Slow Crush Debuts ‘Blue’ Video; Announces New Tour Schedule

Courtesy: Quiet Panic

Hard rock band Slow Crush debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band premiered the video for its single, ‘Blue’ Thursday.’ The song is featured in the band’s latest album, Hush. The video features live footage of the band as the song plays over the visualization.

The song’s musical arrangement has been marketed as shoegaze. The reality though, is that the slow, grinding, down-tuned approach to the song gives it more of a goth style sound and approach a la Type O Negative. That is especially the case when the keyboard line is factored into the mix.

No information was provided about the song’s lyrical theme in the press release announcing the video’s premiere. The lyrics provided with the video hint at the song centering on the all too familiar topic of a relationship.

Courtesy: Quiet Panic

In other news, Slow Crush has announced a new live schedule in support of Hush. The tour is scheduled to launch April 8 in Brooklyn, NY and to run through May 24 in Philadelphia, PA. It features performances in cities nationwide, such as Atlanta, Ga; Dallas, TX and Chapel Hill, NC.

The tour’s schedule is noted below. Tickets are available here.

North American tour 2022 with special guests Cathedral Bells, Deserta & SOM:

APR 08 Knitting Factory BROOKLYN, NY



APR 12 Canal Club RICHMOND, VA

APR 13 Local 506 CHAPEL HILL, NC

APR 14 New Brookland Tavern COLUMBIA, SC



APR 18 Henao Center ORLANDO, FL

APR 20 House of Blues NEW ORLEANS, LA

APR 22 Secret Group HOUSTON, TX

APR 23 Meanwhile AUSTIN, TX

APR 24 Three Links DALLAS, TX

APR 26 Rebel Lounge PHOENIX, AZ



APR 30 Constellation Room SANTA ANA, CA

MAY 01 The Independent SAN FRANCISCO, CA

MAY 05 Fox Cabaret VANCOUVER, BC

MAY 06 Funhouse SEATTLE, WA

MAY 07 Hawthorne lounge PORTLAND, OR


MAY 10 Hi-dive DENVER, CO

MAY 12 7th Street Entry MINNEAPOLIS, MN

MAY 13 Cobra Lounge CHICAGO, IL


MAY 15 The Loving Touch FERNDALE, MI

MAY 17 Big Room Bar COLUMBUS, OH

MAY 18 Mahall’s LAKEWOOD, OH

MAY 20 Monarch tavern TORONTO, ON

MAY 21 Club Saw OTTAWA, ON


MAY 24 Foundry @ The Fillmore PHILADELPHIA, PA

More information on Slow Crush’s new single, video, album, and tour is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Red Moon Architect Debuts “Live” ‘Journey’ Clip

Goth rock band Red Moon Architect is doing its part to help audiences get their live music fix.

The band debuted the video for its latest single ‘Journey‘ Feb. 3. The video is a “live” performance of the song, whose musical arrangement is quickly comparable to works from Type O Negative. While the instrumentation is clear and audible, the one downside here is that the vocals do sound somewhat washed out in the “live” setting.

Courtesy: Noble Demon

The premiere of the “live” ‘Journey’ clip comes more than three months after the debut of Red Moon Architect’s then latest single, ‘One Shines Brighter,’ which is featured in the band’s latest album, Emptiness Weighs The Most. That record was released in October. ‘Journey’ is not featured as part of that album.

Drummer Saku Moilanen talked about ‘Journey’ during a recent interview.

“‘Journey’ is one of my all time favourites that has only been played live for a few times. We’re happy to share this clip from our special stream gig and hope we can play this live for you all soon!”

More information on Red Moon Architect’s new single and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:




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Ludovico Technique Debuts New Single; New Video, Album Coming

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Goth rock band Ludovico Technique is taking on a familiar topic in its latest single.

The band debuted its latest single ‘Live as Myself‘ early this month. The song’s lyrical theme addresses the familiar topic of individuality, according to information provided about the song. According to the noted information, the composition, “is about expressing who you are inside, regardless of how society views you or tries to tell you how you should be.”

