CMG’s Jamaica Inn Re-Issue Is A Must Have For Any Classic Movie Buff

Courtesy:  Cohen Media Group

Courtesy: Cohen Media Group

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most famed directors in the modern history of the movie industry. Known mostly for helming the likes of Psycho, Dial M For Murder, North by Northwest, The Birds, Rear Window and a handful of other legendary Hollywood hits. While he is most well-known for the noted movies, they are not the only movies that he helmed. Before taking on those famed films, Hitchcock also helmed the big screen adaptations of a pair of books by author Daphne Du Maurier in the form of Rebecca (1940) and Jamaica Inn (1939). The latter of the two was re-issued on Blu-ray this past May to celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of its debut. Of course the movie’s seventy-fifth anniversary was technically October 13, 2014. But that is beside the point. The very fact that this classic Hitchcock helmed film has been resurrected by the people at Cohen Media Group is reason enough in itself for audiences to be excited. This movie is a great escape from all of the movies currently polluting America’s theaters and retailers both online and physical. For those that might perhaps be unfamiliar with this classic action/drama movie, its script is the central reason for its enjoyment. The script presents a story that is action packed in its own right especially for its age, and yet is easy to follow. The work of movie’s cast adds even more to the movie’s enjoyment. The bonus material included in the movie’s new re-issue rounds out the presentation and solidifies its place in this year’s crop of re-issues. All three elements considered together, they show Cohen Media Group’s recent re-issue of Jamaica Inn a must-have for any classic movie buff regardless of their familiarity with Hichcock’s body of work.

Cohen Media Group’s recent re-issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Jamaica Inn is a must-have for any classic movie buff regardless of their familiarity with Hitchcock’s body of work. It is a movie that not only will classic movie buffs enjoy but even those that lovers of action movies will enjoy. The central way in which it shows itself to be so enjoyable is its script. The script presents a story that is action packed in its own right especially for its time and that is easy to follow. The story presented in this movie’s script is itself timeless. A young woman named Mary (Maureen O’Hara–The Parent Trap, Miracle on 34th Street, The Quiet Man) moves in with her aunt and uncle (played respectively by Marie Ney–Scrooge, Simba, Escape! and Leslie Banks– Henry V, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Most Dangerous Game) and discovers that her uncle is part of a gang responsible for wrecking ships on the British coast. Mary (O’Hara), in moving in with them, inadvertently discovers this and frees a member of the gang who turns out to be a naval officer who has infiltrated the gang in order to find out who is running the operation and in turn shut the whole operation down. The officer, Jem Trehearne, is played here by Robert Newton (Oliver Twist, Treasure Island, This Happy Breed). What happens from here is pretty obvious. It is a story that has been played out countless times throughout the movie industry’s modern age. Though, there are some interesting differences between this movie and those that have attempted to ape it ever since its debut. And those differences add even more interest to the movie’s script.

The story that lies at the center of Jamaica Inn’s enjoyment is in itself a great work. It is just part of what makes the movie’s script so enjoyable and interesting for viewers. The more minute elements of the script that play into its enjoyment, too. Most notable of that minutia is the fact that the movie’s writing staff held off on the romance element that is far too prevalent in so many action flicks that have come along since. It would have been so easy for the movie’s writers to go that route and have Mary and Jem fall in love, etc. over the course of the movie. But they opted instead to not go that route. It was obvious that there was a connection between the pair. But the writers kept that element on the back-burner, opting instead to let the main story holds its rightful place in the grand scheme of things. Even more interesting in examining the movie’s script closely is that while O’Hara is billed as one of the story’s main stars, it doesn’t take long for her to take more of a supporting role than a lead. Laughton on the other hand maintains his lead status. But it is Newton who surprisingly rises to the occasion and becomes the other real lead star opposite Laughton. Maybe that is a result of the era in which the movie was made. Women in that era generally were written as the damsel in distress type of character versus the strong leads that they are often portrayed as today. Considering that O’Hara was billed as one of the movie’s leads it makes this casting and eventual role change all the more interesting and worth the discussion. Whether for this element, the direction taken by the writers in regards to the story’s romance, or for the story itself, it becomes crystal clear in the long run why Jamaica Inn’s script is central to its enjoyment and success.

