ESPN Announces 2017-18 ‘MNF’ Broadcast Schedule

Courtesy: ESPN

The unofficial countdown to the start of the 2017 – 2018 NFL season starts in only a few days with the start of the 2017 NFL Draft, and in anticipation of the big day, ESPN has released its Monday Night Football broadcast schedule for the upcoming season.

The 48th season of ESPN’s Monday Night Football begins Monday, Sept. 11 with a double-header schedule.  The Saints and Vikings open the night in an NFC inter-divisional matchup at 6:55 p.m. ET.

The Chargers (in their first season in Los Angeles) will face off against the Broncos in an AFC West matchup.  Coverage is scheduled to start at 10:15 p.m. ET/7;15 p.m. PT.

ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast team of Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden and Lisa Salters will cover the night’s early game.  The on-air team for the late game will be announced soon.  Suzy Kolber will anchor the ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown pre-game show throughout the season along with the network’s halftime and post-game SportsCenter live from each game’s location.

Both of last season’s Super Bowl teams will make appearances on Monday Night Football appearances this season.  The Patriots will appear Dec. 11 against Miami.  Atlanta will make two appearances on MNF this season.  The team’s first appearance will be Nov. 20 in Seattle against the Seahawks and the second on Dec. 18 against Tampa Bay.

All 12 of last season’s playoff teams will also make appearances on MNF this season. Eight teams will have two appearances.  Nine of 17 of this season’s MNF game will feature divisional matchups.

The network’s preseason NFL coverage starts Thursday, Aug. 17 as the Bucs take on the Jaguars in Jacksonville.  The Browns will play host to the Giants on Aug. 21 to round out the pre-season.

ESPN Deportes will offer Spanish-language broadcasts of every game this season while fans will once again be able to stream games online via WatchESPN and the ESPN app.

The complete 2017 – 2018 Monday Night Football broadcast schedule is noted below.


ESPN’s 2017 Monday Night Football Schedule

Date Time (ET) Teams
Thurs, Aug. 17 8 p.m. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars
Mon, Aug. 21 8 p.m. New York Giants at Cleveland Browns
Regular Season    
Sept. 11 6:55 p.m. New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings
  10:15 p.m. Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos
Sept. 18 8:15 p.m. Detroit Lions at New York Giants
Sept. 25 8:15 p.m. Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals
Oct. 2 8:15 p.m. Washington Redskins at Kansas City Chiefs
Oct. 9 8:15 p.m. Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
Oct. 16 8:15 p.m. Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans
Oct. 23 8:15 p.m. Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles
Oct. 30 8:15 p.m. Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs
Nov. 6 8:15 p.m. Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers
Nov. 13 8:15 p.m. Miami Dolphins at Carolina Panthers
Nov. 20 8:15 p.m. Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks
Nov. 27 8:15 p.m. Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens
Dec. 4 8:15 p.m. Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals
Dec. 11 8:15 p.m. New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins
Dec. 18 8:15 p.m. Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Dec. 25 8:15 p.m. Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles

More information on ESPN’s Monday Night Football coverage is available online now along with all of the latest NFL headlines at:










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‘For All Kings’ Vinyls Box Shows Why Anthrax Is Still Rock And Metal Royalty

Courtesy: Megaforce Records

Anthrax is considered by most metal fans to be one of the kings of the metal community.  That title is fully justified, too after a single look through the band’s extensive catalogue.  The music that the veteran thrash metal outfit has crafted throughout its life has maintained its place atop the metal mountain along with the likes of Slayer, Metallica and Megadeth.  Late last month, Anthrax proved once again why it remains one of metal’s leading names when it released its new For All Kings 7” vinyls box set.  The new collection is a set that any true Anthrax fan will enjoy.  That is due in part to the songs selected for the collection.  This will be discussed shortly.  The collection’s packaging plays its own key part in its overall presentation, too.  It will be discussed later.  The set’s pricing rounds out its most important elements.  It will also be discussed later.  Each element clearly plays its own pivotal part in the overall presentation of Anthrax’s new For All Kings 7” vinyls box set.  All things considered, this latest effort from Anthrax maintains the band’s place as rock and metal royalty.