The musical arrangement that is featured in the new single is a heavy composition that takes influence from the likes of Marilyn Manson, Porn, and Skinny Puppy.

Ludovico Technique is scheduled to release its latest album, Haunted People in 2021. It is not known if the album will feature the band’s new single, which was mastered by Grammy nominee Stuart Hawkes (Lorde, Amy Winehouse, Ed Sheeran).

An official video for Ludovico Technique’s new single is expected to debut in early 2021.

More information on Ludovico Technique’s new single and album is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Ashley Worhol Takes On Mental Health Issue In New Single, Video

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Independent singer-songwriter Ashley Worhol debuted the video for her new single this week.

Worhol debuted the video for her single ‘Listen to the Wind‘ Thursday. The video places Worhol in a deeply forested area in a flowing gown as the song plays over the video.

At one point, the video portrays Worhol as battling what are supposed to be dark hands that tug at her from every angle. The hands are meant to represent her own inner demons.

The song’s very subtle, piano-driven arrangement is a work that will appeal to fans of Amy lee, Type O Negative and Nine Inch Nails. Its lyrical content comes from a personal place, according to Worhol.

Worhol discussed the song’s lyrical content in a recent interview.

‘Listen to the Wind’ is extremely personal to me because I wrote this song using myself as an experiment,” she said. “I struggle with anxiety almost on a daily basis and wanted to compose something that would physically make me feel relief. Anytime I would start to have an attack, I would go to the piano and play different chords and melodies to see if any of them physically made me feel better. Which, I found some that did. Once I realized what helped calm my emotions, I knew I wanted to write this song in hopes it might also help heal others who struggle with anxiety as well.”

‘Listen to the Wind’ is my escape,” she added. “Nature is my escape and it is a constant reminder to cherish the small details, watch animals and bugs roam freely, smell the flowers as they move in the breeze and most importantly, listen to the wind and feel the warmth of the sun beaming down on your face.  For anyone out there who struggles with anxiety, you are not alone. You will never be alone. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am right there with you.”

Along with discussing the song’s lyrics, Worhol also noted how the lyrics and music tied into the song’s video treatment.

“Not only did I want to compose a song but I also wanted to show in art form what my anxiety feels like visually,” she said. “This is what led to the filming of the music video for this emotional track. I took this time to be vulnerable and truly showed what heals me, which is nature, and what I feel physically when these attacks occur…On set while filming, I allowed myself to have an attack. There was a take we were shooting where I was supposed to sing along with the track and the moment the song turned on, I couldn’t sing. At that moment I knew this was the time to truly capture in the raw what happens to me during an attack and I let the camera capture every second.

Porn Announces Release Date For New LP, ‘No Monsters In God’s Eyes — Act III’

Courtesy: FM Music Management

Goth-rock band Porn will release its new album next year.

The is scheduled to release its new album No Monsters In god’s Eyes — Act III March 27, 2020.  The album is the third in a trilogy, which started with The Ogre Inside — Act I in 2017.

A trailer for No Monster’s In God’s Eyes — Act III is streaming online now here. The album’s track listing is noted below.


20 – Dead in every eyes
21 – High summer sun – Part 1
22 – A lovely day
23 – Low winter hope – Part 1
24 – In an endless dream
25 – Low winter hope – Part 2
26 – Sky outside
27 – High summer sun – Part 2
28 – Some happy moments
29 – God’s creatures
30 – Low winter hope – Part 3
31 – Among dark red roses
32 – Mr Strangler’s last words
Digipack – 13 tracks – 59 minutes

Porn, which has shared the stage with acts, such as Murderdolls, Front Line Assembly and Hanoi Rocks, got its name from The Cure’s 1982 album Pornography.  The band claims as influences, bands, such as Type O Negative, Nine Inch Nails and Tool.

More information on Porn’s new album is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:





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Modern Mimes Debuts ‘Mind Lies’ Video; Announces New Live Dates

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Modern Mimes debuted the video for its latest single this week.