The script that was crafted for Jamaica Inn is in itself more than enough reason for viewers in whole to check out this classic action/drama flick. Its story is itself classic in every sense of the word. It also avoids the trappings that are far too commonplace in so many of today’s action/dramas. While the essential changing of Mary from a lead to a supporting role is not necessarily a good thing, that seeming cultural reflection is still well worth noting in the larger discussion of Jamaica Inn in whole. The script and its more specific elements in whole collective make up a big part of why classic movie buffs and action/drama fans will appreciate this movie. The work of the movie’s cast adds even more enjoyment and interest to the movie. Viewers will especially find it interesting thanks to the additional video essay by author Donald Spoto (pronounced spoh-toh). That will be discussed at more length later. Simply put, Soto makes note of the conflicts between Laughton and Hitchcock in his essay. The difficulties raised by these conflicts aside, there is no denying the fact that Laughton is an expert in his role. He makes it so easy to hate Sir Humphrey. Sir Humphrey comes across as being so self-righteous and overly confident in himself. He makes audiences want something bad to happen to him just because he is so vile in the type of person he proves to be. In the same vein, Leslie Banks is spot on as Joss Merlyn, the head of the ship-wrecking gang. While not as villainous as Sir Humphrey, he is enjoyable to watch as a bad guy. Yet his defense of Mary late in the story and the reveal of Joss as one of Sir Humphrey’s men makes him not as despicable. As a matter of fact, he comes across as almost a sympathetic character of sorts, especially when he defends Mary against his fellow marauders. Of course one would be remiss to ignore Robert Newton’s portrayal of Jem Trehearn. Considering his character, it would have been so easy for Newton to ham it up and be the standard over-the-top, almost Errol Flynn type a la The Adventures of Robin Hood. But he didn’t go that route. Rather he maintained a certain reserved portrayal throughout. Being that he did, it made it that much easier to root for him as he investigated the ship-wrecking crew. His is just one more portrayal that shows the importance of the cast’s work in Jamaica Inn. Whether for Newton’s work, for that of Laughton, Newton, O’Hara or any of the other cast members, audiences will agree that the work of Jamaica Inn’s cast proves just as pivotal to the movie’s enjoyment and success as the script in all of its minutia.

The work of Jamaica Inn’s writing team and its cast both play their own pivotal parts in the overall success and enjoyment of the movie. Having noted both elements, it is clear why this underrated Hitchcock classic is well worth the watch now that it has been meticulously restored and resurrected on Blu-ray and DVD. Speaking of the movie’s re-issue, audiences have been treated to a couple of in-depth extras that more than ive up to the title of “bonus features.” The extras in question include both an in-depth video essay by author Donald Spoto and full feature-length commentary. Audiences will especially enjoy Soto’s video essay as it goes into quite the depth in regards to what happened both in front of the camera and behind it. One of the most intriguing facts that Soto discusses in his essay is in regards to the working relationship between Hitchcock and Laughton. According to Soto, the relationship in question was strained to say the least as Laughton allegedly was rather difficult to work with. Soto notes that Laughton would not just request but demand multiple takes in a number of scenes and that he was controlling in his nature. Even if he was, it did result in a character that audiences will love to hate. On another note, Soto makes mention of Hitchcock’s eye for detail in making his movies as believable as possible and its consequences. Soto notes that in filming the shipwreck scenes, one of the actors actually developed pneumonia and died after being doused with blast after blast of cold water and cold air from a wind machine at the studio where the scenes in question were filmed. Soto also discusses author Daphne Du Maurier’s displeasure over Hithcock’s take of her book and its effect on the fate of Rebecca and even her book The Birds. That’s right, readers. Even that movie was lifted from a book. It just so happened that it, too was penned by Du Maurier. Obviously Hitchcock was a fan of her work despite the fact that he changed her works to meet his own expectations for his movies. These are just a few of the tidbits offered up by Soto in his essay. There is plenty more that audiences will find interesting in watching his essay. In turn, viewers that watch the essay will agree as to just how much it adds to the overall viewing experience of Cohen Media Group’s new re-issue of Jamaica Inn. The feature-length commentary that comes as an optional audio track adds even more insight and enjoyment to the movie. The commentary in question is provided by one of TCM’s (Turner Classic Movies) employees. Coupled with Soto’s own separate commentary in his video essay, both commentaries add the finishing touch to this new re-issue of Jamaica Inn. They prove once and for all that it is one of the most underrated of the extensive list of movies helmed by Alfred Hitchcock if not the single most underrated of those movies. Together with the work of the movie’s writing team and its cast, it shows in the end to be a movie that any classic movie buff and action/drama should see if not have in their own home movie library.

