Shout! Factory To Release Rare ‘Super Sentai’ Series On DVD This Fall

Courtesy: Shout! Factory

Shout! Factory has a special new release headed to DVD this fall for Power Rangers fans.

The home entertainment leader announced Friday that it will release Chojin Sentai JetmanThe Complete Series September 25 on DVD.  The 51-episode series is one of the very few Sentai series to not be adapted to a Power Rangers series.

This series follows the adventures of the Sky Force as it battles the evil Vryam organization bent on inter-dimensional conquest.  The battle is fought by the Sky Force through its own elite squad known as Jetmen thanks to a technology called “birdonic waves.”  There’s a surprise twist late in the series run that will certainly keep viewers engaged involving the series’ main character.  That won’t be revealed here.

Chojin Sentai JetmanThe Complete Series will be available September 25.  It can be pre-ordered online now via Shout! Factory’s online store.  More information on this and other titles from Shout! Factory is available online now at:






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Poag’s Latest LP Proves He Is One Of The Music Industry’s Best Kept Secrets

Courtesy: Danal Music, LLC

Almost two years have passed since independent singer-songwriter Vincent Poag released his most recent album For The Girls.  Later this month, on June 29, that wait will come to an end when he releases his new album Heroes and Demons.  The 10-song record will be released via Danal Music, LLC.  It is a record that will appeal to fans of folk and classic rock.  That is thanks to both the album’s musical and lyrical content, as is evidenced right from the album’s outset in its opener ‘Beautiful Day.’  This song will be discussed shortly.  ‘Young Again’ is another of the songs that serves to support that proves the album’s appeal for classic rock and folk fans.  It will be discussed later.  ‘And The Ocean Rolls’ is yet another example of what makes this record’s appeal so wide-ranging.  It will also be discussed later.  Each song in its own right, proves the album’s appeal.  They are not the only examples of the album’s strength and appeal, though.  The moving war story presented in ‘Sir Nicholas Winton,’ the light vibe of ‘Pipe Play’ and ‘Daisy’ all could be cited, too along with the other four songs not noted here.  All things considered, this record proves in whole to be another win for Vincent Poag.

Vincent Poag’s new full-length album Heroes & Demons is another strong new effort from the independent, New York-based singer-songwriter.  It is a record whose appeal reaches fans of the folk genre and classic rock alike.  Those noted audiences will agree in hearing the album from start to finish that it is a successful effort overall, too.  The album’s opener, ‘Beautiful Day’ is just one of the songs that serves to support those statements.  This is proven through the song’s simple, guitar-driven arrangement.  Its light, upbeat vibe, which is strengthened the accompanying tuba, flute and Poag’s own vocal delivery expertly illustrates the song’s equally positive lyrics.  Poag sings here, “What a beautiful day/With the sun shining bright/Cotton cloud/Sky of blue/And a star-spangled night/You in my arms/Everything going right/Gonna hold onto this/With all my might/What a beautiful day/Not a care in sight/Just a cool, gentle breeze/And it’s feeling so nice/With the one that I love/On a picnic in paradise/Just one of those nights/Where the stars are aligned/Holding your hand like lucky dice/Lucky to be/In love/Lucky to be alive/Just a beautiful day/With you by my side/Holding you close/High on your eyes/You have got me/Completely mesmerized/You’re all that I need/And we still have all night/Somehow I knew/Had to be you/In my life/Never looked back/Never thought twice/One of those days/Every once in a while/Everything going your way/Seeing clearly for miles/And miles/Looking out at the world/through the eyes of a child/One of those days/Where you just have to smile.”  Compared by most to the likes of Bobby McFerrin’s hit single ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy,’ those comparisons are easy.  One could also compare this song both musically and lyrically to works from musical great Randy Newman and – to a lesser extent – Jack Johnson.  It’s a wonderful way to open the album that is certain to put a smile on listeners’ faces.  The comparisons to the noted audiences shows without doubt that previously noted reach, supporting the noted statement of the album’s potential success.  It is just one of the songs included in this record to support those statements.  ‘Young Again’ is another example of what makes this album another strong effort from Vincent Poag.

