Former Stuck Mojo Frontman Announces New Podcast

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Lord Nelson will launch a new podcast program this weekend.

Nelson, (a.k.a. Lloyd Nelson) will launch “Live and Loud With The Lord” at 8 p.m. Saturday through a partnership with The CMS Network and Heavy Metal Television. The podcast features Nelson talking with members of the hard rock, heavy metal and hip-hop communities, along with members of the entertainment community in general.

CMS Network and Heavy Metal Television CEO Chris Akin was excited as he talked about Nelson’s new podcast.

“I remember when Lord Nelson joined Stuck Mojo,” he said. “He was billed by Rich Ward as a “larger than life” figure, and he delivered in every way. As a videocaster, Lord does great interviews, and does them in a way that is all his own. He brings the same passion and energy to his show as he has for decades to his music. This really was a no brainer for us to add Live & Loud With The Lord to our broadcast schedules.”

Nelson shared Akin’s enthusiasm.

“It is my extreme pleasure to be added to The CMS Network and Heavy Metal Television,” he said. ““I feel the family vibe already and I’m excited beyond words to bring the great viewers and listeners a show that entertains as well as informs and educates. I hope my love for music embraces you and allows you to escape your world for a few moments mentally and physically. Thank you for your precious time.”

“Live & Loud With The Lord” will join the likes of “The Classic Metal Show,” “Chris Akin Presents…,” and “Talking Into Infinity” on the outlets’ programming offerings. Audiences can take in episodes of The CMS Network here and watch Heavy Metal Television here.

Lord Nelson worked with Stuck Mojo from 2006-2009. He recorded the album, Southern Born Killers and The Great Revival as a member of the band. He released his album, Fight: My Struggle Between Heaven and Hell in 2012. Most recently he released his record, The Fire Starters, with his band, Plastic Catastrophe Featuring Lord Nelson.

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Shawn Perry Talks Unity, Positive Vibes In New Single, Video

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Shawn Perry returned this week with his latest single and video.

Perry debuted his new single, ‘Hardrock Hillbilly‘ and its companion video Friday. The premieres come almost a year after the debut of Perrys’ then latest single, ‘Six Feet Apart.’ It features a guest appearance by rapper King Pala.

King Pala’s addition to the hard rocking arrangement makes the song instantly comparable to works from the likes of Stuck Mojo, Kid Rock, and others of that ilk. The balance of King Pala’s rapping and even that of Perry with the song’s old school guitar riffs makes the arrangement in whole fully engaging and entertaining.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Hardrock Hillbilly’ is straight forward. It sends a message of unity regardless of political affiliation, bias, and other factors. Perry even sings, “The world keeps spinnin’ but we don’t learn nothin’/Let’s burn it down/And try it again/Kick the party out” here before going on to sing about putting on some old school Def Leppard and partying. Simply put, this is a song that promotes unity across the aisle and across all those dividing lines. It is a welcome, positive message.

The video that accompanies the song is appealing in its own right. It finds Perry, his band, and King Pala at a small race track. The group not only performs at the location, but also enjoys taking some laps around the raceway, whose identity is not presented in the press release announcing the premiere of the song and its video.

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Fozzy Debuts New Single, ‘Sane,’ Companion Video

Courtesy: Another Century

Fozzy kicked off the long holiday weekend with a new single and video.

The band debuted its new single, ‘Sane‘ and its companion video Friday. The song is the band’s first new music since the debut of its then latest single, ‘Nowhere to Run‘ in September 2019.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Sane’ is a familiar work from Fozzy, in terms of its sound and stylistic approach. It exhibits the same kind of melodic hard rock approach and sound used in its existing works yet still ensures the song maintains its own unique identity separate from those songs.

Front man Chris Jericho had the following to say about the song’s musical arrangement.

