Shout! Factory Brings Audiences More Adventures Of Chuck & Friends Next Week

Courtesy:  Shout! Factory/Hasbro Studios/Hub

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Hasbro Studios/Hub

Chuck and his friends are back in another new DVD from Shout! Factory and Hasbro Studios.

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Top Gear Trucks will be released in stores and online next Tuesday, June 3rd. The sixth collection of episodes from the family favorite series, it sees Chuck and his friends—Digger, Handy, Boomer, Rowdy, Biggs, and Flip—taking off on ten more adventures. From hunting for a “ghost” in “Ghost Stories” to getting messy in “The Dirt on Chuck” to re-creating the first meeting of his parents in “When Haulie Met Porter,” and much more, Chuck and his friends offer viewers lots more laughs and lessons in this latest collection of shorts. The complete episode list for the DVD is included below.

         Episodes Include:

  1. Digging Deep

  2. Fools for Rules

  3. Fort Chuck

  4. Ghost Stories

  5. Mayor Chuck

  6. Pop Goes The Inner Tube

  7. Runaway Chuck

  8. The Dirt On Chuck

  9. Up All Night

  10. When Haulie Met Porter

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Top Gear Trucks will be available next Tuesday, June 3rd. It will retail for SRP of $12.97. It can be ordered online via Shout! Factory’s online store at More information on this and other releases from Shout! Factory is available online at and To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at


Parents and Kids Will get Revved Up With The Latest Chuck and Friends Compilation

Courtesy:  Shout! Kids/Shout! Factory/Hasbro/The Hub

Courtesy: Shout! Kids/Shout! Factory/Hasbro/The Hub

Chuck, Soku, Digger, and the rest of his friends are back once again with a whole new collection of family friendly episodes from The Hub’s The Adventures of Chuck & Friends

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Bumpers Up is the fourth release from the hit children’s cartoon on The Hub.  It will be available next Tuesday, August 13th.  As with the previous DVD releases, this compilation of episodes offers parents and children ten more episodes full of family friendly fun and important life lessons.  The writers behind the show are to be commended once again as neither the lessons nor the general entertainment steps on the other.  This is just one of the positives to this new set.  Viewers will also enjoy the fun musical numbers in each episode.  And speaking of the musical numbers, Bumpers Up includes its own sing-a-long feature as a bonus element.  The bonus sing-a-long on this DVD from Shout! Kids includes the words to the song that kids can read while they sing.  This is actually a double whammy in the best possible way.  And while most audiences don’t take it into account, even the bright colors used in each episode play their own part in the overall enjoyment of these episodes.  All combined, they make for one more collection that parents and kids will enjoy every time that they pop it in their DVD or Blu-ray player.

The episodes included in this collection are just as enjoyable for parents and children as the show’s previous trio of releases.  That is thanks in large part to the show’s writers.  The storylines and life lessons included in each episode are very well balanced thanks to the show’s writers.  Neither element steps on top of the other even once.  Audiences can take their pick of episodes in this set.  Each episode serves as a wonderful example of exactly that.  A random example of this balance is in the set’s first episode, “Choosy Chuck.”  Chuck’s parents are going to take him to the truck history museum.  There’s just one problem with this.  They have an extra ticket, which they give to Chuck to use with one of his friends.  The result is that Chuck has to make a very difficult decision.  Of course, it ends with a happy ending.  Again, the general storyline and the important life lesson perfectly balance out.  What’s more, it’s enjoyable because it is so relatable.  Scenarios such as that presented here do in fact happen in real life.  So it becomes an even more valuable addition to this compilation.  “Choosy Chuck” teaches young viewers a very deep lesson in a very simplistic way, thanks to the show’s writers.  The even deeper lesson taught here is of personal sacrifice.  Even adults have to make the choice at times of personal sacrifice.  To that end, it becomes an even more invaluable addition to this new compilation.  Even adults can take something away from it (and the other included episodes).

Just as important an inclusion to “Bumpers Up” is the episode, Soku-Kun.  As with “Choosy Chuck”, this episode also teaches viewers of all ages some very important lessons. It teaches the lessons of acceptance, tolerance, and understanding.  These are lessons that adults need just as much as children, as is evidenced every evening on the nightly news.  The writers are to be commended just as much for this episode as for “Choosy Chuck” and the other episodes included here.  It’s through this lesson that Chuck’s friend Soku learns that just because someone is from another country and different culture, it doesn’t make them any less than anyone else.  He learns this lesson when his cousin from Japan comes to visit.  His cousin can’t speak English though.  The resultant language barrier causes Soku to resent his cousin.  That is until Chuck and the others help Soku understand his cousin more easily.  The end result is a happy ending, and a lesson that is just as valuable as any other in life and in this set.