‘Young Again’ shows in its own way why Heroes & Demons is another strong effort from Poag.  As with the album’s opener, that is due in no small part to its guitar-driven arrangement.  The classic rock style approach taken by Paog instantly lends itself to comparisons with rock the one and only John Fogerty.  In the same breath, one could just as easily make comparisons to the likes of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp.  Paog is not the only one to be credited with having made such comparisons happen.  His fellow musicians – drummer Larry Lelli, organist Kathy Sommer, and bassist/guitarist Matt Anthony – add their own special touch to the song.  The whole of the group’s efforts is one of this record’s highest points, musically speaking.  In terms of its lyrical content, it proves just as interesting as Poag sings, “Once I was invincible/Had to learn things hard/Damn the consequences/Casual disregard/Strapped in destiny’s parachute/Fate upon the wind/Oh, to be young again.”  Immediately, what listeners get here is a familiar topic.  It is someone looking back on his or her life, yearning for those glory days gone by.  Who hasn’t been there?  What’s really interesting here is that Poag and company could so easily have made this into an “oh woe is me” moment.  But instead, they opted to create an air of understanding those days are gone but still wishing they were still here.  Again, this is something to which so many people can relate.  Who out there has not had one of those moments, not sad, but just remembering fondly those days of yore?  That is the feeling that this song exhibits.  This is proven even more in the song’s second verse, in which Poag sings, “Head full of ideals/Champion of the underdog/Feelings unconcealed/Heavy-hearted lover/Bullet for a friend/Oh, to be young again/Mirror on the wall/Don’t you talk to me/Bones might have some aches and pains/But my heart’s 23.”  Once more, this is someone remembering those days gone by with a certain fondness while still yearning to some extent for those days.  It is a nice approach to a familiar topic that continues on into the song’s final verse, too.  Keeping this in mind, the semi-bittersweet vibe of this song – both musically and lyrically – shows once again a certain sensibility about the record’s creative process.  That sensibility again shows what makes the album another strong offering from Poag, and still is not the last of the songs that proves the album’s strength and potential for success.  ‘And The Ocean Rolls,’ the album’s finale, supports those statements.

‘And The Ocean Rolls’ is an intriguing addition to Heroes & Demons because of how much it stands out both musically and lyrically to its counterparts.  One can only assume in listening through this nearly three-and-a-half-minute work that it is a military tribute of sorts thanks to its arrangement.  Between the solid, snare drum-driven march tempo and vibe, choral backing and horns, it comes across as something that would play against a scene from some World War II epic.  He sings of individuals crossing the ocean “in a boat with holes/As the tide flowss/And the ocean rolls.”  He also sings early on in the song of those people crossing the ocean, “When it’s not enough/Can’t depend on luck/Can’t be given up/Things that mean so much/A better life behold/Bells of freedom toll/As the tide flows/And the ocean rolls/Shine us down/A ray/Are we worthy/We aren’t holy/We are only…Help us find the way/To a better day.”  He also sings of having “blind faith,” having “come a long way.”  The powerful final seconds put the finishing touch to the song.  Again, it is only an assumption that this song has anything to do with the military, but considering such lyrical content as noted here, one has to assume even more than Poag is trying to get into the heads of the men who gave all so that the free world could have all.  It is definitely an original and powerful way to do just that if that is indeed what he is trying to do here.  Regardless, Poag and his fellow musicians – Larry Lelli, Frank Vilardi, Andrew porter (all on percussion), Tony Kadleck, Jon Owens (trumpet), Keith O’Quinn, Birch Johnson, Timothy Sessions (trombone), Jake Gluckman, Luke Wroblewski, David Jordan, Nick Massoud (backing vocals) – have presented a story through this song’s musical and lyrical content that is certain to stir listeners in the best way possible and at the same time prove to be one more of the album’s highest points.  Keeping this in mind, it is without doubt one more way in which Heroes & Demons proves to be such a solid album.  When it is considered alongside the other noted songs and those not directly noted here, the end result is the agreement that Heroes & Demons is another successful offering from a singer-songwriter who deserves so much more attention and credit than he has gotten and that he gets now.  It is a work that proves Vincent Poag continues to have a bright future regardless of that support.

