Gary Numan Announces New North American Live Dates

Courtesy: BMG Music

Gary Numan is headed back out on the road.

Numan announced on Friday a new slate of live U.S. dates in support of his latest album Savage (Songs From A Broken World).  The tour, which runs a little more than a month, is currently scheduled to launch September 4 in Santa Ana, California and run through October 6 in Los Angeles, California. It also includes stops in Kansas City, Missouri; Washington, D.C.; Seattle, Washington and other cities.  The tour’s current schedule is noted below.

Gary Numan – 2018 North American Tour Dates:
Sept. 4 The Observatory Santa Ana, CA
Sept. 5 The Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, AZ
Sept. 7 The Mohawk Austin, TX
Sept. 8 Paper Tiger San Antonio, TX
Sept. 9 Canton Hall Dallas, TX
Sept. 10 Tower Theatre Oklahoma City, OK
Sept. 11 Madrid Theatre Kansas City, MO
Sept. 13 The Ready Room St. Louis, MO
Sept. 14 Bogart’s Cincinnati, OH
Sept. 16 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH
Sept. 17 Mr. Smalls Theatre Millvale, PA
Sept. 18 Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, ON
Sept. 20 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
Sept. 21 9:30 Club Washington, DC
Sept. 22 Irving Plaza New York, NY
Sept. 23 The Queen Wilmington, DE
Sept. 24 House of Blues Cleveland, OH
Sept. 25 Headliner’s Music Hall Louisville, KY
Sept. 27 Slowdown Omaha, NE
Sept. 28 Gothic Theatre Englewood, CO
Sept. 29 The Depot Salt Lake City, UT
Oct. 1 Vogue Theatre Vancouver, BC
Oct. 2 Neptune Seattle, WA
Oct. 3 Roseland Theatre Portland, OR
Oct. 5 Bimbo’s 365 Club San Francisco, CA
Oct. 6 The Fonda Theatre Los Angeles, CA

More information on Numan’s upcoming tour is available online now along with all of his latest news at:






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The Mylars Get Off To A Good Start On Its Debut LP

Courtesy: O’Donnell Media Group

Almost one year ago, the up-and-coming rock band The Mylars released its debut album Melody Records to the masses.  Released independently by the New Jersey-based quintet, the nine-song record has since gone on to prove itself one of the biggest surprises of last year’s indie field.  That is thanks to catchy, radio ready arrangements and lyrical themes that easily match up to the band’s more well-known contemporaries.  It goes without saying that keeping this in mind, this light rocking band — which will easily appeal to the likes of Lifehouse, Goo Goo Dolls, Vertical Horizon and other similar acts – is ready to join those aforementioned well-known acts, and could do so with the right support.  This is proven in part through the band’s latest single, ‘Breathe Again.’  It will be discussed shortly.  ‘Betty, Buddy & Me’ does just as much to support that statement and will be discussed later.  Much the same can be said of ‘Shine,’ which will also be discussed later.  All three songs noted here do plenty both by themselves and collectively to make Melody Records a solid start for The Mylars.  Of course, it would be unfair to ignore the album’s other entries in examining the record in whole.  The almost folksy vibe of ’12 Minutes,’ the early 90s rock vibe of ‘Home To You,’ which conjures thoughts of Weezer, and the equally catchy 90s rock vibes of ‘Forever Done,’ the album’s opener’ do plenty in their own right to show how much this record has to offer listeners.  Between those songs, the pieces more directly noted and ‘Wake Up, Virginia,’ the whole of Melody Records proves to be the record that got everything right the first time, and in result, could be the band’s big break, given the right support.

