‘Bridges To Buenos Aires’ Continues To Show Why The Rolling Stones Is One Of Rock’s Elite Acts

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

The live recordings keep coming from The Rolling Stones.  Early this month, the band released another concert from its Bridges to Babylon Tour in the form of Bridges To Buenos Aires.  Originally recorded April 5, 1998 at the River Plate Stadium, the 22-song set is yet another enjoyable addition to the home library of any fan of The Rolling Stones.  That is due in part to the show’s set list.  The band’s performance thereof plays its own critical role in the show’s presentation.  The companion booklet that comes with the recording rounds out its most important elements.  Each item noted is key in its own way to the whole of this recording.  All things considered, they make the recording in whole yet another welcome addition to The Rolling Stones’ ongoing series of live recordings.

The Rolling Stones’ latest addition to its ongoing series of live recordings is yet another presentation that audiences will openly welcome into their libraries.  That is due in part to the concert’s set list.  The 22-song set list features many of the same songs featured in the band’s performance from its Bridges To Bremen show, with a handful of changes.  Once again, the band reaches back in its catalog, reaching as far back as 1967.  Fan favorites, such as ‘Start Me Up, ‘It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)’ and ‘Gimme Shelter’ are all featured in this collection.  Others, such as ‘Memory Motel,’ ‘Anybody Seen My Baby’ and ‘Paint It Black’ are replaced here with ‘Sister Morphine,’ ‘When The Whip Comes Down’ and ‘Little Queenie,’ which reaches back to the band’s 1970 album Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out.  The rest of the show’s set list in this concert is the same as that featured in Bridges To Bremen.  For those audiences who do not already own Bridges To Bremen, the expansive set list presents audiences with a rich presentation of the band’s catalog.  Along with that rarely represented album – Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out – the set list also gives nods to the band’s 1969 album Let It Bleed, its 1967 album Between The Buttons and its 1968 album Beggar’s Banquet as well as Bridges To Babylon, on the back of which the band was touring at the time.  Simply put, the set list featured in this collection will appeal to audiences who already own any of the band’s previously released live recordings (released through Eagle Rock Entertainment) and those who might not own said recordings.  It is just one of the recording’s positives.  The band’s performance of the set list plays its own important part to the whole of the recording.

The band’s performance of the concert’s set list is notable because it shows the band as a unit, at the time, that was still at the top of its game, even more than three decades into its life.  The band’s performance of ‘Little Queenie’ is one example of that high level of entertainment.  The swagger exhibited by the band as it makes its way across the hydraulic bridge and energy in its performance is commendable to say the least.  Even as something is thrown at him, front man Mick Jagger doesn’t bat even an eyelash.  He just keeps going, not missing a beat or even giving recognition to whichever audience member threw the unidentified item at him.  Drummer Charlie Watts, decked out in his soccer jersey and guitarists Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards make their way around the band’s second stage with the ease of much younger performers, showing they are right in step with their younger counterparts.  The band members’ energy in the show’s opener – ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ — provides just as much show of energy from the band as any other performance from the group.  Jagger struts his way across the stage, giving his full energy and attention to the audience and song at the same time.  Meanwhile Richards and Wood keep such a cool demeanor as they make their way through the song alongside Watts.  Much the same can be said of the band’s performance of ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash.’  It shows this band even at that point, held its own easily against every one of its younger up-and-coming counterparts, proving once more why it is one of the elite acts in the rock and music community in general.   Between these performances and those of the rest of the shows set, the whole of the band’s performance gives audiences just as much to appreciate here as the set list itself.  It is just one more part of what makes the recording so enjoyable.  The companion booklet that comes with the recording rounds out its most important elements.

The companion booklet that comes with Bridges To Buenos Aires features liner notes composed by Journalist Paul Sexton.  Sexton paints a vivid picture of the concert contained in the presentation’s Blu-ray through his words. He writes in part about the band’s performance of ‘Flip The Switch,’ noting that it “offered the first cameo for now much-missed saxophonist mainstay Bobby Keys.”  He adds later of the performance of ‘Gimme Shelter,’ that vocalist Lisa Fischer’s performance is just as powerful as ever.  There is even mention of Bob Dylan’s surprise guest appearance for the band’s take on his timeless classic ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ in Sexton’s liner notes.  He writes in part here, “Bob’s [Dylan] customarily approximate vocal style certainly kept Mick on on his toes, but the bonhomie of the moment gave further warmth to a set that was growing ever more fierce and forceful.”  Here again is more proof of the power of Sexton’s description of the show, proving even more, the importance of his preview of the concert.  Sexton has much more to add about the concert, but that will be left for audience to discover for themselves.  Between the rest of the notes not discussed here and those items addressed, it goes without saying that Sexton’s notes are recommended to be taken in prior to taking in the concert itself.  Keeping this in mind, the importance of the recording’s liner notes couples with the power of the band’s performance and the importance of the show’s set list to make the recording in whole, yet another positive addition to The Rolling Stones’ ongoing live releases series, and a presentation that any fan of The Rolling Stones will welcome into his or her music library.

