Monster Energy AMA Supercross FIM World Championship Announces New TV Home

Courtesy: Feld Entertainment/NBC/Monster Energy

Monster Energy AMA Supercross FIM World Championship has a new television home.

The organization announced Friday that it is moving to NBC Sports, beginning with a pre-season preview at 3 p.m., Dec. 22 on NBC.  An encore broadcast of the program will air at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on NBC Sports Network (NBCSN).

Regular season coverage launches Jan. 5 with live Round One coverage from Angel Stadium of Anaheim in Anahaim, CA.  Qualifying will air at 4 p.m. exclusively on NBC’s NBC Sports Gold Supercross Pass.  The race will be simulcast live at 10 p.m. via the NBC Sports Gold Supercross Pass and NBCSN.

Round Two’s coverage will air live Jan. 12 from Glendale, AZ.  Round three brings the series back to Anaheim, CA on Jan. 19.  Round Four is scheduled for Jan. 26 in Oakland, CA.

From California, the series heads to San Diego for Round Five, Minneapolis, MN for Round Six and Arlington, TX for Round Seven.  Round Eight takes the series to Detroit, MI, while the two-wheeled wonders head south to Atlanta, GA for Round Nine.

Round 10 brings the series to America’s motor racing center, Daytona, Florida.  Seven more rounds follow, that take the series across America, with Round 17 closing the season in Las Vegas, NV on May 4.

The full schedule for the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross FIM World Championship is available here.  All television broadcasts will be on NBCSN.

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Mendoza, ESPN Reach Contract Extension Agreement

Courtesy: ESPN

Another member of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast team will be back with the group this spring.

Jessica Mendoza reached a new multi-year contract extension with ESPN this week.  The announcement came only a day after fellow ESPN MLB broadcast team member and MLB vet Mark Teixeira was announced to return.

Mendoza said in a news release from the network that she is glad the two sides came to terms on the contract.

“I’m beyond excited to continue to contribute analysis to ESPN’s signature MLB platform — Sunday Night Baseball — alongside Alex Rodriguez, Matt Vasgersian and Buster Olney,” Mendoza said.  “I look forward to continue helping grow the sports of softball and Major League Baseball through our second-to-none coverage by utilizing cool technology, offering exciting insights and doing it all with passion.”

ESPN Senior Vice President of Production and Remote Events Mark Gross shared Mendoza’s thoughts.

“Jessica’s preparation, expertise and work ethic are among the many attributes that make us proud to have this trailblazer with us for years to come,” Gross said.  “She forms tremendous relationships in the sports with executives, managers and players, and those connections help us inform our telecasts and make them better.  Her passion for the sport is contagious.”

Mendoza made history in 2015 when she joined ESPN’s SNB broadcast team.  It made her the first woman to ever serve as a national analyst for Major League Baseball games.  She also became the first woman to serve as an analyst for an MLB post season game on Oct. 15 when the Yankees and Astros faced off in the American League Wildcard Game live from Yankee Stadium.

According to ESPN’s news release, Mendoza is considered “one of America’s greatest softball players.”  A graduate of Stanford University, she holds records in categories, such as batting average, hits, runs, home runs stolen bases and slugging percentage.

She helped lead the U.S. Softball team to gold in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.  She also won a silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Additionally, she will be inducted into the National Softball Hall of Fame next year as a member of the class of 2019.

Along with her continued duties on SNB, she will also make appearances on ESPN’s MLB studio program Baseball Tonight, and will make regular appearances on SportsCenter and Get Up! according to the network’s release.

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FSA’s Fans, Emo-Punk Fans Will Appreciate Band’s New EP

Courtesy: High Road Publicity

Early this month, emo-punk outfit From States Away released its new EP to the masses.  The four-song record, I Swear This Light Won’t Fade is just the band’s latest offering.  It previously released another 4-song EP – Hypervigilant – in 2016.  That record was preceded by the single, ‘Anti-Hero’ and the six-song EP We’re All Lost Too in 2015 and the single ‘Major League’ in 2010.  This is all important to note when examining the record’s musical content, which will be discussed later. The record’s lyrical content is another important element to examine in the case of this record, and will be addressed shortly.  The EP’s production rounds out its most important elements, and will also be discussed later.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of I Swear This Light Won’t Fade.  All things considered, the record might not necessarily break any new ground, but is not a total loss for the band.

