Slayer To Release Ltd. Ed. Vinyl 7″ Picture Disc For Record Store Day

Courtesy:  Nuclear Blast Records

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

Slayer will release its first new song in nearly a year when it releases ‘When The Stillness Comes’ this spring.

Slayer recently announced that ‘When The Stillness Comes’ will be part of a special, limited edition 7” vinyl picture disc that will be released on April 18th, 2015—Record Store Day. The song will be accompanied by a live performance of ‘Black Magic,’ which was included in the band’s 1983 album Show No Mercy. The performance in question was taken from the band’s performance at the 2014 Wacken Open Air Festival.

Courtesy:  Nuclear Blast Records

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

Only 5,000 copies of the special double-sided disc will be available worldwide. That means that not every indie record store taking part in Record Store Day will be lucky enough to get copies. A full listing of stores taking part in Record Store Day this year is available online at Slayer is currently putting the final touches on its eleventh full-length studio release, which is set for release in stores and online later this year. More information on that album is available online along with all of the latest news from the band at:





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Arch Enemy Announces Details On New Album, Performances

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Arch Enemy has begun work on its latest full length studio effort.

The Swedish-based “extreme metal” band has started mixing on what will be its ninth full length studio release.  The new album, titled War Eternal, is expected to be released this June.  Guitarist Michael Amott explained the meaning behind the title in a recent interview.  “A lot of times life is a struggle, a war against what I like to call ‘mental chains’ in society that try to prevent you from living life the way you want, that try to stop you from making your dreams come true. I have always resented that and I always will. The title sums up our collective attitude a band as well; stages will be destroyed, eardrums will bleed. There will be no choice. This, ladies and gentlemen, is ‘War Eternal’…

Amott went on to explain what fans can expect from War Eternal, musically and lyrically.  Musically, this album is going a few places we haven’t visited before. As our fans have come expect, our albums have all had their own vibe and ‘War Eternal’ will leave its own mark. Lyrically it’s a much more personal record, and I feel the songs have more dynamics and depth than ever before. The songs are loaded with strong and vicious metal, drenched in tons of melody and emotion. All the trademarks of ARCH ENEMY are present, just more in your face and turned up to 11″.

The band will debut some of its new material early this year during its European tour before the album is released in June.  That tour will be followed by a full run of European Summer Festivals including: Sweden Rock, Wacken Open Air Festival and more.  Arch Enemy will then head out for its own headlining tour across Europe, the UK, and North America this Fall and Winter.

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Fans Will “Enjoy” Ministry’s Latest Live Recording

Courtesy: UDR/EMI/Wacken Records/Thirteenth Planet Records

Courtesy: UDR/EMI/Wacken Records/Thirteenth Planet Records

Ministry’s new live recording, Enjoy The Quiet – Live at Wacken 2012, is a recording that any fan of this stalwart industrial metal band will want to own.  It is the last live recording featuring the band’s longtime guitarist Mike Scaccia before his surprising and sudden death later that year.  The band’s hardcore fans have been rewarded for their loyalty with this recording as it has been released both as a standalone Blu-ray and a DVD/2-CD combo pack.  Sweetening the deal even more for fans, both the Blu-ray and triple disc DVD/CD combo pack offer fans both the band’s performance from the 2012 Wacken Open Air Festival and its performance from the 2006 Festival.  While not every one of the band’s extensive catalogue of albums is represented across the two performances, fans will appreciate that the band takes them as far back as 1992’s groundbreaking Psalm 69 and as recent as 2012’s Relapse.  Those handling the audio and video for the 2012 performance handled it expertly.  Together with the set list and the extensive presentation means, it proves even more to be a recording that any Ministry fan will want to add to their collection.

