Willie Sugarcapps’ Latest LP Is Its Own Musical Paradise

Courtesy: Baldwin County Public Records

Courtesy: Baldwin County Public Records

Americana outfit Willie Sugarcapps will release its latest full-length studio recording next month.  The album, Paradise Right Here is the group’s second full-length studio recording.  It will be released in stores an online Friday, April 15th, a little more than three years removed from the release of its self-titled debut.  Those that might not be familiar with the group will find this new eleven-track record to be a good introduction to the band and its sound.  That is because despite the band being labeled solely as an Americana act, its sound mixes that Americana sound with elements of country and bluegrass.  The end result is a forty-seven minute musical experience that listeners will agree is one of the best of not just one genre but each noted field this year.

Willie Sugarcapps’ latest full-length studio recording Paradise Right Here is one of the best new offerings not just in the realm of Americana but also of the country and bluegrass universe, too.  That is because the group, which also features members of fellow Americana act Sugarcane Jane, doesn’t just stick to its familiar Americana sound for which it has become known since the release of its debut album three years ago.  It mixes them time and again throughout the course of the record.  What’s more the group’s members do so with a clear respect for each genre along the way.  This is obvious right from the album’s outset in the song ‘Dreamer’s Sky.’  The use of a fiddle and mandolin set against vocalist Will Kimbrough’s vocals conjures thoughts more of a bluegrass sound than what one might think of when one thinks of Americana.  Then again, Americana is very closely related to bluegrass (and country).  To that extent the song’s musical content could honestly fit the song into any of those three genres.  That being the case, it is just one example of what makes this new effort from Willie Sugarcapps such a standout offering in whole.  It is just one example of what makes the album stand out, too.  ‘Find The Good,’ with its southern gospel sound, is another example of what makes this record stand out.

‘Dreamer’s Sky’ is a good example of what makes Willie Sugarcapps’ new album stand out.  That is because the song clearly crosses the musical boundaries of country, bluegrass, and Americana over the course of its nearly four minute run time.  It is just one example of the songs’ ability to blur the lines of bluegrass, country, and Americana and how that ability keeps the album so easy on the ears from beginning to end.  ‘Find The Good’ is another *ahem* good example of the group’s ability to blur those lines and keep listeners engaged in the process.  In regards to the song’s musical arrangement, it sounds like anything but Americana.  In fact it boasts more of a Southern Gospel sound than that of bluegrass, Americana, or even country.  Though, in many cases the in between all three genres is, once again, easily blurred.  To that extent this song shows with its musical content alone just what makes not just it but the album in whole stand out in each genre’s field of new offerings this year.  The song’s lyrical content adds even more depth to that sound as Anthony Crawford sings along with his fellow artists, “Celebrate/This life we’re living/Make the best/Of every day/Look for the good/In everybody/Find the good/In everything/Just because/A porch got raillin’/It does not mean/That it’s safe to lean/You gotta use your head/For the muddin’/You gotta think about everything.”  From here, the group returns to the chorus before heading into the song’s next verse.  This pattern continues through the rest of the song’s roughly two nad a half minute run time without straying from that Southern Gospel vibe.  Those lyrics could even be considered be borderline Gospel with their themes of appreciating all that life offers.  All things considered here, the song in whole serves as yet another example of what makes Paradise Right Here stand out in so many ways.  It still is not the last piece that proves what makes this record stand out.  ‘The Highway Breaks My Heart’ is another piece that serves to make Paradise Right Here stand out.

‘Dreamer’s Sky’ and ‘Find The Good’ are both prime examples of what makes Willie Sugarcapps’ new album Paradise Right Here stand out not just in the realm of Americana but also in the realms of country and bluegrass.  That is because in regards to their musical and lyrical content both songs blur the lines of all three genres, and do so with the utmost precision and ease, too.  They are not the only songs that do so either.  ‘The Road Breaks My Heart’ is one more example how that crossing of genres makes this record stand out.  Whereas the previously noted songs exhibited crosses between gospel and Americana (‘Find The Good Things’) and bluegrass and Americana (‘Dreamer’s Sky’) ‘The Road Breaks My Heart’ exhibits more of a cross between Americana and old school country.  This song is driven largely by a combination of guitar, steel pedal, and mandolin.  The vocal style of the song’s vocalist adds even more to that hybrid Americana/country sound in this song.  Speaking of the vocals, the song’s lyrical content makes this song stand out just as much.  Just looking at the song’s title one would think that this song was just another standard piece about a person on the road and how tough it is emotionally being away family and friends.  But that couldn’t be any farther from the truth.  Instead it is sung from the standpoint of a subject loves life on the road.  He sings, in the song’s lead verse, “I don’t mind it/Only I can understand/When God made me/He made a traveling man/On these long, long drives/I can almost always find/A song to keep me awake in between the lines/I’ve earned my rhino skin/Here’s the funny part/the highway breaks my heart.”  The reason that the highway breaks the subject’s heart is how much the landscape changes as he travels.  He even sings outright, “She breaks my every time I think she’s coming to an end/When I see her in the distance/Rolling ‘round the bend/It seems to me/I love the way/She never stops or starts/The highway breaks my heart.”  This is a man that loves the highway rather than hates it.  He is someone that loves being on the road.  This is something very rare whether in the realm of Americana, country, or even bluegrass.  Keeping this in mind it makes this song stand out even more as an example of what makes Paradise Right Here not just a standout Americana record but one that stands out within the realms of both country and bluegrass, too.  Together with the previously noted songs and those not noted here the whole of this new record proves the album to be not just one of the best within those genres but also one of the year’s best new albums overall, too.

Willie Sugarcapps’ new album Paradise Right Here is a musical paradise for fans of country, Americana, and bluegrass.  That is because over the course of its eleven songs and forty-seven minutes it seamlessly blues the lines of those genres and blends them together for a musical experience that will keep listeners engaged and entertained from beginning to end.  From the hybrid bluegrass/Americana vibe of the album’s opener ‘Dreamer’s Sky’ to the dual Southern Gospel/Americana  sound of ‘Find The Good’ to the country/Americana cross of ‘The Highway Breaks My Heart’ and all points between, this record proves time and again why it stands out so solidly.  This is exhibited largely in the album’s musical content.  Though, the varied lyrical topics don’t hurt either.  They cross those lines almost as much.  Because they do, they and the album’s equally varied musical content combine to make even clearer why Paradise Right Here is its own musical paradise.  It will be available Friday, April 15th in stores and online.  It can be pre-ordered online now via Willie Sugarcapps’ online store at http://www.williesugarcapps.com/store.  More information on Paradise Right Here is available online now along with the video for ‘Dreamer’s Sky’ and all of the band’s latest news at:



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