Indie rock band The Mylars’ debut album Melody Records has been out for almost a year.  In the almost 10 months since its release, the 33-minute record has given the band some success.  However, the record deserves more attention.  That is because over the course of its nine songs, it displays The Mylars to be just as entertaining as its more well-known contemporaries who have come before.  The band’s latest single, ‘Breath Again,’ serves clearly to support those statements.  This is done in part through the song’s musical arrangement.  This song’s arrangement instantly conjures thoughts of certain songs from Lifehouse.  This includes the very tonality of the band members’ vocals and delivery style.  It is so similar to that of Lifehouse and its members and is just so catchy.  What’s really interesting here is that that sound in itself bears a certain 80s pop rock vibe with a slightly updated sound.  To that end, this song’s arrangement is certain to reach a number of listeners.  When that catchy arrangement is set alongside the song’s equally moving lyrical theme, the whole of the song stands out even more.  Front man Danny Roselle explained the song’s lyrical theme in a recent interview, saying that the song focuses on taking chances and understanding everything that goes into taking those chances.  “‘Breathe Again’ is a song about going up against the odds time and time again and the sacrifices that are constantly being made to follow your dream,” Roselle said.  “It’s a song about the reality of going after that dream and how it can really affect everyone else around you.  It’s about believing in “that moment” and it’s about realizing how special that moment is.  The moment those lights go down and it’s just the five of you making it happen.  It’s that moment that keeps me, Quig, Chris, Nashville and Nick all constantly going forward.”  That explanation is supported as Roselle sings, “Just give me a reason/’Cause we can’t live like this for long/Someday is over and we’ve barely past holding on/And I get it/All that I want ain’t all that you need/And sometimes we move on/Just give me a reason so I can breathe again.”  This simple, short chorus exemplifies everything that Roselle noted in much less space.  This is someone saying, “I know now we have to move on. I know now I’m not what you need and we can’t keep living this life.”  It is buffered as he sings in the song’s second verse in which he sings, “Counting our missteps/I’m thinking back to what she said/How nothing bad could bring a good man down/When it’s all been done/There’ll be enough of me/to haunt these halls/And empty seats to remind me why you came/To let you go.”  This comes across as someone looking back and realizing the cost of everything that’s happened.  When the song’s moving musical arrangement is coupled with this revelation, it makes the song in whole that much more powerful and memorable.  It heightens the emotion that someone feels looking back on the noted sacrifices and the result (good or bad) of those sacrifices.  It collectively makes this song a strong example of how much Melody Records has to offer listeners.  It is just one example of what makes the album a strong start for the band.  ‘Betty, Buddy & Me,’ which comes later in the album’s run is another supportive example of that statement.

‘Betty, Buddy & Me’ stands out in comparison to the other songs included in this album in part because of its musical arrangement.  The up-tempo, guitar-driven arrangement takes listeners back to the mid 1980s with a sound that can be likened to works from the J. Geils Band, Rick Springfield and other similar acts.  Of course, that is only this critic’s take on the song’s arrangement.  Others might hear something else.  That aside, the song’s arrangement is catchy in its own right and is certain to stick in listeners’ ears and minds.  It’s just part of what makes the song stand out.  In its own way, this song is lyrically a tribute to an age gone by.  This is inferred as Rosell’s band mate and fellow vocalist Quig sings, “Sunday morning/Betty’s waiting outside in the drive/She’s my 57 Chevy, and I’m taking her out for a ride/Push in my Buddy Holly 8-track/I love how it squeaks and squeals/We’ll drive real fast or we’ll go real show/’Cause we ain’t got nowhere to go/We don’t need to place or show tonight.”  He goes on to sing in the song’s chorus, “With the radio up and the windows down/Ease the seat back, tip my hat/As we drive through this old town/White lines are all we see/Today it’s just us three/ooh,  Betty, Buddy and me.”  This is someone driving down the road, just enjoying life and the music on the trip.  The imagery here is so vivid, and it, coupled with the song’s uplifting story, shows why the lyrics are just as important to note here as the song’s musical arrangement.  The story eventually reaches Monday, in which “Betty” is covered up but just sitting, waiting for another Sunday drive. It is a great song and one that is certain to become a fan favorite if only for this content.  When it is coupled with the song’s musical arrangement, the whole makes the song stand out even more.  In turn, the song shows even more why Melody Records stands out overall.  It still is not the last example of what makes the album stand out, either.  ‘Shine’ serves to support that statement just as much as the already noted songs.

