BPMD’s ‘American Made’ Covers Collection Is Entertaining, But Hardly Memorable

Courtesy: Napalm Records

Covers collections are among the most peculiar releases that musical acts of any genre can release during their careers.  Unlike singles compilations, which in their own way, actually serve a purpose – that purpose being that they could lead new audiences to pick up an act’s albums in whole – covers compilations serve little if any purpose.  They are just collections of songs that acts put together to “pay tribute” to other acts and make money in the process.  They are really just space fillers that acts use in order to satisfy contractual obligations for album release numbers.  Keeping that in mind, one can’t help but wonder why respected and talented musicians, such as Bobby Blitz (Overkill), Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater, The Winery Dogs, Transatlantic, Sons of Apollo, Liquid Tension Experiment, etc.), Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head, Vio-lence) and Mark Menghi (Metal Allegiance) would come together just to create a compilation of cover songs for what is right now its first and only release.  The 10-song compilation, titled American Made, is scheduled for release Friday through Napalm Records.  It does delve into music from some notable bands who have come before this hard rock supergroup dubbed BPMD.  That dichotomy of the bands whose music is covered versus the band performing said songs does make for at least some interest at best.  This item will be addressed a little later.  The specific arrangements of said songs is certain to be its own discussion point.  They will be discussed later, too.  Each item noted here is important in its own right to the whole of this compilation.  All things considered, American Made proves itself to be a record that while worth hearing at least once, is sadly anything but memorable.

Hard rock super group BPMD’s debut recording American Made is a recording that is worth hearing at least once, but sadly not much more than that.  One of the record’s only saving graces is the contrast of the bands whose works are covered to the band performing said covers.  The bands whose works are covered throughout this roughly 37-minute collection include, but are not limited to Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, and Grand Funk Railroad.  Even Mountain gets its own recognition here.  Simply put, the bands whose works are covered here are in a realm that is completely opposite of the bands from which BPMD’s members have come.  Blitz is front man of the veteran thrash metal outfit Overkill.  Portnoy spent the majority of his professional career keeping time for the famed prog-metal outfit Dream Theater.  Even the other projects in which he has taken part have been in genres directly opposite of that of the covered bands.  Much the same can be said of Demmel and Menghi.  Considering the contrast of the resumes of BPMD’s members and the bands that they cover here, that in itself is worth at least engagement for audiences.  It shows that the band was willing to go out on a limb and do something different than what they normally do in their dayjobs.  One could also argue that maybe it is a display of the acts that influenced the band’s members.  If that’s that case, then the group has definitely gone far from those influences over the years, again making for its own share of discussion for listeners.  To that end, that contrast of the band’s collective background and the bands that this group covered does at best a little bit for the collection.  Directly tied to those discussions is the discussion on the collection’s one unavoidable negative, the very fact that it is a covers collection.

It has already been noted here that the members of BPMD have decidedly outstanding resumes.  So to that end, it is just baffling that considering the band members’ pedigrees, the group’s first impression of sorts would be a collection of songs that have been covered time and again by so many other acts.  These men are elite figures within the hard rock and metal communities.  It made audiences hope for something original right out of the gate so to speak.  Instead, the group opted to essentially phone it in and put out a covers compilation.  Had the group gone that route of releasing a debut loaded with original content first and then this record later, it would have made the compilation easier to accept. What’s more, unlike the case of Fozzy, which also started off with a collection of covers so long ago, it has to be assumed that BPMD is just a one-off project for its members.  At least in the case of a band, such as Fozzy, it was known that said band’s debut was just the beginning for that act.  This knowledge detracts from the draw of American Made.  It essentially makes the compilation come across as little more than a cash grab for the band and nothing more.  Keeping that in mind, this unavoidable aspect of American Made makes it difficult to call this record memorable.  While this aspect cannot be ignored, it does not make the album a complete failure for the group.  BPMD’s take on the record’s songs makes for its own share of engagement.

