TV Coma Releases New Album, Single, Video

Courtesy: Earshot Media

Independent rock band TV Coma released its new album, Wuss, today.

The band debuts the album’s then latest single, ‘Celebrities,’ and its companion video last week. The song is a simple composition both musically and lyrically, and will appeal to a wide range of audiences through those elements. The song’s musical arrangement immediately lends itself to comparison to works from the likes of Weezer with its fuzzed, poppy/stoner sound and stylistic approach.

The song’s lyrical theme is centered on an overarching theme of how millenials are dealing with the world and their impact on the world. The band addressed that theme in a prepared statement, which reads, “Wuss is about the people who run the world now, the millennial adults, who are still trying to figure out how to be adults, a generation left blinking at the lights of a rapidly changing world that they helped create, but no longer understand.”

The song’s video is a relatively simple approach. It features the band performing its new single on a soundstage. The soundstage is bathed in shades of pink and blue. There are some other funny moments added in the mix, which audiences can discover for themselves. They enhance the video even more.

Wuss is available to stream and download here. The record’s track listing is noted below.

‘Wuss’ Track Listing:

1. My Millennial Life

2. Ian

3. Celebrities

4. Natural Loser

5. Boomerang

6. The Baby

7. Greebo

8. Someday Town

9. Congratulations

More information on TV Coma’s new album, single, and video is available along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Weezer’s Latest LP Is An “OK” Presentation

Courtesy: Atlantic Records

Veteran alt-rock band Weezer is one of those acts that clearly does not rest easily on its laurels.  Ever since the release of its debut self-titled album in 1996, the band has released one new album every two to three years (at the most – some of its albums are separated by no more than a year).  Counting its latest album OK, Human, which was released Feb. 12, the band has released now, a grand total of 14 albums in less than 30 years.  That is a lot of content to say the very least.  What’s more, the band even has plans to release a second album this year in the form of Van Weezer.  That album is a story for another time.  Getting back to the band’s latest album, it is a presentation that will find the majority of its appeal among the band’s most devoted fans.  That is proven in part through its lyrical content, which will be discussed shortly.  While the record’s lyrical content is certain to appeal to a wide range of listeners, its musical content does limit its appeal.  This will be discussed a little later.  The record’s production is also of note.  It is its own positive and will be discussed later, too.  Each item noted is important in its own way to the whole of OK, Human.  All things considered, the album in whole proves itself to be worth hearing at least occasionally.

OK, Human is an interesting new offering from Weezer.  That is because while not necessarily a failure, it is also not what one might consider a groundbreaking presentation from the band.  Again, even despite that, it does have some positives, one of which is its lyrical content.  The record’s lyrical content does the most to ensure the record’s appeal.  The album’s lyrical content covers a wide range of topics. ‘Bird With a Broken Wing’ for instance, presents an existentialist rumination of sorts. Front man Rivers Cuomo said during an interview that, “I think I was just feeling pretty irrelevant and passed over and past my prime, just feeling pretty sorry for myself.”  Everyone has been at that point at least once in life if not more times.  He compares himself here  to that “bird with a broken wing” but reminding himself that “I still have a song to sing/Turning night to day…And this beautiful song to sing/Don’t feel sad for me/I’m right where I wanna be.”  So while the song is sad, it is still uplifting.  It does present its own message of hope.  That is proven even more as Cuomo further states later in the song, “Nothin’ matters in the world/And everyone is free/But I’ll belong to you/If you believe in me.”  Here again is that uplifting message that even though we get down, it is possible to feel better.  It is just one way in which the album’s lyrical content proves so pivotal to the record’s presentation.  ‘Playing My Piano’ is another great way in which the record’s lyrical content proves its importance to the album’s presentation.

