Lynyrd Skynyrd To Release Classic Concert Recording This Summer

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

This summer, veteran southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd will release a new archived live recording to its fans via the leader in live recordings, Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Lynyrd Skynyrd will release Sweet Home Alabama on Tuesday, June 2nd.  The double-disc CD set features the band’s classic Rockpalast concert from 1996.  It marks the first time that the recording has ever been released for purchase.  The show’s set list includes some of the band’s biggest hits including: ‘Freebird,’ ‘Working For MCA,’ ‘Saturday Night Special, ‘Gimme Three Steps,’ ‘I Ain’t The One,’ and of course the recording’s title track and fan favorite ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ among many other songs.

The show’s set list is a big part of this recording’s success.  But it isn’t all that make the recording great.  As a bonus for true fans, Eagle Rock Entertainment has included a handful of rare performances featuring the original Lynyrd Skynyrd lineup of Ronnie Van Zant, Gary Rossington, Allen Collins, Ed King, Billy Powell, Leon Wilkeson, Owen Hale, and Bob Burns.  The lineup for the 1996 show features Ronnie’s brother Johnny on vocals.  He is joined by many of Ronnie’s old band mates and some new members including: Rickey Medlocke, Hughie Thomasson, Dale Krantz-Rossington, and Carol Chase.  The complete track listing for Sweet Home Alabama is listed below.

Disc 1: 
  1.  Workin’ For MCA
  2.  I Ain’t The One
  3.  Down South Junkin’
  4.  Double Trouble
  5.  I Know A Little   
  6.  Saturday Night Special**   
  7.  Swamp Music   
  8.  What’s Your Name   
  9. That Smell   
  10. Simple Man***   
  11. Gimme Three Steps   
  12. Call Me The Breeze
Disc 2:
  1. Sweet Home Alabama****   
  2. Free Bird
CD Bonus Tracks From Hamburg 1974: 
3) Workin’ For MCA
4) Free Bird
5) Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama will be available Tuesday, June 2nd in a double-disc presentation and will retail for MSRP of $17.98. A 2-LP is also scheduled for release later this year. More information on this and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online at:




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Muse Debuts Drones’ First Official Single

Photo Credit:  Danny Clinch

Photo Credit: Danny Clinch

Muse will release the first official single from its upcoming album Drones today. The single, ‘Dead Inside’ premieres on radio stations around the world today.

Front man Matt Bellamy says of the single that is the real starting point of Drones’ concept. He said of the song that “This is where the story of the album begins, where the protagonist loses hope and becomes ‘Dead Inside’, therefore vulnerable to the dark forces introduced in ‘Psycho’ and which ensue over the next few songs on the album, before eventually defecting, revolting and overcoming these dark forces later in the story.”

Speaking of ‘Psycho,’ the band just recently debuted the lyric video for that song via the band’s YouTube channel. To date, the video has garnered 6.7 million views. Drones was co-produced by the band and legendary producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange. It will be available in stores June 9th via Warner Brothers Records and can be pre-ordered online now via iTunes at The full track listing for Drones is noted below:

Drones Tracklisting:

  1. Dead Inside
  2. [Drill Sergeant]
  3. Psycho
  4. Mercy
  5. Reapers
  6. The Handler
  7. [JFK]
  8. Defector
  9. Revolt
  10. Aftermath
  11. The Globalist
  12. Drones


All of the latest updates on Drones, the band’s current tour schedule, and all of the latest updates from the band are available online at:






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A.D.D. Rocks As Hard As Any Of Its More Well-Known Counterparts On Its Sophomore LP

