Disciples Of Verity Debuts ‘Worthy’ Lyric Video

Hard rock/metal outfit Disciples of Verity debuted the video for its new single this week.

The band — Corey Glover (Living Colour, Bowie Experience), George Pond (ex-Negative Sky), Danny Puma (Negative Sky) Corey Pierce (ex-God Forbid) and Mark Monjoy (Sekond Skyn) — released the lyric video for their song ‘Worthy’ Thursday through Revolver magazine.  The song is the lead single from the group’s forthcoming album Pragmatic Sanction, which is scheduled for release later this year through The Label Group and INgrooves. The album’s exact release date will be announced soon.

‘Worthy’ features guest guitar work by Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, Nevermore).  Loomis’ Nevermore influences are clear in this song alongside Glover’s vocals.  Glover said in a recent interview, the song is lyrically a work that presents a message of overcoming feelings of personal adversity.

“No matter what you’re going through as long as you’re breathing and still here to see another day, it is another chance,” he said.  “Being worthy though, that is the rub you are always trying to figure out.  The heart and mind play against each other.  Your mind says you aren’t good enough, but your heart knows you are worthy.  That said, I am here for a reason.  I am ‘WORTHY!'”

Courtesy: The Label Group/INgrooves/TAG Publicity

More information on Disciples of Verity and the band’s new lyric video is available online now at http://www.facebook.com/Disciplesofverity.

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Dave Ellefson Debuts ‘Sleeping Giants’ Video

Courtesy: Combat Records/EMP Label Group

Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson released his solo debut album last month, and this week, debuted the video for the album’s lead single.

Ellefson, who also heads EMP Label Group, debuted the video Sleeping Giants‘ lead single Friday.  the video features guest appearances from Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Bumblefoot, Ilias Papadakis (Memorain), Steve Conley (Flotsam  and Jetsam) and Ellefson’s fellow EMP Label Group head Tom Hazaert.

Ellefson talked about the collaboration in a recent interview.

“It was truly an honor to collaborate with DMC, and I think the track came out great,” he said.  “When Thom and DMC wanted to do a collaboration with us, I instantly thought of ‘Sleeping Giants.’  When he [McDaniels] came out to Revolution in Amityville to perform with us and shoot the video, it was an awesome energy.  I think everyone there got a show they won’t ever forget.”

Hazaert expanded on Ellefson’s comments.

“David had all these great instrumental songs laying around, and ‘Sleeping Giants’ was one of them,” he said.  “He suggested I write and record some vocal parts for them, so I called up DMC andasked if he’d want to collaborate with us on a track, and we got to work.  I’ve always loved off-the-wall metal/hip-hop collaborations (E.g. ‘Judgement Night’ — from Onyx and Biohazard) and I think ‘Giants’ definitely draws from that.  The song and video both ended up with a really cool aggressive, old-school New York hardcore/hip-hop feel.  In my book, it doesn’t get any more legendary than Run DMC.  This was definitely one for the history books.”

The video for ‘Sleeping Giants’ was shot on location in Amityville, NY and the Salton Sea in California.  Hazaert and Melody Myers co-directed the video.  It was filmed and edited by Myers/Designed by Melody (Altitudes and Attitude, Escape The Fate).

Sleeping Giants was released July 19 through EMP Label Group and Combat Records.  The record is a compilation of new music from Ellefson as well as demos and previously unreleased material that spans Ellefson’s career outside that with Megadeth.

One of those previously unreleased tracks is the song ‘If You Were God,’ which features a guest appearance from John Bush (Anthrax, Armored Saint).  The CD version features a bonus compilation of artists and songs that are in the EMP and Combat Records stables.