One of the most interesting updates that the band features in American Made is that of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Saturday Night Special.’  BPMD’s update does largely stay true to its source material by and large.  The amped up re-imagining also gives the song a new identity and feel, needless to say.  It gives the song more of a 1980s hair metal type of sense.  Whether fans love or hate this one will be left to them, but it is definitely an interesting take, needless to say.  BPMD’s update of Aerosmith’s ‘Toys in the Attic’ is another key addition to the collection.  As with the band’s cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Saturday Night Special,’ this cover also stays largely true to its source material.  It just once again gives the cover an amped up remake.  The song even goes so far as to include Joe Perry’s guitar solo from the original work.  It’s just weird hearing Bobby Blitz’s gritty vocals and the full-on hard rock re-imagining here.  That aside, this update actually works almost as well as the original.  BPMD’s cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘American Band’ is another important addition to this compilation.  The band’s take once more does strive to stay true to its source material, and it is certain in its own right to create a lot of discussion among listeners.  That’s because while it does stay true to the source material, it seems to have trouble balancing its attempt to echo the song’s classic rock sound and the band members’ own hard rock and metal leanings.  It is definitely going to have listeners talking.  That is not to say that the song is a total loss or that any of the compilation’s works are losses.  The songs will certainly leave listeners talking, though.  Between the discussions insured through the musical updates and the very lineup of featured bands, which could actually lead some listeners to embark on musical journeys into catalogs of bands to which they otherwise might not have listened, the compilation proves itself worth hearing at least once.  To that end, the compilation is not a total failure.  However, one cannot ignore the fact that considering the resume of each of BPMD’s members, this just seems like little more than a cash grab.  To that end American Made makes itself worth hearing at least once, but anything but an American classic itself

BPMD’s covers collection American Made is a headscratcher of a record.  The first release from the hard rock super group, it will potentially lead some listeners to take their own journeys into the catalogs of the record’s featured bands.  The songs that are covered here play even more into that potential musical journey of discovery, as the covers will definitely lead to lots of discussion among audiences.  For all of the positives that the record’s featured bands and songs generate, one still cannot ignore the very issue that the band’s members are among the music industry’s elite figures.  To that end, coming together for potentially just one record and making said record a covers collection will leave a somewhat bitter taste in many listeners’ mouths, so to speak.  It leaves one feeling like this was just a rushed, phoned in work that was little more than a cash grab for the band’s members.  Keeping all of this in mind, the record proves itself worth hearing at least once, but sadly not much more than that.  American Made is scheduled for release Friday through Napalm Records.  More information on American Made is available along with all of BPMD’s latest news at:




Website: http://bpmdmusic.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BPMDofficial

Twitter: http://twitter.com/bpmdofficial




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‘Under Cover’ Will Appeal To Motorhead, Rock Fans Alike

Courtesy: Motorhead Music

Almost two years ago, the rock world lost one of its great icons when Motorhead front man Lemmy Kilmister died from cancer.  When he died, that effectively put an end to one of the musical universe’s greatest acts.  That meant no more new Motorhead music.  Earlier this month though, Motorhead Music–the band’s own label–released a new collection of covers from the band to satiate audiences in the form of Under Cover. The 11-song record presents a rarely heard side of Motorhead that itself is certain to entertain listeners.  This is just one of the compilation’s key elements and will be discussed later.  The acts whose songs are featured here are collectively just as important to discuss as the songs themselves and will be discussed later.  The album’s sequencing rounds out its most important elements.  Each element is important in its own right to this compilation’s overall presentation.  All things considered, Under Cover proves to be a record that is an entertaining new offering for Motorhead’s most devout fans.

Motorhead, with the passing of front man Lemmy Kilmister almost two years ago, may not be actively recording new music anymore.  With the release earlier this month of the band’s new covers compilation Under Cover, the band’s most devout fans were given an entertaining new release from Motorhead even if it is not a collection of new Motorhead music.  That statement is supported in part through the songs that make up the collection.  Considering that Motorhead, throughout the course of its life, was known for up-tempo blues-based rock that was tinged with some punk elements, the songs featured in this compilation show that the band was just as talented handling other styles of rock as its own brand.  That is proven clearly in the band’s cover of David Bowie’s hit song ‘Heroes,’ which comes early in the record’s run. Bowie’s original work bears more similarity to works from perhaps Paul McCartmey than Motorhead.  Yet, even in its slightly amped up take on the classic tune, Motorhead does Bowie’s classic justice while adding its own rock touch that is certain to get praise even from Bowie’s most devout fans.  The band’s take on The Rolling Stones’ ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ is yet another song featured in this record that shows the real reach of the band’s abilities.  Once again, the band largely stays true to its source material, while also adding its own respectable hard rock elements.  The expert balance of those two elements here will put a smile on any longtime Rolling Stones fan just as much as any Motorhead fan.  Much the same can also be said in examining the band’s take of another Rolling Stones standard, ‘Sympathy For The Devil.’  Those three songs alone show clearly the band’s reach.  Of course that is not to discount the band’s covers of Ted Nugent’s ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’ Rainbow’s ‘Starstruck,’ and The Ramones’ ‘Rockaway Beach’ as well as the album’s other songs.  Those covers show in their own way the band’s reach, though they are much closer to Motorhead’s style than the previously noted works.  Keeping this in mind, the bands whose works are featured here are just as important to note as the songs themselves.

