Here Comes Trouble’s Debut LP Will Get “Stuck” In Every Listener’s Ears

Courtesy:  Troublemaker Music

Courtesy: Troublemaker Music

Washington, D.C.-based husband and wife duo Here Comes Trouble will release its debut album Goo on my Shoe on Tuesday, June 9th. The fifteen-track album is front loaded with just as much silliness as the album’s title, making it an album well worth the listen by audiences of all ages. While silly yet relatable concepts such as kids wanting desert instead of dinner, playing hooky, and stepping in bubblegum are just part of what makes the album worth the listen. Older audiences will hear some rather familiar classic songs used as the basis for some of the songs included on this record. So it is just as sure to entertain parents and educators just as much as children. And as with so many children’s albums, it also boasts a full complement of musical styles to entertain listeners of all ages. Whether for that reason, for the familiar classic tunes that will assuredly entertain parents and teachers, or for its silly lyrical content, Goo on my Shoe proves from beginning to end that it is an album that audiences of all ages will enjoy again and again.

Here Comes Trouble has crafted in its debut record Goo on my Shoes that will most certainly entertain listeners of all again and again with every listen. The central way in which it proves itself worth at least one listen is with its overall silly yet interestingly relatable lyrical content. Its opener ‘I Want Desert’ is a prime example of its ability to entertain and relate to its listeners all at once. The song presents children in a variety of settings that see them presented with food that they see as “yucky.” It is so “yucky” that the kids each sing about wanting dessert instead. As much as grown-ups might disagree about said “yuckiness” of some of the dishes, the one on which even grown-ups can relate is the meatloaf. It would be a surprise to find one grown-up out there that actually does like meatloaf. This critic in particular definitely doesn’t care for meatloaf. It is to the meat world as fruitcake is to the world of sweet treats. It’s just one example of how the album’s fun and funny content will entertain listeners of all ages. Singer/songwriter Kelly Donohue sings somewhat playfully about every kid and grown-up’s dream of playing hooky from school and work respectively. There’s not one kid or adult out there that hasn’t dreamed of getting out of school and work. Many adults have even admitted to doing just that for that matter. That makes it all the more relatable for audiences of all ages and yet another example of how the album uses silly yet relatable lyrical content to entertain listeners of all ages. If that isn’t enough reason for kids and grown-ups alike to give this record a chance upon its release, then the content of the album’s title track will do the job. It’s just a silly song about a child stepping in some goo. The goo in question isn’t necessarily identified specifically. But it can be inferred to a point that the offending goo is gum since that is the most common goo in which people step. Who out there hasn’t had this happen at one point or another in life? Exactly. Again, as silly as it is, it is again relatable to audiences of all ages. And that continued ability to relate to listeners of all ages all while entertaining them proves yet again why the lyrical content is so important to the enjoyment of this record.

The lyrical content presented across each of the songs on Goo on my Shoes is collectively more than enough reason for audiences to listen to this record. It is only part of what makes it so enjoyable. The musical backing of the presented songs adds even more enjoyment to the album. There are some original backings that will have young listeners dancing along. Grown-ups will also find themselves dancing along as the band–Kelly Donohue (vocals), Jennifer Jones (vocals), Cindy Huang (vocals), Colleen Dyer (guitar), Jacob Chmara (bass), and John Babu (drums)–pull some classic songs that they are sure to identify. The band uses The Weather Girls’ hit ‘It’s Raining Men’ as the basis for one of its songs. There is also a re-imagined take of the Village People’s equally famed ‘YMCA’ that is just as infectious as the original song if not more so. There is also a riff that sounds eerily like the guitar riff from the famous ‘Summertime Blues’ in ‘Robby Dobby.’ One could even argue that there is a slight similarity between the guitar lick used in ‘Alligator’ and the original classic song ‘Wooly Bully.’ Now while those similarities might not hve been entirely intentional, they are there. And coupled with the intended throwbacks to music’s golden era in the other noted songs, adults will agree even more that this record offers just as much enjoyment for adults as it does for younger listeners. That it offers so much enjoyment to both children and adults alike both musically and lyrically shows even more clearly why Goo on my Shoe is an album that deserves at least one listen.

Both the musical and lyrical content of Goo on my Shoe show in their own way what makes this record another fun listen for audiences of all ages. For all of the enjoyment that they offer, they are not all that audiences will appreciate in this record. The variety of musical styles that makes up the record’s body is just as important to the record’s whole as the previously noted elements. The re-imagined take of ‘YMCA’ presents the song in slightly beachy/reggae vibe while the band’s rendition of ‘It’s Raining Men’ is close to the original song,. The band also has its own “theme song’ on this record that will get listeners of all ages moving with its funk roots. ‘Spill The Beans’ offers up a family friendly punk rock sound that is just as sure to have audiences of all ages dancing around as the song’s rocking opener ‘I Want Dessert.’ If all of that isn’t example enough, the jazzy/bluesy ‘Watermelon Felon’ will have young listeners moving along just in a different way. That is meant in the most positive way possible. It is just one more example of how the varied musical styles presented across Goo on my Shoe’s fifteen tracks makes the record even more enjoyable. It proves even more why audiences of all ages should not only hear this record at leat once but should also have it as part of their own home musical library.