More information on Dave Ellefson’s new video and album is available online now along with all of his latest news at:


Website: http://www.davidellefson.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/davidellefson

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ellefsondavid


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Yankees, Mariners Open Three-Game Series Monday Night Live On ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

ESPN’s Monday Night Baseball presented by USAA will feature a matchup of first versus worst and East vs. West Monday night in an American League inter-divisional showdown

The  Seattle Mariners (55-75) will host the New York Yankees (84-47) in a three-game series.  The Mariners sit in last place in the American League West while the Yankees sit atop the American League East, eight games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Seattle great Ken Griffey Jr. will serve as a guest analyst for Monday night’s broadcast, which is scheduled to start at 10 p.m. ET.  He will join Dave Fleming and analyst Eduardo Perez for the broadcast.  Fleming will have the call for the game while Perez will also serve as an analyst for the telecast.

Monday night marks the second time this season that Griffey, who played 13 seasons for Seattle, has served as a guest analyst on ESPN’s Major League Baseball coverage.  Griffey and Perez both come from MLB “royal blood.”  Griffey’s father, Ken Griffey Sr. and Perez’s father Tony Perez were both members of Cincinnati’s famed “Big Red Machine.”

Ken Griffey Jr. eventually made his way back to Cincinnati during the later years of his career before retiring in 2010 as a member of the Reds organization.  Shortly after his retirement, ESPN announced Griffey was added to the network’s on-air talent roster for its MLB coverage.

Griffey collected 630 home runs over the course of his 22-year career.  He also was a 13-time All-Star, a 10-time Gold Glove winner and an American League M.V.P.  He was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in 2016 and is a member of the Reds and Mariners’ Halls of Fame.

The starting pitchers for each team were not listed on MLB’s official website as of Sunday afternoon.  The Yankees are 35-27 on the road so far this year while the Mariners are 28-37 at home.  At the same time, the Yankees are 4-6 in their last 10 games while the Mariners are 6-4 in their last 10 games.

Both teams fell in their most recent games on Saturday, the Yankees falling to the Los Angeles Dodgers 2-1.  The loss followed a 10-2 win by the Yankees over the Dodgers in that series’ opener, making Sunday’s game the rubber match in that series.

The Mariners meanwhile fell to Toronto Saturday 7-5 after defeating the Blue Jays Friday 7-4, making the teams’ game Sunday afternoon the rubber match in that series, too.

More information on Monday’s game between the Mariners and Yankees is available online now along with all of the latest MLB headlines at:


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Viewers Of All Ages Will “Celebrate” PBS Distribution’s New ‘Arthur’ DVD

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution

United we stand and divided we fall.  Sadly, it is seeming more and more like America (and the world) is on the brink of falling because we have become so divided by religions, political views and rhetoric.  To that end, PBS Distribution and PBS Kids’ latest Arthur DVD Arthur Celebrates Community – released just last month – could not have come at a better time.  The DVD features eight episodes from the series that promote community unity in eight very different ways.  That variety of topics is one of the most important and notable aspects of the DVD and will be addressed shortly. While the episodes each promote community through their own unique fashion, they also serve as starting points for discussions on the various topics, another key aspect of the DVD that will be addressed a little later.  Keeping all of this in mind, the DVD’s average price range makes it a DVD that proves to be yet another welcome addition to the library of any family and educator.  Keeping all of this in mind, Arthur Celebrates Community proves to be a presentation that many audiences will themselves celebrate.