Listeners will note that of the album’s 11 total songs, seven were crafted by British acts—Judas Priest, The Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Rainbow and Ozzy Osbourne.  The other four songs come from American acts—Ted Nugent, Metallica, Twisted Sister and The Ramones.  That in itself is certain to create its own share of discussion.  Obviously Motorhead was itself a British outfit, but it could easily be argued that such an emphasis on its counterparts presents its own history lesson to listeners.  It shows the reach of the British hard rock scene between the 1960s and 1990s versus that of the American hard rock scene.  To that end, the acts featured here in themselves serve as a starting point on rock’s history on both sides of the Atlantic.  That might not have been the manifest intent with such a lineup, but it definitely will create those discussions.  On another level, it shows the band’s interest in so many different parts of the rock community at the time. Judas Priest was hard rock while the Sex Pistols were more punk (again, showing Motorhead’s roots). Rainbow was more of a progressive style hard rock while The Rolling Stones were that blues-based influence that Motorhead always added to its own music, too.  In the same breath, Metallica’s Whiplash shows where Motorhead perhaps got its harder almost thrash elements.  When this is all taken into account along with the influences from the other featured bands, Motorhead’s roots become even more evident.  In other words, the bands and songs featured in this compilation form a solid foundation for the record.  They collectively serve as a starting point for discussions about music history and about Motorhead’s history.  Both by themselves and together, they do plenty to make this record enjoyable and are not the record’s only key elements.  The album’s sequencing adds its own enjoyment to its presentation.

Under Cover’s sequencing is an important to note in examining this record because of its ability to maintain the album’s energy from beginning to end.  The album starts out full throttle with the band’s cover of Judas Priest’s ‘Breakin’ The Law’ and keeps the energy flowing just as highly as it launches into its cover of The Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save The Queen.’  Even as the album progresses into the band’s cover of ‘Heroes,’ the energy still maintains itself even here.  Given, it isn’t as high as in the album’s first two entries, but still keeps moving.  The energy picks right back up as the album takes listeners through the band’s covers of Rainbow’s Starstruck’ and Ted Nugent’s ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ before pulling back again with two straight Rolling Stones covers.  From there on out, the energy picks right back and stays stable right to the album’s end even with the change in the songs’ styles.  Keeping this in mind, it is clear that plenty of time and thought was put into the record’s sequencing.  That time and thought ensures listeners’ engagement from beginning to end here.  That is because the record’s energy never lets up too much at any one point or even gets too high.  When this is taken into account along with the collective value of the record’s songs and their associated bands, it adds that much more depth to the collection.  That being the case, the whole of those elements make Under Cover a collection that will appeal not only to Motorhead’s fans from start to finish but to rock fans in general.

Motrhead’s recently released compilation record Under Cover is a collection of songs that will appeal both to Motorhead’s fans and to rock fans in general.  This is the case even though being a compilation record, it does not necessarily break any new ground in the way of compilation records.  The songs and bands featured on this record serve collectively as a solid starting point for plenty of discussions both on Motorhead’s history and on rock history.  They also do plenty to ensure listeners’ maintained engagement and entertainment.  The record’s sequencing does much the same.  All things considered, these elements make Under Cover a collection that while not exactly new to the compilation realm, is still entertaining in its own right.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on Under Cover is available online now along with all of the latest Motorhead news at:




Website: http://www.motorhead.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialMotorhead

Twitter: http://twitter.com/myMotorhead




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The Raskins To Support Ted Nugent On Upcoming Tour

Courtesy: Brody Records

Courtesy: Brody Records

Two years have passed since The Raskins released their self-titled debut record on Brody Records.  The band, founded by brothers Logan and Roger Raskin, has since been on the rise.  One of the songs from the band’s album made a big splash, landing a spot on Billboard’s Top 20 radio charts with one of the album’s single.  The album has also sold thousands of copies since its release.  And it even reached the Top 5 in the magazine’s Heat Seekers album sales charts.  Now it is adding yet another mark to its record with it latest tour announcement.

