Going “Wild” with Laura Wilde

Good morning, everyone.  Those of you that read my daily ramblings remember I recently reviewed the debut album from Aussie rocker, Laura Wilde.  Well, Ms. Wilde has been kind enough to sit down and answer some questions about her new album, life on the road and more.  Thank you very much to her for her time.  So while you wait for my review of Ray Romano’s brand new dvd, “95 Miles to Go” enjoy my interview with Laura Wilde. 

RR — You started playing music as a teenager.  I’m curious, having started your musical career so young, were you the only musician in your house when you started, or did you grow up with music in your home?  

LW –Unfortunately my family was not musical at all. When I was little, my brother and I had piano lessons. However, my sights were always set on the electric guitar.  My parents used to strongly encourage me to practice the piano but when it came to guitar practice it was up to me as they had no interest in me playing guitar at all. I even had a set of headphones that plugged into my amp so that I didn’t annoy everyone in the house.

RR — Your bio notes that at 18 years old, you were already playing in the studio with some major names.  Would you be willing to share any of those names?  What went through your mind knowing you had been tapped to record with them?  Were there any of said artists with whom you had the most fun recording?

LW — In the few years before moving to the USA I had the opportunity of working with some amazing people in the Australian music world, both of the older and newer rock generation. Experimenting with sounds with very experienced players was one of the most fun aspects of recording. Although being selected to play with top tier artists is such an honor, the pressure is on! You really have to really step up and work hard to deliver a high standard.  


RR — Along with all of your other accolades, you’ve also been a member of the house band on Australia’s Got Talent.  Can you expand on how that job came along? 

LW — The boys in my band were friends with the musical director for ‘Australia’s Got Talent’.  After seeing one of our live performances he called me out of the blue and asked me if I was interested in playing on the show. It was a very pleasant surprise indeed.


RR — America’s Got Talent just started up its new season, and unless I’m mistaken Australia’s Got Talent is close to wrapping up its current season.  In its previous six seasons, America’s Got Talent has had some really memorable moments, both good and bad.  In your time on Australia’s Got Talent, do you have any memories of contestants that were good, bad, or even really weird?

LW — Working behind the scenes, it’s really sad to see a contestant that lifts the roof off in their rehearsal and then messes up the live performance because their nerves got the better of them. Its like, “Oh no! Give them another chance. They can really do it!”One of the contestants I played for was “The Bad Piper”. He was a full on metal-punk who played custom bag-pipes that had flames coming out of them.  At one point in the performance I was supposed to play back to back with him, and no one warned me about the flames so they nearly burnt my hair off!


RR — I want to go ahead and jump into your new album.  You titled your album, “Sold My Soul.”  Can you expand on how you came to decide on that for a title?  Do you feel that you’ve sold your soul, having already been on a major tv show and recorded with other big name artists at such a young age and now this?

LW — “Sold My Soul” was the last track written and it just felt like a good, strong title for the album. It’s really a metaphor for having to leave behind my friends and family back home and for all of the sacrifices that I’ve had to make in order to pursue a career in music.
RR — You’ve done so much already in your career.  I’m curious, having already had so much experience as a studio musician and a member of the house band on Australia’s Got Talent, was it just sort of like old hat recording this album?  Or did you ever find yourself having to remind yourself that you were really recording your own music?

LW –I feel as if this album has been a timeline of my own evolution.  The first track was recorded when I was a 17 year old bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young’n in Melbourne, Australia and the last track found itself being recorded 5 years later all the way here in Los Angeles.  I learnt a lot in those years between. I love the recording process. It’s always fun and exciting!


RR — I love the songs on this album.  It’s a great old school garage rock style album.  Were there any of the songs on the album that were especially fun to record?

LW — “All Alone” was the first song I recorded.  For me, it was all breaking new ground. I had no idea what to expect because I hadn’t really found my own voice or sound yet. “Sold My Soul” was probably the most fun because it was the first song that I ever recorded and produced in my own home studio. I was free to experiment with all sorts of production techniques and take all the time that I needed.


RR Lyrically, one of the songs on your album that sticks out to me is ‘Classical Guitar Star.’  My interpretation of that song is that it was a little bit tongue in cheek, sort of joking about how young fans view their favorite musical idol.  Is that what you were aiming for on that song or did I totally misinterpret it?  My apologies if I did.

LW –“Classical Guitar Star” is a tragic tale of a woman’s unrequited love for an unnatainable musical idol.  It was a very interesting writing experience to put myself in that character’s frame of mind. Whether or not it is tongue in cheek is open to interpretation!
RR — Another of the songs on the album that caught my attention was ‘For You’. Its pretty obvious its a song about a breakup.  And it definitely doesn’t take the same vibe as most pop songs about break up.  It comes across as a breakup song with attitude, which is a breath of fresh air.  It sort of feels like it gives the proverbial middle finger to those other types of songs.  Was this one from personal experience, or was it just something you wrote? 

LW –At the time that it was written, I wasn’t drawing from my own personal experience. However, I recently found myself in this type of dead-end, one-sided relationship for a brief period.  As soon as it came to my attention I was thinking to myself, ‘What are you doing?! You’ve already written about this, you idiot!!’ So I got out quick smart!