PBS Distribution/PBS Kids’ latest Arthur DVD Arthur Celebrates Community is a presentation that many viewers will celebrate.  That is due in pat to the many ways in which its episodes promote that community unity.  The whole thing opens with the much-talked about episode “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” which is a story that addresses the issue of gay marriage.  The very topic is something that has been extremely divisive in America today, yet is becoming more accepted.  This episode serves to continue the fight to make it even more accepted as well as those who are within that community.  “The Feud,” which immediately follows that episode, encourages people to not let disputes between two people to infect their own views and spread like some disease.  Considering what is going on in America today because of Donald Trump, this message of maintaining community and unity is completely relevant and important.  Much the same applies to “When Rivals Came To Roost,” as it reminds us that we cannot let stereotypes and things of the past keep us divided.  Again, here is a key message celebrating community and unity.  “The Longest eleven Minutes” presents a unique message of community as it reminds audiences of the dangers of becoming so reliant on the internet because of how it has truly separated and dehumanized us.  “Muffy’s House Guests” turns things even more as it presents more of a message of biological and ecological unity.  Muffy wants to evict the peregrine falcons who have made a home outside her home, but she learns in the long run, the importance that they play in the Earth’s bigger community.  The tone changes slightly in “Binky Can’t Always Get What He Wants” as Binky learns a key lesson that sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  That theme continues in “Muffy’s Car Campaign” as she and her friends learn about the impact of locally sourced resources versus those sourced from far away.  “Truth Or Poll” goes back to the issue of politics as it points out the negative impact that polls and statistics can have on community.  It approaches the topic in a way that is accessible for viewers of all ages, too.  All of these episodes considered, it is clear how they all follow the same theme of promoting community and unity by relation.  The fact that they follow that one central theme, but in so many ways, makes for plenty of reason for viewers to watch this DVD from start to finish.  The commonality of the episodes’ stories, in terms of their theme, is just one key aspect of the DVD.  The fact that the varied stories serve as their own starting points for so many topics makes the DVD even more appealing for viewers.

“The Longest Eleven Minutes” is a key example of how the episodes serve as that starting point. In an age when everything is digital and people have come to expect instant gratification and have seemingly forgotten about the beauty of the world, etc. this story is a good stepping stone to remind people of how humans survived prior to the digital age.  It reminds viewers that it is possible to survive without so much technology, too.  That Arthur’s father was listening to music on a radio instead of an ipad, a cell phone, etc. is proof positive of that.  “Muffy’s Car Campaign” and “Binky Can’t Always Get What He Wants” serve collectively as a good starting point for a discussion about putting others’ needs before their own.  Such discussions can lead to discussions about the importance of sharing and considering others’ thoughts and feelings.  “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone” serves as that starting point for discussions on the fact that not everyone is the same and that accepting one another’s differences will help make our global community so much better.  “The Feud” and “When Rivals Came To Roost” serves to remind viewers that words can be very powerful, especially when they are words of hurt and stereotyping.  This is something with which we as a people deal with even today in the real world.  It’s just one more way in which the stories featured on this disc show their importance not just for their stories but for what the stories can do in terms of creating whole new discussions among viewers.  Keeping all of this in mind, this DVD proves to have some very engaging and enjoyable content.  That content makes the DVD’s average price point money well-spent

The average price point for Arthur Celebrates Community is $5.99.  That price is determined by averaging prices from Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Books-A-Million and PBS’ store.  At the time of this review’s posting, it was not listed through Walmart.  The most expensive of the listings is at PBS’ store and at Books-A-Million, at $6.99 while the least expensive listing is at Amazon and Target at $4.69.  Best Buy ($5.99) is the midpoint of the price range while Barnes & Noble Booksellers’ listing of $6.58 is just under the most expensive listing.  Regardless of which retailer one uses, the fact of the matter is that a portion of the sales will still go to benefit PBS in its efforts to continue to entertain and educate audiences of all ages.  It does that and more with this DVD, whose average price point doesn’t even reach $10.  Considering that the breadth and depth of the DVD’s content, that is a rather admirable aspect.  Keeping this in mind, it joins with that noted content to show even more why Arthur Celebrates Community is such a positive new release from PBS Distribution and PBS Kids.  It shows even more why viewers of all ages will celebrate the DVD, which is available now.