From States Away’s latest studio recording I Swear This Light Won’t Fade is a presentation from the New York-based emo-punk outfit that will appeal in the long run to the band’s most devoted audience.  It does not break any new ground for the band or for the punk and emo-punk realms, but it can be said of the record that it is not a total loss.  This is proven in part through the EP’s lyrical content. According to press material that discusses the record’s lyrical content, the EP’s overall theme is one of “following your dreams” and “the existential woes of pursuing a dream that everyone else may call ‘dumb.’”  Anything that encourages one to pursue one’s dreams despite the odds is a good thing.  Kudos to the band for this.  ‘Night & Day,’ the record’s opener, is just one of the songs that addresses that theme.  It finds front man Chris Lauletti singing, “I can taste your pretentiousness/It’s stained all on your lips/You’re the reason we digress/I hope your tongue rots with your breathe/I see more than you think/From my line of sight/My past is laced with heavy stakes/I don’t play well with others/I dare you to provoke my brothers.”  That positivity doesn’t last, though.  Lauletti goes on to sing, “Scratching at my wounds/I hope they open soon/I always feel safest when I’m in my room.”  From there, the subject states, “I binge and purge/on every urge/I never learn from my mistakes/I always take a few steps forward/And end falling on my face/I swear this light won’t fade/I feel it resonate/It’s like night and day/the way my mind plays tricks on me.”  Again, this is someone dealing with so many thoughts and emotions.  There is not a lot of stability here in the person’s mind.  It is that inner literary struggle – man versus himself.  Considering that emo-punk generally appeal to younger tweens and teens, the instability in the subject’s thoughts and feelings as he/she tries to find that balance is something to which said younger listeners will easily connect.

‘Elm Street’ is another example of how the record’s lyrical content helps keep it afloat.  The song, which does in fact reference the classic slasher flick with its title, is another work that seems, through its lyrical content, to approach someone dealing with conflicting thoughts and emotions as per chasing dreams.  Lauletti sings in this song, “Swerving through the traffic cones/Not sure of where to go/Indecisive and I think/I have problems with control/Press my face in wet cement/I still don’t think I’m better yet/I swore I’d live without regret/But I pass up every chance I get.”  He goes on to sing in the song’s second verse, “Sprinting through my nightmares/Of being by myself/I cling to everyone I see/I’m a constant call for help/Maybe I’m outdated/But at least I’m not complacent/I count up my accomplishments/While you drown in your incompetence.”  Once again, this comes across as someone battling him/her self.  This time though, the song’s subject seems to have a little bit more confidence, realizing that despite his/her own problems, he/she is not as bad off as someone else.

‘Hair,’ the EP’s second song, is yet another work that clearly addresses the theme of following one’s dreams.  While at its heart, it comes across as another song about a broken relationship, it also comes across as a confident work of sorts.  That is because it seems to find the song’s subject realizing that in order to move past that broken relationship, one must let go and move on.  This is inferred as Lauletti sings, “We both said some things/We can’t take them back/You were there//I saw you sleeping and your hair was soaking wet/I can’t take you back/Can’t take you back/I know you want it.”  This comes across as someone making that realization once and for all that it is for the best to just move on.  If one releases the past, even in the matter of personal relationships.  That is because in letting go and moving forward, one will be able to focus more on other matters in life.  Once again, kudos are in order for the band in this element.

