David Michael George Announces Album Release Party For ‘1,000 Yard Stare’

Courtesy: Hand Drawn Records

Independent musician David Michael George released his new album 1,000 Yard Stare late this past March, and in celebration of its release, the funk-rocker has announced a new performance.

George will hold an album release party May 26 at Three Links Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas.  George debuted the lyric video for the record’s latest single ‘Find My Way Home‘ in March 19.  Musically, it is a work that will appeal to fans of Marc Brussard, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Joe Bonamassa and other similar acts.  The soulful song’s lyrical theme comes across as someone saying he is just trying to do the best that he can in life.

The lyric video for ‘Find My Way Home’ came only two weeks after he premiered the video for the equally soulful, bluesy ‘Just Aint’ The Same,’ which shows even more the reach of George’s talents (and those of his fellow musicians).  Both musically and lyrically, this song so clearly hints at great works from the likes of Etta James, Ray Charles and so many other similar acts.  It is a stunning work to say the least that adds to 1,000 Yard Stare.

More information on both singles is available online now along with more information on 1,000 Yard Stare and all of George’s latest news at:


Website: http://davidmichaelgeorge.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/davidmichaelgeorgemusic


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Listeners Of All Ages Will Clap Their Hands Together For Shelton’s ‘Hand In Hand’

Courtesy: Suzimusic, LLC

Early this month, family entertainer Suzi Shelton finally ended a nearly four-year wait for some new music when she released her new album Hand in Hand.  Her fourth full-length studio recording (her 2016 holiday covers record only boasts 5 songs, so it clearly is not a full album), this nine-song, 29-minute record succeeds in part because of its varied musical arrangements.  This will be discussed shortly.  The lyrical themes presented throughout the record are just as varied.  They will be discussed later.  The album’s sequencing puts the final touch to the album’s presentation.  When all three elements are joined, they make Hand in Hand a record that is sure to leave listeners joining their hands in united applause.

Suzi Shelton’s latest full-length studio recording Hand in Hand is another successful entry from the veteran family entertainer.  That is proven in part through the varied musical arrangements that make up the album’s body.  Case in point the juxtaposition of the pop-centered arrangement at the core of ‘Can You Feel The Power’ to the gentle, almost tropical vibe of ‘River Come Down.  The two songs present two wholly different genre specific sounds.  The same can be said of every other song on this record.  ‘Put Your Hands in the Air,’ the album’s opener, boast a certain pop sensibility that might conjure thoughts of certain Christian bands.  Of course that might be in part because of Shelton’s refrain of “make a joyful sound.”  Odds are she wasn’t going for a Christian comparison, but that line and the song’s musical arrangement together lead at least this critic to make that comparison.  That’s not a bad thing.  It’s just an observation.  The song’s lyrical content will be discussed later.  Staying on the topic at hand, Shelton doesn’t stick to that one style.  ‘Ladybugs’ is a fun, light-hearted bluesy piece that will appeal to listeners of any age.  The keyboard and ukulele at the center of ‘Never Let You Go’ is more kid-friendly, but still fun in its own right.  Much the same can be said of the arrangement at the center of ‘The Grass Is Always Greener.’  ‘Raindrop’ boasts a keyboard-centric arrangement that will easily appeal to any grown-up who grew up a fan of similar sounds from the 1980s.  Yes, Shelton even jumps back to the 80s in this album’s musical side.  ‘Blue Fin’ an n easygoing jazz arrangement that will appeal to the fans of that noted genre while ‘We Shall Walk’ – the album’s finale – goes back to the album’s more kid-friendly leanings.  Considering the constant change in the album’s musical arrangements, as shown here, it should be clear why the record’s arrangements are so critical to its presentation.  They offer music that while maybe not for everyone per se, will appeal easily to a wide range of audiences.  Keeping that in mind, it does more than enough to make the album worth hearing.  They collectively are only one way in which this record proves itself worth the listen.  The lyrical themes presented throughout the record vary just as much as its arrangements.