Vincent Poag’s new album Heroes & Demons is a strong new effort from a singer-songwriter (and his fellow musicians).  That is because of the course of its 37-minute run time, it clearly exhibits Poag’s songwriting ability as well as his musical ability.  The added music contributed by his fellow musicians in each song deepens the album’s enjoyment even more.  This is evidenced clearly in all three of the songs noted here.  It is made even clearer when those songs are examined along with the rest of the album’s entries.  All things considered, this latest effort from Vincent Poag proves itself with ease to be another viable candidate for any critic’s list of the year’s top new albums overall.  It will be available June 29.  More information on Heroes & Demons is available online now along with all of Poag’s latest news and more at:




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Styx Announces ‘The Mission’ Re-Issue, Tommy Shaw Live Release Dates

Styx has a bunch of news for its fans this summer.

The band is currently on the road on a co-headlining tour with Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.  The tour includes a stop in North Carolina’s capitol city, Raleigh next week at the Coastal Credit Union Music Park at Walnut Creek.  Fellow veteran rock act Tesla is also on the bill as support.  Tickets for that show are available now here.

Courtesy: UMe

Styx’s latest tour run is in support of its latest album, The Mission, which was released June 16, 2017 via UMe.  This summer, the band will have two more reasons for its tour as it re-issues The Mission and as vocalist Tommy Shaw prepares to release his new album.

The Mission is currently scheduled to be re-issued July 27 via Alpha Dog 2T/UMe.  The new re-issue is expected to include a bonus DVD with bonus videos, “making of’ documentary interviews with Tommy Shaw and producer Will Evankovich, music videos for ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ and ‘Radio Silence,’ and three hi-res playback modes and more.  Pre-orders are open now.

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

On June 29, Shaw will release his new live recording Sing For The Day via Eagle Rock Entertainment.  Shaw was joined by the Contemporary Youth Orchestra for the 13-song performance.  Originally recorded in 2016 at the Waetjen Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohhio, the concert — which will be available on CD, Blu-ray and digital platforms — features unique takes on classic Styx and Tommy Shaw songs such as ‘Blue Collar Man,’ ‘Girls With Guns,’ and ‘Too Much Time on My Hands.’

Along with presenting some familiar songs in a new format, the concert also marks the 10th anniversary of Styx’s original 2006 performance with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra.  That performance was captured in the band’s live recording One With EverythingSing For The Day!‘s set list is noted below.  Pre-orders are open now.

SING FOR THE DAY! Track Listing:
1. Overture
2. Girls With Guns
3. Too Much Time On My Hands
4. Fooling Yourself
5. Diamond
6. Crystal Ball
7. Boat On The River
8. Sing For The Day
9. Renegade
10. Man In The Wilderness
11. Come Again
12. High Enough
13. Blue Collar Man
Blu-ray Bonus songs:
Down That Highway
The Great Divide
I’ll Be Coming Home
The Night Goes On

Along with the noted releases, AXS TV will present on June 30, a “Saturday Styx Lineup.”  The broadcast, which starts at 1 p.m. ET, will feature conversations and classic Styx performances.  Shaw and band mates Jame “Jy” Young and Lawrence Gowan will sit down with legendary news man Dan Rather to talk about the band’s history, the writing process an more in “The Big Interview.”

The celebration continues at 2 p.m. as the band joins none other than Sammy Hagar (ex-Van Halen, Chickenfoot, ex-Ronnie Montrose) for a special session backstage at The Venetian in Las Vegas on “Rock and Roll Road Trip With Sammy Hagar.”

At 2:30, AXS TV will air the band’s 2015 recording Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas.  The 18-song set was originally recorded during a performance by the band at said venue in 2014 during its “Soundtrack of Summer” tour.  The recording was released in stores and online September 2, 2016 via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Shaw’s previously noted upcoming performance with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra continues the network’s afternoon-long schedule at 3 p.m. ET.  It all starts over at 5 p.m. ET.

More information on Styx’s forthcoming recordings, its AXS TV schedule, its latest news and more is available online now at:






More information on Shaw’s new live recording and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online now at:






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EMP Label Group Adds Chronus To Its Roster

Courtesy: EMP Label Group

EMP Label Group’s artist roster has grown again.

The company announced this week the signing of Swedish rock outfit Chronus.  Compared by many to the likes of Mastodon, the band originally formed in 2015 in Helsinborg, Sweden. it originally released its self-titled debut album october 31, 2017 via Ellefson Music Productions/SPV.

