Fire Follows Debuts New Single, ‘Finally Home’

Courtesy: Cowgirlzen Entertainment

Independent hard rock band Fire Follows debuted its latest single Friday.

The band kicked off the weekend with the premiere of its new single, ‘Finally Home.’ The single’s premiere follows that of the band’s then latest single, ‘Say Words‘ and its companion lyric video in January.

The musical arrangement featured in the band’s now latest single is a stark contrast to that of its predecessor (and even its predecessors, ‘Shedding The Skin‘ and ‘The Puppeteer’). That is because instead of being the heavy, aggressive works that those songs are, this song is the polar opposite. It is more of a gentle, flowing ballad type composition. The sense of peace that it projects works directly with the song’s lyrical theme, which the band addressed in a prepared statement.

“‘Finally Home’ centers around an origin story through spiritual awakening,” the statement reads in part. “The listener is sure to see the lyrics come to life in their mind as (band founder) Chris (Watt) outlines the process of living life in quasi-isolation and the revelations that ensue from pursuing higher and ultimate truth.”

Courtesy: Cowgirlzen Entertainment

In other news, Fire Follows is serving as support for Smile Empty Soul’s current headlining tour. The band is sharing time with Tantric as support for the tour, which is scheduled to make its next stop tonight in Biloxi, MS. The tour is currently scheduled to run through April 2 in Austin, TX.

The tour’s schedule is noted below:


3/17 Biloxi MS, The Cannery, w/Tantric, Lines of Loyalty

3/18 Fruitland Park FL, Throwdown at the campground

3/19 Atlanta GA, Terminal West, w/tantric

3/21 Tampa FL, Brass Mug, w/Tantric

3/22 Fort Myers FL, Buddha Live, w/Tantric

3/23 Pompano Beach FL, Pipers Pub, w/Tantric

3/24 Fernadina Beach FL, Sadlers Ranch, w/Tantric

3/26 Pensacola FL, The Handlebar

3/28 Memphis TN, Lafayette’s

3/30 Fort Worth TX, Tulip’s

3/31 Houston TX, Scout Bar

4/1 Corpus Christi TX, House of Rock

4/2 Austin TX, Come and Take it Live

More information on Fire Follows’ new single and live dates is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Tantric’s Seventh Album Is A Slight Regression For The Band

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Roughly four years after the release of its sixth overall recording, veteran rock band Tantric will release its seventh album next month.  The 10-song album Mercury Retrograde is scheduled to be released Oct. 5 via Pavement Entertainment, and is an effort worth at least an occasional listen.  That is evidenced early on in the album’s second song, ‘Tether.’  This song will be discussed shortly.  ‘Letting Go,’ which comes late in the album’s run, is another example of what makes Tantric’s new LP interesting.  It will be discussed a little later.  The overly saccharine sweet ballad that is ‘My Forever’ is yet another change of pace provided throughout the album, and will be discussed later, too.  Each of the songs noted here shows in its own way, the varied musical moods and lyrical themes exhibited in the album.  Between those songs and the rest of the works not noted here, the album in whole proves to be worth at least one listen.

Tantric’s forthcoming seventh album Mercury Retrograde is an interesting effort from the veteran rock band.  While maybe not the band’s best work, it is still worth at least one listen.  That is proven in part early on in the form of ‘Tether.’  This song stands out in part because of its musical arrangement.  Its verses present something of an introspective feeling while the chorus sections are more hard-hitting.  In listening through the song, including its lyrical content, it’s obviously no accident that the arrangement was established in such fashion.  The juxtaposition of those moods precisely mirrors the message in those lyrics as front man Hugo Ferreira sings about letting go of the negativity in one’s life.  He sings in the song’s lead verse, “Your smile seems much brighter than before/I know you stay for a while/You’ll never let that window show me more/When the window’s down and you can’t see me anymore/the times that you have doubted me/Can’t be here like before/Sometimes you gotta let it go so you can feel much better/Before the things that hold you down become the devil.”  He continues this track as he sings in the song’s second verse, “to me it’s profound/The lack of sound/When I scream for something more…when the window’s down and you can’t see my anymore/Times that you have doubted me can’t be here like before/Sometimes you gotta let it go so you can feel much better/Before the things that hold you down become the devil.”  Ferreira continues on in similar fashion from here, but it is clear at this point that he is singing about letting go of the past and the negatives in life before it becomes overpowering.  The more powerful vibe of the chorus, during which he and his band mates sing about letting go heightens even more the more introspective vibe of the verses, showing even more clearly in whole the importance of letting go and moving forward.  The whole presentation proves to be one of the album’s most important entries, and not the only one worth noting.  The hard-driving song that is ‘Letting Go’ is another of the album’s key additions.

