ESPN Names Host For 2015 ESPYS Broadcast

Courtesy: ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

Audiences now know who will host this year’s installment of ESPN’s annual ESPYS.

Joel McHale, host of E!’s The Soup, will emcee this year’s awards show, which will air live July 15th at 8pm ET on ABC. This year is not the first time that he has appeared on The ESPYS. he has also served as a presented on the annual awards program. Regarding that appearance and his love for the sports world and ESPN, ESPYS Executive Producer Maura Mandt said “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Joel on previous projects, including when he presented at The ESPYS, and he’s an enthusiastic fan whose talents will bring a new spin to the night’s celebration.”

Along with his previous appearance on The ESPYS, McHale also hosted the annual White House Correspoondent’s dinner last year. Conner Schell, Senior VP of ESPN Films and Original Content heads ESPN’s annual ESPYS broadcast. He explained the reason for choosing McHale noting his talent and love for sports. “Joel is an extremely talented performer, a unique voice and a huge sports fan,” he said. “His experience as a comedian and love of sports make Joel the perfect host for The ESPYS inaugural broadcast on ABC.”

McHale was originally a member of the University of Washington’s football team while in college before eventually being recruited for its rowing program. He kept the mood light in discussing the announcement of his appointment saying, “I’m thrilled to be hosting The ESPYS. Just ecstatic. After my stunning victory in the Iditarod this year by only using six Bichon Frises and a lamb, I think the sports world saw me as the logical host.”

ESPN will precede its annual ESPYS broadcast with a special broadcast of SportsCenter at The ESPYS from 6 – 7pm ET and The ESPYS Countdown Show Presented by Capital One from 7 – 8pm ET. Fans that want to attend this year’s ESPYS can purchase tickets online now at More information on this year’s ESPYS broadcast is available online now via Twitter at

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Royal Blood To Make Its Howard Stern Show Debut Next Month

Photo Credit: Eliot Lee Hazel

Photo Credit: Eliot Lee Hazel

British rock duo Royal blood will make its debut on The Howard Stern Show next month.

The duo–Mike Kerr (bass/vocals) and Ben Thatcher (drums)–is scheduled to make its first-ever appearance on Stern’s exclusive Sirius XM channel Howard 100 on Tuesday, June 9th. The pair will be on hand for an interview and a performance of its latest single ‘Figure It Out.’ The invitation to appear comes following Royal Blood’s performance at the 2014 MTV EMA Awards, at which Stern first discovered the band. In hearing Royal Blood for the first time, Stern said of the two men, “Nobody does heavy music like this anymore.”

The Howard Stern Show airs daily on Sterns exclusively on his own Sirius XM Channel Howard 100 from 7am – 11am ET. Subscribers can also hear The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM On Demand is they are listening via the Sirius XM app for smartphones and other moblie internet platforms. Audiences that don’t yet have the Sirius XM app can download it online at Audiences can also get a free Sirius XM trial online at

Royal Blood’s appearance on The Howard Stern Show is only a small part of its current live schedule in support of its self-titled debut record out now on Warner Brothers Records. The band is also currently in the midst of the North American leg of its tour, which continues tomorrow, May 23rd at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia. The show is just one of a number of performances that are already sold out. the band’s current tour schedule is listed below.


May 23 – Vogue Theatre – Vancouver, BC# – SOLD OUT

May 25 – Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR# – SOLD OUT

May 27 – Murray Theater – Salt Lake City, UT#

May 28 – Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO# – SOLD OUT

May 30 – Wooly’s – Des Moines, IA#

May 31 – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI# – SOLD OUT

June 1 – The Rave II – Milwaukee, WI

June 3 – Metro – Chicago, IL – SOLD OUT

June 4 – Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH

June 7 – Governors Ball – New York, NY

June 10 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC# – SOLD OUT

June 11 – Amos’ Southend – Charlotte, NC#

June 12 – Bonnaroo – Manchester, TN

June 13 – Center Stage – Atlanta, GA# – SOLD OUT

July 6 – Susquehanna Bank Center – Camden, NJ^

July 8 – Molson Canadian Amphitheatre – Toronto, ON^

July 9 – Molson Canadian Amphitheater – Toronto, ON^

July 11 – Quebec Summerfest – Quebec City, QC

July 12 – Higher Ground – South Burlington, VT

July 13 – Susquehanna Center – Camden, NJ^

July 15 – Citi Field – New York, NY^

July 16 – Citi Field – New York, NY^

July 17 – Upstate Concert Hall – Clifton Park, NY

July 19 – Fenway Park – Boston, MA^

August 9 – Squamish Festival – Squamish, BC

August 12 – Rexall Place – Edmonton, AB^

August 13 – Scotiabank Saddledome – Calgary, AB^

August 16 – Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater – Denver, CO^

August 17 – Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater – Denver, CO^

August 19 – Hollywood Casino Amphitheater – Maryland Heights, MO^

August 21 – Sprint Center – Kansas City, MO^

August 22 – Xcel Energy Center – St. Paul, MN^

August 24 – DTE Energy Center – Detroit, MI^

August 25 – First Niagra Pavilion – Pittsburgh, PA ^

September 25- 27 – Life Is Beautiful Festival – Las Vegas, NV

October 9 – 11 – ACL Music Festival – Austin, TX

^ Supporting Foo Fighters

# Supported by Mini Mansions


Fans can purchase tickets for many of the band’s shows and get all of the latest updates from the band online now at:




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National Geographic Films, Virgil Films Team Up For New Documentary Film

Courtesy:  National Geographic Films/Virgil Films

Courtesy: National Geographic Films/Virgil Films

Virgil Films and National Geographic Films will release Nat Geo’s latest documentary Pandas: The Journey Home next month.

