Time Life To Release New Bob Hope Holiday Collection Next Month

Courtesy: Time Life Entertainment

Courtesy: Time Life Entertainment

Time Life Entertainment is releasing a new Bob Hope collection just in time for everyone to get in the holiday spirit.

Bob Hope: Hope For The Holidays will be released on Nov. 1. The collection features monologues from Hope’s USO holiday tours, a special holiday skit with Red Skelton as his famed character Freddie The Freeloader, an appearance with Jack Benny, and visits by former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Dolores Hope, Naomi and Wynona Judd, and many others.

Courtesy: Time Life Entertainment Bob sings 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' With The Muppets in "Bob Hope: Hope For The Holidays"

Courtesy: Time Life Entertainment
Bob sings ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ With The Muppets in “Bob Hope: Hope For The Holidays”

The new holiday collection runs 110 minutes on a single disc.  It will retail for MSRP of $12.95.  More information on this and other titles is available online now at:




Website: http://timelife.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TimeLifeUS

Twitter: http://twitter.com/TimeLifeUS




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Every Family Will Enjoy PBS Kids’ Latest Dinosaur Train DVD

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Kids/The Jim Henson Company

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids/The Jim Henson Company

The Dinosaur Train Gang (get the joke there?) is back! Tiny, Shiny, Don, and Buddy are headed back out on the Dinosaur Train yet again for more family friendly fun in the latest release from The Jim Henson Company and PBS Kids, Dinosaur Train: We Are A Dinosaur Family.  This latest grouping of episodes from the hit PBS Kids show is just as fun as any of the show’s previously released DVD compilations.  What sets this compilation of episodes apart from others is the constant underlying theme of family in each of the set’s eight episodes.  All the fun lessons about different dinos are there, too.  And just as with previous sets, PBS Kids and The Jim Henson Company have made sure to include Dr. Scott’s segments.  There are even printable coloring pages and interactive DVD-Rom games and more that the whole family will love.  All things considered, the episodes and the special features included in Dinosaur Train: We Are A Dinosaur Family make this another wonderful inclusion to any family’s home DVD library.

Dinosaur Train: We Are A Dinosaur Family includes eight more entertaining and educational episodes of the hit PBS Kids series that the whole family will enjoy.  All eight episodes included in this latest compilation have the underlying theme of family in each episode.  Each episode features a different family theme that parents and kids alike will enjoy and appreciate.  It all opens with the introduction of the Pteranodon kids’ grandparents in “Meet The Grandparents.”  There are also special Mother’s Day and Father’s Day themed episodes in “Flowers For Mom” and “Dad’s Day Out.”  Parents and kids will both enjoy “Date Night”, the set’s closer.  On the surface, it may not seem like it fits.  But it’s just as important to the set as any of the other episodes.  Kids sometimes think that then their parents go out on a date night or a weekend alone, that their parents don’t love them, believe it or not.  This episode serves as a great starting point to illustrate that parents just need some mom and dad time just like kids need kid time.  And even when moms and dads get their mom and dad time, it doesn’t mean they don’t love their kids.  If anything, they love them just as much, if not more.  Any parent will be able to relate to this theme.  It’s just one more example of what makes this compilation so worth adding to any family’s home DVD library.

The family-centric themes that run through all eight episodes in this set are just one reason that parents and their kids will both enjoy this latest DVD compilation.  Just as with previous Dinosaur Train compilations, this one is loaded with even more paleontology lessons.  The kids meet a burrowing dino called Oryctodromeus in “The Burrowers.”  Viewers of any age will love how the kids are first introduced to the Oryctodromeus family.  After a whole day of waiting to meet them, the kids come up with a hypothesis about the holes that they see which proves to be right in the end.  They also meet a Hadrosaurus when they go to visit their grandparents in “To Grandparents’ Nest We Go!”  They even learn about “classification” when they visit their grandparents.  This is just part of all the fun lessons that are offered throughout all eight episodes in this set.  Kids, parents, and even teachers will enjoy and appreciate all the lessons tied in to each episode just as much with each watch.  Of course, the fun in this compilation doesn’t end with the direct lessons.  There’s plenty of enjoyment thanks to Dr. Scott’s segments and the bonus activities, interactive game and printable coloring pages.

The bonus interactive game, activities, and coloring pages included in this latest compilation of Dinosaur Train episodes are all accessible when audiences pop the DVD into the DVD drive of their computer.  Parents can print out coloring pages for their kids.  The bonus interactive game will be familiar.  As with previous Dinosaur Train DVDs, kids can learn just how big the dinosaurs featured in some of the episodes here really were.  And Dr. Scott’s segments are just as much of a bonus.  While they’re included as part of the episodes on TV, kids can watch them separately yet again on this DVD.  Separating Dr. Scott’s segments from the episodes helps kids to focus better on the subject of each episode.  It serves as another positive way to teach young viewers.  Along with its companion bonus features, and the set’s episodes, it makes Dinosaur Train: We Are A Dinosaur Family one more wonderful compilation from PBS Kids and The Jim Henson Company for any family’s home DVD library.  It is available this week and can be ordered direct from the PBS online store at http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=23765876&cp=&kw=dinosaur+train+we+are+a+dinosaur+family&origkw=Dinosaur+Train+We+Are+A+Dinosaur+family&sr=1.  Parents and kids can get more information on Dinosaur Train, watch episodes and play even more Dinosaur Train games online at http://pbskids.org/dinosaurtrain/.   To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to http://www.facebook.com/philspicks and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at https://philspicks.wordpress.com.

The not so new Muppets is still great nostalgic family fun

Thank you Jason Segel.  Thank you Disney.  Thank you for bringing one of the most beloved franchises in the history of both television and movies back to life.  In an era when so few truly family friendly movies exist, the return of The Muppets is a breath of fresh air.

This new installment in the Muppets franchise isn’t exactly the most original work.  It lifts very liberally from most of the previous movies in the Muppets franchise.  And it goes without saying that it goes way over the top with its glut of blatantly Broadway style musical numbers.  Sure the other Muppets movies have musical numbers.  But not to the extent of this one.  All of that aside, star and co-writer Jason Segel is to be commended for his role in bringing this beloved franchise back to life.  Segel has stated that he grew up with Jim Henson’s characters.  That would explain the constant references to the previous Muppets movies.  Considering that, Segel and co. can be forgiven for essentially rehashing said movies and tossing them into a big pot for this flick.  It could be argued that making so many references to the other Muppets movies might even go so far as to raise interest in them, and bring that much more interest in the Muppets mong this new generation.

For the issues that The Muppets has, there’s also plenty of good in it.  The most obvious of the movie’s positive aspects is in the statement of The Muppets’ relevance in today’s cultural world..  The story presents that Muppets in a world in which they are no longer relevant, or so they think.  That is until Walter and his brother,  Gary (played by Jason segel) try to get the gang back together.  It’s not the first time that’s been done in a Muppets movie.  In the real world, of course, the Muppets have always been relevant.  There has really never been a time when the Muppets haven’t been relevant.  Now thanks to this new movie, Kermit, Miss PIggy, Animal, Rolf, and all the rest will likely be even more relevant than ever.  It’s kept these beloved characters alive for a whole new generation.  And with any luck, this new generation will carry the Muppets torch lit for the generation that follows it.  More than likely, as the movie’s ending shows, there’s little rason to worry about that.  Suffice to say that while this new incarnation of The Muppets isn’t overly original, Jim Henson would still be proud of it if he were with us