The band debuted the video for its new song ‘Mind Lies‘ Wednesday.  The neo-goth act’s video presents its members — Adi Elcida Hernandez and Ernesto Paez — performing their single in a dimly lit backdrop.  Hernandez is, for some reason, eventually covered in a variety of paint as the song and video  near their finale.

The debut of ‘Mind Lies’ comes more than six months after the band debuted the video for its cover of Type O Negative’s hit song ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Me‘ and approximately nine months after the band debuted its lead single ‘Stare.’ ‘I Don’t Wanna  Be Me’ was even fully endorsed by the surviving members of the band and has received almost 28,000 views since its debut Nov. 10.

‘Mind Lies’ and ‘Stare’ are both taken from Modern Mimes’ album The Gray.  The album is available now.

Modern Mimes is scheduled to tour in support of The Gray this spring alongside Wayland and Eve To Adam starting May 22.  The bands’ tour is scheduled to run through June 1 and feature performances in cities, such as Madison, WI; Merriam, KS and Boyd, WI.

The full track listing for The Gray is noted below.

The Gray Album:

1. Stunt Double
2. The Gray
3. Black Swan
4. Stare *
5. My Own Summer (Shove It)
6. Mind Lies
7. Final Days
8. Crosses
9. Goodbye Hello

More information on The Gray is available online now along with all of Modern Mimes’ latest news and more at:






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Corroded Will Leave Listeners Feeling Anything But Bitter On Its Latest LP

Courtesy: Despotz Records

Hard rock outfit Corroded released its latest full-length studio recording this week, and the album, Bitter, is another strong new offering from the veteran Swedish band.  Front man Jens Westlin explained the album’s title “comes from observing how the social climate is around the world right now…Everyone’s so dissatisfied and thinks that everyone else’s life is so much better than theirs, and if something goes wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault.  As a result of this, all power hungry leaders in this world thrive on the dissatisfaction of the people and gain power that way.”  He added that these views are what inspired the band’s new album both musically, and lyrically.  The band’s reaction to that situation is on full display early on in the form of the song ‘Cross,’ which will be discussed shortly.  ‘Scream,’ which comes later in the album’s run is another standout addition to Bitter, that shows quite well, the band’s response to everything going on.  It will be discussed a little later.  ‘Drown,’ which comes even later in the album’s run is another notable addition to the album’s overall statement about the world’s current social and political climate.  It will also be discussed later.  Each of the three songs noted here are key in their own way to the whole of Bitter.  When considered along with the other nine songs featured in the album not directly noted here, the end result is a powerful new offering from Corroded that will light a new fire within listeners and leave them feeling anything but bitter.

Corroded’s fifth full-length studio recording Bitter is another strong new offering from the Swedish hard rock outfit.  The new, 12-song record, which is the band’s second for Sweden-based Despotz Records, shows from start to finish, that the quartet can easily hold its own against its more well-known hard rock and metal counterparts.  This is proven early on in the form of ‘Cross.’  The song’s up-tempo, guitar-driven musical arrangement helps to support that statement.  The arrangement conjures thoughts of Five Finger Death Punch, Soil, Dry Kill Logic and other similar acts.  The fiery energy exuded through the arrangement, coupled with Westlin’s growling vocals does a commendable job of illustrating the anger and frustration that Westlin attempts to present in the song’s lyrical content.