‘Letting Go’ is one of the rare heavier moments featured in Mercury Retrograde and is just as radio ready as ‘Tether’ and the rest of the album.  It is a standard hard rock song, musically speaking, that will appeal easily to fans of Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace and other similar acts.  Lyrically, the song is just as certain to be a fan favorite because it is another one of those works that focuses on a broken relationship.  This is evidenced as Ferreira sings in the song’s lead verse, “There was a time not long ago that I was truly blind.Waters deep and you should know what you left behind/Wasted breath, fallen words upon forsaken hearts/I see you there.”  He is joined by his band mates in the chorus, the group singing together, “So if I look in your eyes/And then I see all the lies you’ve told/There’s consequences…You can drift through the skies/And all the thousands of time you’ve shown/A part of you in fear of letting go.”  From here Ferreira goes on to sing of someone who just can’t get it right no matter what, and end up still making things bad.  In other words, this is someone addressing another individual saying he/she is…well…letting go and moving forward.  What’s really interesting to note here is that considering this lyrical theme and the power in the song’s musical arrangement, it would have been so easy for the song to take a much more emo, “oh-woe-is-me” type of approach, but instead opted for a more confident approach.  That more confident approach makes this song so much more appealing, and more accessible to a wider range of listeners.  Considering this, it becomes clear why this song is another key addition to Mercury Retrograde.  It is not the last of the record’s most important entries, either.  The over-the-top saccharine sweet ballad that is ‘My Forever’ will appeal to those who want something “a bit more reserved.”

‘My Forever’ is Tantric’s take on a ballad, and conjures thoughts of so many power ballads from the 80s.  That is especially the case in the “acoustic” take on the song that closes out the album.  That piano-centered take on the song is, as noted, the over-the-top saccharine sweet sort of work that will appeal to a very targeted audience, and is a distinct change of pace from the rest of the album’s offerings.  Its lyrical theme about…well…love…stands out, too.  Ferreira sings much in the style of so many 80s rock ballad vocalists, “I wonder if you thought of me today/I wonder if in all the thoughts that run through your head/And maybe just made a little space for me/I wonder if you’re feeling the same way/In the sense of push and pull/The negative and beautiful/They all just seem to fade with me/I wonder if we’ll look back many years from now and see/To you, girl/All I promise you is forever/The truth is things that seem impossible, never have a chance against my forever.”  He goes on to sing in the song’s second verse, “At times we all react, but stall to think/The souls that we all walk upon/How does a mile feel in their shoes/We all seem to think/It’s just me/How does an average person take it all/If happiness is all the moments between the struggle/How can we face them all/Will we/I wonder if we’ll look back many years from now and think/to you, girl, All I promise you is forever/The truth is things that seem impossible never have a chance against my forever.”  From here, he goes on to offer a positive view, saying, “we’ll weather.” Again, here is a theme and musical arrangement that is completely unlike anything else in this record.  It’s over the top, needless to say, but is also its own interesting contrast to the record’s powerhouse indictment of people who opt to live life so angry at the world – ‘Angry,’  When that contrast is considered along with the song’s identity apart from that of the rest of the album’s offerings, it proves to be its own crucial addition to the album in whole.  When it is considered along with those other songs – including those noted here – the album in whole proves to be an offering that offers its own share of interest that makes it worth at least one interest.