Cohen Media Group is to be greatly applauded for its re-issue earlier of Jamaica Inn this past May. It never did receive the respect or acclaim that it so rightly deserved in its original release nearly seventy-six years ago. Now thanks to its re-issue it is finally getting the second life, and in turn second chance at respect and acclaim that it so rightly deserves. It exhibits this through the work of its writing team, the work of its cast, and through the additional commentary and content added through its bonus video essay and commentary. All three elements together show just how much this movie has to offer audiences of all ages. They are just the tip of the iceberg, too. One could also make mention of its special effects in comparison to those of today’s action/drama movies. One could also raise a discussion on the level of violence in the movie versus that of today’s movies. Whether for those discussions or the ones noted here, it can be said without a doubt that Cohen Media Group’s recent re-issue of Jamaica Inn is an absolute must see and must have for audiences that are fans and lovers of classic film and action movies alike. More information on Cohen Media Group’s re-issue of Jamaica Inn is available online now along with a trailer for the movie at More information on this and other titles from Cohen Media Group is available online now at:




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Leprous Debuts Lyric Video For Its Latest Single

Courtesy:  InsideOut Music

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

Norwegian prog-metal act Leprous has debuted the lyric video for its latest single ‘Slave.’

The video presents the lyrics to the band’s new single over a changing image of chain link. Created by Twilight 13 Media’s Costin Chioreanu, the video can be viewed online now via YouTube at

Courtesy:  InsideOut Music

Courtesy: InsideOut Music

‘Slave’ is the follow-up to ‘Rewind,’ the lead single from the band’s latest full-length studio release The Congregation. Audiences can see the video for that song online now via YouTube at The Congregation entered the charts at #78 in Germany, #66 in The Netherlands, #167 in 167 in Belgium, and #39 in Finland. North American fans can order the CD in bundle packs with t-shirts online at

More information on The Congregation is available online now along with all of the latest news from Leprous at:



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The Laughs Keep Coming This Summer With The Third Season Of Sgt. Bilko/The Phil Silvers Show

Courtesy:  Shout! Factory

Courtesy: Shout! Factory

Dramas and reality shows may currently be dominating both the broadcast and cable spectrums today. But that doesn’t mean that that is all that audiences have to watch. Early next month, Shout! Factory will offer audiences another great escape from all of the programs polluting television’s ranks when it releases the third season of the classic sitcom Sgt. Bilko/The Phil Silvers Show.

Shout! Factory will release Sgt. Bilko/The Phil Silvers Show: Season Three on Tuesday, August 4th. Bilko’s constant string of get rich quick schemes continue on for thirty-seven episodes this season. Audiences will laugh uproariously as Bilko loses Colonel Hall’s inheritance in the stock market in “The Colonel’s Inheritance.” The laughs continue just as much as Bilko tries to get rich by starting up a Broadway show in “Sergeant Bilko Presents.” And in one of the season’s funniest moments, Sgt. Bilko creates a scheme to put a “singing” doberman on display. The problem is that his plan obviously doesn’t work out quite as well as he had hoped. The episode harkens back to a classic Looney Tunes cartoon involving one Michigan J. Frog. These are just a few examples of what makes Sgt. Bilko/The Phil Silvers Show: Season 3 another must have for any classic TV lovers and for those wanting to escape the monotony of today’s television. It will be released Tuesday, August 4th on DVD in stores and online and will retail for MSRP of $34.93. It can be pre-ordered online direct from Shout! Factory’s online store for a discounted price of $29.93 at More information on this and other titles from Shout! Factory is available online at:



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The Rescue Bots Roar This Summer In Another New Collection Of Episodes

Courtesy:  Shout! Factory/Shout! Factory Kids/Hasbro Studios

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Shout! Factory Kids/Hasbro Studios

The Rescue Bots return once again next month.

On Tuesday, August 25th, Shout! Factory Kids and Hasbro Studios will release the latest collection of episodes from Discovery Family’s hit series Transformers Rescue Bots, Transformers Rescue Bots: Dinobots! This latest collection boasts five more episodes from the hit series. Unlike previous Rescue Bots collections, this collection features five episodes from the series’ most recent season, its third. This time out, audiences get a two-part story arc of sorts in its first two episodes–“Land Before Time” and “Big Game”–that sees Optimus gaining new abilities after having to save the Rescue Bots and the introduction of a new villain in the form of the hunter Colonel Quint Quarry.