That seeming mix of strong emotions is inferred as he sings, “Our mistakes…they have never ever been this clear/All the pain/And the misery/Every word that was said out of fear/Every thorn/In the side/The suffering we had to endure/We never stopped/It isn’t easy/There will never ever be a cure/Every breath that we take/Is a waste of the air we possess/All the s*** that we give….I won’t be nailed upon your cross/I will not take the pain for you/It’s time to own your mistakes/It’s time for you to fall.”  Westlin’s fire hardly dies in the song’s second verse as he sings of having to carry someone else’s agony and misery, and refusing to do so any longer before returning to the chorus’ powerful message pointing the finger back at the proverbial stone casters and finger pointers.  Guitarist Thomas Andersson, bassist Bjarne Elvsgard and drummer Per Solang are to be commended in their own right for their work throughout the song, and especially in its bridge as they work together to help illustrate that feeling of emotional strain that one goes through when one is blamed for something that happened to someone else.  Instead of being the fiery work that is exhibited through the rest of the song, it presents a certain vibe of someone trying to get over those feelings of self-guilt and realizing people cause their own problems in many cases.  It is a brief moment in the bigger picture of the song, but powerful in its own right.  When it considered along with Westlin’s unapologetic lyrical content and the rest of the song’s unflinching arrangement, the whole proves to be an unquestionably forceful response to that bitterness of which Westlin spoke, which led to much of the album’s creation.  It is just one of the album’s most standout entries.  ‘Scream,’ which comes later in the album’s run, is another notable addition to the album.

In regards to its musical arrangement, ‘Scream’ is a work that is certain to appeal to thrash metal purists out there.  Again, the similarities to Dry Kill Logic are front and center here.  At the same time, one can also argue influences from the likes of Overkill, Exodus, Anthrax and other similar acts, thanks again to the collective work of Andersson, Elvsgard and Solang.

The energy exuded through this thrash-style work does its own commendable job of illustrating the urgency in the song’s lyrics; an urgency that seems to center on the issue of self-determination and not letting the currently bitter state of the world bring one down.  This is inferred as Westlin sings with his band mates in the song’s chorus, “Scream/Until your lungs give out/Don’t roll over and die/Shout/Until everything is said/Don’t give up…”  This positive message is coupled with an equally positive vibe in the song’s verses.  Westlin sings in the song’s lead verse, “Inhale/Let everything around go down/Find a moment of peace/React/The perfect storm is here right now/You are the center of its eye.”  Westlin’s message is relatively clear in this verse, especially considering the song’s chorus.  He is saying that we create the storm that surrounds us, and the way to survive that storm is to find our inner peace, to jet let everything out, not hold it in.  he even comes right out in the song’s second verse and states, “Exhale/Let matters fall right into place/Find a calm inside yourself.”  He goes on to say, “you are the center of the mass.”  Yet again, here we have a relatively clear statement of how we are the source and solution to all of our problems.  This is a positive message, from which plenty of listeners can and hopefully will take some enlightenment.  When it is coupled with that previously discussed musical arrangement, the whole is a song that is therapeutic in the best way possible, and yet another wonderful response to the negativity that is polluting the world right now.  It is far from the last example of the album’s clear ability to respond to the world’s current climate.  ‘Drown’ is yet another example of how well the band has responded to everything going on around the globe.

‘Drown’ is the penultimate addition to Bitter.  Musically, this song is another interesting composition.  The verses are once again up-tempo, guitar-drive, adrenaline-fueled sections.  The choruses however, are far more melodic.  What is interesting is that the song does not lose any of its energy in the choruses.  It just changes style, in turn, keeping the work moving forward.  The song’s bridge hints at some 80s influences through Andersson’s guitar work, which is not an entirely bad thing.  Of course, the song’s musical arrangement is just one part of what makes it stand out.  Its lyrical content leads it to stand out just as much as its musical content.

Westlin sings in the song’s lead verse, “Wish I could break the spell that binds us here/You know to each his own…Just go and do/As you please…It must be done my way/It must be done your way.  Some of his wording is difficult to decipher without a lyrics sheet to reference, but the seeming message becomes partially clear.  Later in the song’s nearly five-minute song, he goes on to sing, of looking back on a chain that has been broken and will not leave any marks.  This is just this critic’s own take, but it would seem that Westlin is speaking metaphorically here to address social control, with the chain being that control, broken.  That would explain Westlin’s earlier statement of “It must be done my way/It must be done your way.”  There is that problem of everyone wanting things in life their way, but we as a people do not have to let it be one person’s way or another, but rather our own way, regardless of what everyone else says.  We can respect others’ ways, but we do not have to live by those ways.  That goes back to the initial statement of “Wish I could break that spell that binds us here/You know to each his own.” It all seems to come together in a statement of not giving in to what everyone says one should do and be.  Again, this should not be taken as the only interpretation, but merely that of this critic.  Hopefully this critic is at least somewhere in the ballpark with that interpretation, as it would seem to be another response to the world’s negativity, as addressed by Westlin about the album’s overall theme.  When it is considered along with the seeming messages presented in ‘Scream,’ Cross’ and the rest of the album’s offerings, the whole of Bitter becomes a work in whole that will leave listeners anything but bitter.

