Us Weekly: Kordell, Porsha Stewart Divorce

Courtesy:  Us Weekly Magazine

Courtesy: Us Weekly Magazine

Porsha Stewart and former NFL star Kordell Stewart have parted ways.  The couple had been married for less than two years.  According to reports obtained by TMZ, Stewart filed for divorce last Friday, March 22nd.  The couple was married in May 2011.  One of Stewart’s friends commented on the situation, expressing Stewart’s reaction to the news.  “She was 100 percent completely blindsided.  Friends are trying to contact her but she’s not picking up her phone or returning texts,” said the friend of the 31 year old Stewart.  “Her whole identity is about being a happy, obedient wife.  The other women criticized her for not having a backbone, but she was like, ‘A real marriage is about honoring your man, your king.’  She is really upset.”

A recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta would seem to hint that things were good, but not great.  The couple had struggled to have a baby.  At one point, Porsha had had a disagreement with Kordell she wanted to keep doing her charity work while being a mother.  During a trip to Sin City, she confided in her friends that Kordell had “allowed” her to take the trip, hinting that things perhaps weren’t as great as some might have thought.

Kenya Moore—one of Stewart’s on-air foes—tweeted her support of Stewart after hearing of the divorce.  “Even though @porshadstewart and I have had our differences, I would never want to see anyone in pain.  I wish her well,” the 42 year-old former Miss USA wrote in reaction.

Fellow Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes also shared her thoughts on the news.  “I am a good judge of character!  I will stand by & support my little sister @PoshaDStewart.

Despite all the support from her cast mates, one insider offered a different take on Porsha, stating that “She felt like a prisoner…She’s young enough to find someone that’s really right for her now.”

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