The episodes noted here are merely a sample of what “Bumpers Up” offers for children and their parents.  Along with the family friendly writing, viewers also get plenty of family friendly musical numbers too.  The musical numbers go hand-in-hand so to speak with the lessons of each episode.  They help to drive home each lesson on the surface.  On a slightly deeper level, they’ll also have kids dancing and singing along as they clap their hands.  Staying on the matter of the songs, included as a bonus feature in this compilation is a brand new sing-a-long for kids.  The sing-a-long lets kids sing along karaoke style, as the song’s lyrics are included at the bottom of the screen.  What’s more, the song in question brings the entire compilation full circle.  It brings the compilation full circle as it teaches a lesson about the importance and value of teamwork all while rocking out.  And on an even deeper level, the included lyrics could also serve as an aid in teaching young viewers to read.  So not only does it serve two purposes, but in fact three.  This three-way attack of sorts makes the overall presentation over the top and that much more worth picking up or ordering when it becomes available on Tuesday, August 20th.  It can be ordered online direct from Shout! Factory’s online store at  Parents and kids can keep up with all of the latest family friendly releases on the Shout! Factory website at and    

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New Chuck & Friends DVD Offers More Entertainment, Life Lessons For The Whole Family

Courtesy:  Shout! Factory/Shout! Kids/Hasbro/The Hub

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Shout! Kids/Hasbro/The Hub

Chuck, the adventurous young dump truck is back once again.  And he’s brought all of his friends along for the “ride” in an all new collection of adventures from Shout! Kids, Hasbro, and The Hub.  The brand new collection, titled, When Trucks Fly takes viewers on ten more fun-filled adventures that also teach some very valuable lessons.  The Adventures of Chuck & Friends is just as enjoyable for kids and parents as the series’ previous release, Monster Rally.  The episodes are short enough to keep younger viewers’ attention.  And the bright, vivid colors do their own part in keeping kids engaged.  The adventures themselves will entertain kids.  And the life lessons tied into all ten episodes are equally important.

One of the best episodes included in this latest collection involves a motorcycle named Sam Steering who is blind.  Through the use of his friend, Sidecar, he is able to get around easier.  But he’s not entirely helpless.  As a matter of fact, he even helps keep Chuck’s dad from slipping in some oil early on because he could smell the oil.  Sam is a very helpful character to younger viewers in that he teaches kids that just because he’s different in not being able to see, he’s no different from anyone else.  In understanding this, Chuck and his friends learn to use their senses to locate the parts and toy race car for a race track they want to put together.  In a way, this teaches a very basic level of biology that will perhaps be the building block of getting kids interested in science.  All of the lessons are tied seamlessly together to make an episode that is one of the best in this collection.

When Trucks Fly offers lots of great lessons for kids in every episode as already noted.  Parents will especially appreciate this collection because at least two of the episodes included in this collection teach a lesson of cleanliness.  Both “Mystery He Rode” (yes that’s a spoof of Mystery She Wrote) and “Super Sweeper Chuck” teach kids the importance of keeping things clean and neat.  “Super Sweeper Chuck” teaches this lesson more directly than “Mystery He Rode.”  When Chuck and his friends decide to go off and play a game without cleaning up after themselves, Rowdy is the only one who stays behind to clean.  When Chuck’s dad comes along and sees this, he goes to get the others and bring them back.  The others see the mess that they left and that Rowdy had stayed behind.  They feel bad for having left such a mess and help clean up their mess.  The musical montage included here will get kids engaged even more.

By comparison, “Mystery He Rode” teaches the lesson cleanliness in a more subtle manner as Chuck and his friends look for Rowdy’s missing horn.  Chuck’s mom emphasizes to the boys that they need to put everything back once they’re done as they search for his horn.  It’s good to see this lesson incorporated into this episode, too.  Even more worthwhile in “Mystery He Rode” isn’t so much that lesson as the lesson of not falsely accusing others without proof.  One of the boys is falsely accused of having taken Rowdy’s missing horn at one point.  But thanks to Chuck pointing out one vital piece of evidence, his name is cleared, and the true location of Rowdy’s horn is revealed.  This is yet another important life lesson that parents will appreciate having been taught.  And kids will easily grasp it too.

