Metal Blade hits a bulls eye with Gentleman’s Pistols debut re-issue

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records/Rise Above Records

Metal Blade records has been known in the music community as the leader in metal for three decades.  But in recent years, the label has started to branch out, including more mainstream acts the likes of King’s X, Horisont, and others.  Now, Metal Blade has hit the bull’s eye yet again with the re-issue of Brit rockers Gentleman’s Pistols debut self-titled record.

The inclusion of Gentleman’s Pistols to the label’s roster is yet more proof of what makes Metal Blade still the leader in the hard rock and metal community.  GP’s debut record is one of those no nonsense, straight forward, balls-to-the-walls hard rock records that will leave listeners breathless by the time it ends.  Of the album’s ten tracks, only a few break the three minute mark.  One of those few songs is the bluesy ‘Heavy Petting.’  Singer/guitarist James Atkinson sings on this song, “Heavy Petting in the park/Heavy petting in the zoo/Heavy petting in the dark/Heavy petting with you/Cause you’re my woman/yes you are.”  It’s pretty obvious what he’s singing about here.  The Black Sabbath-esque bass in this song makes it something really amazing to hear.

‘Heavy Petting’ is one of very few slower songs on the band’s self-titled debut.  Fans of the band’s more up-tempo, adrenaline drenched songs get plenty of that in the Clutch-esque opener ‘Just a Fraction’, ‘Widow Maker’, and ‘Lying & Fooling.’  There’s even a touch of old school punk rock in ‘Vivid Wonder’ and ‘Out of The Eye.’  ‘Mistress Mistrust’ stands out on its own merits, too with its neo-classic rock (contradiction in terms there, huh?) vibe. 

Gentleman’s Pistols now have two records on the market.  The band’s second album bears some similarity to its self-titled debut.  And while it’s just as good as the band’s debut, fans can only say thank you to Metal Blade Records for re-issuing this record.  Very rarely does a band have such a positive impact on its debut, and follow that up with an equally impressive sophomore effort.  The short and simple of this re-issue is that for fans who have never heard the work of Gentleman’s Pistols, this record is a flat ten on a scale of one to ten.  In an era when so much rock is either dark, moody stuff laced with cookie monster growls, a band such as this is a welcome change of pace.  It goes back to the golden days of rock and roll.  What’s more, it proves even more why Metal Blade Records is the leader in hard rock and metal today.

The band’s album is available now.  It can be bought in stores and online at  Fans can get the latest news and more from Gentleman’s Pistols online at,,!/gentspistols and

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