Tantric’s forthcoming seventh album Mercury Retrograde, due out Oct. 7 via Pavement Entertainment, is not the band’s best effort to date, but is still worth at least one interest.  That is proven through 10 songs whose lyrical and musical content stand out from one another and will keep listeners engaged and entertained to a point.  This is proven through the deep and moving song about moving on with life, ‘Tether,’  ‘The even more confident, powerful song about a broken relationship that is ‘Letting Go’ is another work that supports that statement.  The acoustic, piano-driven take of ‘My Forever,’ which closes the album is one more way in which the album proves worth hearing.  Between those songs and the rest of the album’s offerings, the record in whole proves a good effort from Tantric that is worth at least one listen.  More information on Mercury Retrograde is available online now along with all of Tantric’s latest news and more at:









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Tantric To Release New Compilation Record Next Month

Courtesy:  Pavement Entertainment

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Tantric will release another new record this fall.

Blue Room Archives is a collection of previously unreleased and acoustic material that the band has recorded over the years. The new compilation record will be released Tuesday, September 30th via Pavement Entertainment. It comes on the heels of Tantric’s most recent full-length studio effort 37 Channels, which was released on September 17th, 2013. Among the material included on this upcoming compilation are acoustic takes of ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Mourning’ and the new single ‘Cynical.’ Fans can stream ‘Cynical’ now online here.

The band opted for Blue Room Archives as it makes reference to the band’s home studio, “The Blue Room.” Front man Hugo Ferreira commented on the album, noting that it was a largely organic album and that it shows a side of the band not typically seen. ” This isn’t so much a premeditated album, but a collection of music I have done that I always loved extremely but never found a place for,” he said. It’s songs in their purest form, no flashy production or elaborate theme. Imagine it as a mix tape of songs I wrote or co-wrote that stand alone uniquely. A inside view of the other side of a tantric state of mind.”

The track listing for Blue Room Archives is noted below.

“Blue Room Archives” track listing:

  1. Cynical
  2. Breakdown (Acoustic)
  3. Abuse Me
  4. Don’t Let It Win
  5. Fall To The Ground (Remix)
  6. Mind Control (Remix)
  7. Mourning (Acoustic)
  8. Nothing At All
  9. Mourning After
  10. Indiscretion
  11. Flip A Coin

Tantric’s most recent full length release 37 Channels is available now in stores and online. The band is currently touring in support of that album. It will be in Steger, Illinois today and New Albany, Indiana tomorrow. After that, the band will take some time off before hitting the road again beginning September 20th in Beckley, West Virginia. Fans can find out when the band will be in their town and keep up with the latest updates from the band online now at and To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Nonpoint Signs New Deal With Metal Blade Records

Courtesy:  Metal Blade Records

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

Officials with Metal Blade Records announced today the addition of Florida-based hard rock band Nonpoint to its artist roster. The deal between Nonpoint and Metal Blade will see Metal Blade release Nonpoint’s upcoming eighth full-length album internationally. Front man Elias Soriano spoke with reporters on the announcement, expressing his happiness over the new deal. “This is a dream situation for us,” he said. “We’ve always needed a team behind us outside of the U.S. It’s a great feeling knowing you now have the best team possible.”

Drummer Robb Rivera echoed Soriano’s sentiments in his comments. “We are excited to get not only THE worldwide label of labels to release our album outside of the US, but to be part of a family now that has pretty much set the bar for metal releases for 30 plus years,” he said. “Needless to say , extremely excited to be able to get our music to the fans outside of the US through the team that helped launch Metallica.”

Nonpoint’s next album is currently slated to drop this Fall. Metal Blade Records rep Brian Slagel hinted at what fans can expect from the new album, stating, “The bit of new material I heard sounds great!” He was just as pleased with the announcement of the new deal between Nonpoint and Metal Blade Records. He said of the announcement, “All of us at Metal Blade are happy to welcome Nonpoint to the Metal Blade family. We are excited to work with them.”