Colonel Quarry returns in the disc’s third episode “Quarry vs. Quarry.” He holds Professor Baranova hostage in an attempt to obtain more robotic dinosaurs. It’s up to Optimus Prime and Boulder (who both have their own Dinobot forms by now) to save Professor Baranova from Colonel Quarry. Things only get more complicated from there, leaving it to Cody and his dad to save the day along with the rest of the Rescue Bots.

In the disc’s fourth episode “Did You See What I Thaw?” a caveman preserved in ice is discovered and thawed out. In thawing him out, it is revealed that he is wearing an energon necklace, leading to a search for even more energon. All the while, the Rescue Bots and the Burns family must protect the caveman, who is given the name Ira, as Mrs. Dumont makes a visit to Griffin Rock.

“The Attack of Humungado”, the disc’s final episode, sees a pair of movie monsters lift off the big screen and into Griffin Rock when a power surge hits Doc Green’s holomorphic projector. Having both of the big screen baddies in the “real world” it is up to the Rescue Bots to stop them and return them to their own big screen battles.

What audiences will especially appreciate about this collection of episodes is that not only does it offer five recently premiered episodes from the hit Discovery Family series, but it presents them in the exact same order as they appeared in their original broadcasts. Transformers Rescue Bots: Dinobots! will be released on DVD on Tuesday, August 25th. It will retail for MSRP of $14.93. It can be pre-ordered online now direct from Shout! Factory’s online store at a discounted price of $13.93 at More information on this and other titles from Shout! Factory and Shout! Factory Kids is available online now at:



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Sea Of Storms’ New Album Is Anything But Dead Weight

Courtesy:  Self Aware Records/Tor Johnson

Courtesy: Self Aware Records/Tor Johnson

“These songs won’t ever be on the radio, but they could’ve been.” Those are the words of the publicist for the underground rock act Sea of Storms. What the band’s publicist meant in saying this was that thanks to its multitude of influences, it might have fit on most mainstream radio stations in the heyday of said acts. But because the mainstream radio landscape has changed so much over the years, the sound that the band has built from those influences doesn’t fit nicely into any of the molds that mainstream programmers have established for their respective radio stations. Rather the Richmond, VA-based band has mixed the sounds of those influences for a sound that is all its own. It is a sound that makes the band’s new album Dead Weight a record that is deserving of at least one listen. The album’s title track is one example of how that sound makes the record worth the listen. The album’s closer ‘Cedar Run’ The post-90s grunge vibe of ‘Exit Strategy’ is one more example of what makes Dead Weight worth the listen. The combination of its sound and its personal lyrics once again exemplify what SOS’ publicist meant in saying that the band’s music at one time could have been on the radio. It stands out from the likes of ‘Cedar Run’ and the album’s title track both lyrically and musically. Together with the those tracks and the remainder of the record’s nine total tracks, the record in whole shows without a doubt that Sea of Storms’ music at one time could have been on the radio. Even though they might not be on the radio today, the songs that make up the body of this record are works that any child of the 90s will fully appreciate when they give this record at least one listen.

Sea of Storms’ new album Dead Weight is a good listen for any child of the 90s looking for the multitude of sounds that came from that era specifically in the rock community. The sounds that come from the album embrace the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, The Get Up Kids, and so many others all without sounding like a carbon copy of any of those acts. The fact that the band could balance its influences with its own music on this album in itself makes the record well worth the listen. That argument is supported clearly by the album’s title track. Examining the song’s musical content, there is a hint of old school Smashing Pumpkins in the song’s verses while the choruses have more of an indie rock vibe a la Jimmy Eat World. Again, what makes this so interesting is the fact that the band was able to take both influences and meld them together into a sound that is all the band’s own. In terms of its lyrical content, the song offers just as much to talk about. Front man Brandon Peck sings in this song, “I’ve grown tired of waking up/With the sinking feeling you’ve had enough/You’re so cold/I’m alone in this house/This façade that we call home/So get lost in the sound/It’s the same old story of dead weight in this town/It’s the same as it ever was.” He goes on to sing, “So we go our own ways/We are the sum of our parts divided unequally/And each step that we take puts us further and further away/So don’t wait up/I’ll be back soon enough/I’ll be back when the morning comes/Don’t waste your time/And I won’t waste all of mine.” He closes out the song looking back at the past saying maybe looking back, it would be possible to figure out what led things to be how they are. The verses examined, it would seem that Peck is singing about a divorce or a broken relationship in general. Regardless of which topic is being discussed, the story presented in the song’s lyrical content is relatively clear. That alone makes the song’s lyrical content that much more of a boon to the composition in whole. Combined with its thankfully non-emo musical content that one would otherwise expect from the song considering its lyrics, the two elements together make ‘Dead Weight’ a clear example of why SOS’ new album is so worth the listen especially among the now grown up children of the 90s.