Since we ended with the record’s finale in discussing its musical arrangements, we will start there in the discussion of its lyrical themes.  Shelton has composed here, a song that focuses on the importance of community and unity.  It’s a statement that is easily accessible and thankfully doesn’t feel preachy, either.  She sings here that “we shall love/One another/Everyday/Deep in my soul/I dream/That we shall walk/Hand in hand/Everyday.  In a certain sense, it harkens back to the words of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as she sings about “no racism, no judging anymore”.  What’s really sad here is that this is a message that today’s adults need to hear just as much as children, as is evidenced on the news every single day.  ‘Can You Feel The Power’ is another positive piece in regards to its lyrical content.  This song is one that works to instill a sense of peace and love in her listeners.  She sings here, “It’s your choice/To be yourself/To  be great, to be fine/To grow from inside/Let’s go/Now is the time to spread your wings and reach up high for you/And the new generation of movers and shakers/Let’s stop with the haters/Be kind/Show all the world the greatest can start when you lead with your heart/Can you feel the power/The power that’s inside you/Let the power take you/Where you want to go.”  She goes on to sing about spreading love and hope while continuing to present her message of self-confidence.  It’s a wonderful message that again, adults could benefit from hearing just as much as children, which again is such a sad statement.  Adults shouldn’t need these reminders, yet apparently they do need said reminders, so kudos to Shelton again for presenting this message for every listener.  ‘The Grass Is Always Greener’ presents its own important message that once again, older listeners could benefit from hearing just as much as children.  That message is a reminder that we should be happy with who and where we are and not always want to be something and somewhere else.  That’s because…well…the grass isn’t always greener.  Shelton doesn’t go into a full on speech about that, but adults especially will understand.  That being the case, this song makes for a great starting point for a discussion between parents and kids about being happy with themselves.  Who knows, even adults might walk away from said discussion with some enlightenment of their own in the end.  It’s just one more way in which the album’s lyrical content proves to be just as important to its presentation as its musical arrangements.  While both elements are undeniably key to the album’s whole, they still are not its only important elements.  The record’s sequencing rounds out the most important of its elements.

The sequencing at the center of Hand in Hand is critical to note because it is just as important as the album’s songs and its lyrical themes in ensuring listeners’ engagement and entertainment as the album’s songs and lyrical themes.  From start to end, the album balances its energy just enough to in fact keep listeners engaged and entertained.  It starts gentle and flowing in ‘Put Your Hands in the Air’ before changing things up but still making them easy on the ears with ‘Ladybugs.’  The genres are totally different, yet both have a certain smooth vibe and energy that will definitely keep listeners’ ears.  ‘Can You Feel The Power’ continues that light energy, before the album eases off even more with the soft yet still happy ‘Never Let You Go.’  ‘The Grass Is Always Greener’ brings the energy levels back up a little bit without going too far in the process.  ‘Raindrop,’ with its 80s-keyboard infused sound pulls things back just a little bit again while ‘River Come Down’ changes things up again with its light tropical sound.  What’s interesting here is that the album’s energy stays stable through it all even here.  The light, jazzy arrangement of ‘Blue Fin’ continues the happy feeling established in ‘River Come Down’ before moving into the slightly more energetic album finale that is ‘We Shall Walk.’  What’s interesting here is the song feels almost like it wants to throw back to the days of the civil rights era with its overall approach.  That adds even more depth to that energy.  It has that vibe without being full-on like the songs that were made so famous from that era.  Rather, it is far lighter, but still boasts its own energy thanks to its horns, clapping, choruses and bass.  Keeping this in mind, and the obvious balance of energies present throughout the album, it should be clear why the sequencing of Hand in Hand is so important to its whole.  As with any album from any genre, without proper sequencing, it would be so easy to just skip through an album, and in turn perhaps miss certain high points.  Thanks to the time and thought put into this album’s sequencing though, it’s clear that listeners are far less likely to skip any of its songs.  To that end, the album’s sequencing proves just as pivotal (and positive here) as the album’s songs and their companion lyrical content.  When all three elements are considered together, they prove Hand in Hand to be a record that will leave listeners raising their hands in applause all together.

