Shawn Perry Debuts ‘Six Feet Apart’ Lyric Video; Planning Official Video

Independent singer-songwriter Shawn Perry is addressing the issue of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact in his new single, ‘Six Feet Apart.’

Perry debuted the single’s lyric video Aug. 21 through Ghost Cult magazine.  The video places the song’s lyrics against a simple background that features images, such as an astronaut, a 16-bit video game screen shot, and palm trees.  The overall imagery used in the video matches the song’s musical arrangement, which boasts a distinct 80s pop rock sound.

Courtesy: The Label Group

The song’s musical arrangement was crafted with a specific sound in mind, said Perry in his interview with Ghost Cult magazine. Additionally, he said the song’s lyrical theme happened largely by chance.

“How this song came about was pretty hilarious,” he said. “My manager, Dennis Sanders, actually gave me the idea. We were talking on the phone back in March when the pandemic shutdowns first started happening. Dennis said to me, “You know somebody should write a song called, ‘How can I love you if we’re six feet apart?’ That would be a great country song!” I said, “Dennis, I got this!” Then I wrote the song start to finish in a couple of hours. The next day we had a full demo. I usually fully demo all of my songs by myself before I even show them to the band. We got into the studio as soon as we could – which was several months later in June. The producer we have been working with shut down for safety.”

We recorded the song in just SIX hours!  (Eight if you count set up and tear down),” added Perry. “We couldn’t be happier with the way this song turned out. Needless to say, the finished product is less of a “Country Song”, but that is still in there; like all of my music, but it’s more of a genre-spanning epic power ballad that was HEAVILY influenced by two of my favorite bands: U2 and Van Halen.  I dare you to not sing along, I bet you can’t.”

According to Perry, he is planning to have an official music video filmed for the single “at the end of September.”  The song is available to stream and download by itself here.

‘Six Feet Apart’ was produced by Ben Schigel (Walls of Jericho, Chimera, Drowning Pool) at Spider Studio in Cleveland, OH.  The song was mastered by Maor Applebaum in Los Angeles, CA.

More information on Shawn Perry’s new single is available along with all of his latest news at:





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Taste: Live At The Isle Of Wight Is A Shining Diamond In The Rough

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the leading name in live recordings. That is already a well-known fact. That is not just because of the extensive list of acts whose recordings it has released over the years but also because of the quality of said recordings. While that list of recordings is extensive, most of the recordings in question released over the years have been from the biggest names in the music industry. They have not necessarily featured lesser known acts. But earlier this month Eagle Rock changed that when it dug up a hidden gem in the form of Taste: What’s Going On—Live at the Isle of Wight. Taste has never been among music’s (or more specifically rock’s) elite. But that takes nothing away from the Irish trio’s music. Now thanks to the efforts of those at Eagle Rock Entertainment a whole new generation of audiences will discover the joy that is Taste in this new recording. The central element that makes Taste: What’s Going On—Live at the Isle of Wight such a wonderful new recording is its introductory history lesson on Taste. The lesson in question gives a thorough background on the band and its place in rock’s history as well as the importance of its performance at the Isle of Wight Festival. Staying on that note, the companion booklet included with the recording adds even more background on the band and festival, making the recording in whole that much more enjoyable for viewers. And that is still not all that can be noted that makes this recording so impressive. The performance at the heart of the recording translates just as well decades after it was first held as it did for audiences that were in attendance at the original show. By direct connection, the recording’s production values are just as impressive as the performance itself. They are the finishing touch to the presentation. Together with each of the previously noted elements, it shows once more why Eagle Rock Entertainment remains the leading name in live recordings and why the recording in whole is one more welcome addition to this year’s crop of live recordings.

