Light Flashes Is A Flash Of Indie Musical Greatness

Courtesy:  Press Junkie PR

Courtesy: Press Junkie PR

Independent reggae act Dubbest will release its latest full-length studio effort Light Flashes early next month. The album, the band’s third full-length effort, will be released independently by the Boston-based band. Being that most audiences have likely never heard of Dubbest, its latest record proves to be a good introduction to its sound. This is especially the case for those that are fans of reggae. The band has already premiered the album’s lead single ‘Spend The Day’ as well as a video to go along with the song. That song in itself is a good introduction to the band for those that might not be so familiar with Dubbest and an equally welcome return for the band’s long-time fans. The laid-back grooves of ‘Cross Pollination’ and its intriguing metaphorical writing make it yet another interesting example of what makes Light Flashes a worthwhile listen for any reggae fan. While it is one more good example of what Dubbest has to offer fans both on its new record and in general, it is not the last example. The band also includes no fewer than two instrumental numbers on its new album as part of its whole. The best of those two instrumentals comes late in the album in the form of the song ‘Escape Route.’ The very title conjures thoughts of a beach on a late spring day, the sun shining and palm trees swaying gently in the breeze. It is a great image that will put any listener at ease and in turn yet another example of what makes Light Flashes worth at least one listen. It isn’t the last example of what makes it worth the listen, either. Each of the album’s twelve tracks has its own merits. All twelve tracks noted, Light Flashes shows to be more than just a bright, shining light in the world of reggae and of independent music. That being said, it is safe to say that Light Flashes is one of this year’s best new independent albums.

Dubbest’s new album Light Flashes is one of this year’s best new independent albums. The record boasts twelve tracks that reggae purists everywhere will enjoy. That is because it is a sound that continues to clearly maintain Dubbest’s identity apart from the likes of Sublime, 311, and other pseudo-reggae acts. The album’s lead single ‘Spend The Day’ is a clear example of what makes this record stand out from those of Dubbest’s counterparts. The song doesn’t try to be the poppy sort of song that those from Dubbest’s counterparts have churned out over the years. It is reggae, plain and simple. Guitarists Andrew MacKenzie and Corey Mahoney’s gentle strains harken directly back to the days of Bob Marley and The Whalers while drummer Kyle Hancock’s backbeat serves as a solid foundation for the whole thing. Front man Ryan Thaxter’s own vocal delivery style is just as worth noting here. His delivery is just as soft and gentle as that of his band mates on their respective instruments. This even includes bassist Sean Craffey. Looking at the song’s lyrical content, it plays its own role in the song’s enjoyment, too. Thaxter sings in this song, “Feeling the love like never before/Been waiting for a long time and I cannot endure it/I’m sick of the rain/Let it shine like before/I’ve never been sure before/But I’ve never been so sure/Baby come relieve me/I wanna see you today/Maybe come for the evening and tomorrow we can spend the day.” Simply put, Thaxter is singing from the standpoint of a man that wants to be with his woman. Even more interesting is that even though a man is singing the song, there is no indication of gender in this song. So it could just as easily be sung from a woman’s vantage point, too. That makes the song even more enjoyable. Set against the song’s laid back musical side, it generates a positive vibe that those overly sappy, saccharine pre-produced pop songs about love could never even begin to create. Because of this it makes ‘Spend The Day’ a wonderful first effort from Dubbest on its new album and an equally welcome introduction to the band for any fan that might be unfamiliar with its body of work. Audiences can check out ‘Spend The Day” online now for themselves right at its Facebook page

‘Spend The day’ is a good way for Dubbest to introduce itself to its newer fans and to re-introduce itself to its long-time fans. That is thanks in large part to a solid mix of musical and lyrical content. While it does show itself to be a great starting point for the band on this record, it’s just one example of why any reggae fan should hear this record at least once. The equally laid back yet perhaps somewhat suggestive ‘Cross Pollination’ is another good example of what Dubbest has to offer audiences on its new album. The same things that applies to the musical side of ‘Spend The Day’ apply just as much in the case of this piece. That should just go without saying. Of course, there is the addition of what sounds like an old school B-3 Hammond organ added in to this song’s musical backing. It plays more of a supporting role than starring in this song for lack of better wording. Even in a supporting role, it adds so much with its sound. There’ something special about the vibrato of sorts that comes from such a classic organ. It’s something that can’t be fully put into words. It is something that really can only be appreciated in hearing it. It just gives a certain positive vibe that will put a smile on listeners’ faces just as much as the rest of the song’s musical elements. Moving to the song’s lyrical content, Thaxter uses the concept of cross polination of flowers via a bee to discuss a pretty obvious topic. The swagger in those lyrics coupled with that of the music makes ‘Cross Pollination’ yet another solid radio-ready song from Light Flashes.

