Ancient Aliens Season Four Keeps The Questions Coming

Courtesy: History Channel/A&E Home Entertainment

The truth is out there, or so we’ve been told by a rather well known now classic sci-fi show.  But what if the truth isn’t out there?  What if it is in fact right in front of us?  In the fourth season of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, viewers are presented with more theories that beings from another world have been visiting Earth and leaving their mark for eons.  Through it all, it leaves viewers to decide for themselves what they believe to be the truth. Season Four opens with one of the most classic stories of alien conspiracies.  It opens with the episode, ‘The Mayan Conspiracy.’  This episode takes viewers throughout the beliefs that beings from other worlds have been visiting Earth and its inhabitants as early as the days of the Mayans and even their own ancestors.  The show focuses on artwork left by the Mayans, presenting the possibility that the artwork carved into the Mayan temples in fact are images of technology used by the Mayans to communicate with whatever beings may have connected with them.  It claims that the Mayans may have even had technology to build an early rocket of sorts, allowing them to travel out of Earth’s bounds.  This episode also goes into depth about the Mayans’ expertise with astronomy and math.  The experts interviewed for this episode argue that how else could the Mayans have had the knowledge and abilities that they had without intervention from some higher being or beings?

Another of Season Four’s interesting episodes brings up the conspiracy theory centered on the true intentions of NASA.  ‘The NASA Connection’ explains the roots of NASA and explains what is believed to be the real reason for its creation.  From there, it goes into more depth about an alleged connection to the Russian space program early in NASA’s life possibly for covert reasons tied to beliefs about hidden cities on the dark side of the moon.  It goes into even more discussions about the possibility that NASA has been attempting to hide footage of extraterrestrial beings flying right past the ISS and NASA’s shuttle fleet.  Could it really be true?  Again, that’s up to viewers to decide.

Could beings from other worlds have visited Earth as far back as the days of the Mayans?  What about as recently as the days of the “Space Race?”  That’s anybody’s guess.  But those are just two of many theories raised in Season Four of Ancient Aliens.  Also presented here is the theory that famed artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci had to have had help from some form of interstellar beings in order to be able to create the inventions which he developed.  On top of that, the show presents perhaps one of the most interesting discussions ever raised in the possibility that instead of hiding a religious secret in his paintings, he in fact was hiding images of beings from other worlds.  Along with this, it presents a discussion that there are in fact images of alien spacecraft hidden throughout some of history’s great pieces of art.  It even goes so far as to focus in on these alleged objects, and have experts examine them for themselves.  The findings from these investigations are pretty interesting.  But audiences will have to see for themselves how interesting when they pick up Season Four of Ancient Aliens.

Ancient Aliens Season Four will be available in stores and online Tuesday, November 20th.  It can be ordered online direct via History Channel’s online store,

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PBS’ NOVA Looks For Life In The Universe In A Different Way

Courtesy: PBS

Are we alone in the universe?  This question has plagued mankind for centuries, if not longer.  Countless books, movies, and television shows have been released in as many years on the topic.  Some have been scientific.  Others have ranged more in the outlandish.  Now, another program has been released on the topic in the form of NOVA’s two part episode, “Finding Life Beyond Earth.”

“Finding Life Beyond Earth” is one of the more scientific examinations at the possibility of extraterrestrial life.  Rather than presenting outrageous theories, the program examines the elements needed for life to exist.  That is, life as we humans know it.  Those elements are an energy source, liquid, and the chemical building blocks needed to kick start life.  The first hour of this special compares conditions and the elements of life on Earth to those of the other planets in the Milky Way galaxy.  The discussion starts with a look at discoveries made by Cassini’s probe made on Saturn’s moon, Titan.  The revelations made by those discoveries are the basis for so many discussions both inside and outside the classroom.

Courtesy: PBS

The second half hour of the program takes viewers to some of the planets’ moons.  It examines Jupiter’s moons, Io and Europa, along with Saturn’s moon, Titan and one other.  Comparisons between those moons and conditions on Earth raise just as many discussions as the discoveries made about the planets.  Ultimately, the conclusion on whether or not life exists elsewhere in the universe is inconclusive.  The purely scientific research is enough to justifiably wonder if this piece of science fiction will one day become science fact.  “Finding Life Beyond Earth” is available on blu-ray and DVD now.  It can be ordered online at

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The Universe Season Six is an astronomical hit

Good morning everyone.  I hope you’re all doing well on this messy Monday morning and that your weekends were enjoyable.  I kept myself busy all weekend, going through another brand new upcoming release.  The release in question is the topic of today’s edition of Reel Reviews.  This morning’s edition of Reel Reviews focuses on the brand new upcoming release of History Channel’s hit series, The Universe.  Technically, it’s on History Channel’s sister station, H2.  But it does get run on History Channel, too here and there.  Those who don’t get to see it, but really want to will get to see the Complete Season Six next month when its released to dvd and blu-ray.  All the details are right ehre in this brand new edition of Reel Reviews.  So without further ado this morning, dear readers, I bring to you, The Universe:  The Complete Season Six.