Anthrax’s recently released For All Kings 7” vinyls box set is another recording proving why the veteran thrash outfit is still today rock and metal royalty.  While the collection is technically a re-issue of the band’s 2016 album For All Kings, it is also a new release in that it presents the album’s original 11 songs and adds in some extra, previously unreleased takes on some of those songs.  It also adds in a pair of cover songs in the form of Kansas’ ‘Carry On’ and White Stripes’ ‘Black Math.’  The previously unreleased ‘Vice of the People’ is also included as an extra bonus for fans in this set.  While not every one of the songs featured in For All Kings gets the double treatment, a good portion of said songs does get that treatment, and audiences will appreciate those bonus takes.  Case in point, ‘Blood Eagle Wings’’ demo take.  The demo presents more of a garage rock sound than the final product presented in For All Kings.  The final product is much fuller, though it doesn’t lose any of the heaviness of the demo, which audiences will appreciate.  That can be determined in listening to the pair as the demo take doesn’t include front man Joey Belladonna’s vocals.

On another note, the demo and final take of ‘Breathing Lightning’ are virtually the same.  The only difference between these two is that one is the full instrumental take while the other includes Belladonna’s vocal line.  This is important because it allows audiences to fully take in the song’s arrangement without having to sift through that extra line.  It would have been interesting to hear his track isolated.  But beggars can’t be choosers.  That aside, hearing the song’s isolated arrangement is important because it lets audiences hear nuances like the trash can like ping of drummer Charlie Benante’s snare or Scott Ian’s Kirk Hammet-esque guitar line.  The snare drum by itself honestly sounds awful to this drummer, but when coupled with Belladonna’s vocals and the rest of the lines, it works.  Ian’s guitar line, when coupled with the song’s bass line, makes the song even fuller.  Again, it shows the importance of being able to hear not just multiple takes of the songs featured here but every side of songs in general.

The demo takes of FAK’s songs featured here are in themselves key to the collection’s overall presentation.  Of course one cannot ignore the bonus b-side ‘Vice of the People’ and the band’s cover of White Stripes’ ‘Black Math.’  ‘Vice of the People’ is a heavy-full on slab of metal that will take audiences back to the band’s infancy with its driving arrangement and lyrical content.  The band’s full-throttle cover of ‘Black Math’ is just as interesting of an addition to the collection’s whole.  The band’s take of this song makes one think instantly of Motorhead, Thin Lizzy and so many other similar acts thanks to its arrangement.  That is meant in the most complimentary fashion possible.  Between these two bonuses, the FAK demos and the FAK finals, it should be wholly clear now why the songs featured in this collection are so critical to its overall presentation.  They are collection’s foundation.  Sitting atop that foundation is the set’s packaging, which is just as important to discuss.

The songs featured in Anthrax’s new For All Kings 7” vinyls collection form a solid foundation for the collection’s overall presentation.  That is because of the rich picture painted through the songs.  While they are undeniably critical to the collection’s overall presentation, they are not its only important pieces.  The collection’s packaging is just as important to discuss as the songs.  The songs culled for the collection are spread across a total of 10 7-inch discs, each in its own sleeve inside a larger box bearing the original FAK artwork. Each vinyl’s sleeve boasts its own single cover art. The box containing the separate vinyls is not small.  But it also is not some overly bulky container either.  Simply put, while the box is not small, it is still relatively ergonomically sound.  It won’t take up too much room in anyone’s collection.  In an age when people are so concerned about going digital to save space in their homes, this is very much an important element to note.  Keeping this in mind, the collection’s box builds solidly on the foundation formed by the collection’s songs, setting up the last of the set’s most important elements—its pricing.

The songs featured in Anthrax’s new For All Kings 7” vinyls box and the collection’s packaging are both critical parts of the collection’s whole to discuss.  That has already been noted.  While both elements are clearly important in their own right, they are not its only important elements.  Its pricing is the last of the collection’s most important elements but hardly its least important element.  Comparing its price between Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon and Best Buy, the set’s price averages to approximately $87.28.  In other words, its average price stays below the $100 mark even after tax and shipping. Considering the amount of material presented across the collection and the box’s size, that is actually not a bad average.  While not necessarily cheap per se, it is still economical along with being ergonomic and enjoyable.  Simply put, its average pricing would not break the bank for any longtime Anthrax fan or someone looking for the perfect gift for that special Anthrax fan.  When that is considered along with the set’s packaging and its breadth of material, it proves to be a collection that will appeal to any Anthrax fan regardless of whether they consider the collection a re-issue of For All Kings or a new release overall.

