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Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Seven years passed between the release of Garbage’s 2012 album, Not Your Kind of People and its 2005 release, Bleed Like Me.  Seventeen years have passed in the time the post-grunge band released its 1995 self-titled debut record.  A lot has changed in the music industry in that time.  But one thing that hasn’t changed is fans’ love for the band as is proven in its brand new live Blu-ray and DVD, One Mile High…Live.  The performance is a career spanning performance that proves that while the band’s members—Shirley Manson (vocals), Butch Vig (drums), Duke Erikson (guitars), Steve Marker (guitars) and ex-Janes Addition bassist Eric Avery (touring bassist)—are much older now, none of them has lost a step along the way.

Even for what seems like a smaller venue in comparison to others (at least on film), the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado is a fitting setting for this performance.  The show was recorded on October 6th, 2012.  Considering that this was in the “Mile-High City”, that means that the weather had likely already turned pretty seasonal.  But even as cold as it might have gotten outside, things were pretty warm inside the theater thanks to the energy exuded by the band and the audience’s reaction to the band’s performance.  Right from the show’s opening number, ‘Automatic Systematic Habit’, the band engages the audience with its mix of vocal tricks, bombastic beats and solid guitars.  From there, the band launches into a full set of songs that spans the mass of its catalogue.  This includes the massive radio hits, ‘Queer’, ‘Stupid Girl’, ‘Special’ and ‘Only happy When It Rains’, just to name a handful.

The full-on set list is just one part of what will make this performance enjoyable for any fan of Garbage.  Audiences will especially appreciate what can only be called an unexpected moment late in the show when Manson has to get security into the crowd.  This is such an interesting moment as she gets security into the crowd without missing a single beat through the band’s performance.  IN an age when so many singers are accused of lip synching, this single moment proves without a shadow of a doubt, that Manson was not lip synching.  One might ask why this is important.  This is important in that it proves just how solid her vocals are even almost two decades of performing.  What’s more, it’s just one of many moments that prove that the band as a whole is just as solid a unit as ever.  This, even as the band had taken a seven-year break between albums.  And this in itself goes back to the show’s set list.  Through the course of the near two-hour long concert, the band proves exactly why its fans have been so loyal.

The band’s solid performance from start to finish will impress fans especially considering that its last tour in 2005 was canceled due to what was then called burnout.  There is more to consider in this recording than just the band’s performance.  Also to be taken into account with this show is the recording itself.  The audio and video mixes prove once more why Eagle Rock Entertainment remains as one of the leaders in releasing live recordings.  This is especially the case with the Blu-ray presentation.  So often, it is thrown around that some recordings make viewers feel like they are really there in person.  This is especially the case with this new recording from Garbage.  The footage is crystal clear to the point that viewers will feel like they are looking less at a TV monitor than a window.  And as has been noted with previous releases, those with a surround sound home theater system will especially appreciate the solid audio mix.  The audio was expertly balanced throughout the performance.  And combined with the audio, the pair adds to the show’s enjoyment with each viewing.  One Mile High…Live is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.  It can be ordered online direct via the Eagle Rock Entertainment website at

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