Taste: What’s Going On—Live at the Isle of Wight is one of the most surprising and welcome additions to this year’s rich field of live recording offerings. That is especially the case being that unlike so many other live recordings released by Eagle Rock over the years, this recording comes from a decidedly unknown act. Thanks to the inclusion of an introductory history lesson on the band, fronted by famed guitarist Rory Gallagher, audiences of all ages get a good introduction to the band and its importance to the music community both in its heyday and in the modern history of the music industry. The history lesson in question even features Taste’s former drummer John Wilson and one of the band’s managers discussing the band’s history and its performance at the famed festival. Speaking of managers, there is a short discussion on the band’s financial situation leading to said manager change as well as discussions on the importance of the band in comparison to the likes of Jimi Hendrix (who just happened to also be one of the performers at the Isle of Wight festival) and other more well-known acts. Viewers will be surprised to hear the likes of U2’s The Edge and other well-known names singing the praises of Taste, discussing the band’s place in the music industry’s history and its importance in comparison to its more well-known counterparts. These and other discussions featured throughout the presentation’s introductory segment form a solid foundation for the recording and show in themselves why they are collectively an important part of the recording’s whole. They are just one part of the recording that viewers will enjoy, too regardless of viewers’ familiarity with Taste and its body of work.

The history lesson presented ahead of Taste’s performance at the Isle of Wight Festival forms a solid foundation for the whole of Taste: What’s Going On—Live at the Isle of Wight. That foundation is strengthened even more through the companion booklet included with the recording. It picks up right where the presentation’s video bio left off with even more information to set the stage (no pun intended) for the featured performance. One of the most interesting pieces of information included in the booklet is that the band was actually late to the stage because the festival, which started out as a ticketed event, became a virtual free for all as so many people showed up for the event. Just as interesting is the note about Jimi Hendrix telling an interviewer to ask Rory how it felt to be the world’s greatest guitarist because he himself didn’t know. Of course that humility was the norm for Hendrix as he was very much the standard anti-rock star persona. But that the future legend would even throw such credit in Gallagher’s direction says quite a bit about the respect that even others far more well-known than himself had for him as a musician and person. It is quite the telling statement. There is also a more specific explanation of what exactly led to the tension between the band and its manager, and their subsequent split from him. These are just a handful of examples of the importance of this recording’s companion booklet. There is far more history provided in the booklet including a more thorough history of the band’s formation and additional information about the band’s performance at the Isle of Wight not included in the primary video history lesson featured on disc courtesy of Garth Cartwright. The combination of the booklet’s history lesson and that of the disc’s video history lesson makes both elements together an all too important part of this presentation’s whole. That is especially the case considering the relative obscurity of Taste both then and now among audiences. Of course noting both historical elements is only scratching the surface of what makes this latest recording from Eagle Rock Entertainment so important. One would be remiss to ignore the recording’s central focus, the band’s performance.

The history lesson provided both on disc and on paper in Taste’s new live recording sets a solid foundation for audiences before they take in the concert at the heart of the presentation. The concert in question is just as enjoyable as the history lesson preceding the concert. While the concert is composed of only seven songs, those songs will keep any classic rock aficionado fully engaged. As Cartwright notes in the concert’s companion booklet, the trio’s performance was truly something special even for that time. From the adrenaline-fueled opener after which this recording is named to the solid blues tones of ‘Gambling Blues’ to ‘Same Old Story’ and the show’s final number ‘Catfish Blues’ the band proves with this performance that had its members not allowed their tensions to get the better of them, it might have indeed gone on to become one of rock’s elite. Alas that wasn’t to be. But thankfully audiences have this concert to remind them of the greatness that could have been. It is one more way in which this presentation shows itself to be such a surprising and welcome diamond in the rough from Eagle Rock Entertainment and why Eagle Rock Entertainment is, again, the leading name in live recordings.

The concert that lies at the heart of Taste: What’s Going On–Live at the Isle of Wight is a very important element in the enjoyment and overall success of this recording. When coupled with its dual-part history lesson, the recording in whole shows even more why it is such an outstanding new release from Eagle Rock Entertainment. For all of the value of the presentation’s noted elements none of them would be of any significance without the concert’s surprisingly impressive production values. Being that the concert was originally recorded some forty-five years ago, the footage has stood the test of time quite well. The grainy look of the footage is still there. But it obvious that it has been re-mastered. The fact that those charged with restoring the footage maintained that balance between old and new so expertly speaks volumes about their efforts. The same can be said of the recording’s audio mix. It is clear that the audio was as painstakingly handled as its footage. The result here is a performance that sounds and looks just as good today as it did almost five decades ago. Together with its two-part history lesson and the concert itself, the whole of Taste: What’s Going On–Live at the Isle of Wight proves again exactly why it is one more of this year’s best new archived live concert recordings and one more reason that Eagle Rock Entertainment remains today the leading name in live recordings.