Anthrax’s recently released For All Kings 7” vinyls box set is a collection that will remind the metal community in whole why Anthrax is still rock and metal royalty.  Whether one considers it a re-issue of the previously released 2016 album or an overall new release, it boasts plenty to prove the band’s place among the rock and metal echelons including FAK’s original 2016 release and demo takes of many of the album’s songs, and a pair of bonus tunes. That wide breadth of material couples with ergonomic packaging and a price point that won’t break any fan’s bank. It proves this band still cares about providing quality and quality entertainment to its fans.  It shows once again why Anthrax is still rock and metal royalty.  Anthrax’s new For All Kings 7” vinyls box set is available now in stores and online.  More information on the collection is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:










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Red Reign’s New EP Will Appeal To Classic Rock Fans Of All Ages

Courtesy: Chipster PR

Early last December, Red Reign released its latest studio recording, a five-song self-titled EP.  The self-released record is a work that will appeal to any fan of the songs that made up rock’s mainstream during the late 1980s and early 1990s.  This applies both in regards to the record’s musical arrangements and its lyrical content.  The record’s opener ‘Not That Way’ solidly serves to support that statement.  ‘Chains,’ the record’s third entry, is another of its songs which supports that statement.  It will be discussed later.  The same can be said of the record’s title track.  Each song is important in its own right in showing why fans of rock from that bridge between the 1980s and 90s will enjoy this record.  The other two songs not noted here are just as important in their own right, too.  All things considered, Red Reign proves to be a record that any classic rock fan will appreciate. That is the case even with Red Reign being a more modern act.

Red Reign’s new self-titled, five-song EP is a work that any “classic rock” fan will appreciate.  That is exhibited in no small part through the record’s opener ‘Not That Way.’  The song’s guitar-driven musical arrangement takes listeners back to rock’s early 90s era, conjuring thoughts of Queensryche, Joe Satriani, Van Halen and other similar acts.  Drummer Sam Bendheim’s time keeping on the song provides the song even more depth as he keeps the song moving solidly forward.  Front man and guitarist Carlton McMichael even conjures thoughts of former Queensryche front man Geoff Tate through his vocal delivery.  The song’s musical arrangement is clearly an important part of its whole, but is just one key part of that presentation.  Its lyrical content is just as important to discuss as its musical arrangement.

The lyrical content comes across as an anti-break-up song of sorts.  That is especially inferred as McMichael sings in the song’s chorus, “How things have changed/But it’s not the same/No it’s not that way/You had your chance/And you let it slip away.”  If there was any doubt left about the song’s upbeat message, the song’s second verse alleviates that doubt almost instantly as McMichael sings, “All these years have passed/And I’ve found somebody new/I never ever, ever think of you/Then you come around/Cause you thought you could/But I broke those chains so long ago/And it feels so good.”  The song’s subject goes on to sing in the verse’s back end about being heartbroken long ago and having moved on.  It is a rare message sent in songs centered on relationship break-ups.  Keeping that in mind, that positive, upbeat message does plenty to make ‘Not That Way’ stand out.  When it is coupled with the song’s equally upbeat musical arrangement, the two elements show clearly in themselves why Red Reign will appeal to “classic rock” fans.  It is just one of the songs that serves to support that statement.  ‘Chains’ serves as just as much of an example of why classic rock fans will appreciate the record.

‘Not That Way’ is a clear example of what makes Red Reign’s new self-titled EP a work that any classic rock fan will appreciate.  That is due in no small part to the song’s upbeat and uplifting lyrics and its equally positive musical arrangement.  It is of course just one of the songs that serves to show why this record will appeal to the already noted audience.  ‘Chains’ is another example of why that audience will enjoy this new offering from the Richmond, Virginia-based rock act.  Its musical arrangement sits at the base of its notoriety.  As with the record’s opener, there is an obvious influence from Queensryche in this song’s arrangement.  That is obvious right from the song’s outset through Larry Moore’s bass line and McMichael’s bombastic guitar line.  The combination of those elements and Bendheim’s work behind the drum kit conjures thoughts of something from Queensryche circa 1986 (Rage For Order’s release year).  While the song’s musical arrangement shows a direct influence from Queensryche, its lyrical content is different yet still just as thought-provoking as the lyrical themes presented in RFO.

