Shark Divers lets viewers take a dip in the deep at home

Courtesy: Mill Creek Entertainment

Sharks are amazing creatures.  They are sleek, swift, powerful, and also very dangerous.  However, there is at least one shark–the Whale Shark–that is anything but dangerous.  But thanks to the 1975 hit movie, “Jaws”, and media hype ever since then, the gap in people’s love/hate relationship with sharks has never really been minimized.  Now, thanks to the people at Mill Creek Entertainment and documentarian Danny Mauro, audiences are offered a chance to better understand one of nature’s most powerful and amazing creatures in the brand new documentary, “Shark Divers.”

Courtesy: Mill Creek Entertainment

“Shark Divers” is an important piece in the crusade to help people better understand sharks and our impact on them.  The four-part documentary takes viewers into the beautiful blue world in which these amazing creatures live.  All four segments included in the documentary echo the same sentiment.  They remind audiences that much of the fear of sharks is baseless.  In the documentary’s title segment, audiences are introduced to a gentleman who runs hiw own shark diving company and companion publication for shark diving enthusiasts.  He takes viewers along for some of his dives.  And along the way, he shares stories of some of his more harrowing encounters with the sharks.  On the other side, viewers see the lengths to which many shark diving enthusiasts will go in order to get close to sharks.  They see the dangerous and sometimes fatal result of shark divers’ hobby.  It reminds viewers that when people go diving, they are enterting the sharks’ world.  The sharks generally do not attack humans.  Rather, it’s noted that sharks actually see humans as just another predator, like them.  So for the most part, they will leave them alone.  Their only reason for approaching divers is simple curiosity.  They mean no harm.

The documentary’s second segment, “Shark Business” expands a little more on the title segment.  “Shark Business” takes a more in depth look at the bahavior of sharks in the wild and how they interact with divers.  Lemon sharks, bull sharks, and Great Whites take center stage in this segment.  From there, it proceeds to profile the gentle giants of the shark world, Whale Sharks.  Whale Sharks are incredible creatures.  But their numbers are dwindling.  This segment investigates the cause of the species’ dwindling numbers and what’s being done to protect and save it.

From the world of sharks, “Shark Divers” closes out with a look at another of the undersea world’s most incredible creatures.  Viewers will get to see what its like to swim with giant manta rays.  Divers head to the Socorro Islands off of Mexico’s Pacific coast to swim with them and research their behavior.  Not only will audiences love the underwater sequences, but they’ll marvel at the scenery around the islands, too.

“Shark Divers” is a wonderful companion piece for fans of Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week programming.  However, it should be noted that this documentary does bear a “PG” rating, and with good cause.  There are some images that younger viewers might find unsettling, or that parents might find unsettling for their children.  While the argument is being made about the impact on sharks of human fear, it shows iamges of the end result of shark hunts.  There are also images of sharks hunting other creatures.  So parents should be warned of that before letting their children watch this alone.  That aside, “Shark Divers” is still an insightful and beautigully shot documentary for anyone who has any fascination with these incredible denizens of the deep.  “Shark Divers” is availble now on blu-ray and dvd.  It can be bought in store or online at

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