The Raskins will tour this summer alongside rock legend Ted Nugent on what is being dubbed the “Sonic Baptizim Tour 2016.”  The band will serve as support to Nugent on a nearly month-long tour schedule beginning this Friday, July 1st in Phoenix, Arizona. The band’s tour currently runs through Sunday, July 24th in Atlanta, Georgia.  Also included in the tour are dates in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Nevada and California.  The current schedule for the tour is noted below.  Rounding out the band’s lineup for its upcoming tour will be Jet Lopez  on guitars and Troy Patrick Farrell on drums.


The Raskins on tour with Ted Nugent, on The Sonic Baptizim Tour 2016:

Fri. July 1st Phoenix, AZ The Celebrity Theater
Sat. July 2nd Pasadena, CA The Rose
Sun. July 3rd Beverly Hills, CA Saban Theatre
Tue. July 5th San Juan Capistrano, CA The Coach House
Wed. July 6th San Juan Capistrano, CA The Coach House
Thu. July 7th Agoura Hills, CA The Canyon
Fri. July 8th Las Vegas, NV The Foundry @SLS
Thu. July 14th San Antonio, TX Tobin Center
Fri. July 15th Houston, TX The Warehouse
Sat. July 16th Ft Worth, TX Billy Bob’s
Sun. July 17th Austin, TX Scoot Inn
Mon. July 18th Baton Rouge, LA Varsity Theatre
Wed. July 20th Jacksonville, FL Florida Theatre
Thu. July 21st Melboune, FL King Center
Sat. July 23rd Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
Sun. July 24th Atlanta, GA Symphony Hall


The Raskins’ upcoming tour is just the latest big mark for the band.  It also supported Motley Crue on a 70-show run on the band’s final tour.  During that time, the Raskins wrote forty songs for its new album, twelve of which will make their way onto the as yet untitled album.  More information on The Raskins’ tour is available online along with updates on its next album, and more at:



Website: http://www.TheRaskins.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheRaskins

Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheRaskinTwins



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Another Lost Year Added To Shiprocked 2017 Lineup

Courtesy: O'Donnell Media Group

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Another Lost Year is getting Shiprocked!

The Charlotte, North Carolina-based band has been announced as the latest addition to the 2017 edition of the annual Shiprocked cruise.  The cruise will feature a number of today’s top rock acts including but not limited to: Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Alter Bridge, Sevendust, Pop Evil, and The Stowaways.  The floating music festival will be held aboard the Carnival Victory.  The liner will sail out of Miami Florida on January 16th, 2017, and make its way to Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos before returning to port on January 20th, 2017.  Also featured in the 2017 Shiprocked cruise will be: Avatar, Crobot, 12 Stones, and many others.  A very limited number of rooms is still available for the 2017 Shiprocked cruise.  VIP packages are sold out.  Pricing information for the available rooms is noted via the official Shiprocked website.

Before the band takes to the high seas it will also perform live at the 2016 Laconia Fest Motorcycle Music Festival.  The Laconia Fest is part of what is billed as the “oldest motorcycle rally on the planet.”  The nine-day festival takes place at Weirs Drive-In Theatre in Laconia, New Hampshire from Saturday, June 11th to Sunday, June 19th.  The debut installment of the Laconia Fest will feature performances from some of the top acts from rock’s past, present, and future.  They include but are not limited to: Steven Tyler, Lita Ford, Ted Nugent, Warrant, LA Guns, Dope, Everybody Panic!, Sevendust, Buckcherry, Fuel, Saving Abel, and many more.  General Admission tickets and VIP passes are available for a number of the festival’s performances.  General admission tickets include: Admission to the Festival village, the FMX Stunt Show, Main stage & EMP Group Label Group – Stage 2 Views, and more.  VIP Pit passes include: Exclusive, best-position access to stage-front from the Pit viewing area, 2 complimentary tokens, and access to cash bar and other amenities.  VIP Tower passes are also available.  They include: Exclusive access to an elevated 15-foot platform with premium stage view, private bar with beer and other drinks, prepared box meal, luxury accommodations, and other optional extras.  Those extras come at an added cost.  Wheel chair access will also be available for the festival.  Tickets and VIP passes allow for “all-day” access to the Laconia Fest and all related events and attractions.  Tickets are sold on a per-day basis and re-entry is allowed per day.  More information on ticketing, VIP passes, performance lineups, and more is available on the festival’s official website.