Arthur Celebrates Community is another positive new addition to PBS Distribution’s ongoing series of Arthur DVDs.  That is proven in part through the eight episodes that make up the body of the DVD.  The stories each follow the DVD’s central theme of community unity, all in different ways.  The discussions that the stories can start among viewers of all ages add to the DVD’s appeal, as noted here.  The combination of the stories and those discussions that they can create makes the DVD’s average price point of less than $10 well worth spending as it is certain viewers will find themselves watching all eight of the DVD’s episodes time and again and discussing their content plenty, too.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of Arthur Celebrates Community.  All things considered, they make the DVD a presentation that audiences of all ages will celebrate.  More information on the DVD is available along with lots of printables, activities, games and more at:




Website: http://www.pbskids.org/arthur

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArthurPBS




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‘Jazz And Art’ Paints A Wonderful Picture For Jazz, Art Lovers Alike

Courtesy: Blue Engine Records

The realms of visual and musical arts are two completely different worlds.  One creates pleasure for audiences through the eyes and the other does so through the ears.  That being the case, it makes sense that attempts by anyone to bridge the two mediums have been rare throughout each realm’s modern history.  Early last month though, Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra built that bridge with their new studio recording.  Aptly titled Jazz And Art, the 10-song album presents a series of compositions that are inspired by a select group of visual artists and their works.  That concept builds the foundation for the 55-minute recording and will be addressed more in-depth shortly.  The arrangements themselves are just as noteworthy as the album’s concept, and will be addressed a little later.  The record’s production rounds out its most important elements and will also be addressed later.  Each item noted here is important in its own right to the whole of the recording.  All things considered, they make this new effort from the group a piece that will appeal to fans of the musical and visual arts alike.

Jazz And Art, the latest full-length studio recording from Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, is a work that will unite lovers of the visual and musical arts.  That is due in part to the concept at the heart of the album.  The concept behind the album is the union of the two realms through the creation of songs inspired by a group of visual artists and their works.  It sounds like a bit of a stretch, but is in fact a very smart move.  By creating compositions inspired by artists and their works, the record serves as an entrance into the world of visual art for those who might otherwise have never taken the first step into that world.  It will inspire those listeners to conduct their own research into the artists and paintings in question, which can in turn potentially lead to a new interest and discussions on the noted artists and their works.  The same applies to art lovers who perhaps have never ventured into the jazz realm, opting instead to take in the landscapes painted with brushes instead of with instruments.  Regardless of whether it influences one side, the other, or both, the concept of marrying musical and visual art proves to be a smart move, considering the gap that exists between the two worlds.  It creates a strong foundation for this record.  Building on that foundation and making it stronger are the arrangements themselves.

The arrangements that make up the body of Jazz And Art are important to note in part because of their diversity.  From start to end, listeners get something different with each composition.  There are blues elements featured in the album, as well as big band influences and even some African influence.  The whole thing opens with a trio of works influenced by artist Stuart Davis.  Interestingly enough, Davis was himself inspired by jazz in creating his works during the 1940s and 50s.  All three works are fitting considering the paintings from which they rose.  ‘Mellow Pad,’ with its varied instrumentation – muted trumpet, drums, piano and saxophones – is just as active even in its subtleties as Davis’ painting.  ‘Garage Lights,’ meanwhile presents a rather blues-gospel tinged composition that, when set alongside Davis’ painting, conjures thoughts of perhaps New Orleans.  That is because New Orleans is itself a port town and is steeped in blues and gospel influences.  ‘New York’ meanwhile does its own positive job of capturing the essence of Davis’ painting by the same name.  The light piano line and time keeping echo quite well, the energy exuded in the painting’s colors and lines.  What’s more, it also echoes (on a completely different note) the works of the one and only Vince Guaraldi at times and even Henry Mancini with its horns.  The compositions influenced by painter Winslow Homer (who was known largely for his marine landscapes) offer their own intrigue.  ‘Homer’s Blues’ conjures thoughts of certain songs from the West Side Story soundtrack with its hard bop sound.  The painting that the song’s energy seems to echo is “Snap The Whip,” which he painted in 1872.  The painting features a group of young boys playing a game, aptly titled “Snap The Whip.”  The happiness on the boys’ faces embodies the painting’s purpose of showing the possibilities of the future at the time and the happiness that those thoughts brought about.  This is all of course just this critic’s interpretation.  Obviously jazz was not a thing at all in the late 1800s, but, the positive energy in the painting and the song seem to work well together.  Meanwhile, “Homer’s Waltz” mirrors so many of his noted marine landscapes with its gentle, reserved melody.  ‘Air Earth Fire Water,’ with its cross of Afro-Cuban instrumentation and American jazz elements does well to illustrate the story of the Orishas, which are – in much African lore – emissaries of God.  According to the lore, the Orishas control the forces of nature and everything that mankind does.  Many paintings of the Orishas have been painted over the years, depicting each being and what its role.  It stands out quite starkly from its fellow arrangements just as much as they do from one another.  All of the arrangements noted here and the rest of the record’s works come together to paint their own vivid picture that when considered along with the record’s approach, makes the album that much more enjoyable for audiences.  It is not the last of the album’s most notable elements.  Its production rounds out its most important elements.