Suzi Shelton’s latest full-length studio recording Hand in Hand is another successful effort from the veteran family entertainer.  That is especially the case considering that four years have passed since the release of her last album, Smile in my Heart.  It boasts a variety of musical styles that in themselves are sure to keep listeners engaged.  The same can be said of its lyrical themes, which adults will hopefully take to heart just as much as their younger counterparts.  The album’s sequencing puts the finishing touch to its presentation.  Each element plays its own integral part to this record, as has been pointed out here.  All things considered, they make Hand in Hand, in the bigger picture, one more record to add to this year’s list of the top new family music albums.  It is available now in stores and online.  More information on Hand in Hand is available online now along with all of Suzy Shelton’s latest news and more at:




Website: http://www.suzishelton.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/suzisheltonmusic


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‘Gate 13’ Will Appeal To Any Hip-Hop, Rap Fan

Courtesy: Iot Records

Veteran rapper Del The Funky Homosapien has made quite the name for himself throughout the years working on projects such as Gorillaz, Handsome Boy Modeling School and others.  Two weeks ago, Del (a.k.a. Teren Delvon Jones) released another new LP that is certain to cement his place in the hip-hip community even more in the form of Gate 13.  Joined by producer Amp Live (who is also one half of the hip-hop duo Zion I) this time out, Jones has crafted another interesting record that stands easily on its own merits.  One of the most notable of those merits comes almost halfway through the album in the form of ‘Help.’  It will be discussed shortly.  The intense ‘Humble Pie,’ which immediately follows ‘Help’ is another of those merits that deserves discussion.  It will be addressed later.  ‘On The Ball,’ which comes even later in the album’s run, is one more of the album’s most notable merits.  It will also be discussed later.  Each song noted here is in its own right, a good example of what makes Gate 13 a solid effort from Del The Funky Homosapien and Amp Live.  When they are considered along with everything else that this record has to offer listeners, the end result is a record that is easily one more of this year’s top new rap/hip-hop albums.

Gate 13, the new full-length album from Del The Funky Homosapien and Amp Live, is a record that rap and hip-hop fans across the board will appreciate.  That is proven time and again throughout the course of the album’s 16-song body.  From start to finish, its merits prove to be many.  ‘Help’ is one of the album’s most notable merits.  The song stands out in part because of its musical arrangement.  At its core, it is an old school hip-hop arrangement, as is evidenced in the combination of the song’s beats and sampling.  It is something that is certain to impress hip-hop purists.  At the same time, the subtle inclusion of the operatic vocals and electronics add a slight modern touch to the arrangement, too.  The combination of the two elements creates a strong, solid foundation for the song.  The song’s lyrical content builds on that foundation, strengthening it even more.  Del makes more than enough Star Wars references in the song’s lyrical side which seems to address his contemporaries who, in his eyes, are not entirely real.  In other words, it comes across as a battle rap to a point.  This is inferred as Del writes, “I strike the enemy back/Give the enemy action/The force ain’t with you, is against you/We hit ‘em with blasters/But my hand solo, fly like Millenium Falcon/they defenses is what’s crackin’, really what’s crackin’/I make it happen tonight, whoop an a**/Then they want to shake hands after the fight, Rappers act too good for rap because they ain’t actually nice/Believe in they own hype, act like they practically nine/Too simplistic/You see we futuristic, we introduce the system/Got the computer trippin’, confuse the ******/They don’t know what to do, bring ‘em down to earth/Ain’t no one lookin’ up to you, ain’t nothing new.”  Again, the reference to other rappers here leads one to infer a certain message here.  He continues in similar fashion in the song’s second verse, seemingly accusing those other rappers of “Thinkin’ they blazin’ train/Smellin’ like burning trash, so they should fry in hell.”  That’s a pretty strong statement.  He tells those rappers, “Take a number, be patient, don’t blame the line/Don’t’ blame the game, ain’t nothin’ wrong with the game/Acting like you anybody, somebody wantin’ the game…you don’t belong in the game.”  Again, this continues to come across as a battle rap of sorts, and one that is certain to have an impact on other rappers just as much as listeners.  When one adds the song’s musical arrangement to the mix, it adds even more to the song’s impact, proving easily why this is one of the most notable of the album’s many merits.  It certainly is not the only of the album’s most notable merits.  ‘Humble Pie,’ which immediately follows ‘Help,’ is another of those truly notable merits.