Courtesy:  Pavement Entertainment

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Chicago-based hard rock band A.D.D. (Analog Digital Disorder) recently signed a new deal with independent record label Pavement Entertainment that will see the band release its second full-length record through the label. Core will be released next Tuesday, March 24th. And for anyone that is a fan of Godsmack, Sevendust, and others of that ilk, this twelve-track album is right up said listeners’ alley. Speaking of Sevendust, the band’s cover of Sevendust’s ‘Black’ anchors this latest release. It is a near spot on take on what remains today one of the favorites of Sevendust’s fans. The album’s seemingly semi-80s influenced ‘Was My Life’ is another of the album’s high points. Stylistically speaking, it’s a classic big hair ballad type of song. Lyrically though, it doesn’t exhibit any of the trademarks of those overblown songs. Rather it is presents a relatively positive message. The album’s opener ‘I Regret’ offers its own thought-provoking lyrics and hard-hitting aggro-rock sound. It is just one more song out of the album’s twelve total that makes this record worth at least one listen by hard rock aficionados.

A.D.D. may not be one of the most well-known hard rock bands out there today. But the band’s credits speak for themselves. Having toured with hard rock heavyweights such as Korn, Halestorm, Alterbridge, and Sevendust among others has helped the band build an ever-growing fan base across the country. Considering that A.D.D. has performed alongside the likes of Sevendust, it comes as no surprise that the band included what is one of Sevendust’s most beloved songs in the form of ‘Black’ on its latest release. That song, which is also one of Sevendust’s earliest singles, is the anchor to Core. The band’s take on the song is a near spot-on cover with vocalist Margaret Young even sounding almost like Lajon Witherspoon as she sings, “Voices call/They call out my name, name/Well they say I’m different/Well I’m not the same, same/You say you want to, ah, be like me/Well, boy let me tell ya/You don’t know what I’ve seen/They say a devil lives in my soul/I promise not to let him take control/I’m mindin’ my own business/I ain’t doin’ nothin’ wrong.” The production work involved in the song makes it all the more interesting an addition to the album. That is because at points it actually sounds like Young is actually singing right alongside Witherspoon. And if she in fact isn’t, then it just goes to show her vocal prowess. And the dual guitar attack of Jeremy Sparta and Dave Adams makes the song even harder-hitting. Much the same can be said of the talents of drummer Jason Delismon. The end result is a song that despite being a cover is an impressive addition to A.D.D.’s new album. It proves to be one of a handful of songs on this record that shows why Core is an album worth at least one listen by any hard rock fan.

A.D.D.’s cover of Sevendust’s ‘Black’ is a solid work and an equally solid part of the whole that is Core. It is just one part of the record that makes it worth the listen. Just as interesting an addition to Core is the band’s own original song ‘Was My Life.’ Stylistically speaking, the song boasts a sound that is quite similar to that of the major ballads from the era of big hair and big riffs. Lyrically though, it is anything but another one of those songs. Rather it boasts quite the positive message. As the lyrics state, “I see you all/Wish I could reach out and touch you/Never known when this could all just end/I didn’t get your name but your face I will remember/So until we meet again/We’ll keep chasing these dreams/Even in the darkest times it’s not as bad as it seems/Through all the ups and downs/You still hung around…” And that’s just the first verse. The song takes a similar lyrical stance throughout the remainder of its near three-and-a-half minute run time. The overall message of the song is one of not giving up on one’s relationship no matter how difficult things get. Whether the relationship in question is a romantic relationship or one of friendship is a moot point. That is because this song could really apply in either situation. That being the case, it makes ‘Was My Life’ all the more impressive an addition to Core and one more song that makes Core worth at least one listen.