‘Shine’ is another relatively self-explanatory song.  As it notes in its lyrical theme, “Escape the fate before you/Make the most of your one life/Ignite the strength inside you/And take passion for a ride/Start your run for freedom and shine.”  Simply put, this song is a piece the encourages listeners to find their own way in life and to make the most of life in the process..  This is pointed out just as much as Roselle sings, “If your life ain’t all you’re thinking/Not satisfied with shallow glow/Take some time and do it your way/You’ve gotta find the things that make you run.”  This is such an uplifting message that any listener will appreciate.  When it is coupled with the song’s almost Bruce Springsteen-esque arrangement, its impact is heightened even more.  Keeping this in mind, this song, when considered along with the overall impact of ‘Betty, Buddy & Me,’ ‘Breathe Again’ and the album’s other songs –including the equally notable ’12 Minute,’ ‘Home To You’ and ‘Forever Done’ – the whole of Melody Records proves to be a record that could make The Mylars one of the next big names in the Top 40 rock realm.  That all depends on the album getting the right support, though, and it deserves that support.

The Mylars’ debut album Melody Records is a record that is full of great, catchy melodies (and lyrical themes) that easily make it just as enjoyable as anything turned out by The Mylars’ more well-known counterparts.  It is a record that could make the band just as well-known as those other noted acts, too, depending on the right support.  It deserves that support, too.  That is proven in part through the music and lyrical themes exhibited in ‘Breathe Again,’ which takes listeners back to the 80s while also providing some deeply contemplative lyrics.  ‘Betty, Buddy & Me,’ with its far more light-hearted musical arrangement and lyrical theme, is just as radio ready as any more well-known song.  The positive lyrical and musical energy of ‘Shine’ does just as much to show what makes Melody Records enjoyable.  When all of this is considered along with the impact of the rest of the album’s entries, they collectively make Melody Records a strong start for The Mylars and hopefully just the start for the band.   It can be downloaded and ordered online now via iTunesAmazon and Google Play.  More information on The Mylars’ new video is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news and more at:






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PBS Distribution Releasing Two Early Halloween “Treats” This Summer For The Whole Family

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution

Summer is officially here, and before long, fall will be here, too.  With the return of fall also comes the start of the annual holiday season, Halloween.  Most people refuse to accept that the holiday season starts with Halloween, but it does.  In anticipation of Halloween’s return, PBS Distribution has two DVDs on the way — the brand new DVD Ready, Jet Go!Jet’s First Halloween and the re-issue of the classic Garfield Halloween special, Garfield’s Halloween Adventure.

The lead episode in this season follows Jet’s friends — Sydney, Sean and Mindy — as they help him experience and enjoy his first ever Halloween, from carving a jack-o-lantern to trick or treating to even a haunted house of sorts.  In return, Mindy gets to fly by the red moon, something she had wanted to do for a long time. Celery even takes the kids into space to see a lunar eclipse along the way.

For all of the fun that everyone has during the night, there is one problem that the kids face:  Mitchell Petersen.  Mitchell is determined to find out what is going on with the Propulsion family, so the kids have to deal with him while keeping the family’s secret and trying to enjoy the night.  This story is divided into two segments to add to the enjoyment.  It isn’t the only story included in the disc.  Two more episodes are included as bonuses.

The first episode — “Diggin’ Earth'” — is a familiar story that finds Jet and company wanting to dig to the center of the earth after reading a story in a comic book about just that.  Yes, it’s another take of Jules Verne’s timeless story Journey To The Center of the Earth.  When the kids find out the reality of their effort, they still work to be the first kids to dig the farthest into the earth.

The second bonus episode — “Mindy’s Mystery” — is a botany lesson of sorts.  It follows Mindy, Jet and company as they try to track down a sweet aroma that’s keeping Mindy awake.  The source of the smell is a surprise to everyone, and leads to the botany lesson in question.

Ready, Jet, Go!Jet’s First Halloween runs 80 minutes and will retail for MSRP of $6.99.  It can be pre-ordered online now direct via PBS’ online store.  More information on this DVD is available along with lots of Ready, Jet, Go! activities, printables and more at:





Courtesy: PBS Distribution

Also set for release August 28 from PBS Distribution is a re-issue of the timeless Garfield Halloween special, Garfield’s Halloween Adventure.  The special was most recently re-issued as part of Anderson Digital’s Garfield holiday collection in 2015.  This time it is being released by itself as PBS Distribution released the collection’s other two holiday specials together on DVD in 2017.