That album is currently scheduled to be released domestically July 13 via Ellefson’s EMP Label Group.  Fellow Swede, and Soilwork front man Bjorn “Speed” Strid” is likely happy knowing the band has been signed, after praising the group, saying, “the band is ready to go global and someone better sign them before I do.”

The Night Flight Orchestra’s Richard Larsson was just as enthusiastic about Chronus, saying of the band, “Chronus is an incredibly young and competent band that delivers heavy rock on a very skillful level.  Their songs contain great melodies, big choruses and nifty bridges with interesting soundscapes.  I think Chronus will go far; they have all the right tools to succeed!”

The track listing for Chronus’ self-titled debut is noted below.  The lyric video for the album’s singles ‘City of Light‘ is streaming online now along with the official video for ‘Baron.’


White Mountains
Setting Sun
Falling From Apogee
City Of Light
Hold Me (Set Me Free)

More information on Chronus, its self-titled debut album and all of its latest news is available online now at:




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Shout! Factory, NBC Taking Audiences Back To ‘The Good Place’ This Summer

Courtesy: NBC/Shout! Factory

Shout! Factory and NBC are teaming up again to bring audiences the second season of NBC’s hit comedy The Good Place on DVD.

The Good PlaceThe Complete Second Season is currently scheduled for release July 17 in stores and online.  Originally airing this past September (Sept. 20, 2017 to be exact), this 13-episode season follows Eleanor’s continued adventure in the afterlife.

As Season Two opens, everyone’s mind has been wiped because of the events of Season One.  Of course, Eleanor and her friends eventually figure out what’s going on, leading to more mind wipes and things going back and forth.  Eventually, they realize the “good place” is in fact the “bad place.”  Along the way, Michael shows his own character development after realizing increasingly his own failings.  This leads the season’s story to get even more interesting, not to mention the season’s other subplots.  It all leads to a very surprising season finale that is sure to leave audiences talking.

Along with its 13 engaging episodes, Season Two’s home release also includes a handful of bonuses including extended episodes, feature-length commentaries, gag reel and visual effects reel.  The commentaries come from series creator Michael Schur, Executive Producer Drew Goddadrd, Producer Megan Amran and actor Ted Danson.

The Good PlaceThe Complete Second Season can be pre-ordered online now direct via Shout! Factory’s online store.  More information on The Good Place is available online now at:






More information on this and other titles from Shout! Factory is available online now at:






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‘Endeavour: Season 5’ U.S. Release Date Announced

Courtesy: itv/PBS Distribution

itv’s hit crime drama Endeavour wrapped its fifth season this past March, and now Season 5 is coming home for the series’ American audiences.

Public Media Distribution will release Masterpiece Mystery!Endeavour Season 5 July 10.  It will be released on DVD ($39.99) and Blu-ray ($49.99).  In the fifth season of the international hit series, it’s 1968, and turmoil is brewing inside and outside the Cowley Police Station.

As Endeavour Morse takes a new recruit named Fancy (Lewis Peek — PoldarkCurse of the PhoenixDartmoor Killing) under his wing, his current partner, Thursday (Roger Allam — V For VendettaPirates of the CaribbeanOn Stranger TidesThe Wind That Shakes The Barley) is considering retirement.  Organized crime is also on the rise in Oxford, causing plenty of concern for Morse and company.

Season 5 opens with an auction of a famed Faberge Egg at Lonsdale College.  It catches the attention of an international thief — and in turn, the police — upon the report of a failed burglary.  That case turns to an even bigger investigation into a serial killer.  Along the way, Morse ends up taking the aforementioned Fancy under his wing, but not entirely willingly.

In ‘Cartouche,’ the second of Season 5’s episodes, a horror movie filming in Oxford crosses with the investigation into the poisoning of a former detective sergeant as Morse and Thursday are led to a theater in their investigation.  It just so happens that the theater is hosting the stars of that horror film at a special event.  Things take an even more unexpected turn when the theater’s organist is also poisoned, leading the movie’s stars to think an Egyptian  curse is to blame for the poisonings.  The reality though, is much darker.

‘Passenger,’ the season’s third episode follows Endeavour as he investigates a woman’s disappearance, fearing it may be linked to a cold case involving the death of a teenager killed years ago.  Thursday meanwhile, is investigating a truck hijacking that is believed to have been linked to organized crime in the city.