‘Humble Pie’ stands out in part because unlike ‘Help,’ boasts more of a modern arrangement.  The use of the keyboards and electronics alongside the solid, driving beats makes for an infectious arrangement that is sure to keep listeners engaged.  That maintained engagement also ensures listeners will be pulled in just as much by the song’s lyrical theme, which presents an impacting anti-bullying message as its base.  Jones writes in this song about a bully who pushed so many people around until one day when he ran into a would-be victim who stood up to him and put the bully in his place.  He notes in the song’s end, “The moral of the story, so they don’t forget/Don’t get too big for your britches.”  The bully got too big for his britches, and in turn got what was coming to him.  Now given, the manifest function here likely was not to present an anti-bullying message, but presenting that message was a great way to get across the ultimate message of keeping sight of things and staying humble.  Kudos are in order for Jones and for Amp for taking that approach here.  It was wise to say the least, and in turn shows even more why the song is another notable addition to Gate 13.  It is not the last of the album’s most notable compositions, either.  ‘On The Ball’ is one more of the album’s most notable entries.

‘On The Ball’ stands out more than the previously noted songs because of its arrangement.  This song’s arrangement is completely unlike anything that any other hip-hp or rap artist or act is doing and has done.  This mid-tempo composition relies heavily on electronics and bass for its foundation.  That’s not to say it’s some attempt at EDM.  That’s hardly the case.  What it is though, is work that must be heard to be fully appreciated in its original approach.  Of course its lyrical content is just part of what makes the song stand out.  Del writes here, “Let’s play a game called Simon Says/Let’s see if you can find some bread/Like you found the steps/Find out I’m five steps ahead…the foot soldiers/Missed some steps/Looks like they gotta retrace their steps/then face what’s in my missile, whack/Zoom, boom, erase they past/This the future, we made our path/We thought about it, we made our plan/they can’t catch that with a radar scan…” It goes on in similar fashion, putting out a positive, confident statement along the way, with Del noting “they be actin’, they wont’ admit it…My word is bond/Know they heard that part before…they think they right/Couldn’t be more wrong…they think too small/Thinking they big shots/If they got the combination, why they gotta pick the lock?”  long story short, there is a lot of confidence here.  It’s in similar fashion as ‘Help,’ just not a direct battle rap.  Rather it’s that self-confident statement.  Keeping that in mind, that statement – coupled with the song’s original musical arrangement – easily makes it another standout addition to Gate 13.  When it is considered along with ‘Help,’ ‘Humble Pie’ and the rest of the album’s entries, the strength of each song makes the album in whole a record that is certain to stick with hip-hop and rap fans across the board.  To that end, it becomes a record that deserves consideration for a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new albums within that realm.

Del & Amp Live’s new album Gate 13 is one of the best surprises of this year so far in the rap and hip-hop realm.  It is proof, just as in the rock realm, that independent releases can and often are just as good as the bigger name releases.  It offers such a wide variety of arrangements throughout and equally wide array of lyrical themes.  That variety, as noted briefly here (and hopefully clearly) makes this record an easy and enjoyable listen for any hip-hop and rap purist.  From old school arrangements to modern compositions that no one else is doing to lyrical themes that are direct at times and more fun at others, this record just offers so much to listeners.  Keeping that in mind, Gate 13 proves to be deserving of a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new hip-hop and rap albums.  It is available now.  More information on Gate 13 is available online along with all of Del The Funky Homosapien’s latest news at:




Website: http://www.delhiero.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Del-the-Funky-Homosapien-187211000029/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/DelHIERO




Amp Live’s latest news and more is available online at:




Website: http://www.amplivesworld.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/amplive

Twitter: http://twitter.com/amplive




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Free Radicals At The Top Of Its Game On Its Latest LP

Courtesy: Free Radicals

Well…that didn’t take long.  Almost eight months after it released its most recent album Outside The Comfort Zone, independent funk/jazz instrumental act Free Radicals is set to release its next recording, No State Solution.  Currently set for release this Friday, No State Solution is another engaging and entertaining offering from the Houston, Texas-based band.  It is everything that audiences have come to expect from the group, as is evidenced right from the album’s outset.  That upbeat, socially conscious work will be discussed shortly.  ‘Screaming,’ which comes later in the album’s 71-minute run is another standout entry included in the album that is certain to appeal to the group’s longtime fans.  It will be discussed later.  ‘Cheeto News Coma,’ is the album’s shortest track, but is also one of its most engaging arrangements, too.  To that end, it is one more song that shows how much this record has to offer.  All three songs noted here to plenty to show why listeners across the board will appreciate this latest effort from Free Radicals.  When they are considered along with the rest of the album’s many songs (in all, the album boasts 25 songs), the whole proves to be a record that is easy on the ears and sure to be a hit for any listener.