Whereas Red Reign’s opener was an upbeat anti-breakup song, this piece is much deeper with what seems like introspective commentary centered on someone’s efforts to move forward in life and forget the past.  That is inferred as McMichael sings in the song’s lead verse, “Black and pouring rain/I’m running through these streets where no one knows my name/Free/I won’t look back/On all these things that kept me fear/For all these years/I’m gonna break these chains/I’ll break these chains/I’ll breathe again/I’ll breathe again.”  The song’s second verse continues in similar fashion as the song’s subject sings about overcoming certain difficult situations.  Considering this and the power in the song’s musical arrangement, one can’t help but imagine the song is meant to convey a message of overcoming and moving on in life.  That is of course only this critic’s own interpretation of the song and should not necessarily be taken as gospel.  It would be interesting to learn the exact message delivered in the song.  One can only hope the message interpreted here is somewhere in the proverbial ballpark.  Regardless, the power in the song’s musical arrangement and its lyrical content combines to show in whole why it, too plays such an important part in Red Reign’s enjoyment by its target audiences.  It still is not the last song that serves to show why classic rock fans will appreciate this modern rock act’s new EP.  The record’s title track is one more example of what makes this record an effort that will appeal to fans of rock’s biggest age.

‘Not That Way’ and ‘Chains’ are both key compositions showing what makes Red Reign a record that any classic rock fan will appreciate.  That is due to musical arrangements that harken back to the late 1980s and early 90s and lyrical themes that will both uplift and leave listeners thinking.  They are not its only key compositions.  The record’s title track proves to be just as important to its presentation as the previously discussed songs.  As with those songs, the discussion here begins with the song’s musical arrangement.  This time out, the song’s musical arrangement is more directly related to music from the early 90s. It hints at influences from Stone Temple Pilots, Brother Cane, and other slightly harder-edged bands from that era.  One could even argue that there is a hint of Van Halen circa 1994 (Balance) in this song’s arrangement thanks to its heavy guitar riffs, bass line and equally heavy vocal delivery from McMichael.  That overall arrangement is just one part of what makes this song stand out.  Its lyrical content will leave listeners thinking just as much as that presented in ‘Chains.’

The lyrical content presented in ‘Red Reign’ will leave listeners thinking (and talking) because of McMichael’s metaphorical language used throughout the song. He sings in the song’s lead verse, “Like a flash of lightning/I burn throughout the sky/Out of the way, I’m running high/I feel the evil coursing through my body and veins/Are you ready to rock this place/Lower the bridge I’m coming through/Red reign down on you.”  One can’t help but wonder what exactly McMichael is saying here.  The song’s second verse is just as intriguing as McMichael sings, “In this house of pain the storm looms large and black/My sanity is off the tracks/You know I’ve got no more home…I’ve come from grace and I can’t go back/Lower the bridge I’m coming through.”  McMichael definitely leaves listeners guessing at his message here.  It would definitely be interesting to learn that message and the story behind the song considering that uncertainty.  The very fact that the song’s lyrical content can generate just as much discussion as its musical content shows why this song is so important to Red Reign’s overall presentation.  When this is all set alongside the musical and lyrical content presented in the previously noted songs the picture painted through the songs is one of a record that, again, any classic rock fan will appreciate.  That is even though the band is a more modern rock act.

Red Reign’s recently released self-titled EP is a work that classic rock fans of any age will appreciate.  It shows with its arrangements–which bridge the sounds of the late 80s and early 90s—and its thoughtful lyrical themes that a lot of time and effort was put into its creation.  That time and effort, audiences will agree, paid off.  It resulted in a record that takes audiences back to a specific era without simply being a carbon copy of songs from that era.  The end result is a record that modern record that classic rock fans will appreciate as much as any original classic rock record.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on Red Reign is available online now along with all of Red Reign’s latest news and more at:










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Fozzy Announces New Live Dates

Courtesy: Century Media Records

Fozzy is returning to the road.

