Phil’s Picks’ 2021 Top New Family Music Albums Shows The Present, Future Of The Genre

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The genre that is family music is one that has always stood out from the rest other genres that make up the musical universe.  That is because by and large the music that fills that space is constantly so diverse even as the lyrical themes in so many songs are largely the same.  Even being so much the same from one song to the next, the themes are important because they promote individuality, self-confidence, creativity, and so many other items that are key not only for personal growth and development in younger people, but for continued development in older audiences.  To that end, those themes are just as accessible for younger listeners as for their more seasoned counterparts.  In the same vein, the diversity in the genre’s musical content is just as enjoyable if not more so.  That is because honestly, more often than not, it is more diverse than in so much mainstream music for older audiences.  At the same time, it will again, more often than not, appeal to such a wide range of audiences.  Keeping all of this in mind, the world of family music really is just as deserving of having its own list of top new albums as any other genre, and that is why this critic has continued to present exactly that for so many years.

This year is no different from past years, either.  This year was another successful one in the family music world.  New albums from veterans, such as Laurie Berkner, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, and Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band joined new records from up-and-comers, such as Ben Tatar & The Tatar Tots, Twinkle, and Stacey Peasley among many other established acts.  All in all, this year’s field of new family music albums represented the present and future of the genre very nicely, as today’s list will show.

Keeping in mind everything noted about the importance of the content in every family music record, developing a list of the year’s top new albums in the genre is never easy.  This critic tried, though.  The result of those efforts is this critic’s view of the year’s top 10 best family music albums and five additional honorable mentions, for a total of 15 new offerings.  So without any further ado, here for your consideration is Phil’s Picks 2021 Top 10 New Family Music Albums.


  1. Koo Koo Kanga Roo – Slow Clap
  2. The Story Pirates – The Strawberry Band
  3. Sarah Watkins – Under The Pepper Tree
  4. The Bright Siders – A Mind of Your Own
  5. Lucky Diaz & The Family Jam Band—Crayon Kids
  6. Laurie Berkner – Let’s Go
  7. Twinkle – It’s OK To Be Me
  8. Gordie “Crazylegs” MacKeeman – Folk For Little Folk Vol. 1
  9. Tracy Bonham – Young Maestros Vol. 1
  10. Genevieve Goings – Great Indoors
  11. Tunes With Tim – We’re All Human
  12. Stacey Peasley – Make It Happen
  13. Jenn Cleary – All Together Now
  14. Kelli Welli – Let’s Go Pistachio
  15. Ben Tatar & The Tatar Tots – Seconds

That’s all for this year’s list of top new family music albums.  The new year is just around and the corner and no doubt, lots of new family music is coming with the new year, too.

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The Story Pirates Debuts Video For New LP’s Lead Single; Announces Podast’s Mid-Season Premiere Date, Return Of Band’s ‘SPTV’ Series

Courtesy: Sugar Mountain PR

Family entertainment group The Story Pirates will release its new album this spring.

The group is scheduled to release its next album The Strawberry Band April 2. In anticipation of the album’s release, the band debuted the video for the album’s lead single this week. The band debuted the video for the song ‘Fun Crazy Weird Hair Store‘ Friday through Geekdad and the “Absolutely Mindy” show on Sirius XM Kids Place Live.

The song is a light, kindie-pop style composition. Its easygoing guitar, piano, vocals, and simple time keeping makes it an infectious work. The song’s lyrical content is based on a short story crafted by a 9 year-old Story Pirates fan. It is one of a handful of stories crafted by children that make up the album, which itself is a tribute to concept albums.

The story behind is considered a “Beatles-esque” story that itself was crafted by a 5 year-old fan of The Story Pirates. According to information about the album, the band has dreams of stardom, but turns into strawberries every time it hits the stage. Throughout the album, the band, which created its own concept album, shows up as it tries to evade a strawberry-eating shark. The other stories that appear in this concept album about The Strawberry Band feature items, such as cinnamon buns, a wingless fairy, and a hedgehog.

The Strawberry Band is The Story Pirates’ fourth album.

In other news, The Story Pirates is scheduled to resume the fourth season of its podcast the same day as the release of its new album. It will feature 20 more episodes that will run through July,

Season Four opens with a Johnny Cash-style song that is based on a story titled ‘I’m Toast, Man!’ The song is based on a story written by a 6 year-old fan of The Story Pirates.

Season Four also features a new story, “The Adventures of Harold Jordan.” The story was adapted from a story crafted by one of The Story Pirates’ 9 year-old fans.

New music and stories are just a portion of what audiences have to look forward to from The Story Pirates when its fourth season resumes. Actor Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock, Phineas & Ferb) will join The Story Pirates for its mid-season premiere.

In even more news, The Story Pirates’ Los Angeles-based audiences can look forward to new episodes of its SPTV soon. The series runs on the region’s PBS affiliate, KLCS. The series encourages young viewers to use their imaginations to write original stories. It does this by taking viewers into stories written by other young viewers.

Story Pirates Creator Club members have full access to the show. Sample episodes of SPTV are streaming through YouTube.

More information on The Story Pirates’ new album, podcasts and SPTV episodes is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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