“‘Sane’ is the perfect first single for Fozzy to unleash on the world, as it’s heavy, hooky, catchy and RIFF-TASTIC!!,” said Jericho. “I can’t think of a better way to remind everybody of the feeling you get when u hear a great rock n roll tune, one that makes u wanna put the top down on your car and put your foot down on the gas….and ‘SANE’ is that tune! It’s been such a tough year in so many ways, but now as the world is slowly getting better, FOZZY is here to vaccinate you with a proverbial phonograph needle and make you wanna ROCK again,” 

No information was provided about the lyrical theme in the press release distributed about the song’s debut. Listeners can infer through listening to the song that the theme in question centers on the matter of mental health to a point. The use of the roller coaster ride in the song’s companion video alongside the song’s lyrical content points to the inferred theme even more.

Asan aside, the video for ‘Sane’ was recorded aboard the ride, The Voyage’ at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. The video was shot on a closed set.

In other news, Fozzy is scheduled to return to the road this summer starting July 14 in Iowa City, IA. The band’s upcoming tour schedule features performances in cities, such as Jacksonville, NC; Cleveland, OH, and Savannah, GA. The tour’s schedule is noted below.

FOZZY Tour Dates:

July 14 – Iowa City, IA – Wildwood 

July 15 – Cadott, WI – Rockfest*

July 17 – Jacksonville, FL – Taco Festival*

August 7 – Sheboygan, WI – Brat Days *

September 2 – Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall 

September 3 – Joliet, IL – Apollo Theater 

September 4 – Belvidere, IL – Apollo Theater

September 6 – Kansasville, WI – 1175 

September 9 – Harrisburg, PA – HMAC 

September 10 – Appomattox, VA – Blue Ridge Rockfest *

September 11 – Baltimore, MD – Soundstage 

September 12 – Pittsburgh, PA – Jergel’s 

September 13 – Buffalo, NY – Iron Works 

September 16 – Angola, IN – Eclectic Room 

September 17 – Elevation – The Intersection 

September 18 – Flint. MI – Machine Shop 

September 19 – Cleveland, OH – The Winchester 

September 26 – Louisville, KY – Louder Than Life*

September 27 – Indianapolis, IN – Hi Fi 

September 28 – Harrison, OH – Blue Note 

September 30 – Nashville, TN – Basement East 

October 1 – Canton, GA – Action Building 

October 2 – Tampa, FL – 98ROCKFEST*

October 3 – Charlotte, NC – Underground 

October 4 – Jacksonville, NC – Hooligans 

October 7 – Johnson City, TN – Capone’s 

October 8 – Savannah, GA – Victory North

October 9 – Orlando, FL – WJRR’s Earthday Birthday*

October 21-October 25 – Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea

October 29 – November 3 – The KISS Kruise X

*festival dates

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The Chimpz Debuts New Video For Classic Single, ‘Corrupt’

Courtesy: The Chimpz

Independent nu-metal band The Chimpz unveiled a new video for one of its classic songs this week.

The band debuted the new video for its single ‘Corrupt’ Tuesday. The song is featured in the band’s 2011 EP, Who Can I Trust?, whose anniversary the band is celebrating with the new video’s premiere.

The new video is the second for the song, following the debut of the song’s original video in 2017. Where the original video was a showcase for extreme motorsports, the new video features the band performing its single. There are some external shots featuring co-front men Artimus Prime and Chuck P on a rocky outcrop, but the video is largely presented in a soundstage setting.

The musical arrangement featured in ‘Corrupt’ features a driving, bombastic guitar riff and steady time keeping that lend themselves to comparisons to works from the likes of Motley Crue. Artimus Prime and Chuck P’s shared vocals meanwhile offer a distinctly different approach. Prime’s vocals present more of a punk rock sensibility while Chuck P’s rhyme flow echoes that of former Stuck Mojo front man Bonz.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Corrupt’ comes across as a social commentary, what with a line, such as that which reads, “Bad apple cause I’m made that way/Each and every day/It feels natural to say I’m corrupt.”       

More information on The Chimpz’ new video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Gears’ New Single Takes On Humans’ Hypocrisy With New Single

Courtesy: The Label Group

Independent hard rock band Gears is taking on humans’ hypocrisy as it relates to religion with its latest single.