Just as important as the lessons on cleanliness and accepting people’s differences, parents will appreciate the lessons of teamwork and honor in the episode, “Keep on Trackin’.”  Chuck and his friends are Junior Spark Plug Scouts in this episode.  During a scavenger hunt of sorts, Chuck and the others learn both of these lessons.  Chuck and Flip end up competing with each other instead of with one another.  They realize in the end that they hadn’t lived up to the teamwork or honor.  But in realizing this, they both earn their honor badges because of their honesty and decision to make up and work together from then on.  Yet again, parents and kids alike have one more important life lesson that even adults could learn from believe it or not.  It’s just one more part of the whole that kids and kids at heart will enjoy with every watch.  The Adventures of Chuck and Friends: When Trucks Fly will be available in stores and online on Tuesday, February 19th.  It can be ordered online direct from the Shout! Factory store at

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The Adventures Of Chuck & Friends Will “Rev” up Audiences Of All Ages

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Hub

Television today is rife with programming that’s anything but kid and family friendly.  Even all the “reality” shows out there are loaded with so much profanity being bleeped out that some parents probably question even letting their kids watch that stuff.  Even the networks that have kid friendly programming aren’t available to all parents.  That makes DVD’s such as the new release from Hub’s The Adventures of Chuck & Friends that much more important to parents who want something safe for their kids. 

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends:  Monster Rally is another fun and family friendly release from Hub in its partnership with Shout! Factory.  This new single disc compilation of episodes boasts ten more episodes of life lessons and fun.  The young dump truck Chuck learns why it’s not good to brag in this compilation.  Also in “Daredevil Chuck”, Chuck learns that sometimes it’s better to go with your heart than with the crowd.  And in “The Legend of Bigtire” Chuck and his friends learn about rumors and to not always believe everything they hear.  There are even more life lessons to be learned throughout the other seven episodes in this collection that families will love to watch together.

In the opening episode of this brand new compilation from Hub and Shout! Factory, Chuck has gotten a brand new horn.  He’s so excited about it that he can’t wait to go and show it off to his friends.  He loves all the attention.  But when his friend Soku comes along and shows off his new police kit, all of the attention suddenly goes to Soku instead, making Chuck jealous.  So Chuck goes back to the shop and “Borrows” his brother Rally’s new tires and puts them on.  He goes back to the junkyard to show them off to his friends.  While his friends are amazed by Chuck’s “new” tires, they tell him they have to see them in action.  This is where things get hairy for Chuck, as he loses control on the track and ends up running through a bunch of mud, and getting the tires dirty.  When he comes back to his friends, Soku inadvertently gets the attention of Chuck’s mom with his new megaphone.  She comes over with Rally, forcing Chuck to admit what he had done.  Chuck learns his lesson about trying to brag and show off, and gets Rally to show off the tires instead.

Chuck learns a valuable lesson about pride in the compilation’s opener.  It’s just one of many episodes that he learns.  In “Daredevil Chuck”, Chuck learns that just because other people do certain things doesn’t mean he has to.  When a series of dares gets bigger and bigger, Chuck starts to question the dare his friends had set up for him.  He talks to his dad about it, who tells him that he should go with his heart.  Chuck pays attention to that advice, and goes back the next day to tell his friends he’s not going to take their dare because he doesn’t feel safe.  And just as his friends start to get on him for not taking the dare, the giant pile of bricks and the girder leaned against them comes tumbling down.  Chuck’s friends realize after it falls that he was right to not take the dare.  And Chuck feels that much better for not having taken the dare, but following his heart instead. 

Learning to not always follow the crowd and do what everyone else does is a very important life lesson.  And in that same vein, part of not going along with the crowd is not spreading rumors.  Chuck and his friends learn this lesson in the episode, “The Legend of Bigtire.”  Chuck and his friends are out and about one day in this episode, when they discover some very large tire tracks in the dirt.  The discovery leads the group to start talking about the legend of Bigtire.  As they search for Bigtire, Chuck and his friends all have their own idea of what Bigtire is.  They go back to the shop and tell Chuck’s dad and his friends about what they’ve seen.  So Rally is asked to go along with Chuck and his friends.  He doesn’t let on that he knows who Bigtire really is at first.  But eventually, he finally introduces everyone to the “legendary” Bigtire.  Bigtire turns out to be merely a construction truck named Sigmund.  And he’s a far cry from what the rumors had said he was.  Actually, he’s the exact opposite of those rumors.  He is big.  But he’s also very polite and kind.  Seeing this, Chuck and his friends learn that not everything they hear should be believed.  Nor should they add to the rumors that get spread about others.

Chuck and his friends learn some very valuable lessons in this brand new compilation of episodes.  The ones noted here are just tiny samplings of what this new DVD has to offer.  There even more episodes in this set that parents will love to watch with their kids again and again.  It’s available now in stores and online at Shout! Factory’s store,

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