come, they’re great people!

PP: Staying on that topic a little bit longer, your live schedule looks at least to me, to not be overly busy right now.  So are you all going to have time to catch other bands at the festival?  If so, which band(s) are you really looking forward to seeing?

TV: We have a show celebrating the release of our album on September 3rd at Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, and then the following week we will be hitting the festival. We’re looking forward to seeing as many of the bands as possible. As noted earlier, the lineup is deep and has everything that you would want at a rock festival, including an on-site club experience! Luda!

PP: On a related noted, I brought up earlier the up-and-coming bands like yourselves who are on the bill for the festival.  Which of the up-and-coming acts that you’ll be joining really catch or have caught your ear and why?

TV: There’s a ton of great bands, to name a few is very difficult… Major Moment is a band to look out for, they have a ton of potential, in my opinion. Redefind are label mates of ours, and they just put out an EP entitled ‘Images’ that has some great songs. We’re looking forward to meeting those guys!

PP: I mentioned earlier that the Blue Ridge Rock Festival will happen as long as it doesn’t get shut down by the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Do you have any concerns about those impacts, even being so close to the festival?  A lot of major acts across the board have recently cancelled or postponed their tours, citing concerns about the pandemic, so I wanted to get your thoughts on everything going on, especially with this band really just starting to get national attention.

TV: There’s always a level of concern in regards to the pandemic, but I believe the organizers at BRRF will do everything they can to ensure everyone can remain safe and have a good time! We will navigate these waters as best as we can with the ongoing pandemic; the fans, our crew, and venue staff will always come first in regards to safety.

PP: I wanted to reach back to your new album as I close this out.  You’ve already debuted the video for your new album’s lead single.  Again, unless I missed it in the release announcing the new album and video, I didn’t see anything about the single itself being available to download and/or stream.  So what is the status on that matter?  Additionally, what is the band’s plan in terms of singles?  Do you have a set number of singles for the album or will that decision come as you go along?

TV: Our lead single “Run” is under review for possible inclusion on some playlists, so unfortunately it won’t be up on streaming platforms and other DSP’s until we figure out what’s going on there. We have a lot of great songs on the album that have tremendous potential, so we will release singles and videos as needed.

Thank you so much for the time, guys.  Good luck with your upcoming live dates, especially that performance planned for the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. 

Thank you for your time, we truly appreciate it!

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Sinshrift Signs With Godsize Records; Announces New Album Due Next Month; Debuts Video For LP’s Lead Single

Courtesy: Godsize Records

Things are looking up for hard rock band Sinshift.

The band, which is scheduled to take part in this year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival next month in Danville, VA, has inked a new record deal with Godsize Records. The label will release the band’s self-titled debut album next month as it gets out in front of audiences.

Band member Trenton Valenzuela was excited as he talked about the band’s new record deal and album.

“We’re incredibly excited to be joining the Godsize Records family!” said Valenzuela. “We couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by such creative and hard working individuals that share the same vision and passion for the band.”

He added, “With the release of our album, and a performance at Blue Ridge Rock Festival coming up for us in September, we are very excited to be further establishing the unique connection that we have with our fans.”

Godsize Records A&R Representative Scott Rose shared Valenzuela’s excitement as he talked about the new partnership.

“I have been watching the progress of Sinshrift for years now,” he said. “Great kids. Great live show. Catchy radio songs with a dark twist. I look forward to watching them become a powerhouse!”

In anticipation of the album’s release, the band — Trenton Valenzuela, John Oeinck, Lee Dehmer, and David Davis — premiered the video for the album’s lead single, ‘Run,’ Monday. The video is a standard style presentation. It features the band performing its new single in a studio setting with lighting used to help enhance the impact of the song’s musical and lyrical content.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Run’ is a melodic hard rock style composition. The instrumentation and vocals make the song an easy fit on any active rock radio programmer’s daily playlist. That is because it echoes the sounds and styles of so many of the band’s more well-known, mainstream counterparts while also maintaining the song’s own identity separate from those works.

No information was provided about the lyrical theme featured in ‘Run’ in the press release announcing the premiere of the song and its video. However, in listening to the song, it is clear that the song centers on the all-too-familiar topic of a person facing problems in a personal, romantic relationship.

Along with the band’s upcoming performance at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival, the band is also scheduled to perform live Sept. 3 in Phoenix, AZ.

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