According to Cuomo himself, ‘Playing My Piano’ is simply about the joy that he gets from playing his piano, and the positive mental and emotional effect that sitting in front of the piano and playing those keys has on him.  He points it out right from the song’s outset in the lead verse and chorus, which states, “My wife is upstairs/My kids are upstairs/And I haven’t washed my hair in three weeks/I should get back to these Zoom interviews/But I get so absorbed and time flies/I just can’t let go when I’m playing my piano/Ooh, I’m playing my piano/I’m pounding out the bass/Singing out the tune/I never see the sun like I’m living in a womb/I’m playing my piano/Ooh, ooh, ooh.”  The light, upbeat sense continues in the song’s second verse, which states, “A cup of java at the edge of the  keys/Dripping down from major to mixolydian/Put on some white noise/Double-bolt the door/Kim Jong-un could blow up my city/I’d never know/I just can’t let go when I’m playin’ my piano.”  On the surface, this is just a song about Cuomo getting lost in playing his piano.  On a deeper level, this is a mind state to which so many listeners can relate.  Music is that powerful, whether it be playing an instrument or just listening to a good song.  So to that end, that accessibility and difference from the lyrical theme presented in ‘Bird With a Broken Wing’ and the rest of  the album’s songs shows that much more, the importance of the album’s lyrical content.  It is just one more way in which the album’s lyrical content proves so important.  The lyrical content featured in ‘Mirror Image’ shows Cuomo’s adoration for his wife.  Right from the song’s outset, Cuomo calls his wife “My mirror image/Showing me who I am/Until the day that we shatter,” adding “She helps me understand.”  This not just another run-of-the-mill love song.  This is a direct love song that he wrote for his wife, though it is a song that plenty of husbands and even boyfriends will find useful with their significant others.  He adds that “Heaven can’t save this man/Heaven can’t help this man/heaven turned his back on this man/Heaven shuts the door on this man.”  This heightens even more, the message of Cuomo’s appreciation for and devotion to his wife.  It stands on its own merits, separate from the other lyrical themes noted here and those not addressed.  All things considered, the album’s lyrical content is certain to reach a wide range of listeners.  In turn, it creates a firm foundation for OK, Human.  For all that the album’s lyrical content does for its presentation, its musical content limits its appeal.

The musical arrangements featured throughout the course of OK, Human’s 12 total songs are anything but unfamiliar.  The arrangements in question take to heart the old adage that one should not fix what’s not broken.  One could also argue that the band maybe takes that adage (and even Mark Twain’s timeless statement to “write what you know) a bit too much to heart.  That is evidenced from start to end of this record because the arrangements in question take the same approach as those in the band’s existing catalog.  It is that same “poppy” neo-Beatles-esque pop rock and separate alt-rock type of sound that the band has used for years in each of its existing albums.  It is hardly anything ground breaking for the band, but again, it is a familiar approach and sound that the band’s most devoted fans will appreciate.  Keeping this in mind, it does not make the album a failure by any means, but it is an approach that will appeal primarily to the band’s most devoted listeners.  Together with the noted lyrical content, the two elements join together make the album slightly more appealing and worth hearing at least occasionally.

While the musical arrangements featured in OK, Human limit the impact of the record’s presentation, they do not make the album a failure.  To that end, there is at least one more item to examine that makes the album work.  That item is the album’s overall production.  Some of the record’s featured songs are more active than others.  Regardless of how much is going on in each of the songs, particular attention had to be paid to each work.  That attention paid off in each case, too.  Whether in the simple, instrumental ‘Everything Happens for a Reason,’ the more active album opener, ‘All My Favorite Songs,’ or the more contemplative ‘Bird With a Broken Wing,’ each song has its own specific focuses.  ‘Everything Happens for a Reason’ for example is a slightly light, reserved song (and short at that, clocking in at only 23 seconds) but the simple use of what sounds like  a  flute against the keyboard still  is strong with its less is more approach.  The song’s keyboard line is just subtle enough against the flute line to make the song in whole work.  ‘All My favorite Songs’ takes influence from Marcy Playground and The Beatles collectively here.  That balance of influences and instrumentation had to have been a chore, but clearly, much attention and effort went into making sure they were, and it paid off.  The gentle, flowing, arrangement featured in ‘Bird With a Broken Wing’ does so well to help illustrate and translate Cuomo’s mental state and emotions as he wrote the song’s lyrics.  It shows once more, the time and thought that went into the album’s production.  The strings here, while clearly synthetic, but play such a crucial part here.  They never overpower any other instrument in this case.  They give just the right accent to the song, working with the other instruments (and with Cuomo’s own vocal delivery) to make the song so hard hitting in their combined simplicity and complexity in one.  It’s one more way in which the album’s production proves important to its presentation.  When it and the other cases noted here are considered along with the rest of the album’s production, that aspect along with the album’s lyrical themes an musical arrangements ultimately prove that the album is deserving of being heard at least occasionally.

