The Universe Season Six is an astronomical hit

Good morning everyone.  I hope you’re all doing well on this messy Monday morning and that your weekends were enjoyable.  I kept myself busy all weekend, going through another brand new upcoming release.  The release in question is the topic of today’s edition of Reel Reviews.  This morning’s edition of Reel Reviews focuses on the brand new upcoming release of History Channel’s hit series, The Universe.  Technically, it’s on History Channel’s sister station, H2.  But it does get run on History Channel, too here and there.  Those who don’t get to see it, but really want to will get to see the Complete Season Six next month when its released to dvd and blu-ray.  All the details are right ehre in this brand new edition of Reel Reviews.  So without further ado this morning, dear readers, I bring to you, The Universe:  The Complete Season Six.