The production that went into Jazz And Art is important to note because of how much is going on within each of the songs.  ‘Air, Earth, Fire, Water’ is just one of the songs that serves to illustrate this aspect.  The multitudinous instrumentation here means that there is quite a bit going on, but those behind the boards managed to capture it all.  The Afro-Cuban drums, the horns and every other instrument gets its own time in the limelight, with no one part overpowering the other at any point in the song.  ‘Blue Twirl,’ which comes almost halfway through the record’s run, is another example of the importance of the album’s production.  There is just as much going on here as in the album’s other entries, but in a completely unexpected fashion.  There are so many dynamic changes, as well as elements and moods throughout.  Again, those behind the glass managed to capture the full essence of that diversity.  The end result is a song that is one of the album’s best works.  Simply put, it is clear in listening through each of the album’s 10 songs that much time and effort was put into balancing each song’s arrangement and related instrumentation for the maximum impact.  The result of that work is a record that,  from start to end, is just as impressive for its production as for its concept and varied arrangements.  All things considered, they make Jazz And Art a work that will certainly appeal just as much to fans of the jazz world as to art lovers.

The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra’s new album Jazz And Art,  recorded with Wynton Marsalis is a strong new effort from the organization.  That is due in part to its approach.  The album merges the worlds of musical and visual arts for a whole that will serve as an educational tool as well as an entertainment tool.  The varied arrangements do just as much to make the album engaging and entertaining as its very concept.  The record’s production shows a lot of time and effort was put in to make sure the finished production would appeal to every listener.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the album’s presentation.  All things considered, they make Jazz And Art its own wonderful musical  work of art that will appeal to listeners from the worlds of Jazz and art.  More information on Jazz And Art is available online now along with all of the latest news from the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra at:




Website: http://jazz.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jazzatlincolncenterorchestra

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jazzdotorg




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‘This Island Earth’ Re-Issue Is Another Must For Science Fiction, Classic Movie Buffs Alike

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Universal International

Universal International’s 1955 science-fiction flick This Island Earth is one of the most notable entries in the genre.  That is because up until that point, no movie within the genre had to that point, taken viewers into the cosmos.  Every movie within the genre had instead seen beings from other worlds come to Earth.  That and the movie’s overall story makes the movie interesting in its own right.  Now thanks to Shout! Factory, viewers will get to enjoy that collective content for themselves in a new Blu-ray re-issue of the timeless sci-fi classic.  That noted element will be discussed shortly.  The bonus content featured in the movie’s recent re-issue strengthens its presentation even more and will be addressed a little later.  Considering the breadth and depth of the movie’s bonus content and the engagement and entertainment offered through the movie’s main story, its average price point proves to be money well-spent.  It will be discussed later, too.  Each item noted here is important in its own way to the whole of this movie’s re-issue.  All things considered, This Island Earth proves to be one more of this year’s top new DVD/BD re-issues.