Both the band’s cover of ‘Black’ and its original, seemingly 80s-influenced ‘Was My Way’ are in their own right positive additions to the whole of Core. They are only part of the reason that any hard rock fan should hear this record at least once. The album’s opener ‘I Regret’ is yet another reason for listeners to hear this album even if just once. Musically speaking, ‘I Regret’ is a solid modern rock song that boasts an obvious Godsmack influence. Even Young’s vocal style here is closely similar to that of Godsmack front man Sully Erna. Lyrically speaking, ‘I Regret’ comes across in a somewhat introspective manner with Young singing in the song’s chorus, “So far/I’ve been hanging by a self-made rope of hate/Climbing out of a hole…..I regret I am me.” That is at least the interpretation on the part of this critic. Hopefully these lyrics prove right. If they do indeed prove right, then they paint a powerful picture. They seem to paint a picture of someone caught in the depths of depression, feeling those pained feelings mixed with a certain amount of anger. It’s an emotional situation that so many have and still do feel to this day. Those that have been there and who are today will find the strength to persevere having the ability to relate to such lyrics. Such power in the mix of musical and lyrical content contained here shows why ‘I Regret’ is itself one more positive addition to Core. And together with the likes of ‘Was My Way’ and the cover of Sevendust’s ‘Black’, all three songs make a strong argument in favor of listening to Core at least once. The album’s other nine tracks not noted here each offer their own value to the whole of Core. Listeners will agree with that when they hear the album for themselves. In turn, said listeners will also agree that hearing all twelve tracks on this album, it is indeed a work worth at least one listen and that holds its own easily against its more well-known counterparts in the hard rock realm.

Core will be available in stores and online next Tuesday, March 24th. It will also be available at the band’s next live show at the Rock Fest on July 17th. All of the latest updates on the upcoming release of Core and all of the latest updates to the band’s live schedule is available online now at:




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PBS Announces Date For U.S. Release Of Mr. Selfridge Season Three

Courtesy:  itv/PBS

Courtesy: itv/PBS

Americans’ long wait for the third season of Mr. Selfridge is almost over.

PBS Distribution announced this week that it will release the third season of Mr. Selfridge on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, May 5th. In what has been revealed to likely be the penultimate season of the hit British import, World War I is over and the men that survived the war have returned from to reclaim their jobs—that is jobs not already taken by their female counterparts. While they may be back from the war, many of the men at Selfridge & Co. are still haunted by the horrors of the war. Audiences also see a funeral this season. Returning for Season Three are: Amanda Abbington (Sherlock, Season 3) as Josie Mardle, Aisling Loftus (Page Eight) as Agnes Towler, Gregory Fitoussi (World War Z) as Henri LeClair, Amy Beth Hayes (The Syndicate) as Kitty Hawkins, and Samuel West (Any Human Heart) as Frank Edwards.

Those that have followed Mr. Selfridge since its first season will recognize also the return of the villainous Lord Loxley, played by Aidan McArdle (Jane Eyre) this season. Loxley was handled soundly in the series’ second season. But as audiences will see in Season 3, he doesn’t go down so easily. Selfrdige’s CFO Mr. Crabb returns this season, too. And he will be played again by Ron Cook (Little Dorrit). He is joined by fellow returning star Tom Goodman-Hill (Case Histories) who fills the role of Selridge’s personnel director, Mr. Grove. And Trystan Gravelle (Anonymous) returns, too as businessman Victor Colleano, who dreams of opening his own night club.

Real-life twin sisters Kara Tointon (Eastenders) and Hannah Tointon (The Lost Future) are newcomers in Season Three, playing Harry Selfridge’s daughters Rosalie and Violette.

The show’s list of guest stars this season includes Zoe Wanamaker (Poirot) as Princess Marie De Bolotoff, the mother of Harry’s new son-in-law and Kelly Adams (Endeavour) as Nancy Webb. Princess Marie De Bolotoff proves to be quite the thorn in Harry’s side whereas Nancy Webb plays an equally integral role in Harry’s life just in a different way than Princess Marie De Bolotoff or Lord Loxley.

Mr. Selfridge: Season Three will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday, May 5th. Season Three will be spread across three discs in both the DVD and Blu-ray box set. Both sets will also include a bonus half-hour-long behind-the-scenes feature. The DVD box set will retail for MSRP of $39.99 and the Blu-ray box set for MSRP of $44.99. It can be ordered online direct from PBS’ online store at All of the latest news and updates on Mr. Selfridge is available online now at:




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Motor Sister’s Debut Has A Big First Week On The Charts

Courtesy:  Metal Blade Records

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

Rock super group Motor Sister’s debut album Ride has made a big impact on Billboard’s latest charts.