The Rolling Stones’ latest addition to its ongoing series of live recordings, Bridges To Buenos Aires is another wonderfully entertaining presentation from the band and Eagle Rock Entertainment.  It is a work that continues to prove why The Rolling Stones remains more than half a century into its existence, one of the rock (and music) community’s elite acts.  That is evidenced partly through the show’s set list.  The band’s performance thereof plays just as much into supporting the noted statements.  The liner notes featured in the recording’s companion booklet does just as much as the set and its performance to show the strength of the recording.  Each item noted here is important in its own way.  All things considered, they make Bridges To Buenos Aires another recording that builds and maintains the band’s bridges to its audiences.  It is available now.  More information on this and other titles from The Rolling Stones is available online now at:




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‘Sesame Street: 50th Anniversary Celebration’ Is Fun But Falls Short Of Expectations

Courtesy: Sesame Workshop/Shout! Factory/Shout! Factory Kids

One week ago today, the beloved children’s television series Sesame Street marked a very important moment in its history.  The educational series celebrated 50 years on television.  That is a long time for any series to be on television.  Few series have lasted such a long time.  The only series that has lasted longer is Jeopardy.  For those wondering, The Price is Right did not premiere until Sept. 4, 1972.  In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the show’s heads created a special episode to mark the occasion.  It has already run on HBO, and will air tonight on PBS Kids stations nationwide.  Following its airings, it will be available on DVD on Dec. 3 through an ongoing partnership between Shout! Factory and Sesame Workshop.  The celebration is enjoyable in its own right and worth an occasional watch.  That is due to the collective whole of its overall content.  While the program’s overall content ensures audiences’ engagement and entertainment, the way in which said content was presented sadly detracts from that enjoyment and engagement.  Luckily, the negative impact of the program’s editing and ordering is not enough to make it unwatchable.  The program’s bonus content couples with its primary content to add to its appeal.  When that collective content is considered alongside the issues raised by the program’s editing and ordering, the presentation in whole proves to be maybe not a perfect celebration of Sesame Street, but one that is worth at least an occasional watch.

Shout! Factory and Sesame Workshop’s new 50th Anniversary celebration of Sesame Street is an interesting program that is worth at least an occasional watch.  That is due in part to its overall content.  The main presentation finds Elmo and his friends looking for Sesame Street’s street sign because it has gone missing on the very day that the neighborhood’s gang is to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary.  As the group searches for the sign, they also have to keep host Joseph Gordon-Levitt from knowing the sign has gone missing.  Along the way, some random segments featuring some of the shows’ most well-known and beloved musical numbers are performed by the likes of Meghan Trainor, Norah Jones, Elvis Costello and Nile Rogers.  Of course it is obvious that some of the performances in question are lip synched; specifically speaking those of Trainor and Rogers.  They come across more like music videos than actual performances, which sadly do detract somewhat from the program’s enjoyment, but not so much so that the program is unwatchable.  Elmo and company’s search eventually reaches a happy ending with a surprise.  The whole thing lasts roughly one hour.

Following the finale of the program’s main presentation, audiences are treated to a series of guest appearances from other celebrities as they introduce their favorite moments from Sesame Street’s history.  In all, there are four segments.  Each segment is accompanied by the full-length segments which each guest star discusses with members of the Sesame Street gang.  These segments, honestly, offer more in the way of engagement and entertainment than the main program in this presentation.  This is where the program takes a bit of a turn.