The band debuted its new single, ‘So What‘ Feb. 25 along with the song’s companion lyric video through Skope Magazine. The video places the song’s lyrics over imagery of the band performing live as the song plays over.

The musical arrangement featured in Gears’ new single is a heavy nu-metal style work that lends itself stylistically to works from the likes of Skindred and Sevendust. The song was produced by Corey Lowery (Saint Asonia, Steromud, Stuck Mojo) and mastered by Paul Logus.

The lyrical theme that accompanies the fiery arrangement addresses the irony of people who claim to be so pious yet are the first to judge others.

Front man Trip Six addressed the song’s lyrical theme in a prepared statement.

“When we wrote ‘So What?’ two years ago, it was coming from my personal view on how religion has in many ways become its own sort of animal; overriding the concept of love, compassion, family,” he said. “How we’ve gone from loving one another to judging each other and even fighting them based on the religion one practices or doesn’t. Family should be the religion, not the other way around. Of course, anyone who listens to the track can interpret as they wish however, that’s my take.”

The debut of Gears’ new single comes less than four months after the band premiered its cover of Deftones’ hit song ‘Bored.’

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Discrepancies’ New Album Is An Aptly Titled Record

Courtesy: InVogue Records/Alan Ashcraft

Independent rock band Discrepancies is quite the interesting act.  The up-and-coming quartet has only been in existence since 2013.  In the short time since its formation, this little band that could has proven itself one of the next big names in the rock community. That is evidenced through the facts that since its formation, the quartet has played some of the nation’s biggest concert festivals, garnered thousands of streams for its singles and videos, and even released two successful studio recordings – an EP and an album.  Now this Friday, the band will look to continue its meteoric climb with the release of its aptly titled second album (and third overall studio recording) The Rise.  The 10-song record has already produced five singles, each of which has done its part to prove the band’s place in the rap-rock community.  They are just a part of what makes this 33-minute presentation such an entertaining and engaging record.  That is because they only show one side of the record, so to speak.  ‘Put ‘Em Up (Dub Flow)’ shows another side to the album.  It will be addressed shortly.  ‘Blame Me,’ the album’s penultimate entry, is another notable addition to the record.  It will be discussed a little later.  ‘Left To Drift,’ which comes early in the record’s run, is one more important addition to the album.  It shows yet more depth to the record and will be discussed later, too.  When it is considered along with the other songs noted here, the album’s singles and its remaining two songs, the record in whole becomes a presentation that proves Discrepancies’ star truly is on the rise.

Up-and-coming rock band Discrepancies is unquestionably one of the next big names in the rock community to watch for 2020 and beyond.  The five singles that the record has already produced have shown that the band can easily hold its own within the rap-rock and nu-metal communities.  They are not all that the album has to offer, though.  There’s also a touch of some more pure rap alongside the band’s rock influences in ‘Put ‘Em Up (Dub Flow).’  Yes, the rock element is present here through the guitar and drums, but that aspect plays more of a supporting role alongside front man ATG Metcalf and guest rapper Dub Flow’s rhymes, and their pairing with the song’s bass and keyboards.  The rhymes that the pair spits are collectively a message of self confidence.

The noted lyrical theme is inferred right from the song’s outset as the lead verse states, “Corny a** rappers/Gettin’ hyped up by mascots/Claimin’ that they have guac/I call them have nots/Put ‘em in a super soldier, figure four/Until they give me mad props/Things get intense and the caps lock/Lately I feel a bit offline/But I gotta get at it/It’s all mine/Now hundred percent ground…These critics are drillin’ me/I’m not the enemy/I’m just a victim of hard times/Our message is vivid/It might take a minute/’Cause we gotta fit it in small minds/I try to keep it classy/’Cause I’m not into fashion…They don’t like the way we mix it up/They want to send me packin’…”  Some of the lyrics here are tough to catch, considering the speed at which the lyrics are delivered at some points.  However, enough is decipherable that it can be inferred here that this is someone who is fighting plenty of odds, but is still standing strong.  It’s a familiar topic in the rap and hip-hop world, and is no less engaging here than in any other song.  The inferred theme is made even clearer in the song’s second verse, which states, “I you’re ready to feel the rush/That’s what’s up/Feel the adrenaline building up/Hit the clutch/even if you think everything sucks/Put ‘em up/’Cause if you don’t give a damn/We don’t give/a/f***.”  The song continues in similar fashion from there, giving the musical middle finger to all of the naysayers out there while also continuing to remind listeners to not give up.  It collectively makes for a strong statement that will resonate with listeners long after the song ends.  When this familiar lyrical theme is considered along with its companion musical content, the whole of the song becomes even more notable.  Collectively, they make the song just one of the album’s most standout songs.  ‘Blame Me’ is as notable as ‘Put ‘Em Up (Drub Flow).’