Billboard reported this week that Ride debuted at #12 on Billboard’s Hard Music Albums Chart in just its first week of release. It also came in at #40 on Billboard’s Rock Albums Chart and at #27 on the Billboard Independent Albums Chart. The album impressed even more in its first week out by cracking Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart, coming in at #163 in its debut.  It also came in at #9 on Billboard’s New Artist (Heatseeker) Chart. The album, the brainchild of Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, is a collection of classic Mother Superior sons re-worked by Ian and Mother Superior front man Jim Wilson. Joey Vera (Fates Warning, Armored Saint) and John Tempesta (Prong, White Zombie, The Cult, Exodus) joined Ian and Wilson on bass and drums respectively for the recording. Ian’s wife Pearl Aday, who is also the daughter of rock superstar Meatloaf, added backing vocals to the album, too.

Motor Sister has already made available for streaming Ride’s lead single ‘This Song Reminds Me Of You’ and debuted the video for its new single ‘A-Hole.’ ‘This Song Reminds Me Of You’ can be streamed online via Metal Blade Records’ website at The brand new video for ‘A-Hole’ can be viewed online via YouTube at

All of the latest news and updates from Motor Sister are available online now at:




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Mama’s Family Goes Out On Top In Its Sixth And Final Season

Courtesy:  StarVista Entertainment

Courtesy: StarVista Entertainment

Mama’s Family is one of the sharpest comedies to ever grace any of the television world’s major networks. It can justifiably be said that if not for Mama’s Family, there would likely be no Roseanne. Either that or Roseanne might not have come along until much later than it did. It was Vicky Lawrence’s character of Thelma who paved the way not only for Roseanne Barr, but many other comediennes that would follow in her footsteps for years to come. Originally released in 2006, StarVista Entertainment obtained the distribution rights to the series some years ago and started re-issuing the series in 2013. Now almost two years after StarVista Entertainment re-issued the first of the series’ seasons that run has finally come to an end with the release of its sixth and final season last month. Regardless of audiences’ familiarity with Mama’s Family, every viewer will agree in watching this final season that even twenty-five years after the last episode aired, the series is still just as entertaining today as it was in its first run so long ago. The main reason that it remains so entertaining to this day is its writing. The writers crafted stories that were laugh riots both for themselves and for the sharp, witty one-liners tossed into the dialogue. The execution of those stories and one-liners by the show’s cast adds even more enjoyment to the show’s final season. In other words, the work of the show’s cast in interpreting the writers’ work adds even more to the overall enjoyment of these episodes. Last but not least of all worth noting of this set is the bonus material included in Season Six’s triple-disc box set. This includes both the set’s companion booklet and it’s bonus interviews with the show’s cast and crew. Each element by itself proves the sixth season of Mama’s Family to be a fitting finale for what is one of the greatest sitcoms of the 20th century. It is also one more welcome addition to the collection of any classic TV fan and any Mama’s Family fan, too.