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure follows everyone’s favorite feisty feline as he recruits his k-9 pal Odie to help him get lots of candy on Halloween.  The duo ends up at an old deserted house that turns out to not be as deserted as they thought.  The special will have the fur…er….hair standing up on the backs of viewers’ necks, It may be a little too spooky for some younger audiences, though older kids might find it spooky fun.

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure will retail for MSRP of $6.99 and can be pre-ordered online via PBS’ online store.

More information on the latest Garfield DVDs is available online along with Garfield games and more at:





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Elci & Friends’ New LP Is A Simple Joy For The Whole Family

Courtesy: Imagination Nation Records

The little things in life are what matter more than anything else.  The world doesn’t want us to remember that, even on a daily basis, and that is just sad.  Thankfully, every now and then something comes along, jogs our memories and reminds us of that importance, taking us back to that happy place each time in the process.  The problem is that it seems like nowadays, there are not enough reminders of the little things.  Enter veteran family entertainer Steve Elci and his new forthcoming album Jump in the Puddles.  Currently due out July 13 via Imagination Nation Records, the 10-song record is a pleasant 28-minute reminder of the little things and their importance.  That is thanks in no small part to its varied lyrical themes.  They will be discussed shortly.  Its equally varied musical arrangements add to the album’s enjoyment.  They will be discussed later.  The record’s sequencing puts the finishing touch to its presentation.  All things considered, the elements noted here make Elci’s new album a welcome musical reminder of the simple things in life and their importance.  To that end, it makes itself one more easy candidate for a spot on any critic’s list of the year’s top new family albums.

Steve Elci & Friends’ new family album Jump in the Puddles is a welcome, pleasant reminder of the little things in life and their importance.  This statement is supported in part through the album’s varied lyrical themes.  Right from the album’s outset Elci and company offer up a reminder of the joys of something as simple as…well…jumping in puddles in the album’s lead/title track.  Elci sings in this song, “I’m gonna jump in the puddles ‘til the moon comes out to play.”  Every child out there knows the joy of this simple act, yet sadly, so many adults have forgotten that joy.  It would be no surprise that any adult who gives this simple act will almost instantly remember the joy of the moment.  That is especially the case when enjoying such an activity with one’s own child or children.  This is just one of so many examples of how the simple things addressed in this record and their importance make the album in whole so enjoyable.  The simplicity of saying “hello” and making a new friend or even at the least, putting a smile on someone else’s face is another one of those wonderful simple things.  It is addressed in the aptly-titled ‘Hello Song.’  Through this song, listeners learn various ways to say hi and hello to one another.  It might not seem like much, but that simple act of saying a simple hello or hi can make all the difference in others’ lives and even one’s own life.  That is because that one kind gesture — that recognition of others’ very existence – can just be so positive.  Considering everything going on in the world today, this is especially important to note because there is so much anger and hatred in the world.  A simple hello can be the start of a wonderful friendship that can last a lifetime.  Again, here, audiences get a song that lyrically talks about something simple yet can have such a far-reaching impact.  In turn, it continues that theme of the simple things presented throughout the album, showing once more why this album is so enjoyable.  As if that isn’t enough, simplicity of being a friend is addressed in ‘Shine On.’  This is a reminder that, again, even adults need, as so many adults have forgotten the joy of this simple activity.  It’s just one more example of why the lyrical themes presented in this record make the album in whole such a welcome new offering from Elci and his fellow musicians.  It is by no means the last theme that supports that statement, either.  Every one of the themes presented across this record could be cited.  Again, regardless of which theme is cited, they collectively give listeners of all ages plenty of reason in themselves to take in this album.  Keeping that in mind, the lyrical themes are only part of what makes the album in whole so enjoyable for the whole family.  Its musical arrangements collectively play well into the album’s presentation, too.