For all of the positive that the EP’s lyrical content does for its presentation, the EP is not perfect. Musically speaking, I Swear The Light Won’t Fade does not exactly break any new ground either for the band or for the emo-punk community.  The band plays it safe from start to finish here, creating six musical arrangements that stay very much in the same vein as the band’s previous works.  On another level, the songs will appeal once again to fans of Boys Like Girls, Knuckle Puck, The Wonder Years, Hawthorne Heights, Dashboard Confessional and other similar style acts.  Simply put, the band does not provide much new to its musical landscape with this EP’s arrangements.  In its defense, it is not the only band to ever take this track.  This happens in every one of rock’s sub-genres, and even in other genres across the musical universe.  In many of those cases it has worked well.  However, it has also served to keep those acts in a very set place within the acts’ given musical communities, rather than making them stand out.  To that end, comparing the band’s latest musical offerings to what it has previously offered listeners, it is difficult to say that there is anything here that truly stands out and sets the band apart from its contemporaries.  Again, the band’s most devoted fans will likely overlook this, but in the bigger picture of the punk and emo-punk realms, it is not something that will help the record in the long run.

While the arrangements in whole do not do a lot to make From States Away’s new EP stand out, the negative raised by those arrangements is the EP’s only negative.  The record’s production is another positive worth noting.  It can be said of each of the record’s four songs that each musician’s part is well-balanced.  The record’s opener, again, is one song that can be cited to support this statement.  Lauletti’s vocals are thankfully not lost in the somewhat contemplative, “airy” portions of the verses.  In the same breath, the verses’ more driving moments his vocals are just as well balanced against the fullness formed through the dual guitar approach of Bennett Pisaniello and Joey Mascola, the bass work of Brendan Beebe and drummer Taylor Doughty.  If not for the work of those behind the glass, that conglomeration would have been little more than a cacophonic, unbalanced mass.  To that end, the attention to balance all of those elements deserves its share of credit.

The incorporation of the Nightmare on Elm Street musical element to open ‘Elm Street’ At the same time, it was maybe a little bit too muffled and jumbled.  It would have been nice to have had more clarity in that moment, even despite the clearly intended emotional effect.  Another item to note is the incorporation of the “orchestral” elements in ‘Stalling Out.’  A close listen reveals those elements are not actual strings.  However, their inclusion, and the subtlety in their use adds even more impact to the song’s arrangement.  Again, the attention to that subtlety by those behind the glass is to thank for that balance.  It is yet another way in which the EP’s production shines.  When it is considered along with so many other items that can be noted in longer discussions, and that of the lyrical themes presented throughout the record, the whole of the EP makes its presentation such that the EP will still appeal to the band’s target audiences.  That is even with the issues raised in the record’s musical arrangements.

From States Away’s new EP I Swear This Light Won’t Fade is a good new effort from the independent New York-based emo-punk outfit.  That is thanks in large part to its lyrical content, which does do a respectable job of illustrating the EP’s overall theme of pursuing one’s dreams, despite life’s emotional obstacles.  The record’s songs do not break any new ground for the band or for the emo-punk/punk realms.  However, the band can be forgiven for that, considering that plenty of acts across the musical universe take similar paths.  This includes acts that are far more established than From States Away.  The EP’s production shows particular attention was put into the creation of each song.  That attention plays a key role in making the arrangements, while maybe not the most original, still appealing to the band’s most devoted fans, and to the most devoted emo and pop punk audiences in general.  Each item is important in its own right to the whole of I Swear This Light Won’t Fade.  All things considered, the noted listeners will find the EP worth at least one listen.  I Swear This Light Won’t Fade is available now.  More information on the EP is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at

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Slayer Announces Dates For Final World Tour: Leg Five

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

Slayer’s worldwide farewell tour will officially run into summer 2019.

The band announced the dates for Leg Five of its final world tour on Monday.  Leg Five will bring the band back to North America for a series of dates through May, starting May 2 and running through May 25.  Lamb of God, Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse will serve as support for the tour.

The band’s new dates are noted below. The announcement follows the recent announcement of the sixth leg of the tour, which will take Slayer across Europe during June and July.  Those dates — and those of Leg Four — are included with the dates for Leg Five.