Taste: What’s Going On–Live at the Isle of Wight is a surprising release from Eagle Rock Entertainment. That is because those familiar with the company’s history of live recordings know most of them to be from far more well-known acts. But in discovering this far lesser-known act in this concert, audiences will agree that Taste deserves far more respect today than it got so many decades ago. They will also agree in watching this recording that it serves as a solid, enjoyable introduction to Taste for said audiences. That is thanks primarily to its rich, in-depth history lesson, which serves as the recording’s foundation. The performance itself will make that introduction all the more enjoyable for viewers. And of course thanks to the efforts of all involved with the concert’s production values past and present, the concert looks and sounds just as good today as it did decades ago. All things considered, Taste: What’s Going on–Live at the Isle of Wight proves in the end to be not just a surprising new release from Eagle Rock Entertainment but a surprisingly entertaining recording. It also proves once more why Eagle Rock Entertainment remains today the leading name in live recordings. It is available now in stores and online. More information on this and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online now at:




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Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me Is A Moving Tribute To One Of Music’s Greats

Courtesy: Virgil Films

Courtesy: Virgil Films

Four years ago country music legend Glen Campbell made one of the most difficult announcements of his career if not the single most difficult. The announcement in question was that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Those that know someone with Alzheimer’s or that have known someone with Alzheimer’s know the emotional pain that comes with such an announcement. Knowing that there is no cure for the disease, Campbell decided that he would not go quietly into that good night. Rather, he wanted to go out with a bang before the disease took control of his mind. He went on from there to release one final album and embark on a farewell tour to thank his fans for their years of support. Now thanks to Virgil Films Campbell’s fans can relive that final tour and everything that came with it in the form of the tour documentary Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me. The main reason that this is such a standout documentary is that it isn’t presented like every other tour documentary out there. Rather it is presented more as a tribute to the life and legacy of one of the music industry’s titans. That is just one reason that audiences will find it so compelling. The interviews with Campbell’s counterparts throughout the entertainment industry make the documentary even more intriguing. It isn’t just because his counterparts come from so many different realms of the industry either. The surprising reveal of each celebrity interviewee’s link to Campbell makes the program in whole even more powerful. The final reason that viewers and fans alike will find this presentation so touching and powerful is its editing. The editing is spotless from beginning to end, making for an emotional impact that will move even the strongest person emotionally speaking. It is thanks to the work of those that edited the documentary and prepared it for its release that the interviews and collective footage presented here is so powerful. It brings everything full circle and proves famed Chicago Sun Times writer/critic Richard Roeper completely right in his sentiment that Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me is “one of the most remarkable documentaries in recent years” and that “You do not want to miss this movie.”

Every year, there is any number of new music documentaries distributed to stores and online outlets for viewers to choose from. The problem is that most of those documentaries are little more than space fillers used as to hold fans and fulfill contractual obligations with record labels. Luckily though, for all of those poorly put together pieces, there are the occasional diamonds in the rough that manage to somehow shine through. Virgil Films’ new documentary Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me is one of those diamonds in the rough. This presentation is not just another run of the mill tour documentary. It is a tour documentary. But it is more than that. It is a tribute to the life and legacy of one of the music industry’s titans. That is the central reason for its success. While it does follow Campbell on his final nationwide tour, it offers audiences more than just a presentation following Campbell on said tour. It also follows Campbell off of the road. Viewers get to follow Campbell and his wife as they check in with the doctor to find out how much the disease has progressed. They also get to follow Campbell as he tries to face the reality of his diagnosis within his daily life. What audiences get here is the picture of a brave man; a man who refuses to just give up and give in. Rather, as viewers will see, he chooses to face it head on with a smile and all of the laughs and love that he can give. This includes some of the most difficult times as the disease progresses. The end result of the presentation will have viewers (including even the strongest viewers) both laughing and crying throughout. By the program’s end, viewers will agree that Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me is not just another tour documentary. It is a powerful, moving tribute to a legend that will potentially inspire others with family and friends suffering from that terrible disease.