Weezer’s latest album OK, Human is a presentation that is worth hearing at least occasionally.  That is due in large part to its lyrical themes.  The record’s lyrical themes will reach a wide range of listeners, including casual fans of Weezer.  The album’s musical arrangements will appeal more specifically to the band’s more devoted audiences.  That is because more casual fans will note that the arrangements take much the same stylistic approach than that taken on the rest of the band’s catalog.  It is not enough to make the album a failure, but does limit that appeal.  The album’s production works with its overall content to bring everything together.  The production shows that much time, thought, and effort was put into making each song the best possible.  That work paid off, too.  The result is a presentation that sounds impressive throughout.  The vocals and instrumentations are expertly balanced in each song, and each work offers the most and effective impact on listeners.  When it is considered with the album’s overall content, the whole of those items makes the album in whole worth hearing at least occasionally, and most appealing to Weezer’s most devoted fans.  OK, Human is available.  More information on the album is available along with all of the  band’s latest news at:




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Vans Warped Tour Date Re-Scheduled

Courtesy:  Earshot Media

Courtesy: Earshot Media

There is an important update for those attending this year’s Vans Warped Tour.

Organizers have announced that the festival’s August 2nd stop in Phoenix, Arizona has been re-scheduled.  The festival will now be held on Thursday, August 4th.  The reason for the date change is so that the festival won’t conflict with the local Panic! At The Disco/Weezer show scheduled for the same date in Phoenix.  Tickets originayl purchased for the August 2nd festival date will be honored on the 4th.  As an added bonus for fans, those that have tickets for the Panic! At The Disco/Weezer concert scheduled for August 2nd can bring their ticket stubs to the Phoenix Event Complex box office on August 4th to purchase a Warped Tour ticket for a discounted price of $35.

Kevin Lyman is the Vans Warped Tour founder.  He explained the festival date change in a statement to the press.  “Unfortunately Vans Warped Tour and Panic! At The Disco & Weezer were scheduled on the same day in Phoenix this year,” he said.  “We have heard from many people who wanted to go to both shows, so we have been able to re-schedule our Warped date to Thursday, August 4th. As a thank you we have also decided that you can bring your Panic! At The Disco/Weezer tickets to the box office on the 4th and your ticket will only be $35.00. Tickets remain on sale at select Journeys locations for $35.00.”

The Vans Warped Tour is currently under way and runs through August 13th.  More information on this year’s tour is available online now at:










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The Whizpops’ New LP Is A “Wildly” Fun New Offering For Audiences Of All Ages

Courtesy: Th Whizpops/Sugar Mountain PR

Courtesy: Th Whizpops/Sugar Mountain PR

Four years ago The Whizpops first broke out in the world of children’s music with the release of the band’s debut album Adventures of Stretch McCoy.  The sixteen song record was an impressive first impression for the band as it took listeners into the forest and presented songs about just some of the animals that call the forest home.  It was also the first time that the band had teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation and its mascot, Ranger Rick.  Now flash forward to 2016.  The band has teamed up with Ranger Rick and the NWF once again for its latest album Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Vol. 1.  The band’s fourth new full-length studio recording, it is another fun musical trip into the wild.  That is due in part to the varied sounds presented throughout the album’s eleven songs.  The topics tackled within each song are just as important to the record’s presentation as its varied musical styles.  Last but hardly least of note in the record’s presentation is its sequencing.  Each elements plays its own important part in the record’s presentation.  Altogether they make Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Vol. 1 yet another “wildly” fun record from The Whizpops.

Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Vol. 1, is a “wildly” fun new offering from The Whizpops.  The band’s fourth full-length studio recording, it is also the third time that the Missoula, Montana-based band has taken listeners into the wild.  The first time was in 2012 in its debut album Adventures of Stretch McCoy.  Then in 2012, the band took listeners under the waves in Sea Blue Sea.  Now the band is headed back to the forest once again, even teaming with The National Wildlife Federation and its mascot Ranger Rick for the record, thus the album’s title.  One would think that considering that the band has already taken listeners out into nature not once but twice before, originality would be something hard to come by for a third time.  However the band managed to prove that misconception wrong in this record beginning with its varied musical styles.  The styles in question include hints of pop, blues, reggae, and even rock throughout the course of its eleven songs.  What’s more audiences will note some very familiar sounds in at least two of those songs.  ‘Black Footed Ferret’ is a prime example of that familiarity in musical styles.  The song sounds very similar to Maroon 5’s hit song ‘This Love.’  It’s not the only song that boasts a familiar sound.  ‘Everything’s Better With A Moustache (Walrus Song)’ is quite similar stylistically speaking, to certain Weezer songs right down to the use of the keyboards and vocal delivery style.  And ‘Monarch’ instantly conjures thoughts of Bob Marley and the Whalers both with its musical arrangement and vocals.  Ironically, it’s a song about Monarch Butterflies.  Strangely enough the juxtaposition of that lyrical and musical content works.  That will be discussed later.  For now however, it should be clear through these examples just why the album’s musical diversity is so important to its presentation.  They are just a few of the songs that could be cited in supporting that argument, too.  ‘Polar Bear’ takes listeners back to the days when Disco was king.  ‘Gulo Gulo (Wolverine)’ is based on a solid hip-hop/Dixieland hybrid sound and ‘Extinction Really Stinks’ offers up its own interest.  The song’s chorus makes listeners think of older, celebrity-driven songs such as ‘We Are The World’ and ‘Do Thy Know It’s Christmas.’  At the same time the song’s piano intro is somewhat similar to Motley Crue’s ‘Home Sweet Home.’  There are even other sections in the song that conjure thoughts of Elton John due to the piano arrangement in said sections.  It is enough to really stand out quite starkly from the album’s other songs.  Whether through that song or any of the others cited here, it should be clear just why the musical arrangements presented in Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Vol. 1 is so important to its presentation.  The arrangements in question are collectively just one part of what makes this record so “wildly” fun.  The topics that are tackled in the course of the record’s thirty-five minute run time are just as important to its presentation as its varied musical styles.