Shout! Factory’s recent re-issue of Universal International’s This Island Earth is one more of this year’s top new BD/DVD re-issues.  That is due in part to the movie’s central story.  As already noted, the movie was — in its debut — the only sci-fi flick of its kind.  It was the only one that took its characters into outer space instead of bringing the aliens solely to Earth.  It would not be until a year later when Forbidden Planet made its debut that another science fiction flick would take viewers into the cosmos.  This is just one important aspect of the story.  The fact that it stays largely true to its literary source material (which is noted in the movie’s bonus content) adds even more enjoyment to the story.  Given, there are variances, but the fact that its so commonplace today for moviemakers and script writers to change so much from the printed page to the big screen makes that loyalty even more deserving of respect.  That is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg that is the importance of the movie’s story.  Whether it was intentional or not, the story presents itself as an anti-war allegory.  That allegory is presented as Dr. Meacham and Dr. Adams are swept away to a war-ravaged planet that is on the verge of being destroyed because of the war.  The interstellar voyage happens after the duo is made to help Exeter and a group of other scientists develop a death ray of sorts.  The group has no clue that they are making the ray for the purpose of the Metalunans’ war on their home planet.  There is also the whole discussion on nuclear power and its dangers, especially with warfare.  Again, these discussions may not have been intentional statements about the dangers of warfare, but they are most definitely there.  The thing is that even if the message is intentional, it doesn’t come across in the preachy fashion of so many other message movies of its time and even those that have come along since.  To that end, it makes the story all the more enjoyable.  For all of the enjoyment that the movie’s story brings viewers, the story is not the movie’s only source of entertainment.  The bonus content featured with the movie’s recent re-issue provides its own engagement and entertainment for audiences.

The bonus content that accompanies This Island Earth’s recent re-issue adds its own engagement and entertainment because of the background that it develops for the movie.  Author/ visual effects specialist Robert Skotak’s feature-length audio commentary is the most notable of the movie’s bonuses.  Skotak delves into a variety of topics throughout the course of the movie’s 86-minute run time, such as the story’s noted loyalty to its source material, the principal photography and the use of the infamous Metalunan mutant.  Skotak notes in his discussion that while much of the movie does stay loyal to the original book from it was adapted, it does reach a point late in its nearly 90-minute run where some variances start to appear, though the majority of the movie stays largely true to the original literary work.  The note of the principal photography is interesting in its own right because of what Skotak reveals here.  He notes that the scenes that were supposed to be shot in Washington, D.C. were in fact filmed in California.  He notes that much work had to be done in order to hide the hills in the distance in said scenes so as to maintain suspension of disbelief.  That makes for a certain level of appreciation for that work.  In terms of the mutant, Skotak reveals that while it has become a fan favorite in the decades since the movie’s debut, it almost did not make the final cut.  The reasoning for it remaining in the movie will put a smile on any viewer’s face, considering the statements made by so many in the bonus content about how old they were when the movie debuted.  That is the most of the clue that will be given to that item.  Everything noted here is just a preview of everything that Skotak discusses throughout the movie in his commentary.  He also addresses Russell johnson’s performance (Johnson is best known as the Professor from Gilligan’s Island), the matter of the “thermal barrier” and even the use of the “starfield” as a backdrop in the movie’s opening credits.  Between those discussions, the talks more directly addressed here and more, Skotak’s commentary adds quite a bit of insight and enjoyment to the movie.

Skotak’s commentary is just one of the movie’s notable extras.  The bonus “making of” featurette adds its own share of insight and entertainment to the movie.  This featurette includes actual audio of the movie’s cast talking about the work that went into its creation.  Audiences get to hear Faith Domergue (Dr. Adams) talk about how cold the water was in the pond where she and costar Rex Reason shot the car chase scene.  Viewers also hear from Reason about the movie’s production.  As if this is not enough, viewers also learn an interesting tidbit about the “car” in which Reason and Domergue rode in the Metaluna set.  It is revealed here that the car in question was used in the much more lighthearted movie Abbott & Costello Go To Mars.  Considering the heavy nature of This Island Earth and the much lighter feel of Abbott & Costello Go To Mars, that contrast makes for a good laugh for any viewer.  All of this is just a small sampling of what the “making of” featurette reveals to viewers.  There are more revelations about Domergue’s place in Hollywood when she signed on to star in This Island Earth, the marketing for the movie and even the Metalunan Brack.