Leg Four:  Australia Japan South Pacific
(Anthrax and Behemoth will support on headline dates) 

7   Brisbane Riverstage Brisbane Australia
9   Download Festival Sydney Australia
11  Download Festival Melbourne Australia
15  Eventfinda Stadium Auckland New Zealand
17  Horncastle Arena Christchurch New Zealand
21  Download Festival Chiba Prefecture Japan
23  Pulp Summer Slam Manila Philippines

Leg Five:  North America
(Lamb of God, Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse will support on all dates) 

2   Ak-Chin Amphitheatre Phoenix AZ
3   Isleta Amphitheatre Albuquerque NM
5   UTEP/Don Haskins Center El Paso TX
7   Bert Ogden Arena Edinburg TX
8   The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory Dallas TX
10  MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre Tampa FL
11  Coral Sky Amphitheatre West Palm Beach Florida
13  Big Sandy Superstore Arena Huntington WVa
14  Merriweasther Post Pavilion Columbia MD
16  Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center Noblesville IN
17  Providence Medical Center Amphitheatre Bonner Springs KS
19  DTE Energy Mush Center Clarkston MI
20  Covel Centre Youngstown OH
22  Canadian Tire Centre Ottawa ON  CANADA
24  BB&T Pavilion Camden NJ
25  Xfinity Center Mansfield MA

Leg Six:  Europe(Support acts for headline dates TBA)

4  Arena Gilwice Gilwice Poland
6  Sweden Rock Solvesborg Sweden
8  Rock Am Ring Nurburgring Germany
9  Rock Im Park Nurnberg Germany
11  Sports Arena Budapest Hungary
13  Leipzig Arena Leipzig Germany
14  Nova Rock Nickelsdorf Austria
Weekend of June 14-16
Download Donington Park UK
19  Arena Geneva Switzerland
21  Graspop Metal Meeting Dessel Belgium
23  Hellfest Clisson France25  Tipsport Arena Prague Czechoslovakia
28  Tons of Rock Oslo Norway
29  Tuska Open Air Helsinki Finland

July 3-6
Resurrection Festival Viviero Spain
5   VOA Heavy Rock Festival Lisbon Portugal
7   Rock The Castle Verona Italy
10  Metalheadmeeting Bucharest Romania
11  Airport Park Sofia Bulgaria
13  Rockwave Festival Athens Greece
Weekend of July 27-28*
Heavy Montreal Parc Jean-Drapeau Montreal QC

3  Messegelande Balingen Germany

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Teixeira, ESPN Reach Agreement On Contract Extension

Courtesy: ESPN

Mark Teixeira is sticking with ESPN.

The MLB great, who is a three-time American League All-Star and member of the 2009 World Series Champion New York Yankees, has signed a new multi-year agreement with ESPN.  The network made the announcement in a news release sent Monday.

Teixeira’s new deal ensures that he will remain an analyst on ESPN’s Baseball TonightSunday Night Countdown for the foreseeable future.  The program precedes ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball each week throughout Major League Baseball’s season.  The contract also ensures he will serve as analyst for other ESPN baseball programs, such as Opening Day, Winter Baseball Meetings and World Series.

Teixeira was humble as he talked about his new contract in a recent interview.

“I have the coolest job in baseball,” Teixeira said. “I’m fortunate to work with so many great colleagues and friends at ESPN, who are deeply committed to covering the sport we all love with passion and expertise.  I’m so happy to be part of this team.”

ESPN Vice President, Production Seth Markman shared  Teixeira’s positive thoughts.

“Mark is a consummate professional who elevates our show every time he appears,” Markman said.  “He’s smart, cadid and an excellent communicator, and his passion for the game is evident.  We’re proud to have Mark here at ESPN.”

Along with his work on ESPN’s MLB coverage, Teixeira will also contribute to SportsCenter and will make appearances on ESPN Radio’s programming, including ESPN Radio 98.7’s The Michael Kay Show.

