The Wiggles Big Birthday Is A Fun Party For Parents And Kids

Courtesy: NCircle Entertainment

The arena of children’s entertainment is very fickle.  It seems that the networks dedicated to children’s programming have new shows every year.  Save for the likes of Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, few elements of children’s programming have had what could be considered long lasting success.  There is at least one that has.  It’s The Wiggles.

The Wiggles is one of the most beloved and successful acts in children’s entertainment.  This Aussie four piece has sold millions of albums and DVD’s worldwide.  It’s performed in dozens of nations and even impacted some of pop culture’s biggest names.  Now in celebration of all of its accomplishments, The Wiggles has released its 20th birthday celebration on DVD.

The Wiggles Big Birthday is one part concert and one part studio bits separating the live concert segments.  Those segments include Wiggly Joke Time and Wiggly Bloopers.  There are also segments featuring Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword.  One of those segments that kids and parents alike will enjoy sees Captain Feathersword pretending to be a ballerina.  He even has a tutu.  The DVD’s concert segments are enjoyable in their own way, too.  One individual interviewed for the DVD’s bonus documentary put it best about The Wiggles.  He notes that whether in concert or in the studio segments, The Wiggles’ members don’t talk down to their young audiences.  Rather the group as a whole comes out and entertains kids on their own level.  That some of the group’s members have backgrounds in Early Childhood Education and as pre-school teachers is a big reason why The Wiggles relate so well to kids even two decades into the group’s career.

Speaking of the bonus documentary, the bonus documentary is especially of interest to parents.  Kudos to The Wiggles and Ncircle Entertainment for nothing that as brief as it may be, there is one moment involving the death of a child that might upset younger viewers.  Other than that brief moment, the documentary is a wonderful addition to this DVD.  It gives a full in-depth history of The Wiggles’ career.  Parents will learn, for instance, that the current lineup of The Wiggles is not the original lineup.  Before the Wiggles got to where it is now, two of the group’s members were replaced for different reasons.   Parents will also discover the impact that The Wiggles have had on so many celebrities across the world of pop culture.  Combined with the family friendly concert and studio segments, The Wiggles Big Birthday is a party that kids and parents alike will love to celebrate together again and again.

The Wiggles Big Birthday is available in stores and online now.  It can be ordered from Ncircle’s website directly at  Parents and kids can follow The Wiggles online, too at,, and

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