The sixth and final season of  Mama’s Family is a fitting finale for what is not just itself a great sitcom, but also one of the greatest sitcoms of the 20th Century. As with its first five seasons, it proves this yet again thanks to the efforts of the show’s writers. The writers crafted in the sixth season of Mama’s Family twenty-one episodes that are just as ripe with laughs as any of the episodes from the series’ first five seasons. They are so funny both because of the premises of the stories themselves and for the jokes incorporated into each story. For example, in “An Affair to Forget,” Thelma suspects Vinton of cheating on Naomi with his new trainee Heather. The result sees Thelma and Iola end up spying on him only to find out that Naomi and Heather are actually good friends and that nothing was going on between Heather and Vinton after all. Of course they have to save face, so they get out of dodge real fast so to speak. Their reactions throughout the entire story right up to that final moment are a laugh riot. The writers’ sharp, witty commentary about the role of men and women in society in “Mr. Wrong” will have audiences laughing just as hysterically. When Iola’s boyfriend Bert introduces himself to Thelma’s family, his sexist mindset comes out, forcing Thelma’s tongue and her hand. She compares Bert to Pee-wee Herman when Iola says Bert is humorous and outgoing. Thelma shoots back that so is Pee-wee Herman, but she wouldn’t date him. Then she goes on to call Bert a liar, a blowhard, and a pig, to which Iola responds, “alright. So he’s not perfect.” This back and forth is a moment that will have both men and women alike laughing. Ironically enough even today there are still men like Bert. That’s what makes Thelma’s commentary so funny. The related jokes about her grandson trying to find love through a “romance line” will have audiences laughing just as much. And even the dream sequence that makes up “The Big Nap” will please any classic crime films and TV shows. Seeing Lawrence dressed up as an old-time detective is itself funny. The use of the sepiatone effect for the dream sequence and the acting on the part of the cast shows just how much fun everybody had making this episode. The episode’s story, which centers on a handful of recipes, is so funny in itself that one can’t help but watch and see what happens. It’s one more example of how the work of the writers behind Mama’s Family managed to so easily keep this sitcom such a laugh riot for so long. Now with the re-issue of the series’ final season, its original fans and possibly even a whole new generation of fans will see this for themselves. With any luck, in seeing this, it will turn audiences of all ages away from all the serials out there today and back to the joy that is another wonderful classic sitcom.

The work of the writers behind Mama’s Family proves to be just as entertaining in the series’ sixth season as in its first as has been evidenced already. Thelma’s jokes and biting social commentary are just as relevant and laugh-inciting today as they were in the series’ original run so long ago. While the writers are to be commended just as much today as they were then, the cast is to be commended, too. Vicky Lawrence’s timing is spot on from one episode to the next. It is almost as rapid fire as Groucho Marx with the same sharp wit as Carol O’Connor in his days on All in the Family. Ken Berry’s Vinton remains the perfect comic relief. And straightwoman Iola plays off of Lawrence’s Thelma just as well. The pairing of the two creates its own share of laughs from the season premiere to its finale. Interestingly enough, Beverly Archer plays the role so well that one can’t help but feel kind of sorry for Iola. That’s because Archer makes her such a simpleton yet someone who has a good heart. It makes her a great contrast to Thelma’s much more quick-witted personality. And it really plays on the old adage that opposites attract, which is why the pair works so well on-screen especially in Carol Burnett’s departure from the show. Even Dorothy Lyman adds her own comic element to the show as Vinton’s ditzy wife Naomi. She is especially entertaining because even today, every viewer knows somebody like her. Those same sorts still exist today. And they are quite like her. In many cases, actors whose series have been on air so long have a tendency to phone it in so to speak and just go on cruise control. But the cast of Mama’s Family is one cast that maintained its professionalism right to the end. The end result is one more season that shows exactly why Mama’s Family remains in its sixth season just as entertaining as any of today’s current offerings if not more so. And it is one more reason that anyone looking for real comedy with heart and soul should add this season of Mama’s Family to their own home DVD collection.