Ministry’s fans should applaud both the band and the people at UDR, EMI, Wacken Records, and Thirteenth Planet Records for Enjoy The Quiet – Live at Wacken 2012.  The reason for that is that it has been presented in multiple formats.  On the surface, this would not necessarily be a good thing.  But a closer look shows that it is indeed something good.  That’s because instead of being presented on three totally separate formats, it has been presented on two.  The first is a standalone Blu-ray presenting both the band’s 2012 performance and its performance from the 2006 Wacken Open Air Festival.  The second is a triple disc DVD/2-CD combo pack.  It would have been just as easy for the record labels involved to split this combo pack into two separate platforms.  But they didn’t.  They combined them, knowing that while Blu-ray is popular, more people still use DVD format.  So in combining the two platforms into one, the record labels involved have given fans a full concert experience.  It will allow them to take the concert with them in their cars and in their homes (or homes of friends).  So kudos are in order for this rather important factor being given attention.

Just as important as the concert’s packaging to consider is its set list.  It would be improper to consider the combination of the 2012 and 2006 performances to be career spanning. But the two performances do collectively present some of the band’s biggest hits.  Fans are taken all the way back to 1989’s A Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste and all the way up to 2012’s Relapse with songs such as ‘Thieves’, ‘Ghouldiggers’, ’99 Percenters’, and ‘Relapse’ just to name a handful of songs.  The band’s breakout 1992 album Psalm 69 is also represented in these performances through the likes of ‘Grace’, ‘N.W.O.’ and the album’s title track.  There are even more songs from albums in between.  And fans will each have their own favorites when they pick up this live release for themselves.

The combined set list from the band’s performance at the 2012 and 2006 Wacken is extensive enough to impress any of the band’s longtime fans.  And that it has been presented on both a standalone Blu-ray and DVD/2-CD combo pack is even more worthy of praise.  One more factor to be considered in this release is its audio and video mix.  Those handling the audio and video mix in the 2012 performance are to be applauded.  Any live recording from any musical act can be muddied.  This has happened with various live recordings across the musical spectrum across time.  The band’s 2012 performance however didn’t fall victim to that pitfall.  And because of that, it stands even more as a live recording that any Ministry fan will want to add to their own Ministry collection.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on this and other releases from Ministry is available online at and  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Jourgensen Releasing New Ministry Album, Live DVD, Autobiography

Al Jourgensen said some time ago that he was done with Ministry.  He said that he had no intention of releasing anymore Ministry albums after the release of the band’s last album, Relapse (2012).  As he stated himself, “I had no choice.”  But like a heavyweight that just can’t stay out of the ring, Jourgensen is returning to the metal ring this Fall with another new Ministry album.  The upcoming album, the thirteenth from Jourgensen under the Ministry moniker, is titled From Beer to Eternity.  It is currently scheduled to be released September 6th via 13th Planet Records.

Courtesy:  Herfitz PR

Courtesy: Herfitz PR

Work on From Beer to Eternity started in December 2012 with band mates Mike Scaccia (guitars), Sin Quirin (guitars), Aaron Rossi (drums), and Tony Campos (bass) at Jourgensen’s 13th Planet studios in El Paso, Texas.  Jourgensen wrote the music and lyrics for all eleven of the album’s songs and produced it, too.  Sadly, Scaccia—then 47 years old—died before the record was finished after suffering a heart attack on stage with his band, Rigor Mortis.  Jourgensen commented on Scaccia’s death, expressing the band’s sadness at his passing and how it helped push this new record forward.  “We have never, in the history of Ministry, ever had a tracking session like that before,” Jourgensen said.  “Everything went so smoothly, it was surreal.  And Mikey was so on fire and inspired, and really a driving force for this record.”  He went into more detail, explaining that because of Scaccia’s death and his excitement over the record that he had to push on.  “There was no choice,” he said.  “During the tracking sessions, Mikey was smiling and going, ‘You know what, Al?  This is by far and away the best Ministry album we’ve ever done together.  This is awesome.’  I’m super proud of From Beer to Eternity because it’s my tribute to Mikey’s incredible talent, and I feel it honors him and all of the years we spent together making music.”  There is even a track on the new album dedicated to Scaccia titled, ‘Change of Luck.’