The musical themes presented throughout the album are just as varied as its positive lyrical themes.  From start to end, Elci and company never repeat themselves at any point.  It all starts with a fun, funky guitar-driven arrangement that takes listeners back to the 1960s.  While the mid-tempo arrangement is driven by its guitar line, that line is only part of what makes the arrangement so enjoyable.  The subtlety of the horns in their support role and the solid time keeping by Shawn Fake adds so much more enjoyment to the song – so much that even grown-ups will enjoy this song if only for the arrangement.  The driving, Americana/rockabilly style instantly conjures thoughts of Jerry Lee Lewis and even Stevie Ray Vaughan.  As with the album’s opener, it is yet another simple arrangement that brings so much joy through that simplicity.  Again, here we have a celebration (even if it’s unintentional) of the simple things in life.  It certainly is not the last example of the simplicity in the songs’ arrangements and connected importance thereof.  The classic doo-wop vibe of ‘Teddy Bear, with its simple guitar, piano and horns joins with the classic country vibe of ‘Bumblebee’ show even more, the variance of the album’s musical arrangements.  Their simplicity adds to the album’s depth that much more, too.  When they are considered along with the other arrangements not discussed directly here, the whole of the album proves even more that enjoyable and welcome in any family’s music library.  Even with all of this in mind, there is still at least one more item to note that makes Jump in the Puddles so enjoyable.  Its sequencing puts the final touch to its presentation.

Because the musical arrangements and lyrical themes presented in this album are so different from one another throughout, obviously the songs’ energies will be just as varied.  Keeping that in mind, the sequencing of those energies, arrangements and themes makes the album in whole complete.  What listeners will note about the sequencing here is the stability that it creates for the record’s foundation.  The record starts out with a trio of mid-tempo pieces whose energies remain stable even despite the styles being difference from one another.  As the record continues, it picks up a little with the previously discussed Americana/rockabilly tune that is ‘Balloon.’  The energy slowly pulls back from that point, going back to a mid-tempo energy in ‘Shine On’ and then to a slightly slower work in ‘Bumblebee.’  Things pick back up a little bit in ‘Baby Get Up’ while ‘Hello Song’ offers its own variety within itself, starting slow and gentle before eventually changing to a more upbeat arrangement about halfway through.  That upbeat half is maintained in ‘This Three-Chord Song’ before the album pulls back again in the gentle, simple ‘Trampoline.’  Simply put, what audiences get here is an album that rises and falls in all of the right points in its energies.  The time and thought put into making that happen is to be commended for those behind the album’s production.  Considering this along with the positives already noted in the record’s musical arrangements and the lyrical themes, which promote the simple things in life, the whole of those elements makes Jump in the Puddles a simple joy for the whole family.

Steve Elci & Friends’ new album Jump in the Puddles is a simple musical joy for the whole family.  As has been noted, that id due in part to lyrical themes that promote the joy of the simple things in life.  The equally varied and equally varied musical arrangements do their own part to make the record such a joy.  The same can be said of its sequencing.  Each element plays its own important part in the album’s whole.  All things considered, they make the album a simple joy for the whole family.  It will be available July 13.  More information on Jump in the Puddles is available online now along with all of the latest news from Steve Elci & Friends at:










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The Smashing Pumpkins Debut New Video; Announce New Live Dates

Courtesy: Napalm Records

The Smashing Pumpkins has debuted its latest music video Thursday.

The band debuted the video for its latest single ‘Solara.’ The psychedelic was directed by Nick Koenig and sees front man Billy Corgan tryingto escape a rather bizarre looking facility filled with people getting a black light tan, a woman in mime face paint giving birth to an invisible baby and two of Corgan’s band mates in a tiny room playing connect four with all black pieces along with some equally bizarre imagery once he escapes.

Along with YouTube, ‘Solara’ is also streaming online via Spotify and can be downloaded via Apple Music and Amazon here.

Audiences can hear ‘Solara’ and many other Smashing Pumpkins hits live when the band launches its “Shiny and Oh So Bright North American Tour” next month. The tour is currently scheduled to launch July 12 in Glendale, Arizona and to run through September 9 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The nearly two-month-long tour includes performances in Nashville, TN; Detroit, Michigan; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and many other cities.

Once the band wraps its North American tour, it will take some time off to recharge before heading overseas for a European Tour.  Two European dates have already been announced and are included with the band’s latest tour schedule noted below.