‘Blame Me’ stands out in that its musical arrangement is not the standard rap rock style presentation that has been so prevalent in most of the album’s singles.  Rather, this song boasts more of an aggro-rock style complete with not just Metcalf’s rapping, but also more clean singing vocals from guitarist Addison Bracher.  The combination of the two elements joins with the subtle keyboards and the drums to lend the arrangement to a comparison to works from the likes of Nonpoint, Stuck Mojo and Linkin Park.  When the aggression in the song’s musical theme couples with its lyrical counterpart, the whole of the song becomes even more engaging and entertaining for listeners.

The lyrical theme featured in ‘Blame Me’ is certain to resonate with listeners in its own way as it takes on those people who live to make everyone around them miserable.  That is inferred clearly in the song’s lead verse, which states, “I’ve watched you/Interrupt nonsense/Set it on fire/Creating your own problems/Complain that it burns/But still refuse to drop it/If you want to leave my day in ruin/Well, mission accomplished/Offer you the blueprint/All you do is knock it/Allergic to the solution/Addicted to the conflict/Drop it/Listen to something I can’t rock with/I love you to death/but your attitude’s toxic/Stop it/Why you gotta wreck my day/Save all that negative energy and step away/Why you searching for the sympathy I guess you crave…”  The last line in this verse is tough to decipher without a lyrics sheet to reference, but that is beside the point.  Enough of the lyrics are understandable at this point to make clear the noted theme.  The song’s second verse follows in similar fashion, noting, “I promise if you let it/I swear this world will drown you/let go of the drama/You really seem to be bouncin’/Listen/Doesn’t always have to come down to bringin’ yourself down and everybody around you.”  Again, here is that noted message as clear as day.  The song’s subject then goes on to state, “I need to cut you out.”  This is important in that it puts out there that this is someone who is at that breaking point with someone in a highly toxic relationship.  It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship.  It could just be a general plutonic relationship.  Lots of people out there have been in the noted scenario.  It is certain to make the song that much more accessible for listeners.  In turn, it proves even more why not just the song, but the album, too, is so hard hitting.  It is just one more of the album’s most notable works, too.  ‘Left To Drift’ adds even more depth to the album.

‘Left To Drift’ stands out perhaps more than any other arrangement in Discrepancies’ new album in that it presents a distinct progressive metal sound.  The heavy, guitar-driven work immediately lends itself to comparisons to works from the likes of TesseracT, Periphery, and Meshuggah.  What’s really interesting here is the juxtaposition of that sound against the clean vocals.  It makes for such a powerful impact.  In relation, the song’s lyrical content makes for its own powerful impact. 

Right from its outset, the song’s lyrical theme hints directly at the familiar topic of a broken relationship as Bracher sings, “Oh what a beautiful lie/To give a heart with no trust left inside/They say…the truth it sets and feels like I’m dead inside/Let the waves wash over my skin/Let the tide pull me in.”  He continues in the song’s second verse, “Oh what a colorless lie/to trust a love that left you torn inside/You feel you’ll never be worthy/Do you/You fear there’s no room for you left in their hearts.”  This again comes across as someone addressing another who is dealing with some heavy thoughts and emotions as a result of very negative interactions in the past.  The lines that follow add to that statement even more.  All things considered, the heaviness in the song’s lyrical content couples with the heaviness in the song’s musical arrangement to make the song in whole its own unique presentation that makes the album even more engaging and entertaining.  When the song is considered along with the other songs noted here, the album’s singles and its two remaining tracks, the record in whole cements Discrepancies’ place as one of the next big names in the hard rock and metal community.

