Love And A .38 Announces Release Date For Sophomore LP; Debuts Video For Album’s Lead Single

Courtesy:  Head First Entertainment

Courtesy: Head First Entertainment

Stoner rock band Love and a .38 will release its sophomore album Nomads later this month. In anticipation of the album’s release the band has premiered the video for the album’s lead single.

Love and a .38 will release its second full-length studio album Friday, February 19th. The ten-track album was self-produced by the band. It was produced at Hollywood’s Blushing Cad Studios. In discussing expectations for the upcoming album the band noted the clarity in its members’ heads in developing its songs. There was also note of how that clarity and focus helped to drive the energy in each song. The band’s members noted, “We’ve really honed in on what kind of feeling we want to portray with our music, and have focused our energy in a way that better serves that feeling than we ever have before,” the band says. The album can be pre-ordered online now via iTunes at Audiences that pre-order the album now will get an instant download of ‘Big Leg Betty,’ another of the album’s featured songs.

In anticipation of the album’s upcoming release the band premiered the video for ‘Oh My God,’ the album’s lead single, this week. The video is streaming online now via the band’s official YouTube channel at



Love and a 38 Video Grab



The video is also currently in rotation at the Universal Citywalk Jumbotron alongside videos from more well-known acts such as: Imagine Dragons, Paramore, and Pentatonix among others. Front man Ryan Hudson discussed the band’s inclusion in its rotation, noting the honor of being featured alongside such well-known acts and how much it means to the band. “For an up and coming band like us it’s really a thrill to be able to see ourselves side by side with artists who have accomplished so much in the industry,” he said. It’s energizing and humbling.”

Love and a .38 will celebrate the release of its sophomore album on its release day with a release party at the famed Viper Room in Hollywood, California. More information on that is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:






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The Burning Of Rome’s New LP Is One Of 2012’s Sleeper Hits

Courtesy: Surf Dog Records

The Burning of Rome is a breath of fresh air in the music industry today.  This San Diego, California based band mixes elements of college rock with psychadelia, dance, and something almost impossible to pinpoint for a sound that’s seemingly different from any other band out there today.  On its new album, “With Us”, the band has separated itself from the masses even more with its eclectic mix of sounds.  It starts off sounding like any other college rock band.  But it only gets better from there.  Things really start to pick up on the album’s third song, ‘Cowboys and Cut Cigars.’  This is a solid, straight ahead rock song with great driving guitars and drums.  The song’s chorus sections mixed with the guitars and drums really drive the song.  Together, they’re bound to make this an instant hit for the band.

‘Norman Bates’ is an equally intriguing track.  Some may argue, but the way the song opens, there’s almost a touch of The Mamas and the Papas’ ‘California Dreamin’ in it.  From there though, things pick right back up with another song that’s bound to be a major hit in ‘Wake Up Edamame.’  The chorus sounds like Van Halen’s ‘Janie’s Crying’ while the guitar work has more of a grunge tinge.  The combination of the two makes for quite the interesting listen.  The band keeps the energy moving after ‘Wake Up Edamame’ in the form of the quirky ‘Island.’  The vibe of this song is a prime example of that sound that’s seemingly different from anything out there today.  It’s something that simply can’t be compared to any other band.  Any comparison that could be made would be difficult to find as it is such a unique sound.

The band continues setting itself apart from anything else out there today both in terms of college rock and the mainstream across the remainder of the album.  Songs such as ‘Opus for Sleepwalking’, and the equally bizarrely titled, ‘Why Can’t I Stop Killing My Friends’ make this record stand out amongst the crowds even more.  And then there’s what seems to be a tribute to the classic 1960 Roger Corman cult classic, Little Shop of Horrors in the song, ‘Audrey II.’  It takes audio from the classic movie and sets it against its own semi-eerie carnival-esque musical background for a song that simply cannot be compared to any other act out there today.  And ‘Opus For A Sleepwalker’ maintains that eerie vibe too, mixing electronics and guitars together for something that would conjure thoughts of a very dimly lit carnival funhouse.

It goes without saying that considering all of this, one has to wonder about this band.  But the thing is that as different as the band’s sound is on this record, it’s actually surprisingly catchy.  It won’t be an instant hit.  But it will grow on audiences with each listen.  It may not make most critics’ lists of the year’s best records.  But it definitely can be noted that this record is one of the year’s sleeper hits.  Anyone looking to break away from the musical norm and is open minded enough may actually find themselves enjoying it.  “With Us” is available now.  It can be downloaded via iTunes at  The band will be performing tomorrow night at the famed Viper Room in Los Angeles in support of the newly released album.  To keep up with any new tour dates and all the latest news from the band, go online to,,,

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