‘Spend The Day’ and ‘Cross Pollination’ are both good examples of what makes Light Flashes a worthwhile listen for any purist reggae fan. They are just a couple examples of what makes Light Flashes a bright spot in the realm of indie albums and that of reggae in whole. While both songs are equally important additions to Light Flashes the album also boasts no fewer than two full-on instrumental tracks. The latter of the two, ‘Escape Route,’ is the best of the pair. The music crafted by the band in this song instantly conjures thoughts of a tropical beach. It conjures thoughts of the sun’s rays bathing the said beach in their warmth while a breeze blows through palm trees. The gentle, laid back vibe of the whole song makes it such a joy within itself. It may only be an instrumental. But it proves that an instrumental can be just as enjoyable as any song highlited more by lyrical content than that highlighted by the music alone. It proves in the end to be one more clear example of what makes Light Flashes such a surprisingly interesting listen both within the world of indie releases and that of reggae acts. Together with the likes of ‘Spend the Day’ and ‘Cross Pollination’ it makes all the clearer why any purist reggae fan should hear this album at least once. It also proves once more why Light Flashes is a bright flash of a record among this year’s crop of indie records and reggae records.

Light Flashes is one of the best new independent releases of 2015. The third full-length release from Dubbest it is a welcome return for the band’s long-time fans and an equally welcome first-time introduction for those that might not be so famliar with the Boston-based band. It will be released July 7th. More information on Light Flashes is available online now along with the latest news from Dubbest at:




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Dubbest Announces Release Date For New Album

Courtesy:  Press Junkie PR

Courtesy: Press Junkie PR

Up-and-coming reggae act Dubbest will release its new album Light Flashes this summer.

Light Flashes will be one of the last albums to be released under the current CD release system, as it will be released on Tuesday, July 7th. The wait for this album has been a long one for fans. That it because it took the band three years to complete it. Much of the wait can likely be credited to veteran producer Craig “Dubfader” Welsch, who manned the boards for the record, and to Kevin Metcalf, who mastered it. The band credits Welsch ‘s professionalism and dedication to his job for the final product presented on this record. His dedication went so far as to use vintage instruments in the recording of the album. Those instruments include the likes of a Hammond B3 organ, and 1950s-era Fender Stratocasters. In anticipation of the album’s upcoming release, Dubbest recently premiered the video for the album’s lead single ‘Spend The Day.’ It can be viewed online now via YouTube at

Courtesy:  Press Junkie PR

Courtesy: Press Junkie PR

Dubbest is currently touring in support of Light Flashes, its third full-length studio release. It is scheduled to perform live at Splash Liquid Lounge today in Salisbury, MA before heading to Salem, MA this Sunday. The band’s current tour schedule, which can be viewed below, consists of a number of dates in Massachusetts, Colorado, and California, and currently runs through August 15th.

Upcoming | LOCAL DATES

Date Venue Location

Jun 19 Splash Liquid Lounge w/ Green Lion Crew Salisbury, MA


Jun 27 Madfish Grille Gloucester, MA

Jun 28 The Tap Brewing Company Haverhill, MA

Jul 03 The Spot Providence, RI

Jul 09 Opus Underground Salem, MA

Jul 10 New World Tavern Plymouth, MA

Jul 17 Bushwacker’s Denver, CO

Jul 19 Walnut Room Denver, CO

Jul 20 Jives 1 Colorado Springs, CO

Jul 21 Jives 2 Colorado Springs, CO

Jul 23 Quixote’s Denver, CO

Jul 24 Owsley Boulder, CO

Jul 25 The Eldo Crested Butte, CO

Jul 30 Pike Restaurant & Bar Long Beach, CA

Aug 01 The Venue Grand Terrace Grand Terrace, CA

Aug 04 Tin Roof San Diego, CA

Aug 05 Winston’s San Diego, CA

Aug 06 Boar Cross’n Carlsbad, CA

Aug 07 710 Beach Club Pacific Beach, CA

Aug 09 The Trip Santa Monica, CA

Aug 11 Frog & Peach San Luis Obispo, CA

Aug 13 Bocci’s Cellar Santa Cruz, CA

Aug 14 Half Moon Bay Brewing Half Moon Bay, CA

Aug 15 Mystic Theatre Petaluma, CA

Audiences can check out the band’s current tour schedule online now and keep up with its latest news at:




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Rainy Milo’s Debut LP Is One Of This Year’s Best New Re-Issues

Courtesy:  Big Picnic Records

Courtesy: Big Picnic Records

British R&B artist Rainy Milo made quite the splash with her debut album This Thing Of Ours when it was released overseas last year. Now thanks to the people at independent record label Big Picnic Records, American audiences finally get to learn what Milo’s fans around the world already know. What they know is that as this album shows, she could very well be part of the future of the genre. With a vocal style very similar to that of Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse, and songs that largely defy the musical and lyrical trappings of R&B songs churned out by American artists, Milo shows that given the right support, she could soon become a household name not just in her home country and abroad but here in the United States, too. Considering how much enjoyment her album offers listeners, and that it was already released last year overseas, it is safe to say that This Thing Of Ours is one of this year’s best re-issues.

Rainy Milo’s debut album This Thing Of Ours is one of this year’s best re-issues. The album, which was originally released overseas via Virgin/EMI last year and domestically in the U.S. this spring via Big Picnic Records, is the antithesis of nearly every R&B song dominating mainstream radio today. There is no talk of sex to be heard at any point on this record. And the standard oh-woe-is-my style songs that are just as much of a favorite among American R&B artists are nearly non-existent. Instead of taking that path far too often taken by other artists within her genre, Milo carves out her own path with this record. That is evident right off the top in the album’s opener ‘Are You Sure.’ Examining its musical content, audiences that are worn out from all of the constant club-ready run-of-the-mill R&B songs soaked in sex and synthesizers will especially enjoy this song. Rather than be one of those cookie cutter songs that are all too familiar on Top 40 radio stations across America, Milo uses a more stripped-down approach with the song’s musical content. It relies more on beats than on the synthesizers and other overly used elements used by so many American R&B artists. The song’s lyrical content makes it stand out just as much as its musical content. Looking at its lyrics, Milo comes across as expressing the cautious optimism and joy felt by so many at the start of any relationship. She sings, “You gave me something yesterday/I saw I wouldn’t lose it/I swore I’d hold on tightly/But then/I started to lose grip/Yes I lost it/As I always overthink.” She goes on later in the song to ask in the song’s chorus “Are you really sure you want to take this farther?” From there she continues on questioning herself as if she is ready to keep going not because of the guy but because of herself. This is a situation in which so many people have found themselves at different points of their own relationships. To that extent, it is easy for audiences to relate to the song. In terms of its musical content, that it presents an upbeat vibe instead of a more overly emotional sound (which so many artists would do in a song such as this) makes it even more impressive. The combination of both elements within this song alone go to show quite clearly both why ‘Are You Sure’ was chosen as the album’s opener and why it is just one example of what makes This Thing Of Ours such an impressive R&B record.

‘Are You Sure’ is a solid example of what makes TTO stand out so strongly from the R&B crowd. That is thanks both to its musical and lyrical content. Both elements stray from the norm of most American R&B songs musically and lyrically. The result of this is that it establishes the song as a solid opener for Milo’s album and establishes just as much that the identity of her album in whole. It is just one point at which TTOO establishes its identity apart from other R&B acts. The album’s title track builds the album’s identity just as much as its opener. Examining its musical content, yet again, it relies more on beats than electronics. The resultant effect is something of a hip-hop/R&B hybrid that will most certainly grab listeners’ ears if only for that content. Audiences can hear that sound for themselves online now via YouTube at Looking at the song’s lyrical content, it stands out just as starkly in this avenue, too. It comes across as a piece about a woman who is wrapped up in a man who really seems the wrong one for her. That argument can be made as she sings, “Shiny tears on a porcelain face/Tight lipped/Wished you luck for your case/She says just don’t get caught for me/You end up in a clink/Then where will I be/Lonely/Don’t leave me lonely/He says you know you shouldn’t doubt me/I got my ways/I’m always lucky/Lonely/You won’t be lonely.” Men and women alike know of men just like the one portrayed here. He is headstrong and overly confident. As the song’s companion video shows, that sort of figure never turns out well whether by himself or with another. And he didn’t turn out too well with Milo’s subject in this song. The video does a good job of interpreting Milo’s lyrics. Getting back on subject, the combination of the song’s lyrical and musical content sets piece apart from other mainstream R&B songs even more than the elements do on their own. It isn’t another song about a breakup or even lost love. Rather it comes across as a song about a strong woman who just made a bad choice and got wrapped up with the wrong guy; a guy that is all too familiar to many listeners. On the surface it comes across just like so many other songs out there. But it is the execution of the song that makes it stand apart. There are few if any R&B songs out there that take the route taken by Milo. Because of this it makes this song and TTOO in whole stand out even more in the R&B crowd.