The overall primary content featured in the Sesame Street: 50th Anniversary Celebration offers a certain amount of entertainment for audiences.  However, the editing and arrangement of said content detracts considerably from the presentation.  It would have made more sense (at least in this critic’s own view) for the extra guest appearances and segments to have been made part of the overall celebration than their own standalone presentation.  Instead of just having random musical numbers as part of the main presentation to break up the search for the sign segments, it would have made more sense to have Elmo and company go around Sesame Street, meeting those guests, who were hanging out with the other members of the Sesame Street “gang,” during the search for the sign, have the noted guests talk about their favorite memories and transition to those segments and then go back to the search for the sign than to have the whole assembled how it was put together.  By just incorporating the random celebrities the way in which they were used in the main presentation, the main program just feels disjointed, and the celebs just seem like little more than window dressing.  All in all, the editing drastically detracts from the general effect of the program’s presentation.  While it does not make the program unwatchable, it does detract from the presentation enough, that it makes one wonder how much thought and time was put into planning and scripting this celebration.  The effect is that while it does pay tribute to Sesame Street, its history and impact, the main presentation here is worth maybe an occasional watch, but is not the truly memorable tribute that it could have been.

While the editing and scripting of Sesame Street: 50th Anniversary Celebration clearly hurts the celebration’s presentation, it does not make it completely unwatchable.  The program’s bonus content, which is brief in itself, does a little more to add to the program’s appeal.  There is a brief “Elmo’s World” segment in which Elmo talks about the different kinds of celebrations with his smart phone friend “Smartie” and an even more brief look back at Sesame Street’s half-century history.  It is essentially just a video compilation of the series’ opening segments that eventually end up making a video mosaic of the show.  Again, this is where the scripting and editing come back into play.  That video mosaic of sorts could and should have been used to open the program instead of having Cookie Monster taking a cab ride to Sesame Street as he tries to find out where Sesame Street is.  How would Cookie Monster not know how to get to Sesame Street?  That is just not believable.  Getting back on topic, the bonus content overall adds a little bit of entertainment for audiences.  When it is considered along with the program’s primary content, the end result is an overall presentation that is worth an occasional watch, but certainly is sadly not the celebration that it surely could and should have been for such an iconic series.

Sesame Street: 50th Anniversary Celebration is an intriguing offering for audiences.  Considering the rich history of Sesame Street and the impact that it has had for half a century, the “celebration” is worth an occasional watch, but sadly falls short of being the tribute that it could and should have been.  The content that makes up the body of the program’s main presentation will entertain and engage audiences, but the editing and scripting of that main presentation greatly detracts from the program’s impact.  The bonus content that comes with the program’s DVD presentation works with the program’s content in its main presentation to make the whole enjoyable, but sadly not memorable.  Sesame Street: 50th Anniversary Celebration will be available on DVD Dec. 3.  More information on this and other titles from Sesame Workshop is available online now at:




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PBS Distribution Releases ‘Garfield & Friends: Season 2’

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS/ Paws Inc.

Everybody’s favorite flabby feline is back on DVD.

PBS Distribution released the second season of the timeless animated series Garfield & Friends Nov. 5.  Season 2, which originally premiered Sept. 16, 1989, features 30 episodes including Garfield’s farm friends from U.S. Acres.

Among some of the most notable of the season’s episodes are the unforgettable “Rip Van Kitty,” “Sludge Monster,” and “Basket Brawl” as well as the equally entertaining “Robodie,” “Swine Trek” and “Heatwave Holiday.”

“Rip Van Kitty” plays on the classic take of Rip Van Winkle, putting Garfield into a dream sequence that finds him sleeping for fifty years. When he wakes up, it’s the future, and an army of Garfield lookalikes from the planet Zizzabonnawannawanna Boink Boink Three (say that three times fast) has invaded Earth.  For all the changes that have happened during his nap, two things haven’t changed — Nermal is still as annoying as ever and Binky the Clown is still on the air, only much older.

“Sludge Monster” plays on Universal Pictures’ classic monster movies as Jon, Odie and Garfield have to stop for the night at a hotel that is allegedly haunted by the infamous sludge monster.  The discovery leads to an entertaining musical number by Jon.

“Basket Brawl” is one of the series’ most memorable episodes, as it finds Garfield going solo in a game of basketball against Jon, Nermal and Odie as they try to get food for a picnic into a picnic basket.  The show’s writers poked fun at famed broadcaster Marv Albert in this episode, creating a mouse version of Albert to anchor the showdown.

“Robodie” makes Odie the star after he is kidnapped by a mad scientist — of sorts — who wants to make robot versions of Odie.  There’s just one problem:  Odie’s robot doubles are just as absent minded as Odie, which leads to its own share of laughs.