The overall presentation of Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me makes the documentary stand out head and shoulders above every other music documentary that has been released so far this year. That is because it isn’t just a run of the mill tour documentary churned out to satisfy some label’s contractual obligations. It is a tribute to the life and legacy of a great talent. It’s just one reason that this presentation is such a memorable and moving work. The interviews with Campbell’s family, friends, and counterparts across the entertainment industry make the documentary even more powerful. The interviews in question are with Campbell’s family, friends, and counterparts throughout the entertainment industry. Those counterparts include well-known figures from the country music world such as Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, and Keith Urban as well as some of the rock world’s biggest names including: Bruce Springsteen, Chad Smith, and The Edge among others. Even former President Bill Clinton gets some face time along with famed actor/comedian Steve Martin and other well-known figures from the realms of television and movies. The list of people interviewed throughout the program is within itself plenty of reason to watch the documentary. But it is what the interviewees have to say of Campbell that makes each individual’s discussion so important to the whole of the documentary. Every one of the feature’s interviewees speaks with such reverence for him. They also speak with an increasingly noticeable emotion. The reason for that emotion is revealed in the program’s final minutes. Not to ruin it for anyone but it is revealed that the individuals interviewed for the documentary each had a connection to somebody that was either suffering from Alzheimer’s or that had suffered. So it makes sense that they would each get somewhat choked up in discussing the topic as it related to Campbell. It just brought up memories of their own friends and families. It is that heartfelt emotion displayed by each of the interviewees that really makes each separate segment so powerful. In turn, each of the segments combined makes the presentation in whole that much more moving for viewers.

The interviews collected for Virgil Films’ new Glen Campbell documentary are extremely moving to say the very least. They are so moving not because they feature some of the biggest names from the entertainment world and that of politics, but because of the heartfelt sentiment shared by each individual in discussion what Glen Campbell means to them and how his condition relates to them personally. They, along with everything else presented in this documentary, paint a picture that every person should see regardless of their familiarity with Glen Campbell the man and the musician. Of course without the work of those charged with editing and assembling the presentation ahead of its release, none of that would matter. It is the work of those individuals that rounds out the reasons that audiences will so appreciate this work. Their efforts present Campbell as a strong yet still fragile individual. The footage of Campbell in his childhood set against that of him as an adult, raising his family adds even more of an emotional impact to the overall presentation. Seeing Campbell slowly begin to struggle through his tour yet still fight through it and put on the best show that he can ups that emotional impact even more. Add in the expert balance of each element from beginning to end and viewers will find themselves not wanting to turn off the movie. Like a really good book or any other really good movie, the work of the editors makes this presentation’s near two-hour run time pass by with ease. Viewers won’t realize at all just how much time has passed by the time the movie has ended. They will also find themselves moved possibly deeper than they ever had by any fictional feature released in recent memory. In coming to such realization, audiences will agree that those charged with editing this documentary have succeeded to the highest degree in their jobs and have in turn helped craft what is one of the best music documentaries to be released in many years; a documentary that every viewer should see regardless of their familiarity with Campbell’s body of work.

Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me is one of the best music/tour documentaries to be released in recent memory. The work of the movie’s editors coupled with its interviews and the overall approach to the presentation make it a presentation that every viewer should see regardless of their familiarity with Campbell’s body of work. It is available now in stores and online and can be ordered direct from Virgil Films’ online store at More information on this and other titles from Virgil Films is available online now at:



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White Tie Affair frontman talks solo debut, Lady Gaga, more

Good Monday morning, everyone.  I hope your week is off to a great start.  I’ve got another brand new review on the way.  But before I get into it, I’ve got another special treat of those of you that follow my daily ramblings.  While you wait for this morning’s brand new review, I’ve got an interview with White Tie Affair frontman Chris Wallace.  I had the honor of interviewing Chris recently.  I asked him about his dreams of being a musician, touring with Lady Gaga, and his brand new upcoming solo release, among other topics.  That album is due out this Summer, by the way.  So while you wait for this morning’s new review, why not sit back, grab that cup of coffee, and check out my interview with Chris Wallace.

PP:  Your bio mentions that you didn’t want to follow in your family’s footsteps.  And when you told people about your decision to try your hand in the music business, people talked down to you and tried to discourage you.  What was the reaction of your parents?  