The varied musical styles presented throughout the course of The Whizpops’ new record are important in their own right to the record’s overall presentation.  They boast sounds that some might find very familiar and sounds that are entirely original.  They are, collectively speaking, just part of what makes this album such a “wildly” fun offering from the band.  The topics (animals) that are tackled in the record play their own part in the album’s fun.  What’s really interesting in noting the different animals here is that not all of them live in the forest.  The walrus and polar bear are both native to the Earth’s Arctic region while the Monarch Butterfly is native to many regions of the United States, even breeding in Mexico.  Even more contrast is that of the bison, swift fox, California Condor, and Pika.  These animals are spread out across America’s various regions from the plains (Bison, Swift Fox, and Black Footed Ferrit) of the Midwest to the mountains and cooler climes of the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest (Pika—pronounced py-kuh), to the west coast and southwest (California Condor) the animals featured here come from every corner of the country and beyond.  That’s just the top of the iceberg, too.  The song’s don’t just feature the animals in question but what makes each animal unique from the others.  The case of the ‘California Condor’ is just one example of that specific notation.  The song notes how the California Condor is nature’s garbage man.  ‘Bison’ addresses the impact that humans have had on the once great masters of the plains.  ‘Gulo Gulo’ discusses Wolverines’ scavenging nature and the importance of that behavior within their larger ecosystem.  ‘Black Footed Ferret’ approaches the relationship that the role of the animals in question to their prey (prairie dogs) and other unique properties of the ferret.  It’s just one more way in which the album’s lyrical content proves so important to the album’s presentation.  The rest of the album’s songs could be cited just as easily in that statement, too.  All things considered the combination of the songs’ musical and lyrical content makes even clearer why this new record is such a “wildly” fun new offering from The Whizpops.  They are not the only key elements to the record’s presentation.  The album’s sequencing is the last of its most notable elements.

The musical and lyrical content presented in The Whizpops’ new record are both key in their own way to the album’s overall presentation.  That is because of the entertainment and educational content that they offer.  They are not the album’s only important elements.  The album’s sequencing is just as important to note as its overall content.  Audiences will note in listening through the record that it maintains a relatively steady energy throughout the majority of the record’s body.  The only point at which it even remotely lays back is in ‘Monarch.’  And even at that point, the energy only pulls back a little at the most.  That reserved vibe follows the band on through to the end of the album even as powerful as that last song becomes in its chorus.  The end result of the album’s sequencing is an album that will keep listeners engaged with its expertly balanced energy.  That energy, when coupled with the album’s musical and lyrical content, makes for an album that will not only keep listeners engaged but entertained, too.  All things considered, Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Volume 1 a “wildly” fun new offering from The Whizpops.