“Swine Trek” is one of many U.S. Acres shorts featured in Season Two of Garfield & Friends.  This episode spoofs CBS’ classic Star Trek series, with Orson taking on the role of Captain Kirk, Lanolin playing Uhura, Wade as Dr. Bones (fittingly), Booker as Chekov and Bo sheep as Scottie and Sheldon as Spock.  Orson’s evil brothers play the part of the Klingons.  the whole story rises from a dream sequence that Orson has after he falls ill with a cold.

These episodes and so many other memorable episodes make up the whole of Garfield & FriendsSeason Two.  The collection is available now through PBS’ online store for MSRP of $14.99.  Garfield & FriendsSeason One is also available through PBS’ online store.

More information on these and other titles from PBS Distribution is available online now at:


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Hannah Williams & The Affirmations Featured In New Nissan Ad Campaign

Courtesy: Record Kicks

Hannah Williams & The Affirmations are going worldwide thanks to Nissan.

The group, which recently released its new album 50 Foot Woman, is featured in Nissan’s winter advertising campaign for the company’s new sport utility vehicle from its subsidiary Infiniti, the Infiniti QX30.

The campaign, which launched Nov. 1, uses the album’s title track and lead single in its campaign to sell the company’s new sport utility vehicle.  The advertisement is streaming here.

50 Foot Woman was released Oct. 25 through independent record company Record Kicks.

More information on 50 Foot Woman is available online now along with all of Hannah Williams & The Affirmations’ latest news and more at:










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Jenny Teator Debuts ‘Daughter of the Devil’ Video

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Temperatures nationwide are getting cold, but while the mercury is dropping across the county, singer-songwriter Jenny Teator is heating things up with her latest video.

Teator debuted the video for her latest single ‘Daughter of the Devil‘ Nov. 6 through Vents Magazine. The video finds a young girl going along on a robbery with her father at a gas station.  that footage is coupled with footage of Teator laying (supposedly) nude under a single cover on a bed.

Teator explained in a recent interview, the video was not meant to glorify a life of crime or criminal activity in general.

“‘Daughter of the Devil’ came to be one of those songs where you just feel good jamming out to it and screaming the chorus in your car,” she said.  “I wanted to write a song with a badass vibe, rockin’ guitar parts and the gang vocal hook to get you singing along.  There’s no deep meaning to it.  We wanted to  create a fictional story of a girl who was raised by the Devil (the bad guy) who turned out to be a sultry, man-teasing, people-pleasing, devil-blooded woman in disguise.  Truth be told though, I really am and will be a daddy’s girl ’till the day I die.”

The debut of Teator’s new video comes more than 10 months after she debuted the video for her then latest single ‘Surrender.’  That video debuted Feb. 25.

Teator premiered ‘Surrender‘ on Jan. 6.  It was produced by Oh No! Oktapus  at Red 13 Studios.  The song’s musical arrangement boasts a slight pop-country vibe that will appeal to a wide range of listeners.  Its lyrical theme is just as certain to be far-reaching in its appeal, as is evidenced through Teator’s explanation of said theme.

“‘Surrender’ is about lust and curiosity,” Teator said.  “It talks about the primal want you get when someone comes into your life and they leave you wanting MORE.  It’s more than just, ‘I’m attracted to you.’  It was this powerful gut feeling that took over my body, creating thoughts of what it could be like with this person.  I think we are quick to disregard those moments and immediately feel “dirty” or “wrong” for thinking those thoughts.  I’m saying, ’embrace it.’  We are only human.  The possibilities are endless, ya’ll.”

Teator is currently in the midst of a nationwide tour in support of her music. The tour is scheduled to wind down Dec. 8 in Naples, Fla., according to information on her official Facebook page.  More information on Teator’s tour, new video and more is available online now at:






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Autopilot Launches New Tour In Support Of Latest LP, ‘Afterglow’

Courtesy: TAG Publicity

Independent rock band Autopilot is back on the road.

The band launched its latest tour Oct. 31 in Grand Forks, ND.  The tour is scheduled to run through Nov. 23 in Pittsburgh, PA.  The tour is in support of Autopilot’s recently released album Afterglow, which was released independently by the band Oct. 19, 2018.

The launch of the band’s latest tour run comes more than two months after the band debuted the video for the album’s most recent single, ‘Modern Age.’  The video’s debut came more than three months after the band debuted the single ‘Undisguised,’ and more than four months after the band debuted the video for another of the album’s songs, ‘Living Dead.’

The full track listing for Afterglow is noted below.