Corroded’s latest full-length studio recording Bitter is a record that is certain to leave listeners feeling anything but bitter about the world after they listen from start to finish, to the 12-song record.  That is because of the messages presented in the songs, which come across as various responses to the world’s bitterness – responses that are in fact not overly bitter themselves.  That is evidenced early on in ‘Cross,’ which points the finger back at the finger pointers, and again later in the album’s run in ‘Scream,’ which seems to encourage people to get their negativity out (of course in a positive way), and even later seems to encourage people to embrace their personal identity, rather than give in to social control in ‘Drown.’  These are just some of the songs featured in this record that clearly address everything going on in the world.  The Type O Negative-esque ‘Black’ seems to address’ people’s self-imposed misery while the In Flames-styled ‘Breathing’ comes across as sending a message of not giving up even in the most dire situations.  The old-school metal style work that is ‘Testament’ is a defiant anthem that comes across as encouraging people to stand up for themselves against all odds.  Again, this is all this critic’s own interpretation.  Hopefully it is somewhere in the ballpark in each case, including that of the songs more directly discussed.  If indeed this critic’s interpretations are right, then again, this record proves that much more to be quite the successful offering from Corroded, and easily one of the year’s first great hard rock/metal records.  It is available now.  More information on Bitter is available online now along with all of Corroded’s latest news and more at:










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Goth, Industrial Fans Will “Celebrate” ‘The Ghost Parade’

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

This past October, underground industrial/goth metal outfit Gabriel and the Apocalypse released its latest full-length studio recording The Ghost Parade.  The Minneapolis, MN-based quintet’s new record is a good fit for anyone that is a fan of Otep and to a lesser extent Prong, Nine Inch Nails and other acts of that ilk.  That is due both to the album’s musical arrangements and its lyrical content.  The songs mix together Nine Inch Nails’ industrial elements with the hard-edged sound of Prong and Otep (even front woman Lindy Gabriel sounds eerily like Otep front woman Otep Shamaya at points) for a record that musically speaking, will easily entertain its key audiences.  Lyrically speaking, the record covers a number of topics, too including politics, world issues and more.  All things considered The Ghost Parade is a record that Gabriel and the Apocalypse’s fans will soundly celebrate.

Gabriel and the Apocalypse’s latest full-length studio recording (and its Pavement Entertainment debut) Ghost Parade is a record that the underground goth/industrial act’s fans are sure to celebrate.  Between its musical arrangements and its lyrical content, it presents plenty for fans to appreciate.  The album’s opener ‘March Of The Dolls’ is a prime example of how the album’s musical arrangements and lyrical content come together to make the album stand out.  In regards to its musical arrangement, the song is a powerhouse composition with a sound that takes the best elements of Otep, Fear Factory and (believe it or not) Type O Negative and binds them together into one work.  The end result is a work that will surprise audiences in the best way possible.  That is because of the manner in which the arrangement balances those elements.  It is just one part of what makes the song stand out.  The song’s lyrical content is just as important to note as its musical arrangement.