The band’s performance at the Laconia Fest is just one of a number of dates that is on ALY’s current live schedule.  The band will be live today in Chesterfield, Michigan before heading to Janesville, Wisconsin for a performance there this Sunday, May 15th.  Performances in Pinehurst, NC and Charlotte, NC on June 2nd and 4rth are also included in that schedule, which is noted below.


Another Lost Year Tour Dates:
5/12/2016 Chesterfield MI @ Diesel w/ P.O.D.
5/15/2016 Janesville WI @ Back Bar w/ DEVOUR THE DAY
5/18/2016 Belvidere IL @ Apollo Theatre w/ P.O.D.
5/20/2016 Janesville WI @ Back Bar w/ ROMANTIC REBEL – JJO Presents
5/29/2016 Algona IA @ Afterlife Lounge
6/2/2016 Pinehurst NC @ Private Acoustic
6/4/2016 Charlotte NC @ Rabbit Hole w/ SCOTT BARTLETT of SAVING ABEL
6/9/2016 Hagerstown MD @ Municipal Stadium – Hagerstown Suns Baseball Game After Party

6/10/2016 Battle Creek MI @ The Music Factory w/ SHAMANS HARVEST
6/11/2016 laCrosse WI @ Pearl Street Brewery w/ DRUGS DELANEY
6/12/2016 Ft Atkinson WI @ Hyjinx w/ DRUGS DELANEY
6/15/2016 Laconia NH @ Laconia Fest w/ STEVEN TYLER
6/16/2016 Laconia NH @ Laconia Fest w/ BRET MICHAELS
6/17/2016 Cranston RI @ 1150 Oak Bar w/ EVERYBODY PANIC
6/18/2016 Cranston RI @ 1150 Oak Bar
6/19/2016 Hampton Beach NH @ Wally’s
7/2/2016 Battle Creek MI @ Private Party
7/3/2016 Pekin IL @ Twisted Spoke w/ DRUGS DELANEY
7/15/2016 Kankakee IL @ Kankakee BBQ Fest w/ VINCE NEIL
7/16/2016 Clarksville TN @ z97.5 Festival
7/16/2016 Grayson KY @ HeadCase Festival
8/6/2016 Hagerstown MD @ Private Party
8/12/2016 Algona IA @ Algona Fairgrounds w/ SMILE EMPTY SOUL


Another Lost Year will release its new album Alien Architect Friday, Jun e10th via EMP Label Group and Mirage M’Hal Records.  The band recently premiered the video for the album’s lead single ‘Wolves’ online.  It can be viewed via YouTube and Vevo.  More information on Alien Architect is available online now along with more information on the band’s upcoming live dates at:


Website: http://www.whoisALY.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AnotherLostYear

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Official_ALY


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Going “Wild” with Laura Wilde

Good morning, everyone.  Those of you that read my daily ramblings remember I recently reviewed the debut album from Aussie rocker, Laura Wilde.  Well, Ms. Wilde has been kind enough to sit down and answer some questions about her new album, life on the road and more.  Thank you very much to her for her time.  So while you wait for my review of Ray Romano’s brand new dvd, “95 Miles to Go” enjoy my interview with Laura Wilde. 

RR — You started playing music as a teenager.  I’m curious, having started your musical career so young, were you the only musician in your house when you started, or did you grow up with music in your home?  

LW –Unfortunately my family was not musical at all. When I was little, my brother and I had piano lessons. However, my sights were always set on the electric guitar.  My parents used to strongly encourage me to practice the piano but when it came to guitar practice it was up to me as they had no interest in me playing guitar at all. I even had a set of headphones that plugged into my amp so that I didn’t annoy everyone in the house.

RR — Your bio notes that at 18 years old, you were already playing in the studio with some major names.  Would you be willing to share any of those names?  What went through your mind knowing you had been tapped to record with them?  Were there any of said artists with whom you had the most fun recording?

LW — In the few years before moving to the USA I had the opportunity of working with some amazing people in the Australian music world, both of the older and newer rock generation. Experimenting with sounds with very experienced players was one of the most fun aspects of recording. Although being selected to play with top tier artists is such an honor, the pressure is on! You really have to really step up and work hard to deliver a high standard.  


