PBS Goes Prehistoric Again Next Month With New Dinosaur Train DVD

Courtesy: PBS Kids/PBS Distribution

Courtesy: PBS Kids/PBS Distribution

PBS Kids is going prehistoric next month!

On Tuesday, November 10th, PBS Kids and PBS Distribution will release Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs Are Different, the latest collection of episodes from its hit family friendly series Dinosaur Train. It will be available in stores and online exclusively on DVD and will feature eight more episodes from the hugely popular series. Viewers of all ages will enjoy this collection as it teaches about even more dinosaurs including Velociraptors, Masiakasaruses, Euplocephaluses, and lots of others. The complete episode listing for the collection is noted below along with episode summaries.

Now With Feathers: Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don turn detective when their dad gives them a feather that belongs to a velociraptor. The kids’ hunt leads them to meet Valerie Velociraptor and learn what life is like as a feathered dinosaur.

Long Claws: The Pteranodon kids learn a little bit of biology when they meet the Therizinosaurus family and ask them about their claws. They find out that the Therizinosaurs family uses its claws for self-defense.

The Old Bird: Buddy, Tiny, and Mom ride the Dinosaur train for a playdate with Petey Peteinosaurus. Along the way, mom and the kids also meet Arlene Archaeopteryx, who comes from the oldest family of birds. They also learn that Arlene is both a bird and a dinosaur in talking to her.

Buck-Tooth Bucky: The kids are off on another investigation in this episode. This time it stems from a mystery tooth found in Dad’s tooth collection. Their investigation leads them to a dinosaur known as the Masiakasaurus. This interesting dinosaur’s mouth is full of buck teeth that stick out.

New Neighbors: When a family of Lambeosauruses move in next door to the Pteranodon family, things get interesting thanks to the new neighbors’ noisy crests. After a little bit of a rough start, though Dad and the family’s new neighbors work things out and become quick friends.

An Armored Tail Tale: A Euplocephalus named Eugene has caught the attention of Dinoball scout Hank Ankylosaurus. So Hank heads to the big pond, accompanied by Mr. Pteranodon to check out the armored dino, whose tail resembles a spiked club. After talking to Eugene, he and Hank really “hit” it off and Eugene joins Hank’s Dinoball team.

The Wing Kings: The Pteranodon familly takes a trip to one of Dad’s favorite childhood spots called Quetzalcoatlus Canyon. When he was much younger, dad used to go there a lot and even earned the nickname “Wing King.” While the family is there, they meet Quincy Quetzalcoatlus and his dad, who is a very large, flying Pterosaur. The duo’s talents allow them to do a little showing off for their own families together.

Hornucopia: The Pteranodon family joins Hank at the Big Pond and meets Tank’s friend Stacie Styracosaurus. Stacie is a Ceratopsian. One of her most noticeable traits is a large crown of horns on her head. Stacie invites everybody to her “Hornucopia” celebration, where she reveals her new horns and performs a special dance by moonlight with her Styracosaurus family.

Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs Are Different will be available Tuesday, November 10th in stores and online. It will be available exclusively on DVD and will retail for MSRP of $12.99. It can be ordered online direct via PBS’ online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=69016486&cp=&sr=1&kw=dinosaurs+are+different&origkw=Dinosaurs+are+Different&parentPage=search. More information on this and other Dinosaur Train DVDs is available with lots more Dinosaur Train activities, videos, and games at:

Website: http://pbskids.org/dinosaurtrain

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DinosaurTrain

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