Bot the work of the writers and the cast of Mama’s Family proves just as solid in this the series’ final season as its debut season only years before. Both are equally important to the overall enjoyment and success of the set. But they aren’t all to be considered. The companion interviews and booklet included with Mama’s Family Season Six rightfully lives up to the title of bonus material. It rounds out the elements that make this season so enjoyable and such a success. The companion booklet offers a short but concise look at some of the season’s highlights courtesy of freelance writer Andrew Whitenack. The booklet also offers a full episode list for each of the set’s three discs. The bonus interviews offer just as many laughs as the episodes themselves and just as much insight into the show. Vicky Lawrence sits down with Writer/EP Rick Hawkins for discussions on the show’s guest stars, the addictive nature of the show, working with Harvey Korman and so many other topics. Jim Evering discusses working on both The Carol Burnett Show and Mama’s Family. And writer Manny Basanese offers up his own thoughts on the show, too. He notes that he came on in the last season. Considering how young Basanese looks, such a comment coupled with the fact that he notes he watched the series himself before coming on means he had to have been pretty young when he watched it. That in itself is a bold statement. Despite some of the show’s language and topics even six seasons in, it shows how much the show appealed to younger audiences even in its original run. It’s a subtle yet bold statement. And it’s yet more proof of why the bonus material included in the sixth season of Mama’s Family makes this box set so enjoyable and the set in whole such a success.

The bonus material included in the sixth season of Mama’s Family proves in its own way why this final box set is such a joy for anyone looking to break away from the monotony of television’s current offerings. The laughs and insights offered through the both the companion booklet and the bonus interviews will have audiences laughing just as much as with the episodes themselves. Speaking of the episodes, the combined work of the show’s writers and its cast six seasons in will have audiences laughing till they cry tears of joy. This is quite the statement especially when these episodes are compared to television’s current bland offerings. The combination of all three elements together shows clearly why the sixth season of Mama’s Family is a must have for any classic TV fan and a must have for anyone looking to escape the monotony of all the crime dramas, medical procedurals, and serials currently polluting the television spectrum today. Mama’s Family Season Six is available in stores and online now. More information on this and other titles available from StarVista Entertainment is available online at:




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The Dreaming Announces New Slate Of Tour Dates

Courtesy: Reybee, Inc.

Courtesy: Reybee, Inc.

Good news for fans of The Dreaming. The band will return to the road this summer.

The members of The Dreaming–Walter Flakus (keyboards, programming), Christopher Hall (lead vocals), Johnny Haro (drums), Carlton Bost (guitars), Franccesca De Struct (bass)–announced this week that the band will return to the road this summer in the latest

Courtesy:  Metropolis Records

Courtesy: Metropolis Records

leg of its tour in support of its latest full-length studio release Rise Again. The tour will take The Dreaming across America on a 21-city tour that kicks off June 5th in Salt Lake City, Utah. The first portion of the tour will see the band make its way through the midwest before it makes its way to the Northeast for four dates beginning June 13th. From there, the band will head south for a five-date stint in the Southeast beginning June 18th with a performance at the Ridge Room (New Moutain) in Asheville, NC. After finishing off the southeast portion of the tour, The Dreaming will make its way through the Southwest starting June 25th in Houston, Texas. It all wraps up June 30th in Mesa, Arizona. The complete schedule for The Dreaming’s upcoming tour is listed below.

The Dreaming Summer 2015 Tour

June 5 Salt Lake City, UT – Liquid Joe’s

June 6 Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge

June 7 Kansas City, MO – Aftershock

June 9 St Louis, MO – Fubar

June 10 Madison, WI – The Frequency

June 11 Chicago, IL – Double Door

June 12 Cleveland, OH – The Foundry

June 13 New York, NY – Blackthorn 51 / Vampire Freaks show

June 14 Long Branch, NJ – Brighton Bar

June 16 Boston, MA – Middle East

June 17 Philadelphia, PA – Bull Shooters Saloon

June 18 Asheville, NC – Ridge Room (New Mountain)

June 19 Marietta, GA – 120 Tavern and Music Hall

June 20 Orlando, FL – Westend Live

June 21 Jacksonville, FL – 1904 Music Hall

June 24 New Orleans, LA – Siberia

June 25 Houston, TX – Scout Bar

June 26 Dallas, TX – Trees

June 27 Austin, TX – Elysium

June 28 San Antonio, TX – Korova

June 30 Mesa, AZ – Club Red

The Dreaming released Rise Again February 10th via Metropolis Records. More information on Rise Again is available online now along with the latest updates from The Dreaming online at:




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