RR — Along with all of your other accolades, you’ve also been a member of the house band on Australia’s Got Talent.  Can you expand on how that job came along? 

LW — The boys in my band were friends with the musical director for ‘Australia’s Got Talent’.  After seeing one of our live performances he called me out of the blue and asked me if I was interested in playing on the show. It was a very pleasant surprise indeed.


RR — America’s Got Talent just started up its new season, and unless I’m mistaken Australia’s Got Talent is close to wrapping up its current season.  In its previous six seasons, America’s Got Talent has had some really memorable moments, both good and bad.  In your time on Australia’s Got Talent, do you have any memories of contestants that were good, bad, or even really weird?

LW — Working behind the scenes, it’s really sad to see a contestant that lifts the roof off in their rehearsal and then messes up the live performance because their nerves got the better of them. Its like, “Oh no! Give them another chance. They can really do it!”One of the contestants I played for was “The Bad Piper”. He was a full on metal-punk who played custom bag-pipes that had flames coming out of them.  At one point in the performance I was supposed to play back to back with him, and no one warned me about the flames so they nearly burnt my hair off!


RR — I want to go ahead and jump into your new album.  You titled your album, “Sold My Soul.”  Can you expand on how you came to decide on that for a title?  Do you feel that you’ve sold your soul, having already been on a major tv show and recorded with other big name artists at such a young age and now this?

LW — “Sold My Soul” was the last track written and it just felt like a good, strong title for the album. It’s really a metaphor for having to leave behind my friends and family back home and for all of the sacrifices that I’ve had to make in order to pursue a career in music.
RR — You’ve done so much already in your career.  I’m curious, having already had so much experience as a studio musician and a member of the house band on Australia’s Got Talent, was it just sort of like old hat recording this album?  Or did you ever find yourself having to remind yourself that you were really recording your own music?

LW –I feel as if this album has been a timeline of my own evolution.  The first track was recorded when I was a 17 year old bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young’n in Melbourne, Australia and the last track found itself being recorded 5 years later all the way here in Los Angeles.  I learnt a lot in those years between. I love the recording process. It’s always fun and exciting!


RR — I love the songs on this album.  It’s a great old school garage rock style album.  Were there any of the songs on the album that were especially fun to record?

LW — “All Alone” was the first song I recorded.  For me, it was all breaking new ground. I had no idea what to expect because I hadn’t really found my own voice or sound yet. “Sold My Soul” was probably the most fun because it was the first song that I ever recorded and produced in my own home studio. I was free to experiment with all sorts of production techniques and take all the time that I needed.


RR Lyrically, one of the songs on your album that sticks out to me is ‘Classical Guitar Star.’  My interpretation of that song is that it was a little bit tongue in cheek, sort of joking about how young fans view their favorite musical idol.  Is that what you were aiming for on that song or did I totally misinterpret it?  My apologies if I did.

LW –“Classical Guitar Star” is a tragic tale of a woman’s unrequited love for an unnatainable musical idol.  It was a very interesting writing experience to put myself in that character’s frame of mind. Whether or not it is tongue in cheek is open to interpretation!
RR — Another of the songs on the album that caught my attention was ‘For You’. Its pretty obvious its a song about a breakup.  And it definitely doesn’t take the same vibe as most pop songs about break up.  It comes across as a breakup song with attitude, which is a breath of fresh air.  It sort of feels like it gives the proverbial middle finger to those other types of songs.  Was this one from personal experience, or was it just something you wrote? 

LW –At the time that it was written, I wasn’t drawing from my own personal experience. However, I recently found myself in this type of dead-end, one-sided relationship for a brief period.  As soon as it came to my attention I was thinking to myself, ‘What are you doing?! You’ve already written about this, you idiot!!’ So I got out quick smart!


RR One more song that I wanted to discuss is the album’s title track.  It feels sort of like you were thumbing your nose at all those other songs that make the whole touring/ rock and roll life this deeply emotional thing (I.E. Bon Jovi’s Dead or Alive, Metallica’s Nothing Else matters, etc.).  Your song seems to almost welcome and embrace the rock and roll life, even through knowing it’s not an easy life.  Can you talk more about how this song came to life? 

LW —“Sold My Soul” came to life in the euphoric state that I was in after coming to America.  It is a celebration recognizing this beautiful country as the heartland of rock’n’roll.  It was written when I was itching to get out on the road and tour, and now I can’t believe that it has actually come true!  I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity. 


