Krall Impressive As Ever On Her New LP

Courtesy: Verve Records

Diana Krall has become one of the leading names in jazz over the course of her career.  Her voice and her chops as a pianist have made her a household name among not just among jazz aficionados, but among the mainstream masses, too.  But on this new release, Krall has stepped from her comfort zone, and tried something new.  So far, Glad Rag Doll has become an album that fans either love or hate.  There is no gray area with this album.  In the case of this critic, it’s one more success from an artist who continues to prove herself to be one of the industry’s elite.

Glad Rag Doll presents Diana Krall in a different avenue than in her previous releases.  Rather than take the safe road, this time she has ventured out and gone back in time to the 1920’s and 30’s.  Perhaps the closest that Krall comes to her old sound is in the album’s opener, ‘We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye.’  This is one of those songs that could easily be imagined in a smoky old jazz club in the heyday of jazz.  Krall’s vocals are just as smooth as ever.  And the backing of fellow musicians Marc Ribot, Jay Bellerose, and Dennis Crouch add even more of a gentle touch to the song. 

From the gentle jazz mood of ‘We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye’, Krall and company move into something with a little more edge to it in their cover of Fred Fisher’s ‘There Ain’t No Man That’s Worth The Salt of My Tears.’  Fisher wrote this one originally.  But it was made largely popular by singer Martha Wainright.  Again, as with the album’s opener, Krall manages to maintain the integrity of this song from its early days.  The bluesy guitar and light brushwork by Krall’s drummer here make it one of the album’s true highlights.  It proves without a shadow of a doubt that Krall and company can swing it with the best of them both as a jazz and blues artist.  She also proves this on the equally bluesy cover of Betty James’ ‘I’m A Little Mixed Up.’  Her piano work on this song is incredible.  The way she plays shows exactly why the piano is considered more a percussion instrument than belonging to any other instrument family.

All of the songs noted here are excellent additions to Krall’s new album.  They’re not the only enjoyable pieces presented here, either.  All thirteen tracks included on the standard edition (and seventeen on the deluxe edition) will make for an enjoyable listen for any true jazz and blues fan.  Her album is available in stores and online now.  And fans can even see her live now as she is currently touring in support of her new album.  She is currently touring overseas in support of her new album.  Fans can go to her Facebook page, to order her album and to get all of her tour dates and more.

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