Glasscloud Debut Seamlessly Branches Metal, Post-Hardcore Worlds

Courtesy: Equal Vision Records

Hampton, Virginia based Glass Cloud’s debut record, “The Royal Thousand” is one of the most interesting records to be released by a band this year in the screamo-post hardcore genre.  This band is more akin to Chimaira than its peers.  The electronics and heavy, crunching, down-tuned guitars mixed in with the voal prowess of front man Jerry Roush make this a record that really branches the two genres together, and brings together audiences from both sides of the musical spectrum.

The album starts off full force with what is easily one of its best songs in ‘White Flag.’  It’s ironic that the album would start with this track, considering that a white flag stands for surrender.  If anything, this song shows that Glass Cloud has no intention to surrender whether it be to audiences who expect the band to be this or that or to label heads who would treat its members in similar fashion.  The album’s intensity keeps up after ‘White Flag’ in ‘If He Dies.’  It goes back and forth between a mild gentility, with Rousch actually singing a little, and absoluate brutality.  Guitarist Josh Travis’s effects are incredible on this song.  Again, it brings the band up to the level of Chimaira.  Considering this is the band’s debut record, that is saying something.

‘Ivy and Wine’ is another high point to “The Royal Thousand.”  It bears that same intensity as the album’s first two tracks.  Not only do Rousch and Travis shine again here, but drummer Chad Hasty’s precision adds another extra level to the song.  A video for the song is available online now at  ‘Prelude For A Ghost’ is the only moment on this record in which the band eases up.  The instrumental is placed precisely in the middle of the track listing.  It gives listeners just enough time to gather themselves before the band launches right back into its assault with ‘All Along.’  That vibe gets stepped up even more as the album nears its end on ‘Counting Sheep.’  This speed metal style piece continues to bridge the gap of the post-hardcore and metal worlds seamlessly. 

The band is currently out on tour right now in support of “The Royal Thousand” on the “Scream It Like You Mean It 2012” tour.  The band is scheduled to perform at Soma tonight in San Diego, California.  It will be at the Fremont East District tomorrow in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Fans can get a full tour listing and keep up with all the latest from the band online at,, and   

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