Smashing Pumpkins 2018 North American Tour Dates
July 12, 2018
Glendale, AZ
Gila River Arena
July 14, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK
Chesapeake Energy Arena
July 16, 2018
Austin, TX
Frank Erwin Center
July 17, 2018
Houston, TX
Toyota Center
July 18, 2018
Dallas, TX
American Airlines Center
July 20, 2018
Nashville, TN
Bridgestone Arena
July 21, 2018
Louisville, KY
KFC Yum! Center*
July 22, 2018
Atlanta, GA
Infinite Energy Arena
July 24, 2018
Miami, FL
AmericanAirlines Arena
July 25, 2018
Tampa, FL
Amalie Arena
July 27, 2018
Baltimore, MD
Royal Farms Arena
July 28, 2018
Philadelphia, PA
Wells Fargo Center
July 29, 2018
Uncasville, CT
Mohegan Sun Arena
July 31, 2018
Boston, MA
TD Garden
August 01, 2018
New York City, NY
Madison Square Garden
August 02, 2018
Holmdel, NJ
PNC Bank Arts Center#
August 04, 2018
Pittsburgh, PA
PPG Paints Arena
August 05, 2018
Detroit, MI
Little Caesars Arena
August 07, 2018
Montreal, Québec
Centre Bell
August 08, 2018
Toronto, Ontario
Air Canada Centre
August 09, 2018
London, Ontario
Budweiser Gardens
August 11, 2018
Columbus, OH
Schottenstein Center
August 13, 2018
Chicago, IL
United Center – SOLD OUT
August 14, 2018
Chicago, IL
United Center
August 16, 2018
Kansas City, MO
Sprint Center
August 17, 2018
Indianapolis, IN
Bankers Life Fieldhouse
August 19, 2018
St. Paul, MN
Xcel Energy Center
August 20, 2018
Omaha, NE
CenturyLink Center
August 21, 2018
Sioux Falls, SD
Denny Sanford Premier Center
August 24, 2018
Seattle, WA
August 25, 2018
Portland, OR
Moda Center
August 27, 2018
Oakland, CA
Oracle Arena
August 28, 2018
Sacramento, CA
Golden 1 Center
August 30, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
The Forum – SOLD OUT
August 31, 2018
Los Angeles, CA
The Forum
September 01, 2018
San Diego, CA
Viejas Arena
September 02, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
T-Mobile Arena
September 04, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT
Vivint Smart Home Arena
September 05, 2018
Denver, CO
Pepsi Center
September 07, 2018
Boise, ID
Ford Idaho Center
September 08, 2018
Calgary, Alberta
Scotiabank Saddledome*
September 09, 2018
Edmonton, Alberta
Rogers Place*
*Without Metric
# 30th Anniversary Show
Smashing Pumpkins 2018 European Tour Dates
October 16, 2018
London, UK
Wembley Arena
October 18, 2018
Bologna, IT
Unipol Arena

Tickets are available via Live Nation’s official website and the Live Nation app.  More information on the Smashing Pumpkins’ tour schedule and more is available online now at:






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Gemini Syndrome Announces New Live Dates; Taps Label Mates Code Red Riot For Support

Courtesy: Red Music

Alt-metal outfit Gemini Syndrome is prepping for a new string of live dates.

The band announced Wednesday that it will embark on what has been dubbed the “Synner Conversion Tour” starting July 8 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The two-week tour is currently scheduled to run through July 22 in Mesa, Arizona and include performances in Joplin, Missouri; Denver, Colorado; Albuquerque, New Mexico and a handful of other cities across the midwest.

Courtesy: Red Music

The band’s Red Music label mates in Code Red Riot will serve as support  during the tour as it promotes its debut album Mask. Code Red Riot front man Corey Gainsford (ex-Otherwise) said in a recent interview, that he and his band mates were looking forward to the tour.

“I’m incredibly excited that our first national tour is with our brothers in Gemini Syndrome! I’ve known those guys for years, going back to when we were all unsigned bands, hustling on the Los Angeles circuit,” Gainsford said.  “We’re charged up, fired up and ready to bring the riot on the road.”

The tour’s current schedule is noted below.