The musical arrangement presented in ‘March of The Dolls’ is important in its own right to the song’s overall presentation.  It balances a number of different influences throughout the course of its nearly three-and-a-half-minute run time, and does so expertly, too.  That in itself is certain to keep audiences entertained.  While the song’s musical arrangement plays its own important role in its presentation, it is just one part of what makes the song stand out.  Its lyrical content is just as important to note as its musical arrangement.  Gabriel sings in the song’s lead verse, “You want/You need/To beg and to please/Get on/Your knees/I’ll make you believe/I want/I need/I love/The taste/My sweat/Is smeared across your face/My god/My god/It’s all/The same/Another sinful/Another save/But I can’t/Resist/Cuts down my wrist/I put it back together/What matters is the ending.”  It’s a rather dark statement to say the very least.  What is interesting here, though is that considering such a statement, it would have been easy for the band to go more in the standard, brooding goth direction with the song’s arrangement.  But instead it went the aggressive route.  In hindsight it seems to serve the defiance seemingly exhibited in that lead verse.  The song’s second verse is very similar to its first with only one real minor change, which comes in the end of the verse.  The real power that matches the song’s musical arrangement comes in the song’s final moments as Gabriel sings, “I’ve found myself…in the Ghost Parade…What do you think of me now?”  That last group of lines is especially interesting because it has been noted that The Ghost Parade is a personal record for the band’s front woman.  That final statement perhaps illustrates how personal it is for her.  It is almost as if she is saying through this song, she has grown and become someone new through all of the negativity that she has experienced in life, so “how do you like her now?”  It is a bold, powerful statement that when coupled with the song’s musical arrangement becomes even harder hitting.  Considering this the song in whole proves to be just one example of what makes The Ghost Parade a record that the band’s fans will celebrate.

‘March of the Dolls,’ with its powerhouse musical arrangement and equally interesting lyrical content is solid proof of why Gabriel and the Apocalypse’s fans will celebrate the band’s new album The Ghost Parade.  It is just one of the songs that serves to show what makes the album stand out. ‘Colour of Winter’ is another of the album’s songs that serves to make it stand out.  This song is the polar opposite of ‘March of the Dolls’ both in terms of its musical arrangement and its lyrical content.  Speaking first about its musical arrangement, this piece is that dark, brooding composition that goth fans will appreciate.  It is driven largely by the work of drummer Zach Williams and guitarists Jake LaCore and Joey Connelly.  Keyboardist Figgles McGee (no, that’s not a joke) adds an extra touch to the song, too.  The end result is a work that instantly conjures thoughts of works composed by Marilyn Manson and his band mates.  That is especially the case when Gabriel’s vocal delivery is joined with the work of her band mates.  It is only one part of the song that should be discussed.  The song’s lyrical content adds even more depth to its presentation.

The brooding musical arrangement at the heart of ‘Colour of Winter’ is its own key element to the song’s presentation.  As noted already, the combination of Gabriel’s vocal delivery and the work of her band mates gives the song a feel that instantly conjures thoughts of Marilyn Manson.  The brooding doesn’t end with the song’s musical arrangement, though.  There is just as much of that in the song’s lyrical content, too.  Gabriel sings right off the bat in such morose fashion, “I’m alone in the world today/I can’t take it/But I feel it anyway/It’s not enough that it was/It’s not enough cause it’s gone/I can’t breathe/I can’t stay here/I’ll numb myself all the way.  She goes on to sing about “burning yesterday,” “sinking into the void” and other brooding matters.  Simply put, there’s a lot of deep emotion expressed in this song’s lyrical content; emotion that, again, goth fans will appreciate.  When that deep emotion is set against the song’s equally brooding musical arrangement, the end result is one more of the album’s most standout compositions.  It is one more song that shows why fans of Gabriel and the Apocalypse will celebrate this record just as much as goth and industrial fans.  There are still other songs that serve to support that statement, too, including ‘Mazarine.’

