Nickelodeon, Shout! Factory Offer More “Spirited” Fun In Danny Phantom Season 2.5

Courtesy: Nickelodeon/Shout! Factory

The end is near for another of Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons.  Nickelodeon and Shout! Factory have officially released Danny Phantom Season Two Part Two, which will henceforth be simply called Season 2.5.  Danny Phantom Season 2.5 completes the penultimate season to this short lived series from Butch Hartman.  While this show would be short lived, Hartman would go on to create what is one of Nickelodeon’s more popular of the new generation of Nicktoons in The Fairly Oddparents.  Audiences see Danny get shrunk thanks to his dad’s bad aim, all while learning the value of physical fitness, believe it or not.  Also, after learning Danny’s secret, his sister Jazz tries to offer her help, but only makes things worse until she goes to visit Vlad Masterson.  And Danny also learns a very valuable lesson in a special Christmas themed episode.   

Danny Fenton (A.K.A. Danny Phantom) has had to face a lot of challenges ever since accidentally gaining his ghost powers.  He has also learned a lot of valuable life lessons along the way.  One of those valuable lessons that he learns is on the importance of physical fitness.  That lesson is contained in the episode, “Micro Management.”  In this episode, Danny has to utilize his “natural abilities” after being accidentally shrunk by his dad while battling Skulker.  Skulker also gets shrunk along with Danny’s classmate, Dash.  Ironically, Danny had been doing everything that he could to avoid the phys. Ed. test for which he was supposed to have been training prior to getting shrunk.  After going through the adventure, he realizes the importance of being physically fit.  This episode was a smart way to discuss the importance of physical fitness without preaching to young audiences.  Hartman and company were very smart to attack the concept in this way.

The importance of physical fitness is just one lesson that Danny learns in the second half of Season Two.  He also learns lessons about the importance of family through a handful of episodes.  One of those episodes was “Secret Weapons.”  Danny has faced some tough challenges before.  But nothing could prepare him for a sister who is trying way too hard to help Danny hunt ghosts.  Danny’s sister, Jazz, means well in her efforts to help him.  But her help seems to keep causing Danny trouble.  So he ends up confronting her about it at school.  This leads Jazz to go to Vlad Masterson’s home, where she discovers one of his secrets.  In learning his secret, Jazz and Danny team up in the end to beat Vlad.  Thanks to their teamwork, Danny learns to appreciate Jazz’s efforts as his sister, and to appreciate her as a sister, too.  Again, it’s a smart way to tackle a subject to which any younger viewer could relate.

Danny also learns to appreciate the rest of his family, as well as others In the Christmas episode, “The Fright Before Christmas.”  In this episode Danny is no fan of the holiday season.  Viewers learn that the reason for that is his parents constantly fight every Christmas.  So one year, Danny’s in such a foul mood that when he goes into the ghost zone, he destroys a Christmas book written by the Ghost Writer (voiced by Arrested Development star, Will Arnett).  The Ghost Writer is so angry that he traps Danny in a holiday story to teach Danny about appreciating Christmas.  The ghosts from the ghost zone are there, too.  They tell Danny that while they may fight him and each other through the year, Christmas is the one time of the year when they all have a truce, kind of like in All Quiet on The Western Front.  Fans will also enjoy the Christmas music in the background helping to set the mood of each scene.  Eventually, Danny learns that no matter how people celebrate (even if it’s by arguing and fighting), he shouldn’t let that spoil his view of Christmas, and in turn ruin others’ holiday season.  It’s a very valuable lesson for parents and kids alike. 

The episodes noted here are just small samplings of what Danny Phantom Season 2.5 has to offer.  Fans will likely have their own favorite episodes after watching this half of Season Two for themselves.  The two-disc DVD set is available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered direct through Shout! Factory at

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