Former Gwar Guitarist’s Side Project Will Wow Fans

Courtesy: Metal Blade Records

When Gwar guitarist Cory Smoot died from an apparent heart attack in 2011, both fans of Gwar and the metal masses the world over mourned at his passing.  While Smoot may be gone, fans now have quite the impressive way to remember him, thanks to The Cory Smoot Experiment. 

The Cory Smoot Experiment was recorded in 2010, before the guitarists passing.  What will obviously be the only release from The Cory Smoot Experiment, “When Worlds Collide” is a fitting sendoff for this metal favorite.  The album, which was originally intended to be a concept album, has ended up being more metal instrumental than anything else.  Given, many of the songs do include vocals.  But the vocals are the sole setback to this release.  The balance of the vocals to the music was somewhat off.  But that’s not an entirely bad thing.  That’s because it allows fans to really focus that much more on Smoot’s technical expertise as a guitarist.  Expertise would be an understatement in describing Smoot’s abilities as a guitarist.

On the album’s opener, ‘The Blood Red’, Smoot showed his abilities in old school thrash metal.  His riffs are saw sharp throughout the song.  He showed that he could switch tempos without missing a beat.  And just as he showed his thrash chops with ease, he followed that up with a display of his ability to play just as expertly when he played slower, in ‘Fortunate Sun’ before kicking back into high gear on ‘Religion is Fiction.’  Smoot showed over and over again on this record how talented he was as a high speed metal technician.  But he had far more talent than just with high speed thrash style metal.  He showed his bluesy chops in ‘Brainfade.’  Most of the song is a stripped down acoustic piece that showed a whole different side to the guitarist.  If one hadn’t known, one might think this song was actually something from fellow metal favorites, Hellyeah.  Of course, it does eventually break into a more Arch Enemy style song later on.  Regardless, it’s that impressive as a piece to the larger picture that is an impressive tribute to the memory of Cory Smoot.

“When Worlds Collide” is available in stores and online now. It can be ordered direct through Metal Blade records online at  All money raised through the sale of this record will go directly to the Smoot family Fund.  The fund was set up to raise funds to help support Cory’s wife Jaime and daughter, Corie.  More information on the Cory Smoot Fund is available online at and at fund.

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