The Whizpops’ new album Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Volume 1 is a “wildly” fun new offering for audiences of all ages.  That is due in part to a musical variety that will entertain listeners of all ages.  There are some original pieces that will entertain younger listeners set right alongside other pieces that older audiences will appreciate, too.  That is thanks to the the similarity of those songs, stylistically speaking, to acts that only those older audiences will know (I.E. Weezer, Maroon 5, Motley Crue, Elton John).  That mix of far-reaching musical content is just one part of what makes the album so enjoyable.  The album’s lyrical content plays its own important part in the record’s presentation, too.  That is because of the equally wide range of animals featured throughout the body of the record.  The expertly-balanced energy in the album’s sequencing rounds out the record’s presentation.  It is just as certain to keep listeners engaged as the songs’ musical and lyrical content is to keep them entertained.  Each element proves its own importance in the bigger picture of the record.  Altogether they make this album, again, a “wildly” fun record for audiences of all ages.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Volume 1 is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:







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Reel Big Fish Announce New Summer Tour Dates

Courtesy:  Rock Ridge Music

Courtesy: Rock Ridge Music

Veteran ska band Reel Big Fish has announced that it will hit the road this summer.

Reel Big Fish will tour this summer in support of its latest release Candy Coated Fury. The band—Aaron Barrett (vocals/guitar), Billy Kottage (trombone), John Christianson (trumpet), Ryland Steen (drums), Derek Gibbs (bass), Matt Appleton (saxophone/vocals)– will kick off its tour Thursday, June 5th in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Also along for the ride on the band’s tour will be the New Jersey-based band Survay Says!

Along with its primary tour dates, Reel Big Fish has been announced as one of the bands to perform at this year’s Amnesia Rockfest in Quebec. Also on the bill for the festival are: Blink 182, Weezer, Alice in Chains and more. The band’s latest schedule of tour dates is listed below. More dates will be announced at later dates.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Summer Tour with Survay Says! More Dates WILL be added SOON!

6/5/14: Oklahoma City, OK – Bricktown Music Hall

6/9/14: Sioux Falls, SD – The District

6/10/14: Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights

6/11/14: Iowa City, IA – Blue Moose

6/12/14: Kalamazoo, MI – District Square

6/13/14: Lansing, MI – The Loft

6/14/14: Toronto, ON – Opera House

6/15/14: London, ON – London Music Hall

6/21/14: Montebello, QC – Montebello Marina: Amnesia Rockfest

6/22/14: Portland, ME – Port City Music Hall

6/23/14: Northampton, MA – Pearl Street

6/26/14: Little Rock, AR – Juanita’s

6/27/14; Dallas, TX – Trees

6/29/14: Houston, TX – House of Blues Houston


July 6th – Sonisphere – Knebworth Park Stevenage, UK

July 9th – Wedgewood Rooms – Portsmouth, UK

July 10th – Guildhall – Gloucester, UK

July 11th – Boileroom – Guildford, UK

July 12th – Princess Pavilion – Falmouth, UK

July 13th – Nass Festival – Shepton Mallet – Somerset, UK

July 14th – Komedia – Bath, UK

July 19th – Overdrive Encore – Kapfenberg, Austria

July 26th – Greenville Festival – Berlin, Germany

July 31st – Brooklyn Bowl – London, UK


August 1st – Y-Not Festival – Matlock, Derbyshire, UK

August 2nd – Academy – Liverpool, UK

August 3rd – Kendal Calling – Lowther Deer Park, Lake District, UK

August 7th – Punk Rock Holiday Festival – Tolmin Slovenia

August 8th – Open Flair Festival – Seebuhne, Germany

August 10th – Boardmasters Festival – Newquay, Cornwall, UK

August 13th – Nass Festival – Shepton Mallet – Somerset,UK

August 15th – Open Air Gampel – Gampel, Switzerland

August 16th – Hevy Fest – Port Lympne, Kent, UK

August 17th – Merthyr Rock 2014 – Cyfarthfa Park, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, UK

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Tegan & Sara added to Black Keys tour, confirmed for Austin City Limits

Tegan and Sara have announced that they have officially been added to The Black Keys’ tour later this fall.  The pop-rock duo from Canada will join The Black Keys for a handful of dates in October, beginning October 1st in Fresno, California.  They have also been confirmed as a performer at the Austin City Limits Festival in October.  The pair will be joined by the likes of:  Weezer, Rufus Wainright, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Avett Brothers, and a bevy of other acts.  Fans can check out the full lineup at the festival’s website,

While Tegan and Sara prep for their upcoming tour, they’re also busy working on their new album.  They’re giving fans the chance to get an inside view of the recording process at Tegan and Sara’s Carpool Confessional.  Tegan and Sara’s Carpool Confessional is a weekly video series that’s filmed from the backseat of the duo’s car.  It features different guests and musical collaborators each week.  fans can check it out at

Fans can also keep up with all the latest from Tegan and Sara online at, on Facebook at, on Twitter at, and on myspace at

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