Dead Weight’s title track comes early in SOS’ new album. It is the third of the record’s nine tracks. Coming so early in the record it is easy to ask if the band maintains its separation from its influences throughout being that ‘Dead Weight’ is just one song. Luckily it can be said that the band does indeed maintain that separation as is evident in the album’s closer ‘Cedar Run.’ ‘Cedar Run’ boasts a clearly indie rock influence throughout its nearly five and a half-minute run time. More specifically, it runs five minutes and twenty-two seconds. But that’s irrelevant here. That indie rock vibe partnered with the song’s somewhat introspective yet optimistic lyrical content makes this song one of the record’s best moments. Peck sings here, “Let the secrets that I’ve kept/Meet the whiskey on my breath/I let my youthful pride/Make suicidal pacts/With my regret/In the time it used to take/Sometimes I can’t survive the weight/But not this time/I know I’ve made mistakes/But those mistakes made me/So make a bath in the wounds we make/We’ll make the best of our worst mistakes.” This is just one part of the whole of the song’s lyrical content, obviously. But the message is clear. It is a hopeful, optimistic outlook on life that coupled with the song’s earlier introspection, will have any listener thinking and maybe even smiling. The picture painted by the combination of the song’s music and lyrics is so rich and vivid. It plays out like something right out of a movie. Such overall depth shows clearly why ‘Cedar Run’ is another impressive addition to the whole of Dead Weight and why in turn Dead Weight proves yet again to be well worth the listen.

‘Dead Weight’ and ‘Cedar Run’ are both clear examples of what makes Dead Weight an indie album that is well worth the listen. Their lyrical content and musical content both stand apart from each other and even from other indie and mainstream acts. This is even with its variety of influences. They are only a small example of what makes the record worth the listen. The post-grunge sound of ‘Exit Strategy’ is yet another example of what makes this record as interesting as it is. John Martin’s bass line drives this song while Peck’s guitars are more of an additional element of sorts. Their parts and that of drummer Chris Brown come together to make a sound that clearly echoes that of so many well-known mainstream 90s rock acts. Yet at the same time it still manages to maintain that same separation from the noted influences as the previously noted songs. In terms of its lyrical content, the song becomes even more interesting with Peck singing, “Take the set down and redress/When the groundwork has all been set/We’ll make the call/And what you call romance is a cyclical dance made for one and played for two/And off you go/It’s unending/So stop pretending it’s alright/The lies you’ve been spreading all your life/Just like it was the best that you could give.” This comes across as coming from a rather personal point. Such personal lyrics coupled with the song’s rather mainstream, almost pop punk sound leads the song to show itself as yet another clear example of what makes Dead Weight so well worth the listen. It is another work that despite its influences still maintains its separation from those sounds, leading to a song that is patently SOS’ own. Together with ‘Cedar Run’ and ‘Dead Weight’ all three songs show clearly why Dead Weight is a surprisingly enjoyable indie release. All things considered, it could be argued that all three tracks along with those not noted show Dead Weight to be one of the best new independent albums of 2015.

In listening to each of its nine tracks, Dead Weight proves in the end to be one of this year’s best new independent albums. The songs noted here are just small samplings of what makes it such a surprisingly entertaining work from the Richmond, VA-based band. It would be unfair to not make mention of its other songs. Each of the album’s remaining six songs each offer their own enjoyment. The album taken wholly into consideration, it proves the band’s publicist completely right. Audiences likely won’t hear SOS’ songs on the radio today. But that doesn’t mean that audiences today shouldn’t hear them. Rather audiences—especially the now grown up children of the 90s—should hear this record if only once. In doing so, they will agree with the sentiment that Dead Weight is indeed one of the best new independent releases of 2015. It is available now online via the band’s Bandcamp page at More information on Dead Weight is available along with the latest tour updates and news from Sea of Storms at:




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Bonz Announces New Slate Of Tour Date

Courtesy:  Pavement Entertainment

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Pavement Entertainment artist and Stuck Mojo front man Bonz has announced a new slate of live dates.