‘March of the Dolls’ and ‘Colour of Winter’ are both key examples of what makes the Ghost Parade a record that Gabriel and the Apocalypse’s fans will celebrate.  That is due to the songs’ musical arrangements and their lyrical content.  Each song presents its own identity through its arrangement.  One arrangement is an aggressive, full-force composition that greatly enhances the defiant statement presented in the song’s lyrical content.  ‘Colour of Winter’ is the polar opposite (no pun intended) of ‘March of the Dolls.’  Both musically and lyrically, this song is the kind of work that any goth fan will appreciate just as much as the band’s more seasoned fans.  While both songs show clearly through their musical and lyrical content what makes The Ghost Parade a piece that audiences will celebrate, they are not the only songs that will do so.  ‘Mazarine’ shows in its own unique way what makes The Ghost Parade stand out, too, beginning with its musical arrangement.  This song’s arrangement is a mid-level hard rock piece that boasts a hard rock/industrial hybrid sound.  It isn’t the full-throttle piece that is presented in ‘March of the Dolls’ or even the more brooding ‘Colour of Winter.’  Rather it could be argued to be the closest to mainstream accessibility that the band reaches in this album.  Keeping that in mind, this arrangement could be the best chance that the band has at mainstream success in this album.  Of course the song’s arrangement is just one half of what makes the song stand out, just as with the other discussed songs.  The song’s lyrical content is just as important to note as its musical arrangement.

The musical arrangement presented in ‘Mazarine’ is a key part of what makes this song stand out.  It is perhaps the closest that the band comes to mainstream accessibility with its new album.  As important as the song’s arrangement is to its presentation, its lyrical content proves to be important in its own right.  Lyrically speaking, it will likely have audiences thinking and talking more than any other of the album’s songs.  At one point she sings what seems like an ode to someone else, but at other times the song seems to touch on a wholly different matter.  When that metaphorical language is coupled with the song’s semi-mainstream musical arrangement, the whole of the song becomes a work that would fit easily alongside the likes of Lacuna Coil, Evanesence and so many other more mainstream goth/industrial acts.  It is just one more example of what makes The Ghost Parade stand out.  When it is joined with ‘March of the Dolls,’ ‘Colour of Winter’ and the rest of the album’s offerings, the album in who proves without a doubt to be, again, a work that goth and industrial fans in general will appreciate just as much as the band’s more seasoned fans.

The Ghost Parade is a work that regardless of audiences’ familiarity with Gabriel and the Apocalypse, will appeal to goth and industrial fans in general just as much as it will the band’s more seasoned fans.  That is evident through all three of the songs discussed here.  It is also evident in the album’s other offering.  All things considered, The Ghost Parade is a work that goth and industrial fans will celebrate” right alongside the band’s fans.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on The Ghost Parade is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:










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Kill Devil Hill Announces New Drummer

Courtesy:  Street Smart Marketing

Courtesy: Street Smart Marketing

Kill Devil Hill announced this week the addition of former Type o Negative drummer Johnny Kelly to its lineup.  Kelly, who also performs with Danzig and his own band, A Pale Horse Named Death, takes the place of the bands now former drummer, Vinny Appice.

Appice released a statement on his departure.  “It’s been a great musical adventure from the beginning, but the time has now come to go our separate ways and continue to make music that we love,” he said of his decision.

KDH bassist Rex Brown had nothing but good things to say of Appice after Appice’s announcement that he would be departing the band.  “We all have a lot of love and respect for Vinny and have been honored to have jammed with him over the last few years – we wish Vinny well with all his future endeavors, it has been a blast!”

Kelly talked to the press on the announcement expressing his thoughts on taking on drumming duties for the band.  “I’m really excited about coming on board with Kill Devil Hill,” he said.  “I’ve been a fan since their debut and have known the guys for a long-time. It’s also clear that I have some really big shoes to fill. I’m ready for that challenge as I prepare for KDH’s next chapter – this is gonna be a blast!”

Kelly will get his first chance to display his chops live the weekend of Friday, April 4th – Sunday, April 6th.  The band will play Count’s Vamp’d in Las Vegas, NV April 4th.  That show will be followed by a performance at L.A.’s famed Viper Room on Saturday, April 6th and a show at the Gas Lamp in Long Beach, CA on April 6th.  From there, the band will head overseas for a handful of tour dates in Australia with Killswitch Engage from April 11th – 16th.

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Numan’s New Album Is A Musical Masterpiece

Courtesy:  Machine Music USA, Inc.

Courtesy: Machine Music USA, Inc.

