We Are The Union Will Unify Ska, Punk Fans

Courtesy: Exit 384 Music

Detroit, Michigan.  The very words conjure thoughts of Motown, muscle cars, and more.  One wouldn’t generally associate this beloved city with the sound of ska and punk rock.  But with the release of its new album, You Can’t Hide The Sun, Detroit’s own We Are The Union is showing that it has its own musical muscle.  The band’s new album blurs the lines of punk and ska.  Its sound is something along the lines of Reel Big Fish meets certain pop punk bands.  The album’s opener exhibits that with its opener, ‘Dust on the Hourglass.’  It does a good job of balancing the horns and guitars.  Musically, it has all the requisite hooks and choruses to make it a sure hit among the band’s intended audiences.  And it’s equally nice to have a vocalist who actually sings instead of screams especially in today’s punk scene.  This makes for a nice first impression. 

The band keeps the tempo driving on the next song, ‘I Want You To Hit Me As Hard As You Can’ before slowing things back down just slightly on ‘Live Like Mitch.’  It doesn’t take the band long to pick things right back up as it moves into ‘415 In Progress.’  It keeps that momentum going through the remainder of the album from here on out, making for an album that any fan of punk and ska will enjoy. 

The band is currently touring in support of You Can’t Hide The Sun.  It will be performing in Flint, Michigan this Friday.  From there, the band will make its way through the Midwest over the Thanksgiving weekend.  To get a full tour rundown and all the latest news and more from the band, fans can go online to http://www.facebook.com/wearetheunion, http://wearetheunion.tumblr.com, http://www.myspace.com/wearetheunion, http://www.purevolume.com/wearetheunion, http://twitter.com/wearetheunion, and http://www.last.fm/music/We+Are+The+Union

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