Goo on my Shoe shows across its body that it has plenty to offer listeners of all ages. Its musical content is both silly and relatable for parents, educators, and children alike. The re-imagining of just a handful of classic pop and rock tunes will catch grown-ups and keep them engaged, too. And the variety of musical styles will entertain children and grown-ups alike. Each element shows in its own special way what makes Goo on my Shoe a record that will stick in the ears and minds of its listeners. All three considered together, they show this record to be one that audiences of all ages will want to hear at least once if not more. They show together that this could even be a record that some families and educators will want to add to their own music libraries. Goo on my Shoe will be available Tuesday, June 9th in stores and online. More information on the album is available online along with the latest news from the band online now at:



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The Midnight Special’s Re-Issues Will Have Audiences Singing, Dancing Well Past Midnight

Courtesy:  StarVista Entertainment/Time Life Entertainment/NBC

Courtesy: StarVista Entertainment/Time Life Entertainment/NBC

StarVista Entertainment and Time Life Entertainment have made quite the name for themselves over the course of recent years.  Releases of classic series such as The Carol Burnett Show, Mama’s Family, The Dean Martin Show, China Beach, and most recently The Wonder Years have taken a company that for years was the butt of many people’s jokes to a place in the upper echelons of home entertainment companies.  For years, Time Life was known mainly for the not-so-well-known products that it pushed through extended advertisements on television.  Now it has carved out even more of a comfortable place in that upper echelon with the release of The Midnight Special on DVD.  The classic late night live concert series was released in a number of formats last month, resurrecting one more important piece of television and music history.  The show’s six-disc collector’s edition is one of the best of the sets that any fan of classic television and music can add to their own home library.  That is because it is one of the best examples of what made this series so great during its nine-year run on NBC.  It presents ninety-six total performances from bands, artists and groups across the music industry’s spectrum.  The acts that make appearances throughout the set’s six discs are the center of this box set’s enjoyment and success.  Just as important to note is the quality of the footage.  More than four decades have passed since the Midnight Special first debuted in 1972.  In that time, the footage presented in these performances has stood the test of time quite well.  And last but not least worth noting in the set’s success is its companion booklet.  The booklet serves as an episode guide for viewers.  That is the central point of its importance.  It also features personal insight from the series’ creator Burt Sugarman. Sugarman’s retrospection on the series and its importance adds one more layer of appreciation for this series.  Together with the acts that appear on each set and the quality of the footage, all three factors together make The Midnight Train another wonderful release from Time  Life Entertainment and StarVista Entertainment.

The Midnight Special was one of the most famed and beloved series on television during its day.  Unlike so many other series of the time, acts that came on the series in its heydey actually sang instead of lip synching.  What’s more, unlike American Bandstand, The Midnight Special focused on more than just the big pop acts of its day.  The acts that came to perform on NBC’s live overnight concert series spanned the music world’s ranks.  That is the most important aspect of this recently released classic series.  The acts that performed on The Midnight Special included the likes of John Denver performing alongside Linda Rondstadt and Aerosmith performing alongside Barry White, The Stylistics, and ELO.  It also featured acts the likes of: B.B. King, Frankie Vallie, Sammy Hagar, The O’Jays, BeeGees, and so many other greats that are still remembered today.  Even the show’s host himself, radio host Wolfman Jack was a celebrity in his own right.  Even today, he and those acts noted here are just as beloved as they were decades ago.  In an era when so many musical acts are little more than flash-in-the-pan pop acts and rarely radio worthy rock bands, musicaians and audiences alike need to be reminded of what once made music great and could again–originality and real talent.  That in mind, it makes sense that the list of performers that came on The Midnight Special is the central point of this series’ success whether in its six-disc box set or its other formats.

The list of artists, bands, and groups that graced The Midnight Special’s stage during its nine-year run on NBC is the most important aspect of this series’ recent re-issue.  More than four decades have passed since it first debuted on NBC in 1972.  That makes for plenty of reason to be concerned about the quality of the show’s footage in its transfer from tape to disc.  Luckily for audiences of all ages, painstaking efforts were taken to present the performances as they appeared in their original broadcasts. Those efforts paid off in spades as both the audio and video of each performance have been well-balanced.  Any impurities in the quality of the footage whether in the audio or video are so minute that they are unnoticable.  The end result is a product that for the show’s original audiences will generate a much-welcomed sense of nostalgia.  Both for those same audiences and the show’s much younger audiences, it also serves to show just how far music has come (both in a good and bad way) and how far recording technology has come, too.  So in the end, the quality of the footage in these performances makes Time Life and StarVista’s new re-issue of The Midnight Special even more enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

The efforts taken to transfter The Midnight Special’s master tapes to disc have definitely not been for nothing.  The show looks and sounds just as good as it did in its original run all those years ago in its rencet re-issue.  The acts that appeared on the show (and that are featured on the new six-disc compilation) are just as important to the overall presentation.  Both aspects together more than make the series worth a watch or two in any of its three re-issue formats.  The last aspect of the series’ re-issue (at least in its six-disc compilation format) that makes it a success and so enjoyable is the set’s companion booklet.  The booklet serves primarily as an episode guide, pointing out disc-by-disc and episode-by-episode each artist, band, and group that appears.  That listing even includes the songs performed by said acts.  By itself, the episode listing more than helps the enjoyment of the series’ re-issue.  The added insight from series creator Burt Sugarman adds one more layer of enjoyment to the series’ various presentations.  In terms of the six-disc box set, Sugarman recalls how so few people had faith in the show and how great it felt to prove those naysayers wrong.  That insight along with other comments from Sugarman make for even more interest and enjoyment in watching the performances culled for the show’s different re-issues.  While being the last of the noteworthy factors that make The MIdnight Special so…well…special, it is hardly the least important of the factors that make the series’ sets such a joy.  This aspect, along with the quality production values and the performances culled for the releases, makes The Midnight Special a truly special experience for viewers of all ages.

The Midnight Special is available online now.  Its eleven-disc and sixteen disc sets can be ordered online direct from Time Life’s online store at  The six-disc collector’s edition can be ordered via Amazon at  More information on this and other releases from Time Life Entertainment and StarVista Entertainment is available online at:




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