The Dev Takes On The Reality Of Celebrity Life In New Single

Courtesy: MVK Music Group

Independent hard rock band The Dev recently debuted the video for its latest single.

he band debuted the video for its latest single, ‘Shameless Life‘ Feb. 8 through Ghost Cult Magazine. The song itself presents a musical arrangement that will appeal to any active rock radio programmer with its melodic hard rock approach. Its lyrical accompaniment meanwhile takes on a familiar topic.

The band’s single-name front woman Nikollaj addressed the song’s lyrical theme in the band’s interview with Ghost Cult Magazine.

“What we wanted to portray in Shameless Life is the need and almost desperation of music. The little girl represents the beginning of finding out how much she loves creating, making, and playing music for not only others but herself. Although with this story comes a slight twist in the sense that sometimes it’s not always sunshine and rainbows and you get to see that in the music video. When writing music you put your heart and soul into and it might feel like your whole self, hence why the video starts and ends with the crowd grabbing me. We wanted to claim both sides of what it can feel as an artist, show the whole picture.”

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