The band announced this week that it will hit the road this spring and summer for the “Judas Rising Tour” beginning May 5 in Virginia Beach, VA.  The band’s nearly two month-long tour will take it through the Midwest, northeast and Southeast and includes a performance a performance in North Carolina’s “Queen City” on May 7.  Kyng and Sons of Texas will serve as support throughout the tour.

The current schedule for the “Judas Rising” tour is noted below.

FOZZY – Judas Rising Tour (U.S. Dates)

May 5th – Virginia Beach, VA @ Lunatic Luau*
May 6th – Canton, GA @ The Revival**
May 7th – Charlotte, NC @ Carolina Rebellion*
May 9th – Knoxville, TN @ The Concourse
May 10th – Louisville, KY @ Trixie’s Entertainment Complex
May 11th – Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
May 12th – Ashwaubenon, WI @ Green Bay Distillery
May 13th – Dubuque, IA @ Courtside Sports Bar & Grill
May 14th – Somerset, WI @ Northern Invasion*
May 16th – Pittsburgh, PA @ Diesel Concert Lounge
May 17th – Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
May 18th – Patchogue, NY @ 89 North Music Venue
May 19th – Asbury Park, NJ @ House Of Independents
May 20th – Winchester, VA @ Blue Fox Billiards
May 21st – Morgantown, WV @ Mainstage Morgantown
May 23rd – Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop
May 24th – Joliet, IL @ The Forge
May 25th – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
May 26th – Pryor, OK @ Rocklahoma*
May 27th – San Antonio, TX @ River City Rockfest*
May 28th – Dallas, TX @ BFD Festival*
June 24th – Auburn, WA @ Pain In The Grass*

* – Fozzy Only
** – No Sons of Texas

Front man Chris Jericho said in a recent interview that he was looking forward to getting back on the road after having so much time away from the road with his band mates last year.

“I’m so excited to get back on the lighted stage with Fozzy after taking all of 2016 off,” Jericho said.  “The Judas Rising tour sees a new Fozzy with new music and a killer new stage show, but with the same energy and party vibe that we’ve been bringing to our fans since day one! Come rock with us, drink a beer and show your boobs…whether you’re a girl or a guy!  Fozzy is back…don’tcha dare miss us!”

Tickets and VIP packages for the “Judas Rising Tour” can be purchased online now here.  More information on the “Judas Rising Tour” is available online now along with all of Fozzy’s latest news and more at:










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Fire From The Gods Unveils ‘Voiceless’ Video

Courtesy: Rise Records

Fire From The Gods is giving its fans their first taste of its “new” album.

The band released the video for its latest single ‘Voiceless’ this week.  The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album Narrative Retold, which is scheduled to be released May 19 via Rise Records.

Narrative Retold is a re-issue of the band’s 2016 album Narrative, and features the newly added single along with ‘The Taste’ and an acoustic take of ‘Excuse Me.’  It can be pre-ordered online now here. The album is Fire From The Gods’ second full-length studio recording and its first for Rise Records.

Directed by Ramon Boutviseth and produced by Korn front man Jonathan Davis, the video for ‘Voiceless’ crosses footage of the band performing its song in a small studio setting with footage of fans gagged used to illustrate the song’s message.

Courtesy: Rise Records

Front man AJ Channer explained the message presented in the album’s lead single centers on the desensitization of society.  He added while he knows the message is nothing new, there is always a need to remind people they need to pull themselves out of that sense.

“‘The Voiceless’ is referring to the callousness of society,” Channer said.  “This generation is exposed to so many shocking and graphic events.  No one seems to bat an eye.  There is no compassion or care for one’s fellow man.  Violence toward each other is a normal occurrence factored into our lives these days.  Speaking up about it is nothing new, but it needs to be said.  Yes, the world will keep spinning, and life does go on, but we need to slow down and smell the roses once in a while.”

The message presented in ‘Voiceless’ runs throughout the album just in different ways with one common theme in each message as Channer explained.

“This album is the personal narrative of a minority man living in major cities and being American,” Channer said.  “There’s a socio-economic theme throughout the whole record that carries from each song to song.  It’s all about the underdog.  We’ve all had to fight for everything we have in this band.  The political climate in our country is quite racially and socially charged.  There are a lot of issues and energy people are expressing along with misguided hate and anger.  I want to channel this in music that can resonate.  This is where we come from and who we are as a band.  I want people to feel empowered by this record.  Come out of the experience knowing somebody thinks like you.”