Discrepancies’ sophomore album The Rise is an impressive return for the band.  It is a presentation that certifies the band’s place among the next generation of hard rock and metal acts.  That is proven not only through the rap-rock style singles that the album has already produced, but also through the songs noted here as well as the album’s other two singles.  They collectively present The Rise as a record that is quite diverse in its content.  That diversity and the accessibility of the record’s lyrical content comes together to make this record a solid success from beginning to end.  They make the record a sign that this band’s fame is in fact on the rise. 

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Repentance Debuts New LP’s Lead Single, ‘God For A Day’

Courtesy: At Is War/Intercept Music

Hard rock super group Repentance unveiled its latest single this week.

The band — Robby J. Fonts (Stuck Mojo), Shaun Glass (Soil, Broken Hope,Dirge Within), Mike Sylvester, Kanky Lora, and Markus Johansson — premiered its new single ‘God For A Day’ Friday.  The single is the title track from the band’s forthcoming album, which is scheduled for release Sept. 25 through Art Is War/Intercept Music.

‘God For A Day’ is available to stream and download herePre-orders are open now.

The song’s musical arrangement is a heavy, guitar-driven work whose drums, bass and vocals collectively give the song a distinct metalcore style sound.  The aggressive approach also has hints of old school thrash added to the mix, enriching its presentation even more.  It lends itself to comparisons to works from the likes of Killswitch Engage, Unearth, and As I Lay Dying.

The song’s lyrical theme comes across possibly as a commentary about the state of the world, gathering what lyrics can be deciphered without a lyrics sheet to reference.  The two elements together make the song in whole a strong first impression from the band in its forthcoming debut album.

The track listing for God For A Day is noted below.


God For A Day Album


1. Repentance (Intro)

2. Only The Damned Die Young

3. Clarity

4. God For A Day

5. Snake-Oil Humanitarian

6. Enter the Gallows

7. Where Vultures Gather

8. Born to Choose

9. Deliverance

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Gears Debuts ‘Stronger Than Pain’ Lyric Video

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Independent hard rock band Gears debuted the video for its latest single over the weekend.

The band debuted the lyric video for its new single ‘Stronger Than Pain‘ Sunday.  The video features live footage of the band over which the lyrics for the song are superimposed. The band originally debuted the video for ‘Stronger Than Pain’ online through The Noise on May 1.

The song’s musical arrangement will appeal, much like its past works — ‘End This‘ and ‘Tango Yankee‘ and its cover of Living Colour’s ‘Cult of Personality‘ — to fans of Sevendust.

The song’s lyrical content delivers a theme of perseverance through life’s obstacles, according to a statement from Gears drummer Jimmy Wooten.

“We’ve actually been sitting on this song for a while now,” he said.  “With everything happening in the world today, it just seemed that now would be a good time to unleash it.  It’s meant to be a battle cry that empowers us and says, ‘We will overcome anything that comes our way.  We are stronger than everything we face.’  I think it’s more fitting now than we would like to admit.  We all hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and strong.”

‘Stronger Than Pain’ is scheduled for release May 8 on all digital platforms.  Audiences can pre-order/pre-save the song here.

Gears was founded in February 2014 by Trip 6, Eli Parker, Tommy Herres and Jimmy Wooten.  After its founding, the band released its debut EP Set In Motion in May 2014.  Some time later, the band parted ways with Parker, who had played guitar with the band, and replaced him with Bobby Thomas.

June 2015 saw work start on the band’s sophomore EP Pride Comes Before The Fall.  the band teamed up with guitarist Corey Lowery (Stuck Mojo, Saint Asonia, Stereomud, Dark New Day) and Troy McLawhorn (Evanesence, Seether, Dark New Day) for the EP along with Thomas and fellow new member Chris Dorame.