Both ‘Are You Sure’ and ‘This Thing Of Ours’ show in their own way just how much Rainy Milo stands out from the rest of the R&B crop on her debut album. They are just two examples of what makes her and her album stand out. The album’s closer, ‘Bankrobber’ is one more example (and an interesting one at that) of just how much she and her album stand out. Milo sings in this song about a person whose father was apparently a bank robber. She sings, “Daddy was a bank robber/But he never hurt nobody/He just loved to live that way/And he loved to take your money.” Just like as in the case of ‘This Thing of Ours,’ this song plays out lyrically like something right out of a movie. The difference here is that this song comes across as a tribute to the subject’s father. In his or her own eyes, the father figure noted here might have been a criminal in the eyes of most but despite that he was still a good-hearted person with a good heart. The song’s musical backing, with its guitar riff and keyboard line, sounds like something that Eminem might use for one of his songs. That alone makes it well worth the listen. considering that few if any R&B artists today use such an avenue for their music it makes this song stand out even more. It could even be argued that it stands out even more than any of the other tracks on this record. Regardless of which one of the album’s songs stands out the most, it can be said that all three of the works noted here all stand out in their own way as do the rest of the album’s works not noted here. All said, TTOO proves from beginning to end to be an album that stands out completely from nearly every other R&B album out there today. While it may not necessarily be a new album in the purest sense of the word, it is still new for most American audiences. To that point, it can be said of TTOO that it is one of the best of the year’s music re-issue.

This Thing Of Ours proves through the course of its ten tracks and forty-minutes to be an album that is one of the best of the year’s re-issues. That is proved both through the songs noted here and through those not noted. That is because the songs presented on this record break every standard used in today’s mainstream R&B realm. Add in a vocal style from Milo that hints at both Erykah Badu and Amy Winehouse, and listeners get an album that every R&B and hip-hop fan should hear. It is an album that were it a new, first-ever release, would be one of the year’s best new albums overall. Even being a re-issue, the combination of Milo’s standout vocals and the album’s equally stand-out songs makes TTOO one of the best of the year’s re-issues. It is available now in stores and online. It can be downloaded now via iTunes at More information on TTOO is available online now along with Milo’s latest news at:




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Finger Eleven Announces Details For New Album, Touris

Courtesy:  The Bicycle Music Company/Concord

Courtesy: The Bicycle Music Company/Concord

Finger Eleven has made it official. It will release its sixth full-length studio recording this summer.

Five years removed from the release of its 2010 album Life Turns Electric the Canadian rock group will release its new album Five Crooked Lines. The album is currently slated to be released on Friday, July 31st via The Bicycle Music Company/Concord. In regards to the album’s title, front man Scott Anderson explained that it stemmed from the lyrics to the album’s title track. He explained that five crooked lines can be used to make something ordinary or something extraordinary, and how that ability to use such lines is linked to the fragility of fortune and luck. “For me it’s symbolic of fortune and luck and how fragile those things are,” he said. “In one instance you’ve got five crooked lines, which in one position is just a heap of bent sticks. But in the right way, they make a star, which is the most glorious shape there is.” Fans can download Five Crooked Lines via iTunes at and order it via Amazon at

In anticipation of the album’s upcoming release, the band has debuted the video for its lead single ‘Wolves and Doors’ online. The video, which cuts between shots of the band performing its new song and shots of other rather intriguing images, can be viewed online at The band also announced that it will hit the road ahead of the album’s release beginning Saturday, June 13th in Burlington, Ontario at the Sound of Music Festival. Three Days Grace will join the band on select dates. Finger Eleven’s current tour schedule is listed below.

