Artist/Comedian Jim Bianco Releases Video For New Single

Jim Bianco has got to be one of the most immature and funniest individuals around.  This singer/songwriter has just released a video for the lead single from his new album, Loudmouth.  The song in question is titled, ‘That’s What She Said.’  No, really.  It’s exactly what listeners think.  It will bring out the immature child in all of us and make everyone laugh.  The video for ‘That’s What She Said’ is a complete farce.  It presents Bianco dressed like a wanna-be gangster in some scenes, as one of those kids from Jersey Shore in another, and even in a speedo (yes, he really went there) in others.  How’s that for a thought?  The whole time, the entire song is loaded with nothing but “That’s what she said” jokes that will leave the teenager in any of us laughing. 

The video for ‘That’s What She Said’ can be viewed here:  After checking out his new video, audiences can get all the latest news and more from Jim Bianco online at,,, and

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