Following a run on the Riser Tour with I-Exist, the band debuted the lyric video for the EP’s lead single ‘Face Down.’  Its debut was followed by the EP’s release on Nov. 10, 2015.

Gears wasted little time releasing new music from there, debuting the video for another new single, ‘King,’ on Feb. 23, 2018.

Gears’ current lineup is composed of Trip Six (vocals), Jimmy Wooten (drums), Josh Routt (bass) and Jack Andred (guitar) according to information on its official Facebook page.  The band is in the studio now with Lowery, working on more new music.

All of the band’s latest news is available online at:






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Metal ‘Super Group’ Releases New Single, ‘Enter The Gallows’

Fledgling metal band Repentance has released its latest single.

The band — composed of former SOiL and Dirge Within guitarist Shaun Glass, Stuck Mojo front man Robby J. Fonts, lead guitarist Markus Johansson (THEM), drummer Anthony Lien and bassist Mike Sylvester — released its “first official” single ‘Enter The Gallows’ Oct. 18.

The song’s musical arrangement will appeal to fans of Lamb of God, Chimaira, Murkocet and other similar acts.  One could even argue that there is a hint of a Slayer and Machine Head influence incorporated into the arrangement.  Musically speaking, the song seems to come across as a sort of social commentary, though no explanation as to the meaning of the song’s lyrics in its news release.

‘Enter The Gallows’ was engineered by Chuck Macack (Born of Osiris, Oceano) and mastered by Chris Collier (Prong, Korn, RiotV) of CMC21 Productions at ElectroWerks Recording in Downers Grove, Illinois.

While the band is calling its new single its “first official” single, it is actually the band’s third single so far.  It follows the release of the band’s debut “demo” ‘Collide‘ on May 14 and its follow-up, ‘Born To Choose‘ only days later on May 20.



Courtesy: Napalm Records

‘Enter The Gallows” debut comes only days before the band is scheduled to play as a special guest for Devildriver at Route 20 on Nov. 12. The performance is part of Devildriver’s “The Outlaws Til The End Tour,’ which is in support of Devildriver’s new outlaw country covers record Outlaws Til The End Vol. 1.  The record was released July 6 via Napalm Records.  Tickets are available here.

More information on Repentance is available online now at:






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GEARS Debuts ‘End This’ Lyric Video

Up-and-coming hard rock outfit GEARS unveiled its latest video this week.

The Florida-based hard rock act unveiled the lyric video for its song ‘End This.’  The video is the third from the band’s new EP Pride Comes Before The Fall. It follows the release of the videos for the critically acclaimed ‘Face Down’ and ‘Take Away.’  Both songs also are included in the band’s new EP.  The video, crafted by Cody Doyle of CB Entertainment, is meant to illustrate the song’s content, which focuses on the unrest brought across America in recent months by the killing of young Black men by police officers.  As drummer Jimmy Wooten explains, “People have strong opinions and beliefs regarding violence in our streets, more specifically concentrated around police brutality.  ‘End This,’ lyrically, is a look into both sides of it, the police that we put our trust in to make difficult decisions in a split second and the victims of the brutality, who could be on either side.  In the middle, we have the media.  Depending on which news source you’re getting your news from, will decide which political agenda you’re being fed.  We need to stop letting the media influence us to perpetuate the war of any racial or political agenda.  Simply put, we need to END THIS.”

Courtesy:  CB Entertainment

Courtesy: CB Entertainment

The new video outlines that belief as it sets the song’s lyrics against footage of the violence that has ravaged America as a result of those killings.  The footage in question is placed inside different newspapers, whose names are directly put out there as part of the video.  Their names are used to illustrate the impact of the media and its biases.

Pride Comes Before The Fall was written by Corey Lowery (Stuck Mojo, Stereomud, Dark New Day) and GEARS.  The record was also mixed and engineered by Lowery.  It was mastered by Rodney Mills Masterhouse.  More information on GEARS’ new video and EP is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:








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