Other songs that fans will want to hear from this highly anticipated album include, ‘Punch in the Face’, and the album’s high energy, sarcastic, sound-effect heavy, ‘Hail to his Majesty (Peasants)’ and the album’s first single, ‘PermaWar.’  The single will be released digitally via iTunes late this month as a three-track maxi-single.  Along with the new album’s standard edition, 13th Planet Records will be releasing it in a special thirteen-track digipack, a FanBox edition, and a vinyl and limited edition 12” picture discs. 

The release of From Beer to Eternity is reason for Ministry fans to be excited.  It’s not the only reason they have to be excited.  Jourgensen will also be releasing his autobiography, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen next Tuesday, July 9th.  The autobiography was penned by Jourgensen with Jon Wiederhorn.  It will be published by Da Capo Press.  Making fans even happier, those fans that attend this year’s already sold-out Wacken Open Air Festival will get to purchase the band’s new double-disc DVD,  Ministry: Enjoy the Quiet – Live at Wacken 2012.  That release will debut at the annual three-day festival in Germany.  It was filmed at Ministry’s performance at the 2012 Wacken Open Air Festival.  That performance was one of the band’s final shows of its 2012 tour.  The concert, performed in front of seventy-five thousand fans, includes hits such as:  ‘New World Order’, ’99 Percenters’, ‘Ghouldiggers’, ‘Psalm 69’, ‘Thieves’, ‘Just One Fix’, and ‘Khyber Pass.’

Pre-orders for Ministry’s new album will be posted to the band’s Facebook page, soon.  Fans can “Like” the page to keep up with the pre-order news, tour dates, and more.

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Motorhead Moves To The Front Of The Live Class With New Release

COurtesy: UDR Music/Motorhead Music/EMI Label Services

Motorhead fans put those horns high.  The band has returned with the accompanying piece to its 2011 release, The World Is Ours Vol. 1 – Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else.  This second half of the band continues to cover highlights of its 2011 tour in support of its most recent album, The World Is Yours.  It picks right back up where Vol. 1 left off with just as much metal mayhem as that aforementioned release.

What Motorhead has shown yet again here is that a band doesn’t have to have pyro and loads of special effects to put on a great stage show.  All this hard rocking three piece needs is a huge set of its greatest hits and nothing more.  From the opening moments of ‘Iron Fist’ to the mega-drum solo of drummer Mikey Dee on ‘In The Name of Tragedy’ to the final number from the band’s performance at Rock in Rio, Motorhead’s loyal legions will love every second of this live box set.  Dee’s solo is without a doubt one of the most incredible moments from the band’s Wacken performance.  And the angles by which the camera crew catches his solo make his solo that much more intense.  For someone of his age, it is absolutely incredible to see up close and personal his talent and ability on the drums.  A moment such as that is exactly why fans flock to live shows every year.  It’s one thing to hear a band on a record.  But to experience such a sight in person is what makes an average fan into a mega fan.

Speaking of the camera angles used to capture Dee’s drum solo, those are angles are just a tiny piece of what makes the DVD and BD pieces to this four-piece set such a wonderful addition.  The cameras capture the band’s performance from every possible angle as it performs.  They even get into the depths of the audiences to capture the show from the audience’s point of view.  There are also shots taken from high above the crowd that expertly capture the intense devotion of the fans to this legendary band’s performance, along with the sheer magnitude of the audience’s numbers.  Being able to capture this show from the comfort of one’s own home will make audiences feel as if they’re still right there at the show, just with the ability to control the volume.  But then again, someone once said, if it’s too loud, you’re too old!  So anyone with a surround sound system will get even more of a full-on concert experience.

The recordings of the band’s performances at Sonisphere and Rock in Rio are just as strong as at Wacken.  Considering the band has been making music for nearly four decades, and that it is still being invited to perform at some of the world’s top concert festivals shows the respect that the music world has for this band.  And seeing that fans continue to flock to see this band perform shows the love and respect that audiences have for the band, too.  For those who haven’t had the opportunity just yet to see the band live, this four disc set is an excellent chance to catch the band live without ever having to leave the comfort of one’s own home.  No worries about concert tickets.  No worries about lodging, food, etc.  Just you, your TV (or CD player) and Motorhead.  What more does a true metal head need?  The World Is Ours Vol. 2 – Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else is available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered online at

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