Peppa Pig’s Latest Compilation Fun For Audiences New And Old

Courtesy:  Entertainment One

Courtesy: Entertainment One

Peppa Pig’s latest collection of episodes will hit stores next Tuesday, March 18th courtesy of Entertainment One.  Peppa Pig: My Birthday Party offers young viewers fourteen more fun-filled shorts from Nick, Jr.’s hit series.  Whether or not audiences are familiar with Peppa Pig, everyone will agree that there is much about this show that makes it perfect for pre-school age viewers.  One of the many aspects of the show that makes it so enjoyable for young viewers is that its shorts are no more than roughly five minutes. Viewers that are less familiar with the series will see this firsthand when they purchase or order this new DVD.  Another positive aspect of the series displayed in the shorts on this DVD is the ability of the writers to balance entertainment and important life lessons within such a small span of time.  That in itself is a feat worth noting.  And one would be remiss to omit any mention of the series’ animation style.  Because it is made to look like it was drawn by a child, it becomes all the more accessible for young viewers.  These are just a few examples of what makes the episodes in this latest DVD from Peppa Pig enjoyable for young viewers.  Every family will find their own positives when they purchase or order the DVD for themselves.  Regardless of which aspects each family finds that makes the episodes on this disc so enjoyable, every family will agree that everything noted here makes it a DVD worth having for their pre-schooler.

Peppa Pig: My Birthday Party is not the first home release of shorts from the aforementioned series.  Despite this, there may still be some families that have yet to experience what makes this Nick Jr. series so popular with both its viewers and their parents.  The first notable positive of the episodes collected for this compilation is the run time of each short.  Each short included on this disc barely tops the five minute mark.  This far outperforms the shorts of most other children’s programs.  The shorts of said shows can run anywhere from fifteen minutes to a full half hour.  That makes keeping young eyes engaged without breaking their attention difficult.  So by comparison, the heads behind Peppa Pig have done quite a bit right with the timing on these shorts.

The short run time of the episodes in this compilation is the foundation of what makes them a perfect collective group of episodes for pre-school age viewers.  Just as important to note in these episodes is the work of the series’ writers.  The series’ writers only had five minutes with which to work and entertain and engage audiences.  The writers utilized every second of that short time span, making the shorts both entertaining and in some cases educational so to speak. They did so without letting the shorts feel like they’ve been jammed with content, either.  For this reason, the series’ writers deserve a standing ovation.  It shows just how well they have been trained in their craft.  Audiences will find themselves applauding the writers for this reason, too in watching this DVD.

A couple examples of episodes containing important lessons in this set are “Dens” and “Grandpa Pig’s Boat.”   In “Dens,” Peppa and her friends learn a very important lesson about not excluding others.  In, “Grandpa Pig’s Boat,” Peppa’s grandfather learns his own important lesson about bragging to others and the potential consequences.  There are more lessons and fun included throughout each of the DVD’s fourteen total shorts than there is time and space to mention everything.  As with the short run-time, that balance of entertainment and education makes this DVD all the more worth purchasing and/or ordering for any family with young children.

The writing and run time of the shorts included in Peppa Pig: My Birthday Party are both integral to the overall enjoyment of the episodes collected for this DVD.  There is one more aspect worth noting that makes these episodes especially enjoyable for those that perhaps are less familiar with Peppa Pig.  That aspect is the series’ animation.  Audiences will note in the episodes on the latest DVD that the shorts look like they were drawn by a child.  This was no accident.  That they look like they were drawn by a child makes them more relatable to young audiences.  That ability to relate to the show’s target audience serves even more to keep viewers fully engaged.  Given, it isn’t the only series to use such animation style.  PBS Kids’ Peg + Cat uses a similar animation style.  But it is the only other example of a series that uses such animation style that comes to mind.  CG graphics dominate most of today’s children’s programming.  So even if the animation of these episodes was created via computer, it doesn’t show.  That is a true testament to the series and these episodes on s smaller scale.  It makes the episodes all the more examples of what makes these episodes (and the series as a whole) so original and so enjoyable for young eyes and minds.  Peppa Pig; My Birthday Party can be ordered now online via Amazon at

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