07/08 @ The Diamond Ballroom – Oklahoma City, OK
07/10 @ Lefty’s Live – Des Moines, IA
07/11 @ The Forge – Joliet, IL
07/12 @ Rock USA – Oshkosh, WI †
07/13 @ Nikki’s – Sturgis, MI
07/14 @ The Machine Shop – Flint, MI
07/15 @ Empire Concert Club – Akron, OH
07/17 @ Guitars – Joplin, MO
07/18 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS
07/19 @ Sunshine Studios Live – Colorado Springs, CO
07/20 @ Herman’s Hideaway – Denver, CO
07/21 @ Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
07/22 @ Club Red – Mesa, AZ

† Festival date, no Code Red Riot

VIP packages including private acoustic performance by the band, autographed poster and “Synner Tour” laminate can be purchased here.  General admission tickets will be available at the venue concert locations.

More information on the “Synner Conversion Tour” is available online now along with all of Gemini Syndrome’s latest news at:

More information on Code Red Riot is available online now along with all of the band’s latest news at:






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Powerman 5000 Releases New Single From ‘New Wave,’ Announces New Live Dates

Courtesy: Pavement Entertainment

Powerman 5000 has released more music from its latest album.

The band released its new single ‘Footsteps and Voices’ just recently.  The song is just the latest to be released from the band’s most recent album, 2017’s New Wave.  It can be streamed now via Spotify and downloaded via Apple Music and Amazon. The song takes a decidedly rap rock vibe while lyrically, it seems to take on the matter of someone who is paranoid.

Front man Spider One notes in the song’s lead verse, “3:45, still staring at the ceiling/Locked up tight, but still you got that feeling/You’re not alone/There’s someone in your home/They’re breathing down your neck/They’re tapping in your phone/Ring, ring, ring/Now it’s 7 a.m./The sun’s coming up/And here we go again/All the people on the street/They been following you/Government conspiracies, they all coming true.”  That seeming theme of paranoia continues in the second verse as Spider One notes, “tell yourself/That it’s all in your head/They couldn’t find you here/They couldn’t want you dead/But they do/They did it before/They’ll do it again/Shadows more fast/And I wouldn’t recommend/Running/And begging for your life’s unbecoming/The beat that you hear/Is not just from the drumming/You know that they’re close/From the stomp of their feet/You checked the back door/But not the back seat/They know your name/They’ve got your number/You’re not insane/Just going under.”  The song’s third and final verse follows in similar fashion with note of whatever forces knowing “what you’re thinking when you’re trying not to think” and of doors being knocked down.

The combination of that lyrical content, coupled with the heavy, infectious musical arrangement at the center of the song makes this song another interesting offering from Powerman 5000. Audiences will get to hear this latest single and more songs from New Wave as the band continues its tour in support of the album.

The band will launch the next leg of its current New Wave tour next month, beginning July 13 in Dubuque, Iowa.  It will run though August 3 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma before the band takes some more time off to rest again.

Once the band is rested up, it will head back out again September 2 in Los Angeles, California and tour through September 15 in Chicago, Illinois.  The band’s current tour schedule is noted below.


7/13 – Dubuque, IA – Q Casino
7/14 – Cadott, WI – Rock Fest
7/15 – Belvidere, IL – The Apollo Theatre
7/17 – Fort Wayne, IN – Piere’s Entertainment Center
7/18 – Surgis, MI – Nikki’s
7/20 – Flint, MI – The Machine Shop
7/21 – Findlay, OH – All American Rock House
7/22 – Akron, OH – Empire Concert Club
7/24 – Amityville, NY – Revolution Bar & Music Hall
7/25 – Cambridge, MA – The Middle East
7/26 – Providence, RI – Fete Music Hall
7/28 – Bangor, ME – Impact Music Festival
7/30 – Pittsburgh, PA – Crafthouse Stage and Gril
7/31 – Lexington, KY – Manchester Music Hall
8/2 – Springfield, MO – Outland Ballroom
8/3 – Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom
9/2 – Los Angeles, CA – 1720
9/4 – Orangevale, CA – Boardwalk
9/5 – Portland, OR – Dantes
9/6 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon
9/7 – Billings, MT – Pub Station
9/8 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
9/9 – Denver, CO – The Roxy Theater
9/11 – Shawnee, KS – Aftershock Live Music Venue
9/12 – Waterloo, IA – Spicoli’s
9/13 – Minneapolis, MN – Skyway Theatre
9/15 – Chicago, IL – Patio Theater


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