Bonz has announed that he will head back out on the road beginning July 17th in Hickory, North Carolina. The twenty-two-date tour is in support of Bonz’s Pavement Entertainment debut record Broken Silence. Bonz will be joined by Divided We Stand and A.M.M. on select dates along with label mate A.D.D. The tour currently runs through October 10th in Jacksonville, Fla. The current tour schedule is listed below.


7/17 Hickory, Nc- The Wizard Saloon

7/18 Winston Salem, Nc- Ziggy’s

7/30 Muskegon, Mi- Deano’s w/ ADD

7/31 Lansing, Mi- The Loft w/ ADD

8/01 Griffith, In- Sopranos

8/02 South Bend, In- Cheers w/ ADD

8/05 Akron, Oh- Empire

8/06 Mansfield, Oh- Planet Rock

8/07 Dayton, Oh- Oddbodies w/ ADD

8/08 Indianapolis, In- Emerson Theatre w/ ADD

8/09 Cape Giradeau, Mo- Pitter’s

8/10 Jackson, Tn- The Empourium

8/11 Clarksville, Tn- The Warehouse

8/12 Nashville, Tn- Daisy Dukes w/ Divided We Stand

8/13 Knoxville, Tn- The Long Branch w/ Divided We Stand

8/14 Chattanooga, Tn- Ziggy’s Underground w/ Divided We Stand

8/15 Beckley, Wv- Muncheez w/ Divided We Stand

9/11 Slidell, La- The Corner Pub

9/12 Dallas, Tx- Torch

9/13 Lubbock, Tx- Depot Obar Live

10/9 Sanford, Fl- West End Trading Co. w/ A.M.M.

10/10 Jacksonville, Fl- Jack Rabbits w/ A.M.M.

Audiences can download Broken Silence now via iTunes at and ordered direct from Best Buy at Fans can keep up with the latest news and more from Bonz online at:



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Nation Beat Announces Carnival Caravan Release Date, Tour Schedule

Courtesy:  Nation Beat Music

Courtesy: Nation Beat Music

Brooklyn, NY-based quintet Nation Beat announced this week that it will release its latest recording late this month.

Carnival Caravan will be released Friday, July 31st under the new global release date system. The five-track EP will feature performances by not only Nation Beat but also from the Mardi Gras Indian/funk group Cha Wa. throughout. It is most evident in the Dixieland style sound of the record’s closer ‘Liza Jane.’ For those wanting something a little different there is the Latin-tinged sound of ‘Cantar Esse Coco (ft. Silverio Pessoa)’ and the disc’s opener ‘Casa Diamante /Sew Sew Sew,’ which also features the music of Cha Wa. Carnival Caravan’s complete track listing is noted below.

Carnival Caravan Track Listing

1. Casa Diamante / Sew Sew Sew (feat. Cha Wa)

2. Vou Cantar Esse Coco (feat. Silverio Pessoa)

3. Golden Crown (feat. Cha Wa)

4. Canto da Ema / All On a Mardi Gras Day (feat. Cha Wa)

5. Liza Jane (feat. Cha Wa)

Courtesy:  Nation Beat Music

Courtesy: Nation Beat Music

Nation Beat is currently touring in support of Carnival Caravan ahead of its release later this month. The group will be at Carl Schurz Park in New York City next Wednesday, July 8th. Its current schedule takes it through September 17th in Hartford, CT.  The group’s current tour schedule is listed below.

DATE                                               CITY                                          VENUE

July 8                                           New York, NY                             Carl Schurz Park

July 11                                          London, Canada                              Sun Fest

July 12                                          London, Canada                              Sun Fest

July 14                                          Toronto, Canada                          Pan Am Games

July 30                                          Huntington, NY             Huntington Summer Arts Festival

July 31                                          Brooklyn, NY                                    Littlefield

August 1                                       Queens, NY                                  Queens Library

August 2                                       New York, NY                    Central Park Summer Stage

August 8                                       Bethlehem, PA                                  Musikfest

Sept. 17                                        Hartford, CT                                  Real Art Ways

Audiences can keep up with the latest updates on Carnival Caravan and Nation Beat’s tour schedule online now along with all of the group’s latest news at:




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