The revelations made in the “making of” featuette are still not the end of the interest generated by the movie’s bonus content.  Film historian David Schecter’s audio commentary, which is not feature length, focuses primarily on the movie’s soundtrack.  It is clear throughout his discussions that he is reading direct from a script, as none of his discussions line up with the movie.  Keeping this in mind, it would have made much more sense to have just given Schecter his own featurette instead of his own audio commentary.  That aside, the things that he reveals in his discussions make for their own interest.  Viewers learn through his commentary, that as with so many of Universal’s classic science fiction flicks, Henry Mancini played a role in this movie’s soundtrack, but never got a credit for his work.  The same applied for the soundtrack’s lead composer Herman Stein.  According to Schecter, Stein never received the credit that he deserved, either.  On another note (no pun intended), Schecter reveals that the movie featured 31 minutes of original soundtrack music, which is far less than the movie’s 86-minute run time.  That means there was a lot of recycled music.  Despite that, the discussions on the original compositions makes for more appreciation for that original music.  Between all of these noted discussions, those on the making of This Island Earth and the back story of the movie, the bonus content in whole makes this latest re-issue of This Island Earth that much more enjoyable for classic movie buffs and sci-fi fans across the board.  When it is considered along with the movie’s deep story, the whole of that primary and secondary content makes the movie’s average price point a cost that every one of those noted viewers will be okay with paying.

The average price point of Shout! Factory’s re-issue of This Island Earth is $23.69.  That price is obtained by averaging prices listed at Shout! Factory’s store, that of Amazon, Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Walmart.  It was not listed at Target, Best Buy and Books-A-Million at the time of this review’s posting.  Walmart’s listing of $21.96 is the least expensive of the movie’s listings, while Shout! Factory’s is barely more expensive, by only cents at $21.99.  Barnes & Noble Booksellers’ price listing of $26.99  and Amazon’s listing of $23.80 both exceed the noted average price.  Considering that the difference in price between Walmart and Shout! Factory is only pocket change, viewers will not lose out much regardless of which retailer they choose.  What’s more, the amount of content – both in the primary and secondary content – and the type of content that viewers get in this re-issue, that price of roughly $22-$23 with s&h, is a price worth paying.  That is something to which most viewers will agree.  Keeping all of this in mind, the collective average price point of This Island Earth, the movie’s primary content and its secondary content make this re-issue a welcome addition to the library of any classic movie buff and science fiction fan and one of the year’s top  new DVD/BD re-issues.  More information on this and other titles available from Shout! Factory is available online now at:




Website: http://www.shoutfactory.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shoutfactoryofficial

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ShoutFactory




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Ala.ni Announces Sophomore Album Is Coming; Debuts Videos For Two Of Album’s Songs

Courtesy: Missing Piece Group

Ala.ni announced this week she will release her sophomore album ACCA next year.

In anticipation of the album’s coming release, Ala.ni debuted the videos for two of the album’s singles — ‘Differently‘ and ‘Sha La La‘ — this week.  The songs present a much more pop-oriented sound than the jazz-tinged sounds of her 2017 debut album You & I.

According to information in a news release announcing the coming album, ACCA is largely an a capella presentation with minimal instrumentation in each song.  Rocker Iggy Pop and rapper/actor Lakeith Stanfield make appearances on the album, according to the document.

The full track listing for ACCA is noted below. Pre-orders are open now.

1. Differently
2. Le Diplomate (ft. Iggy Pop)
3. Hide
4. Papa
5. Sha La La
6. Bitch
7. All The Things
8. Van P (ft. Lakeith Stanfield)
9. Wales
10. In The Land
11. Away Go

More information on ACCA is available online now along with all of Ala.ni’s latest news and more at:


Website: http://alaniofficial.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alaniofficial

Twitter: http://twitter.com/alaniofficial


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