Free Radicals’ new extensive 25-song, 71-minute album No State Solution is another appealing offering from the veteran independent jazz/funk outfit.  That is because yet again, the Houston, Texas-based group has crafted a full-length album whose arrangements do an expert job of keeping listeners engaged while also getting listeners thinking.  This is proven right from the outset in the album’s opener and title track.  In the case of this song, it is listed additionally as Lacandon Remix ft. Marcos.  In regards to its musical arrangement, this song does a wonderful job of bridging the funk sounds of the 1960s and 70s with a more modern sound that, in the end, proves wholly infectious.  That is thanks to the balance of the horns, hand percussion (or what sounds like hand percussion), keyboards and other elements.  Listeners will be pleased in hearing the solid balance of each element here.  The balance in the song’s arrangement is just one part of what makes it stand out.  It doesn’t take a close listen to realize the celebratory vibe in the arrangement.  That vibe is a great compliment to the song’s simple, straight forward lyrical message.  That message is one of unity.  The vocalist speaks in straight forward fashion here, “No state solution…we’re supposed to find the solution for ourselves…One world…one human race.”  There are other things said along the way, but without a lyrics sheet to reference, it is tough to figure out what exactly is being said.  Enough is under stood though, that the message becomes clear.  We must celebrate unity and the fact that we are first and foremost all part of the human race.  There is no one state solution, two state solution or even three state solution.  We have got to learn to unite.  That positive message and equally positive vibe collectively do plenty to get listeners’ attention and to keep it.  With any luck, listeners will take the message and emotion to heart and spread that message.  Now having noted this, ‘No State Solution’ is just one of the songs that shows why this record is another positive effort from Free Radicals.  ‘Screaming,’ which comes later in the album’s run is another key addition to the album.

‘Screaming’ is a fitting title for itself.  That is because while it lacks any lyrical content, its arrangement speaks loud and clear.  The absolutely wailing saxophones come across with full aggression, sounding just like someone screaming in anger and frustration.  The drums keep the song moving with their hip-hop vibe.  The bass adds one more touch to the arrangement that, when joined with the noted elements, creates a certain sense of controlled chaos.  There is no doubt that controlled chaos was fully intended even as the song enters its “B” section.  The manic energy in that section builds on the sharp emotion in the “A” section, ensuring even more listeners’ maintained engagement.  Considering that this album is coming along amidst one of America’s most turbulent times, the immediate thought that comes to mind is the protests that have arisen as a result of the nation’s shootings, the controversies caused by Donald J. Trump and so much more.  The up and down of the sections as it goes from “A” to “B” and back to “A” makes the song (and its seeming message) hit even harder.  Keeping this in mind, the whole of the song shows easily why it, too is such an important addition to No State Solution.  It still is not the last of the album’s most important entries.  ‘Cheeto News Coma,’ which comes even later in the record’s run is yet another key entry.

‘Cheeto News Coma’ pretty much speaks for itself just in its title.  There is little, if any, doubt as to what this short opus is about.  This is 53-seconds of pure musical chaos.  It’s controlled chaos, but chaos nonetheless.  In the less than one-minute run here, one can see the different channels flashing footage of the so-called commander-in-chief and his antics.  The end result is the constant onslaught just putting people in a “coma” so to speak because it’s so overwhelming.  This is clear in the loud, raucous drumming set alongside the wild sax playing and bass line.  The quick jolt from the flute at the end is a solid final statement about the impact of the impact of that constant barrage of news.  All in all, it is a great, original way to address the 24/7 coverage of the giant cheeto in charge.  When the seeming message delivered here through this quick arrangement is considered along with the arrangements in the previously noted songs and even the rest of the songs not noted here, the whole of the album is certain to not only entertain listeners but definitely keep them engaged, too.  To that end, No State Solution proves in the end to be a record that will be a hit with any listener.