Fire From The Gods is currently touring in support of its upcoming record.  It will be in Wichita, KS April 23, Springfield, MO on April 26 and Nashville, TN on April 27 to round out the month.  The band will open May with a show in Birmingham, AL on May 2.  Two performances in North Carolina are also included in the band’s current tour schedule on July 4 and 6 in Wilmington and Charlotte respectively.

More information on the band’s upcoming tour dates is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:









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Blacktop Mojo Releases ‘Where The Wind Blows’ Video

Blacktop Mojo is giving audiences yet another taste of its new album, Burn The Ships.

The band unveiled the video for its new single ‘Where The Wind Blows’ this week. The video follows a young couple’s wild night adventure from a bar to the band’s “private soundcheck” and beyond.  The adventure is set against the backdrop of the band’s new single.

Courtesy: High Road Publicity

The band said in a recent interview that making the new video was nothing but fun for the group.

“It was a blast making this video,” the band said in a collective statement.  “We got to do it with a bunch of our friends from our hometown of Palestine, TX in the bar where we played our first show.  It basically turned into a two-day party and the fun we had really comes through in the video.”

Burn The Ships is available now.  It can be ordered online direct via the band’s official website.  More information on the band’s new video is available online now along with all of its latest news and more at:










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Set It Off Unveils ‘Hypnotized’ Video

Set It Off seriously set it off this week.

The band debuted the video for its new single ‘Hypnotized’ this week. Directed by Matt Alonzo (Xzibit, Tyrese, The Game), the high, energy video sees the band performing its new single in a specially lit set with plenty of fast-paced cuts and special lighting. Audiences can see the video online now here.

Courtesy: Equal Vision Records

Front man Cody Carson said creating the video for ‘Hypnotized’ was just an important process for the band, adding he hoped the band’s fans would enjoy the partnering of the song and its new video.

“We are extremely proud to present the music video for our latest single ‘Hypnotized,’ Carson said. “Writing this song was an extremely cathartic experience with all of that pent up pent-up anger being let out; Making this video felt no different. We understand how important it is to be able to let out your anger, unleash your inner demons and just act out every once in a while.  Songs like this allow you to do that.”

Courtesy: Equal Vision Records

‘Hypnotized’ is taken from the band’s latest full-length studio recording, 2016’s Upside Down, which was released via Equal Vision Records.  The record debuted at No. 10 on Billboard’s Digital Albums Chart; No. 10 on its Independent Albums Chart; No. 11 on its Alternative Albums Chart; No. 13 on the Top Rock Albums Chart; No. 20 on the Tastemakers Chart; No. 22 of To Current Albums Chart and No. 51 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart. The Top 200 ranking made Upside Down Set It Off’s highest charting album to date.

Set It Off wrapped its latest North American tour with Simple Plan this week and will join With Confidence on a string of U.K. dates beginning next month before rejoining Simple Plan for the next leg of its North American tour beginning Aug. 18.  The bands’ current tour schedule is noted below.


Set It Off w/ With Confidence 
May 23 Bristol, UK @ Marble Factory
May 24 Manchester, UK @ Sound Control
May 25 Glasgow, UK @ G2
May 27 Birmingham, UK @ Slam Dunk Festival
May 28 Leeds, UK @ Slam Dunk Festival
May 29 Hatfield, UK @ Slam Dunk Festival [ SOLD OUT ]
May 31 London, UK @ 02 Academy Islington

Simple Plan w/ Set It Off 
Aug 18 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
Aug 19 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s
Aug 20 Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian Room
Aug 22 Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
Aug 24 Dallas, TX @ House of Blue
Aug 25 Houston, TX @ House Of Blues
Aug 26 Austin, TX @ Emo’s
Aug 28 Flagstaff, AZ @ Orpheum
Aug 29 Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl
Aug 30 Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
Sep 01 Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
Sep 02 Seattle, WA @ Neptune Theatre [ SOLD OUT ]
Sep 03 Seattle, WA @ Neptune Theatre

More information on Set It Off’s new video, single, album, tour and more is available online now at:










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