Track List
1. Modern Age
2. Weightless
3. Undisguised
4. Living Dead
5. Afterglow
6. Without a Dream
7. Domino
8. Poison Pills
9. Hurricane
10. Crooked Lines

More information on Autopilot’s latest single, tour schedule and more is available online at:





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Sons Of Apollo Debuts ‘Goodbye, Divinity’ Video; Announces Tour Schedule

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

Sons of Apollo debuted the lead single from its new album this week.

The band debuted the video for its new single ‘Goodbye, Divinity‘ Friday.  the song is featured in the band’s upcoming sophomore album MMXX, which is due out Jan. 17, 2020 through InsideOut Music.

Directed by Vicente Cordero, the video features the band — Jeff Scott Soto (vocals), Mike Portnoy (drums), Derek Sherinian (keyboards) Billy Sheehan (bass) and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (guitar) — performing their new single in a dimly lit studio setting.  The song’s musical arrangement will appeal greatly to fans of Dream Theater’s late 90s sound, which featured Sherinian and Portnoy as members of the band at the time.  The song’s lyrical content comes across as being a commentary of sorts.

Pre-orders are open now for MMXX.  Audiences who pre-order the album now through iTunes and Amazon will receive an instant grat download of ‘Goodbye, Divinity.’

Audiences who pre-save the album online will have the chance to win digital subscriptions to Modern Drummer magazine and Bass Player magazine.  They will also have the chance to win a signed Remo drumhead from the band, as well as two tickets to one of the band’s upcoming shows.

Speaking of the band’s shows, the band will launch a tour in support of MMXX on Jan. 23 in Sacramento, CA.  The tour is scheduled to run through Feb. 8 in Englewood, NJ.

After taking time off to rest and recharge, the band will launch the second leg of its tour Feb. 28 in Germany.  The exact city is still too be announced.  The European leg of the tour is scheduled to run through March 25 in Budapest, Hungary.  The band’s current tour schedule is noted below.

North America 2020
Thu 1/23            Sacramento, CA            Crest Theater
Fri 1/24             Pomona, CA                 The Glass House (https://bit.ly/2H8kNxY)
Sat 1/25            Los Angeles, CA           The Roxy (https://bit.ly/2H8aLNb)
Sun 1/26           San Francisco, CA        The Fillmore (https://bit.ly/31FYAPj)
Tue 1/28            Salt Lake City, UT          The State Room (https://bit.ly/31D8P7e)
Wed 1/29          Denver, CO                   The Oriental Theater (https://bit.ly/2Z5QC4s)
Fri 1/31             St. Charles, IL               Arcada Theater (https://bit.ly/30igOGu)
Sat 2/1              Battle Creek, MI             The Music Factory (https://bit.ly/31IwXVQ)
Sun 2/2             Toronto, ONT.               Mod Club (https://bit.ly/2Z8OuJ8)
Mon 2/3            Montreal QUE.              Corona Theater (https://bit.ly/2KF9eyU)
Wed 2/5            Boston, MA                  Paradise Rock Club (https://bit.ly/2N2rMMx)
Thu 2/6             New York, NY               Gramercy Theater (https://livemu.sc/2KHNN1r)
Fri 2/7               Jim Thorpe, PA             Penn’s Peak (https://bit.ly/2TLMy4w)
Sat 2/8              Englewood, NJ             Bergen PAC (https://bit.ly/31MKyM7)
Europe 2020
Sat 2/29            Germany                                   TBA
Mon 3/2            Drammen, Norway                     Union Scene
Tue 3/3             Gothenburg, Sweden                 Traedgarn
Thu 3/5             Kyiv, Ukraine                             N.A.U Theatre
Sat 3/7              Moscow, Russia                        RED
Sun 3/8             St Petersburg, Russia                Aurora
Tue 3/10            Pratteln, Switzerland                  Z7
Wed 3/11          Milan, Italy                                Live Club
Fri 3/13             Bilbao, Spain                            Santana 27
Sat 3/14            Barcelona, Spain                       Razzmatazz 2
Sun 3/15           Madrid, Spain                           La Riviera
Tue 3/17            France                                      TBA
Wed 3/18          France                                      TBA
Thu 3/19            London, U.K.                            Islington Assembly Hall
Fri 3/20             Eindhoven, Netherlands             Prognosis Festival
Sun 3/22           Show Brno, Czech Republic       Sono
Tue 3/24            Kosice, Slovakia                       Colosseum
Wed 3/25          Budapest, Hungary                    Barba Negra

More information on Sons of Apollo’s upcoming live dates, new single, video, album and more is available online now at:


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