Nonpoint will perform live at the Central Florida Fairgrounds at the WJRR Earthday Birthday festival. Also slated for the festival are: Alter Bridge, Everclear, All That Remains, Cypress Hill, Alien Ant Farm, Pepper, Fuel, Filter, Saving Abel, Saigon Kick, Lacuna Coil, Tantric, and many other bands. Nonpoint is also scheduled to perform at Rock The Yard in Kernersville, North Carolina on June 22nd alongside Another Lost Year. More information on the band’s current tour schedule, its upcoming eighth full-length studio release and more is available online now at,, and To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Tantric Proves It Still Has Plenty Of Life On New Album

Courtesy:  Pavement Music

Courtesy: Pavement Music

Louisville, Kentucky based rock band Tantric has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows throughout its life. The band, which rose from the remnants of Days of the New, has seen its records go platinum. It has toured and played to thousands. It has also seen band members leave and label changes. At one point, it seemed like the members of Tantric were ready to call it quits because of everything that it had endured. But this Summer, the band showed that it hasn’t gone anywhere with the release of its fifth full length record. 37 Channels was released this year via indie record label Pavement Entertainment.  It’s an interesting return for the band.  That’s first and foremost because of its sequencing.  There is an obvious split as the album progresses between a harder mainstream rock sound and a softer side.  Audiences will also take note on this album its general lyrical themes.  The themes of the songs on this record range from the standard fodder of relationship issues to fighting inner and external struggles.  Both of these factors together make 37 Channels one more album that the band’s longtime fans will appreciate, and may even bring back fans that had forgotten about the band.

The very first thing that listeners will notice about 37 Channels is a blatant separation between harder edged and softer style songs over the course of the album’s thirteen songs.  The album’s first four songs could easily be used for any mainstream rock radio station.  The first of those songs, ‘Again’ is a solid re-introduction for the band.  After those first four songs, the band starts to slowly pull back as the album progresses.  The album’s remaining nine songs are just as interesting a mix as the album’s first four tracks.  That’s because while they may not have the same intensity as those songs, some of those other tracks have an intensity all their own.  That is evidenced through songs such as ‘Loss For Words’, ‘Rise’, and the piano driven ballad, ‘Fault.’  These are interesting examples because they do such an impressive job of presenting how songs can be intense thanks to the contradiction of their musical and lyrical content.

The distinct separation of musical styles on this record makes it an interesting listen for certain.  The music alone doesn’t make the record, though.  The lyrics play their own role, too.  Case in point: the album’s opener, ‘Again.’  Musically speaking, one wouldn’t recognize it.  But this is one of the album’s song rooted in the standard theme of personal relationships.  That’s because of the song’s heaviness. Front man Hugo Ferreira sings in this song, “In the end I despise everything/I realize/Never ever had to compromise/The shifty eyes/I see in you/Again/I should have known better/Than to let you in again/again/AGAIN!!!”  A lesser songwriter would have taken such lyrics and potentially written another typical tearjerker.  That wasn’t the case for Ferreira.  He instead opted instead for something with more of a sense of determination.  That is noted as he sings, “I’ve shown you all I can/It’s time for you/To want to understand.”  The energy of the song’s music set alongside these words again makes this song just one of so many examples of what makes this album stand out.

Another example of how the combination of music and lyrics drives 37 Channels comes late in the album in the form of the piano-driven ballad ‘Fault.’  The gentility of the song will make fans of the band’s counterparts in Nickelback, Saliva, and other similar bands smile.  It’s another song that lyrically is based in personal relationships.  But Ferreira’s voice exhibits such pain when he sings, “I just want you/Like you were before” will pull at the heartstrings of even the strongest listener.  It’s one more song that will help keep listeners engaged right to the album’s closer not just once but many more times after that.

Tantric’s fans still have plenty of chances to hear music from the band’s album in person as it tours in support of 37 Channels this Fall.  One of its dates will be in North Carolina on Saturday, November 16th.  The band will perform that afternoon at the Greensboro Chili Wing Fling 2013 presented by 100.3 The Buzz.  Pop Evil will join Tantric at the show.  More information on the band’s new album, Fall tour dates and more is available online at and  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at