RR You’ve been tapped to tour with Ted Nugent.  “The Nuge” is known as one of the most famous and polarizing figures in the entertainment world.  Can you talk about how this partnership happened?  Did you come to him, did he or his people come to you?  What was your reaction at being told you’d be joining him on his latest tour?

LW — My publicist at the time, Laura Kaufman, had originally worked with Ted Nugent when he was starting his career. She thought we’d be a great fit so she made the connection. Sadly she passed away as it was all coming together so she isn’t here with us to enjoy the ride. Although, I can certainly say she is with us all the way in spirit and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her believing in me.  When I first found out we’d be touring with Uncle Ted, I did a series of Eddie Van Halen style jumps. Literally!


RR —  You’ve already got a video out for the album’s title track.  Can you fill everybody in on what you think will be the next single off of your album?

LW —I’m still undecided. I think I’m going to let all the rockers out there help me with that one, while we’re out on tour!


RR —  I hate to cut it at 13–hopefully you’re not superstitious–but what can fans expect from you on this tour?  What are you personally looking forward to for this tour?  Your album’s only been out a few months.  But are you already looking forward to your next realease, or do you see yourself taking a little time off after touring before you start work on your next record?

LW –I promise to give you a rough, raw rock’n’roll show! Screaming guitars, thumping drums and good times. I’m looking forward to exploring every part of this beautiful country and bringing a new generation of rock music to people who will appreciate it. It’s full steam ahead for the next record. I’m way too excited to take any breaks!

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Laura Wilde’s debut record is rock done right

Courtesy:  Vice Grip Music Group

Courtesy: Vice Grip Music Group

Laura Wilde, meet the world.  World, meet Laura Wilde.  This Aussie rocker looks like Britney Spears, but sings like Joan Jett and Lita Ford.  She is everything that Avril Lavigne wishes she could be.  Lots of rock acts have come from the land down under.  But not since AC/DC has there been such a hard hitting act.  Wilde comes right at audiences on her debut album, “Sold My Soul.”  The album’s opener, ‘All Alone’ comes at audiences with all the power and energy of fellow female rockers, The Donnas, The Runaways, and so many other female rock acts.  It’s a great high energy, fist pumping, arena anthem that is perfect for any rock radio station.  She sings on the album’s opener, “I think you’re sexy/and I like your face/But much more, I like the chase.”  It comes across as a very confident, “I am woman hear me roar” type of song filled with enough energy to get audiences both male and female moving.

Wilde follows up ‘All Alone’ with an equally adrenaline fueled song in ‘Sold My Soul.’  She writes of the rigors of touring all over the world, and not looking back after kissing her mother goodbye as she heads off.  It’s not one of those Bon Jovi or Kid Rock style emotional pieces.  Instead, it takes the classic road warrior theme, and takes that proverbial bull by the horns, almost embracing it in a way.  The softest that Wilde gets on her debut is the song, ‘For You.’  She definitely wears her emotions on her sleeve in this song.  But it isn’t what one might expect.  This piece isn’t the standard “oh woe is me, I’ve had my heart broken” sort of song.  She lays into the object of her anger throughout the song, eventually leading into a string of profanities aimed at said individual at the end of the song.  She shows that she’s not going to go the route of so many standard break up songs.  And that sort of mentality is just what will keep Laura Wilde one of the leading names in the next generation of mainstream rock.

Laura Wilde’s debut album was released nationwide just three months ago.  Since that time, this artist who started her career years ago at the age of sixteen has taken some huge steps.  She has been tapped to join legendary rocker Ted Nugent on his Summer tour.  The pair are out on tour now.  They will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, California next Saturday, May 26th.  After next Saturday’s show, Wilde will take some time off before hitting the road again in June.  From there, she’ll be touring the rest of the Summer.  North Carolinians will get to see both Wilde and Nugent on their tour this Summer, as they’ll be making a stop in Durham, North Carolina Thursday, August 9th at the famed Durham Performing Arts Center.  Audiences can go to http://www.dpacnc.com to get information about tickets and more for the show.  Regardless of which date fans attend, audiences can get a taste of what to expect from Laura Wild right now.  The video for her single, ‘Sold My Soul’ is up on Youtube now.  It can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6z2GrhZxDU. Fans can also get all the latest on Laura online at http://www.laurawilde.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/laurawildemusic, on Twitter at http://twitter.com/laurawilde, and on her official Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/laurawildemusic.

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