Veteran musician Gary Numan has shaken up this critic’s list of the year’s best rock and hard rock albums with the release of his latest album, Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind).  Numan’s new record, his twentieth full length studio release, takes listeners once again into the ever darkening world that he has crafted throughout his more recent releases.  Numan grabs audiences right from the album’s emotionally desolate opener ‘I Am Dust’ straight through to ‘My Last Day’, which closes out the album’s dozen tracks and never lets go.  It may not be the most uplifting album out there.  But the sonic landscapes crafted throughout this near hour-long record make it worth more than just a couple listens.  As a matter of fact, that landscape makes this album a darkhorse candidate to be one of the year’s best new rock or even hard rock albums.

Numan made the completely right choice opening his new album with ‘I Am Dust.’  There is so much that can be said of this song.  The first thing that listeners will take away from this song is the different musical and vocal influences obvious throughout the song.  Numan’s own vocal style in the verses conjures thoughts of Tool/A Perfect Circle/Puscifer front man Maynard James Keenan.  However, when he reaches the choruses, there is almost a mix of Peter Steele (Type O Negative) and Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) in his voice as he sings, “We are yours/We’re waiting for you/We are yours/We’re waiting for you.”  The Fear Factory and Type O Negative influences can also be heard in the choruses in the song’s musical side.  Numan’s nihilistic lyrics in this song echo that of Trent Reznor circa The Downward Spiral.  He sings, “We all pray for the end/For the God to take us/We were falling down/One by one/We were weak/And the fear/Was all around us/The machines screamed from moon to sun.”  The musical and lyrical combination along with the obvious influences from across the rock world collectively make this song the perfect introduction to Numan for those that might be new to his music and an equally impressive re-introduction for those that are more familiar with his music.

For all of the dark, brooding songs that Gary Numan includes in his new album, he also tackles relationship issues in his own way.  He tackles the subject in the very Nine Inch Nails-esque ‘The Calling.’  Were a person to hear this song on the radio without knowing it was Gary Numan, one might actually think it was Nine Inch Nails because of how close it sounds to Trent Reznor’s work circa The Fragile.  The string arrangements and electronics set against Numan’s brooding lyrics make this song one of this album’s key moments.  Lyrically, there is little to this song.  But even in its few lyrics, Numan captures the emotion of someone that realizes that he or she has been nothing but a pawn in someone else’s game.  He writes in the song’s final verse, “You don’t love me/You don’t know me/Is this some kind of game for you/Is that why you’ve called me?” This is a situation to which plenty of audiences can relate.  Not everyone has gone through the situation presented in this song.

Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind) is front loaded with more than its share of impressive new material from Gary Numan.  There is not one bad moment throughout the record’s near hour-long run time.  One of the highest of the records high points has already been noted here.  It isn’t the only of the album’s high points, either.  ‘We’re The Unforgiven’ is another of this album’s highest of points.  This song has a very obvious Nine Inch Nails influence both musically speaking and lyrically.  What’s so interesting about that is the contrast of the song’s musical and lyrical sides.  The song’s musical side is powerful to say the least.  That is thanks in large part to the manner in which each verse crescendos before dropping back.  That dynamic contrast alone would make this song work even without lyrics.  But set next to the song’s lyrical side, both the music and lyrics come together to make the song this album’s best song.  He writes about figures that were once great but are now pale shades of themselves.  He writes, “Once there was life/And we were strong/Full of pride/Once we bread fear/And we would take the flesh denied/Once we were gods/And all things knelt before our word/or died.”  Obviously, he is writing metaphorically here.  But the message is still the same. He goes on, writing in the song’s chorus, “Now we’re just a ruin/We were our undoing/We’re the unforgiven.”  This is a powerful statement.  And again, set alongside the song’s musical side, it becomes even more powerful.  Together, they make this song just one more of so many standout moments shared by Gary Numan throughout his new record.  Fans overseas in the Middle East and Europe will get to experience these songs and many more live beginning February 10th in Tel Aviv, Israel.  From there, Numan will make his way into Belgium and across Europe for the next leg of his tour in support of his new album.  Fans can get Gary Numan’s latest tour dates, news, and more online at and  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at