The death of a model following a photoshoot on an army base lies at the center of the season’s fourth episode, ‘Colours.’  Things get even more complicated when Sam Thursday — the son of Morse’s partner — is implicated in the model’s death, leading him to be sidelined.  DS Jim Strange takes Thursday’s place during the investigation.  Tensions rise between the pair during the investigation, especially after a second model is found dead and more secrets are revealed.

‘Quartet,’ the season’s fifth episode, is a turning point for Morse and Thursday as Thursday decides to step away and work more from home following an investigation into an attempted assassination.  While the investigation into the assassination attempt is halted, Morse wants to keep investigating, leading him deeper into the underbelly of Oxford than ever before, and revealing even more secrets than ever thought.  Thursday meanwhile, has to face his own issues as he works from home.

The season’s finale continues the turning point in Morse and Thursday’s working relationship after Thursday’s brother returns suddenly.  Meanwhile, Morse is investigating  a case at a school involving the disappearance of a teacher and the appearance of a body.  The discovery leads Morse to question who he can and cannot trust.

While audiences will have to wait until July 10 for Season 5 to be released on DVD and Blu-ray, the wait for its American television premiere is much shorter.  Season 5 is currently scheduled to premiere on PBS stations nationwide June 24.  Audiences can view a full season trailer for Season 5 online now here.

Season 5 is spread across three discs on each platform with a total run time of 540 minutes.  It can be pre-ordered online now via PBS’ online store at reduced prices of $34.99 (DVD) and $44.99 (Blu-ray).  More information on Endeavour is available online now at:






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Lovell’s Latest LP Is A “Wild-ly” Successful New Family Music Offering

Courtesy: Unbreakable Chord Music

This past April, family entertainer Sara Lovell ended the wait for her new music when she released her latest album Wild Is Everywhere.  Her second full-length family music album (and fifth album overall), this 14-song record is yet another offering that will entertain the entire family.  As with her debut family album You’ve Got Me, that statement is supported in part through the varied musical arrangements presented throughout the album.  The equally varied lyrical themes play their own integral part to the album.  They will be discussed shortly.  The record’s sequencing puts the final touch to its presentation.  All things considered, they make Wild is Everywhere a wildly fun new family record from Sara Lovell.

Sara Lovell’s latest full-length studio recording Wild is Everywhere is a wildly successful new offering from the family entertainer.  It is a record that gives plenty of hope for her future as a family entertainer.  Those statements are both supported in part through the varied musical arrangements presented throughout this album. The album’s opener, ‘Get Up,’ instantly conjures thoughts of The Beatles thanks to its piano-driven arrangement.  More specifically, it seems to harken back to the days of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  There are elements of this arrangement that lends themselves easily to comparison to ‘Strawberry Fields Forever.’  Given, that song never made it to the album’s original pressing, but it was intended for inclusion in that record.  Getting back on track (no pun intended), the hip-hop vibe of ‘Rhinoceros Under The Bed’ conjures thoughts of some of today’s biggest pop and hip-hop acts while ‘Raspberry Pickleberry Wormnut Pie’ (doesn’t sound very appetizing does it?) boasts a bluegrass sound that will easily appeal to fans of that genre.  The jazzy a capella arrangement at the center of ‘Stand Together’ is a fun presentation that is so infectious. ‘Bounce’ will take older listeners back to the 1980s with its comparison to Gloria Estefan’s megahit ‘Rhythm Is Gonna Get You.’  As if all of this isn’t enough for listeners, there are comparisons to the likes of Paula Cole, Etta James and Billie Holiday in the album’s closer/title song and ‘How To Love Yourself’ respectively.  That’s still not the end of the enjoyment.  The spooky fun in the arrangement of ‘The Dark Side of My Room’ is sure to make listeners of all ages smile.  Meanwhile, ‘All The Grownups Get To Stay Up Late’ sounds like it belongs on some stage musical’s song list.  One could even argue that the arrangement at the center of ‘Where You Hiding All Day Long’ lends itself to a comparison to Delta Rae’s hit song ‘Bottom of the River.’  The prior is a bit more upbeat than the latter, but stylistically speaking, one can’t ignore the similarities between the two compositions.  Between that comparison, that of the other songs noted here (and those not noted here), the end result is the revelation that there is plenty for listeners of all ages to appreciate in this record’s musical side alone.  Even as much as this record offers musically, its musical arrangements are but a portion of what makes it so enjoyable.  Its equally diverse lyrical content offers just as much to enjoy.

