Punk In The Park Festival Details Announced

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Punk in the Park is returning to Oak Canyon Park in Orange County, CA this fall.

The annual punk rock festival is scheduled to take place Nov. 5 and 6 and will feature a line up of almost 30 acts. Among the acts scheduled to perform are the likes of Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion, and Anti-Flag. Tickets are available now.

Other acts on the bill include and are not limited to The Bouncing Souls, Face To Face, The Flatliners, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Adolescents, The Bronx, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Mercy Music, Slaughterhouse, TV Party Suzi Moon, The Vulturas, and Ch. 3. More acts will be announced in the coming weeks.

General admission weekend tickets start at $95 plus fees. VIP weekend tickets are also available. They provide access to shaded areas of the festival grounds, upgraded restroom facilities, and VIP bar. General admission and VIP alike offer access to craft beer tasting from noon to 3 p.m. for audiences who are 21 and older, as well as all performances by the bands on the bill.

The Punk In The Park festival grounds are located at 5305 E. Santiago Canyon Road, Silverado, CA.

More information on the 2022 Punk In The Park Festival is available along with all of its latest news at:

Website: https://www.punkinthepark.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/punkintheparkfest

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NOVA Sure To Start Discussions With Inside The Megastorm

Courtesy:  PBS

Courtesy: PBS

PBS debuted earlier this Spring, a new episode of its hit science program, NOVA that is a good fit for the start of the annual hurricane season in Hurricane Sandy: Inside the Megastorm.  Being that this year’s hurricane season starts tomorrow, June 1st, what better time for audiences to check out this episode?  Hurricane Sandy: Inside the Megastorm is an interesting look into what was the single most destructive storm of the 2012 hurricane season.  It offers viewers a first-hand look at the destruction caused throughout New York and New Jersey through those that were affected by the storm.  It also uses interviews with professionals and academics to explain what exactly led to the creation of what would eventually be termed, “Frankenstorm” because it hit right around Halloween.  In connection, the discussions on whether or not global warming played a role in its power is certain to become a point of contention as they seem to counter one another.  Despite noting discussions on what can be done to better protect ourselves from megastorms, those discussions are in fact extremely brief.  Luckily, everything else that went into this program more than makes up for that lack, leading this episode to be another interesting feature from NOVA.

The majority of the roughly hour-long feature on Hurricane Sandy is spent telling the story of Sandy’s creation to its aftermath.  Most interesting to note here is how those in the Northeast largely played it off because of the ineffectiveness of Hurricane Irene, which hit the New York region in 2011.  This is the same mentality shared among so many throughout the East Coast and Gulf Coast to this day.  But obviously that view has changed as a result of Sandy.  The sights of flooding and the stories of the lives affected by the storm will move any viewer; sometimes even to the point of tears.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The very brief discussion on the European hurricane models and how they, too were ignored makes the story of this originally unassuming storm even more interesting.  Viewers will take interest in the note that officials with NOAA had themselves ignored European models that had months prior predicted Sandy would in fact make its fateful Westerly turn and head straight into the heart of New York and New Jersey.  This adds interest in that Americans rarely—if ever—hear anything from forecasters in the U.S. about European models versus American models each year.  Perhaps this could be the point of discussion in a later episode of NOVA.

While this episode serves as a starting point for a deeper discussion on European hurricane models versus American “spaghetti models”, the discussions on whether or not global warming played a role in Sandy’s size and destructive power are sure to become even more of a point of contention among viewers, whether citizens or professional meteorologists.  Viewers should know that the program does in fact note that a Nor’easter did play a role in the storm’s size and strength.  That fact is not ignored here.  But later in the program, individuals are interviewed to discuss the role of global warming on Sandy and potential future storms.  Those that pay close attention will note that the discussions tend to contradict one another. At first, it is noted that there is no definitive link between global warming and the size and strength of storms, nor their frequency.  In almost the same breath though, those same individuals note that there is a connection between rising atmospheric temperatures and water temperatures, which are in turn, linked to the decrease in ice at the polar ice caps, rising ocean levels, and rising water temperatures thus causing an increase not so much in the quantity of storms, but in their power.  The discussions in question are even more in depth.  This is just a quick overview.  But from this alone, it certainly seems that the discussions included here are very contradictory and are certain to be a point of major contention.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  The answer to that is sure to be rather contentious in itself.  Because of that, it’s just one more factor that makes Hurricane Sandy: Inside the Megastorm a program that anyone will want to see, whether casual viewer or a professional within the “weather industry.”  Hurricane Sandy: Inside the Megastorm is available now.  It can be ordered online via the PBS store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=17355946&cp=&kw=inside+the+megastorm&origkw=Inside+The+Megastorm&sr=1

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The Bronx’s New LP Another Solid Effort

Courtesy:  ATO Records

Courtesy: ATO Records

The new upcoming album from the Los Angeles, CA based punk rock band, The Bronx, is everything that the band’s long-time fans have come to expect from the band.  It boasts the same raw, blue-collar punk rock vibe that made the band’s previous releases over the years so popular among its fan base.  There are those who might try to criticize the band for that.  But as the old adage goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  While this album boasts much the same vibe as the band’s previous records, its sound isn’t so much the same.  This is a sometimes complicated topic to touch on as it’s so easy to get an album’s feel and its sound mixed up.  In talking about the album’s sound, the simplest explanation is that thankfully from one song to the next, none of the songs sound like the band was ripping itself off.  In the case of its feel/vibe, it does carry that same feel with tis energy.  And that combination together will impress any long-time fan.  What’s more it’s enough to bring on-board any new fan with this record, too.

Listeners will understand the similarities and dis-similarities between this album and the band’s previous releases right off the bat.  The album’s opener, ‘Unholy Land’, is an energy-filled rocker.  Vocalist Matt Caughthran sings in the song’s opening moments, “They got you working on the weekdays/They got you working on the weekends, too/I know you’re swallowing your paycheck/Like it’s always what you think you do…They got you riding in the spotlight/thinking everyone knows who you are/And now you’re talking like a prophet/selling money from a shooting star.  It comes across lyrically as a song about someone who’s being used like a puppet to obtain someone else’s ends.  That’s made a little clearer in the song’s chorus as Caughthran asks, “Are you the antichrist/or the holy ghost?”  He comes across as speaking in a metaphorical sense here trying to express the mixed emotions felt by such an individual who is being used.  That seeming message mixed with the song’s straight forward radio ready musical backing makes it the perfect fit for the album’s opener.   It really is the purest definition of punk music in every sense.

The band keeps things moving solidly from here from one song to the next.  Its combination of short songs and catchy guitar riffs (only four of the album’s eleven total tracks break the three-minute mark) listeners won’t even realize how much time has passed.  That very factor is the sign of a good record.  Listeners will find by the final moments of this record that they haven’t skipped through any of the album’s songs.  The ability to keep listeners’ attention so expertly means that the band has done something right.   And in an era that is dominated by digital downloading, that is an increasingly rare feat.  Keeping that in mind, whether one prefers downloading or the physical object (this critic personally prefers the physical object) any punk purist is offered a full album of fan favorites rather than a bunch of fillers and a few hits.  The album will be available in stores and online Tuesday, February 5th via ATO Records.  The band will be touring in support of its new album beginning Feb. 1st at the Casbah in San Diego, CA.  From there, the band will have a small handful of U.S. dates before heading overseas to the U.K. to perform throughout the month of February.  More dates are possible.  So fans can keep up with all the latest tour dates and news from the band online in the meantime at http://www.facebook.com/thebronx and http://www.thebronxx.com.

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