RR One more song that I wanted to discuss is the album’s title track.  It feels sort of like you were thumbing your nose at all those other songs that make the whole touring/ rock and roll life this deeply emotional thing (I.E. Bon Jovi’s Dead or Alive, Metallica’s Nothing Else matters, etc.).  Your song seems to almost welcome and embrace the rock and roll life, even through knowing it’s not an easy life.  Can you talk more about how this song came to life? 

LW —“Sold My Soul” came to life in the euphoric state that I was in after coming to America.  It is a celebration recognizing this beautiful country as the heartland of rock’n’roll.  It was written when I was itching to get out on the road and tour, and now I can’t believe that it has actually come true!  I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity. 


RR You’ve been tapped to tour with Ted Nugent.  “The Nuge” is known as one of the most famous and polarizing figures in the entertainment world.  Can you talk about how this partnership happened?  Did you come to him, did he or his people come to you?  What was your reaction at being told you’d be joining him on his latest tour?

LW — My publicist at the time, Laura Kaufman, had originally worked with Ted Nugent when he was starting his career. She thought we’d be a great fit so she made the connection. Sadly she passed away as it was all coming together so she isn’t here with us to enjoy the ride. Although, I can certainly say she is with us all the way in spirit and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her believing in me.  When I first found out we’d be touring with Uncle Ted, I did a series of Eddie Van Halen style jumps. Literally!


RR —  You’ve already got a video out for the album’s title track.  Can you fill everybody in on what you think will be the next single off of your album?

LW —I’m still undecided. I think I’m going to let all the rockers out there help me with that one, while we’re out on tour!


RR —  I hate to cut it at 13–hopefully you’re not superstitious–but what can fans expect from you on this tour?  What are you personally looking forward to for this tour?  Your album’s only been out a few months.  But are you already looking forward to your next realease, or do you see yourself taking a little time off after touring before you start work on your next record?

LW –I promise to give you a rough, raw rock’n’roll show! Screaming guitars, thumping drums and good times. I’m looking forward to exploring every part of this beautiful country and bringing a new generation of rock music to people who will appreciate it. It’s full steam ahead for the next record. I’m way too excited to take any breaks!

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Laura Wilde’s debut record is rock done right

Courtesy:  Vice Grip Music Group

Courtesy: Vice Grip Music Group

Laura Wilde, meet the world.  World, meet Laura Wilde.  This Aussie rocker looks like Britney Spears, but sings like Joan Jett and Lita Ford.  She is everything that Avril Lavigne wishes she could be.  Lots of rock acts have come from the land down under.  But not since AC/DC has there been such a hard hitting act.  Wilde comes right at audiences on her debut album, “Sold My Soul.”  The album’s opener, ‘All Alone’ comes at audiences with all the power and energy of fellow female rockers, The Donnas, The Runaways, and so many other female rock acts.  It’s a great high energy, fist pumping, arena anthem that is perfect for any rock radio station.  She sings on the album’s opener, “I think you’re sexy/and I like your face/But much more, I like the chase.”  It comes across as a very confident, “I am woman hear me roar” type of song filled with enough energy to get audiences both male and female moving.

Wilde follows up ‘All Alone’ with an equally adrenaline fueled song in ‘Sold My Soul.’  She writes of the rigors of touring all over the world, and not looking back after kissing her mother goodbye as she heads off.  It’s not one of those Bon Jovi or Kid Rock style emotional pieces.  Instead, it takes the classic road warrior theme, and takes that proverbial bull by the horns, almost embracing it in a way.  The softest that Wilde gets on her debut is the song, ‘For You.’  She definitely wears her emotions on her sleeve in this song.  But it isn’t what one might expect.  This piece isn’t the standard “oh woe is me, I’ve had my heart broken” sort of song.  She lays into the object of her anger throughout the song, eventually leading into a string of profanities aimed at said individual at the end of the song.  She shows that she’s not going to go the route of so many standard break up songs.  And that sort of mentality is just what will keep Laura Wilde one of the leading names in the next generation of mainstream rock.

Laura Wilde’s debut album was released nationwide just three months ago.  Since that time, this artist who started her career years ago at the age of sixteen has taken some huge steps.  She has been tapped to join legendary rocker Ted Nugent on his Summer tour.  The pair are out on tour now.  They will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, California next Saturday, May 26th.  After next Saturday’s show, Wilde will take some time off before hitting the road again in June.  From there, she’ll be touring the rest of the Summer.  North Carolinians will get to see both Wilde and Nugent on their tour this Summer, as they’ll be making a stop in Durham, North Carolina Thursday, August 9th at the famed Durham Performing Arts Center.  Audiences can go to http://www.dpacnc.com to get information about tickets and more for the show.  Regardless of which date fans attend, audiences can get a taste of what to expect from Laura Wild right now.  The video for her single, ‘Sold My Soul’ is up on Youtube now.  It can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6z2GrhZxDU. Fans can also get all the latest on Laura online at http://www.laurawilde.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/laurawildemusic, on Twitter at http://twitter.com/laurawilde, and on her official Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/laurawildemusic.

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