Free Radicals’ latest full-length studio recording No State Solution is a strong new effort from the independent jazz/funk outfit that is certain to appeal to any listener.  As has been discussed here, that is proven in part through the album’s upbeat, socially conscious opener/title track.  The positive vibes in the song’s arrangement couple with the positive lyrical theme to make it a strong, solid start to the album.  ‘Screaming’ wonderfully emulates the frustration that must be felt by Americans as a result of shootings, political madness and so much more.  ‘Cheeto News Coma’ speaks for itself.  The controlled chaos in the song’s arrangement illustrates so well the chaos of trying to escape the constant barrage of news on a certain figure.  Between those songs and the others not directly noted here, the whole of No State Solution is a record that proves to be just as solid of an effort as the band’s previous albums.  It will be available this Friday.  More information on No State Solution is available online now along with all of Free Radicals’ latest news and more at:



Website: http://freerads.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/freerads




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One In The Chamber Has ‘Bills to Pay’

Courtesy: One In The Chamber

Independent rock outfit One in the Chamber is giving audiences the first preview of its forthcoming debut EP.

The Toronto, Canada-based band debuted the video for its new single ‘Bills To Pay‘ late last month.  The blues-rock-tinged song was recorded at Canada’s famed Phase One Studios (Rush, Alice Cooper, The Tragically Hip) and produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Murray Daigle (Neverest, Platinum Blonde, Serena Ryder).

The video sees the band performing its new single in a dimly lit bar setting much to the pleasure of the audience.  The song can be streamed sans video online now here.

More information on ‘Bills To Pay’ is available online now along with all of One In The Chamber’s latest news and more at:


Website: http://www.oitcband.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oitcband

Twitter: http://twitter.com/oitcband


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Sir Reg Debuts ‘The Underdog”s Lead Single

Courtesy: Head First Entertainment/Despotz Records

Swedish punk outfit Sir Reg will release its fifth full-length studio recording this fall, and in anticipation of its release, the band is giving audiences their first preview of the album.

The band debuted the song ‘FOOL (Fight Of Our Lives)‘ on Friday.  The song is the lead single from the band’s next album The Underdogs.  Front man Brendan Sheehy, who is in fact Irish (yes, this is a band from Sweden with an Irish front man), said the album’s lead single centers on the power of hope.

“‘FOOL (Fight of our Lives)‘…is about pulling yourself back from the bring the minute you feel all hope is lost,” Sheehy said.  “Nothing and nobody can stand in your way when you decide to go grab your hopes and dreams, and achieve everything you believe is rightfully yours.”

FOOL (Fight of our Lives)‘ can be downloaded via iTunes and streamed via Spotify.

In regards to The Underdogs, the band explained in a collective statement that it is a tribute of sorts to the everyday person, that proverbial underdog who works every day to survive while also making some kind of difference.

“Everyone loves an Underdog,” the band said in its statement.  “They represent the belief that anyone can achieve and accomplish whatever they believe in, despite overwhelming odds.  This album deals with the struggles of the ordinary men and women, to make their voice heard and their opinions count, whilst not losing their spirit and ability to enjoy the simpler things in life, like hanging out with friends at their favorite bar on a Saturday night.”

More information on The Underdogs, ‘FOOL (Fight of our Lives)‘ and all of Sir Reg’s latest news and more is available online now at:


Website: http://www.sirregband.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sirregband

Twitter: http://twitter.com/sirregband


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Pop Evil Debuts ‘A Crime To Remember’ Video

Courtesy: entertainment one

Pop Evil has released more new music from its latest album.

The band debuted the video for its latest single ‘A Crime To Remember‘ this week.  Directed by Columbia Tatone, the video is meant to illustrate the song’s message of the importance of unity.  Front man Leigh Kakaty explained in a recent interview, saying the world needs to come together, adding that Tatone’s treatment did an exceptional job of delivering that message.

“Columbia has delivered what we feel is the most powerful video to date for Pop Evil,” Kakaty said.  “The concept keeps an open book storyline on how human beings view the world at the moment.  Our hope is to raise awareness that it’s time for all of us to come together and be united.”

A Crime To Remember‘ is the third single to be released from Pop Evil’s recently released self-titled album.  ‘Waking Lions‘ and ‘Colors Bleed‘ are the album’s other two current singles.

Pop Evil is currently touring in support of its new album.  The band’s current tour schedule is available online along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:


Website: http://www.PopEvil.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/popevil

Twitter: http://twitter.com/popevil


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