Over the course of his Major League Baseball career, Teixeira — a switch-hitting First Baseman — hit 409 home runs, batted in 1,298 runs and won five Golden Gloves.  He retired at the end of Major League Baseball’s 2016 season and joined ESPN’s on-air roster at the start of the league’s 2017 season.

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Trout Announces New Live Date

Courtesy: Rouge Records

Independent rock band Trout has announced a new live date.

The Detroit, MI-based trio is scheduled to close out the year with a performance Dec. 28 at Small’s Bar in Hamtramck, MI.  The performance is in support of the band’s new self-titled album, which was released this fall via Rouge Records.

Trout is available now on a new vinyl pressing direct from Rouge Records and digitally via Apple Music.  The band’s album is also streaming in whole via Spotify.

The album’s track listing is noted below.

Track Listing:
​1. Invisible Wound
2. Mean Woman Algonac Blues
3. Red Flag Blues
4. The Great Southern Psycho Dance
5. It Happens Every Night
6. I Can Count On You
7. No Use In Wondering Why
8. Flames

Trout formed in 2016 in Detroit, MI.  The group is led by front man and lead guitarist Pete Pete Geloso.  Bassist Kyle Grawbarger and drummer Kyle Shelest round out the band’s lineup.  Longtime collaborator Scott Jasmund was recently added to the band’s lineup to assist with guitars and organs.

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ESPN Inks Deal With Champion For MLS Broadcasts

Courtesy: ESPN

ESPN has added a famous new name to its Major League Soccer broadcast staff.

British broadcaster Jon Champion will be the new play-by-play voice for the network’s MLS coverage.  Champion has become one of the most well-known and respected soccer anchors overseas thanks to his coverage of the English Premiere League and various other top global football events over the past 30 years.

Champion will take the reins of the network’s MLS coverage beginning with the 2019 season.  He will be joined by top analyst Taylor Twellman to round out the network’s team.

Champion said in an interview that he is looking forward to taking the next step in his broadcasting career.

“I am thrilled to be joining ESPN on a full-time basis to cover MLS and the other soccer properties now in the company’s growing portfolio,” Champion said. “It’s a big adventure to move my family to the U.S., and a personal personal challenge after more than 30 years covering the sport in Europe.  I’ve really enjoyed working on MLS on my frequent visits, and now I get the chance to call the matches on a weekly basis and to relate the whole story as the league enters an exciting phase of its development.”

He added, “I’m also looking forward to working with Taylor Twellman, who has carved out such a strong reputation as an analyst.  Taylor and I have had great fun when we’ve worked together in the past, and it will be great to develop that rapport further.”

ESPN Senior Coordinating Producer Amy Rosenfeld shared her excitement about Champion’s addition to the network’s on-air roster.

“Jon is one of the most beloved voices in soccer, so we are thrilled that fans in the U.S. who have enjoyed his commentary during major global tournaments on ESPN will now have the opportunity to hear him weekly on Major League Soccer.”

Champion’s new contract marks his second run with ESPN.  He previously worked for ESPN UK as the network’s lead football commentator, covering the English Premiere League, UEFA Europa League and the FA Cup Final from 2009-’13.

He joined ESPN in the United States in 2014 as play-by-play commentator for the World Cup in Brazil. the broadcast was Champion’s first international soccer event for an American audience.  The result of that work led to work on the 2016 UEFA European Championship in France, UEFA’s World Cup Qualifying matches and the 2017 International Champions Cup (ICC), during which he served as the English-language voice of El Clasico Miami, the first-ever meeting in North America between Spain’s Barcelona FC and Real Madrid.

Champion also called the FIFA World Cup in South Africa while on loan from ESPN.  He was joined by ESPN FC analyst and former Scotland National player Craig Burley for the tournament’s coverage.  It was one of eight FIFA World Cup tournaments that Champion covered.

Champion started his broadcasting career with BBC Radio in the 1980s. He covered his first World Cup tournament at the age of 25.  He joined BBC TV’s iconic program Match of the Day in 1995.  In 2001, he moved to ITV, where he called games in the English Premiere League, UEFA Champions League and seven League Cup Finals.

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