CW:  My parents were always supportive in everything i wanted to do, but they had no idea how much of a dreamer I really was. They just thought it was a hobby I would grow out of. As soon as I got my first guitar there hasn’t really been a plan b to playing and writing music. Ha there still isn’t, and will prolly never be. I’m definitely a lifer. It’s just way to much fun.
PP:  You mention in your bio about pumping Queen in your car when you were growing up.  I’m curious, Queen aside, what were some of your favorite bands to listen to when you were growing up?

CW: I was really obsessed with the killers. for a while. I love how they blended dance, rock, pop and great songwriting to make amazing albums. I also love third eye blind, taking back sunday, and U2 . I’ve always been obsessed with great melodies in music. So also pretty much every pop song I’ve ever heard ha. 

PP:  I want to get in to the White Tie Affair for a little bit.  For the fans that might not know, how did the White Tie Affair originally come together? 

CW:  The white tie affair originally was just me. I grew up playing in local rock bands. One day in fall of 06, a  good friend convinced me to finish this pop song I was jokingly working on called ‘Mr Right.’ I produced and wrote it myself. A few weeks after the song was finished, I made up a band name (white tie affair) and put the song on MySpace. Seriously no more that 3 weeks later, I had several major label deal offers. My life had literally changed overnight. All because of one song…I put the band together and wrote our first album. We got to travel the world, play over 1000 shows, and I had such a great time!  

PP:  The feeling from White Tie Affair’s Facebook page is that you all are on pretty good terms, despite you striking out on your own.  So for fans of White Tie Affair, what are the band’s plans on recording another album?  Do you just consider doing this a side project, or do you see it taking prominence over White Tie Affair?

CW:  I don’t see myself doing another  white tie album. It was such a different time in my life. In workin on my solo project I’ve finally figured out how to add my personality and raw energy into the songs. The white tie affair was not nearly as personal as my upcoming album ‘Push Rewind.’ We are definitely on great terms tho. 

PP:  Getting back to the your bio, it mentions your tour with Lady Gaga.  Can you expand on how taht tour came to be?  Did her people come to you, or was it the other way around?  What was your initial reaction to being included on her tour?

CW:  I was actually turned on to lady gaga’s ‘the fame’ record way before she became a household name. I met her randomly after her set at lalapalooza 07 and had been following her career. So when my manager told me she was looking for acts for her tour. I immediately agreed we should submit for it. And when the tour started 9 months later, Lady Gaga was on her third #1 single and had become the biggest thing in music. It was more luck and timing and relationships that got me on that tour.  My initial reaction was… Wow this could be fun, but as her fame grew and grew and grew, It became more and more surreal. Gaga is such a great person and I learned so much from hangin out with her on that tour.  

PP:  Your bio mentions how you watched Axl Rose warm up for his show.  Are there any other favorite or least favorite moments that you can share with readers about your tour?  Are there any artists/bands that are on your “MUST” list in terms of who you’d love to tour with?

CW:  My favorite moment on tour had to be singing onstage with cindi lauper. A few years ago I was the opening act for 2 dates on her true colors tour. During our set, I glanced over and saw cindi lauper and Rosie o’donnel watching me play. If that wasn’t surreal enough… Right after my set they cornered me and told me how great I did. Cindi asked if I would come out and sing the second verse  of true colors with her. I went in my dressing room and listened to that song at least 30 times to prepare. Sharing the stage with such a music icon was something I could only dream of.   

PP:  You were really shy when you were growing up.  So are you still shy today, as an adult when you’re not performing?  Or do you find yourself a lot more open as a result of being such a huge star?

CW: I’m not shy at all anymore. I think it was just a part of growing up and finding myself. Music really helped me figure out how to express myself and the be person I wanted to be. Once I go in touch with who I was, it was hard to get me to stop talking haha.  
PP:  One more question before I go.  Your debut solo release comes out soon. For fans who have never heard The White Tie Affair or your music, what can they expect from your new album?

CW: At the core ‘push rewind’ has very hard hitting pop rock songs like ‘remember when’ and ‘keep me crazy.’ ..but there are also a few slower songs  like ‘ready to fall’ that i wrote on piano with a string quartet. Overall you can expect a high energy pop rock dance album that is very honest and personal.

Fans can keep up with all the latest from Chris Wallace online at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at @chriswallace101.

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