Check out FINGER ELEVEN at any of the following stops, with more dates to be announced in the coming weeks:


Sat 6/13 Burlington, ONT. Sound of Music Festival

Thu 6/18 Franksville, WI Krautfest

Fri 6/19 Newton, IA Iowa Speedway (NASCAR Camping World Truck Series)

Sat 6/20 Joliet, IL Mojoes

Sun 6/21 Traverse City, MI Ground Zero

Fri 7/3 Warwick, PQ. Festival Hommes Fort Warwick

Thu 7/9 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE

* Fri 7/10 Lansing, MI Common Ground Music Festival

* Sat 7/11 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion

* Mon 7/13 Nashville, TN Cannery Ballroom

* Tue 7/14 Louisville, KY Diamond Pub Concert Hall

* Wed 7/15 Peoria, IL Limelight

Thu 7/16 Cadott, WI Rock Fest

Sat 7/18 Walker, MN Moondance Jam

* Tue 7/21 Stroudsburg, PA Sherman Theater

* Wed 7/22 Portland, ME State Theater

Fri 7/24 Dayton, OH Oddbody’s Music Room

Sat 7/25 St. Louis, MO Fubar

Sun 7/26 Springfield, MO Gillioz Theatre

Mon 7/27 Fayetteville, AR George’s Majestic

* Tue 7/28 Wichita Falls, TX Kay Yeager Coliseum

Thu 7/30 Clive, IA 7 Flags Event Center

Fri 7/31 Sioux City, IA Hard Rock Hotel

Sun 8/2 Fort Wayne, IN Piere’s

Mon 8/3 Cleveland, OH The Agora Ballroom

Tue 8/4 Buffalo, NY Iron Works

Wed 8/5 Manchester, NH Jewel

Fri 8/14 Mount Brydges, ONT. RockinWheel Fest Lion’s Park

* With Three Days Grace

All of the latest updates on Finger Eleven’s upcoming tour dates and album are available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:




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Slayer To Release Special “Repentless Eagle Edition” Of Repentless Alongside Standard Edition Release

Courtesy:  Nuclear Blast Records

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

The time is nearing. Slayer is returning!

For those that perhaps didn’t already figure it out with already from its previous Youtube announcement, Slayer will release its new album Repentless this fall. The album will be released on Friday, September 11th, 2015. And for their patience, the band is rewarding its fans in a special way. It announced today that it will release Repentless not just on standard CD format but also in a special “Repentless Eagle Edition.” The special “Repentless Eagle Edition” of Repentless is a 15″X17″X3″ aluminum allow case shaped like Slayer’s logo that will house a special digi-pack edition of the band’s new album along with additional bonus material that will be announced in the coming weeks. Only 3000 copies of the “Repentless Eagle Edition” of Repentless will be available worldwide. It will be available direct-to-consumer exclusively via the Nuclear Blast mail-order online stores. Pre-orders are available now online at

Slayer will embark on a worldwide tour in support of Repentless beginning June 13th in Manchester, TN. the band’s current North American tour runs through August 1st in Dallas, TX. Fans can check out the band’s curent tour schedule right now below.


13 Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN

16 Paramount, Huntington, Long Island NY

17 Paramount, Huntington, Long Island NY

19 State Theatre, Portland, ME

20 Amnesia Rock, Montebello, Montreal

(Mayhem headline dates):

26 Sleep Train Amphitheatre, San Diego, CA

27 San Manual Amphitheatre, San Bernardino, CA

28 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA

30 White River Amphitheatre, Seattle, WA


1 Idaho Center Amphitheatre, Boise, ID

3 Ak-Chin Amphitheatre, Phoenix, AZ

4 Isleta Amphitheatre, Albuquerque, NM

5 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, CO

7 Harrah’s Council Bluffs, Council Bluffs, IA

8 Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI

10 Kilpsch Amphitheatre, Indianapolis, IN

11 DTE Energy Amphitheatre, Detroit, MI

12 First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL

15 Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto, ON CANADA

17 Susquehanna Bank Arts Center, Camden, NJ

18 First Niagara Pavilion, Pittsburgh, PA

19 Xfinity Theatre, Hartford, CT

21 PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ

22 Meadowbrook (Bank of NH Pavilion), Gilford, NH

24 Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA

25 Xfinity Center, Boston, MA

26 Nikon at Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY

29 Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood, Atlanta, GA

31 Whitewater Amphitheatre, San Antonio, TX


1 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Houston, TX

2 Gexa Energy Amphitheatre, Dallas, TX

More information on Repentless is available online now along with all of the latest news on the band’s upcoming tour and all of its latest updates at:



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3 Years Hollow To Hit The Road This Summer

Courtesy:  Imagen Records

Courtesy: Imagen Records

3 Years Hollow is hitting the road this summer.

The band announced this week that it will embark on a three-week tour across America in support of its latest full-length studio release The Cracks. Also along for the ride for the tour, which kicks off June 23rd in Ringle, Wisconsin, will be Soil and Powerman 5000. 3 Years Hollow recently debuted its new single ‘Chemical Ride’ and its companion video. It is the third single to be released from The Cracks. The album’s first two singles—‘Hungry’ and ‘For Life’—were both top 30 singles. Audiences can see the video for ‘Chemical Ride’ online now via YouTube at Front man Jose Urquiza explained the concept behind ‘Chemical Ride’ explaining that its message is that of appreciating all that one has and taking every opportunity provided in life. The song is basically about seizing every single opportunity you have, appreciating the things you have around you, because anything and everything can be taken from you instantly,” he said. “It was a situation that I had witnessed and was close to and it was something I felt I had to write about.”

Urquiza expanded on the story behind the song explaining that its creation came from the death of a dear friend and his own mindset at the time of his friend’s passing. “That realization really hit me when my good friend and mentor, Rob Cimmarusti, passed away this last year,” he said. “He was the owner of Real Trax Recording Studios, where we recorded all three of our albums over the past 7 years and where I learned everything I know about music production and recording. I had been so focused on the future, so focused on things that weren’t even right in front of me, and in the end it cost me a lot of time I could have spent with him. There’s no doubt his influence will live on in 3YH for the rest of our lives.”

3 Years Hollow’s tour with Soil and Powerman 5000 kicks off June 23rd and runs through July 18th. The complete schedule for the tour is listed below.

Powerman 5000/Soil/3 Years Hollow tour dates

Tue 23 Jun – Ringle, WI – Q & Z Expo Center

Wed 24 Jun – Spring Lake Park, MN – POV’s

Thu 25 Jun – Joliet, IL – Mojoes

Fri 26 Jun – Battle Creek, MI – Music Factory

Sat 27 Jun – Beckley, WV – Muncheez

Wed 01 Jul – Winchester, VA – Blue Fox Billiard

Thu 02 Jul – Washington DC – 9:30 Club

Fri 03 Jul – Patchogue NY – Emporium

Sun 05 Jul – Portland, ME – Asylum

Tue 07 Jul – Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall

Wed 08 Jul – Albany, NY – Latitude 360

Thu 09 Jul – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar

Fri 10 Jul – Flint, MI – Machine Shop

Wed 15 Jul – Janesville, WI – Back Bar

Thu 16 Jul – Ft Wayne, IN – Pierre’s

Fri 17 Jul – Traverse City, MI – Ground Zero

Sat 18 Jul – Arlington Heights, IL – Home Bar

Audiences can keep up with any updates to the bands’ tour schedule online now along with all of 3YH’s latest news at:




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Black Veil Brides To Release Debut Live Recording This Summer

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Black Veil brides will release its first-ever live recording this summer.

Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Alive and Burning on Friday, July 10th. The band’s first-ever live recording, it will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally via iTunes. Alive and Burning was recorded live on November 1st, 2014 during the band’s hometown show at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The show was part of the band’s 2014 “Black Mass Tour” presented by Hot Topic. It features seventeen songs pulled from the band’s now four full-length studio releases including: ‘Knives and Pens,’ ‘Fallen Angels,’ ‘Faithless,’ and ‘The End’ just to name a small handful. The complete set list for the recording is noted below.

Track Listing

1) Heart Of Fire

2) I Am Bulletproof

3) Coffin

4) Faithless

5) Wretched & Divine

6) Knives & Pens

7) Overture

8) Shadows Die

9) Last Rites

10) Rebel Love Song

11) Drum Solo

12) The Legacy

13) Sweet Blasphemy

14) Perfect Weapon

15) Fallen Angels

16) Rebel Yell

17) In The End

Plus bonus feature “Meet The Fans”

Audiences can check out the trailer for Alive and Burning online now at More information on Alive and Burning is available online now along with all of the latest news from Black Veil Brides at:




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