The lyrical themes spread across Wild is Everywhere range from the down right silly to the more serious in a manner of speaking.  The silly includes the album’s second song, ‘Rhionceros Under The Bed,’ which sees a young child finding all kinds of animals in his/her house, not just a rhino.  The rhino is under the bed while a hippo is in the bathroom, a crocodile in the kitchen and cow in the pantry.  The whole time, the kid is trying to figure out how to get them out.  ‘Raspberry Pickleberry Wormnut Pie’ is just as silly in its very basis.  There is no such thing as the type of pie in this song, so it’s just fun and funny.  ‘Stand Together’ is more serious as it focuses on social unity.  ‘The Dark Side of My Room’ takes a light-hearted approach to a child’s fear of the dark in order to make the concept accessible to children while also not being scary.  ‘All The Grown Ups Get To Stay Up Late’ is one of the highest points of this album in regards to its lyrical content.  As noted already, this song sounds like something that belongs in a stage musical.  If one closes one’s eyes and listens, one can actually see an actor on stage singing this song, hand on his/her chin as he/she sits on a bed, singing.  The lamenting of children having to go to bed early while adults get to stay up late is something to which everybody can relate.  When we’re kids, we say the same things as this song’s subject, yet as we get older, we know we don’t necessarily get to stay up late all the time.  It’s just interesting, the way that Lovell approached the concept here.  Her approach has made the song infectious and memorable because it is just fun.  ‘How To Love Yourself’ is another key addition to the album, as it focuses through its smoky blues arrangement, on the matter of self-confidence.  Lovell sings about a person feeling so bad and needing to get past that negative feeling.  It’s a familiar topic, and the way in which Lovell approached it both lyrically and musically makes this song yet another key example of why the record’s lyrical diversity is pivotal to Wild is Everywhere’s body.  Between these examples of the rest of the album’s diverse lyrical content, it should be clear by now just how much this album’s lyrical diversity does for its presentation.  Even as much as the album’s lyrical content does to entertain, it still is not the last of the elements that plays into the album’s presentation.  The record’s sequencing puts the final touch to its whole.

From start to end, this record’s sequencing more than assures listeners’ maintained engagement and entertainment.  That is because of the obvious time and thought put into said element.  This is evidenced as the album’s energy is so expertly balanced throughout.  From the mid-tempo compositions that make up the first portion of the album to the more reserved nature of ‘Pie in the Sky’ and the next trio of songs that make up the next section to the up and down in the finale grouping of songs, the songs’ energies are perfectly balanced. That’s just part of what makes the sequencing so important to note.  The change of styles and lyrical themes throughout makes the album just as engaging.  At no point does the album ever stick to one style or topic.  That constant variance keeps things interesting just as much as the stability in the album’s collective energy.  When all of this is considered together, it makes clear that the album’s sequencing is just as important as its songs, both in terms of its lyrical and musical content.  All things considered, they make Wild is Everywhere a wildly successful new album from Sara Lovell; one that is another easy candidate for a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new family albums.

Sara Lovell’s latest full-length studio recording Wild is Everywhere is a wildly successful new record that is one of this year’s top new family albums.  That is proven through the variance in the album’s musical and lyrical content, as has been noted here.  From hip-hop to pop to folk to even bluegrass and more, the album’s musical variety is certain to reach plenty of listeners.  The show tune style song about the gap between parents and kids in ‘All The Grownups Get To Stay Up Late,’ the socially conscious song that is ‘Stand Together,’ the encouragement to solve one’s problems in the aptly titled ‘The Problem Song’ and more serves to exemplify the variance in the album’s lyrical themes.  Throughout it all, the album’s energy is expertly balanced from one song to the next thanks to the time and thought put into the record’s sequencing.  This is evident both in the record’s music and lyrics.  Keeping all of this in mind, this 43-minute record proves to be a joy for the whole family.  To that end, the album in whole proves to be, again, a wildly successful effort for the whole family that deserves a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new family albums.  It is available now.  More information on Wild is Everywhere is available online now along with all of Sara Lovell’s latest new and more at:










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