Pandas: The Journey Home will be released Tuesday, June 16th on 2D and 3D Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. Shot entirely in IMAX, the documentary follows a group of pandas from birth to transition back to the wild. In order to create the program, its filmmakers were given unprecedented access to the Wolong Panda Center in China. The thirty-six minute documentary presents the work put in to protect pandas and return them to the wild.

Actress Joely Richardson (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Nip/Tuck) serves as narrator for the film. The project is helmed by director Nicolas Brown (Human Planet, Expedition Alaska) and produced by Caroline Hawkins (Meerkats 3D, Fatal Attractions) of Oxford Scientific Films. Hawkins noted in a recent interview part of her reason for signing on for this film explaining that pandas “are more than just cute and cuddly animals to see in the zoo. They have a place in the wild and in the ecosystem.”

Pandas: The Journey Home will be available from Virgil Films and National Geographic Films Tuesday, June 16th. It will be available in a 2D/3D Blu-ray + DVD combo pack for MSRP of $29.99. It will also be available on demand and via digital platforms in both SD and HD versions. Audiences can check out a trailer for Pandas: The Journey Home online now along with more information on the film online at Audiences can get more information on this and other movies from National Geographic Films online at More information on this and other titles from Virgil films is available online now at:




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NOVA: Big Bang Machine Is A Blast For Anyone With Experience And Interest In Physics

Courtesy:  PBS Distribution/PBS

Courtesy: PBS Distribution/PBS

Early last month, researchers at CERN restarted the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, for the first time in two years.  The world’s largest supercollider, it was designed to answer some of science’s most pressing questions.  Fittingly, PBS released a new episode of its hit science-based series NOVA this past March in anticipation of the LHC’s restart.  NOVA: Big Bang Machine takes audiences behind the scenes of the LHC’s creation and the importance of the experiments that take place within its seventeen mile circumference.  Regardless of whether audiences are themselves are deeply involved in the world of physics (theoretical or otherwise) or are just interested in the operations of the LHC, the concepts discussed throughout the episode are made easily accessible for audiences of every background.  The pacing of the presented discussions adds to the program’s enjoyment.  Just as the topics discussed are set at a level that is relatively accessible for all audiences, the pacing of the discussions in question will keep audiences engaged and in turn help them better understand the noted discussions.    If the pacing of the program and the information provided throughout isn’t enough, the interviews and footage inside the structure that houses the LHC add even more interest to this episode in whole.  The interviews included in the program offer their own share of additional information to the presentation in whole.  That final element ties in to the program’s accessibility and its pacing to make NOVA: Big Bang Machine a piece that any viewer with any interest in physics—theoretical or otherwise—will appreciate.

NOVA: Big Bang Machine is another interesting addition PBS’ hit science-based series.  It is a piece that even those with no formal training in the world of physics will appreciate.  The main reason is its accessibility.  Those behind this episode have made the concepts discussed throughout the program easy enough for average audiences to understand.  Those audiences will never feel like the program and those featured are talking down to them at any point, either.  So not only will said viewers feel like they can actually get at least a basic grasp of the noted topics in this episode, but they also never feel like they are being lectured.  To that extent, those responsible for bringing this episode to life are to be commended for such efforts.  At the same time, those with formal training in physics won’t feel like the discussed topics are below them, either.  The very fact that those in charge of assembling such in-depth material and balance it in a manner that it can reach so many audiences says plenty of those individuals and their efforts.  It is just the beginning of what makes NOVA: Big Bang Machine yet another example of why NOVA has remained one of the best science-based series on television for so many years if not the best science-based series on television

The ability of NOVA: Big Bang Machine to reach audiences of all types with its overall content is the most important of the elements that makes this episode of NOVA another great installment of the science-based series.  As important as the information’s balance proves to be to the episode in whole, the pacing of the information’s delivery is just as important to consider.  Audiences will be happy to know that while the amount of information provided by this episode makes it feel like an introductory physics course of sorts, the pacing doesn’t leave audiences at any level feel like they are being left in the dust, struggling to follow along and catch everything.  Rather its pacing remains rock solid despite the amount of information discussed throughout the program’s near hour-long run time.  Because audiences won’t feel left behind and confused, they will also have increased odds of not only catching the featured topics but more clearly understanding them, too.  It is yet more reason for anyone with any interest in the LHC or anyone with any interest or experience in physics to watch NOVA: Big Bang Machine.

Both the topics covered in NOVA: Big Bang Machine and the pacing of the material covered are important in their own right to the overall enjoyment and success of the episode.  Both elements already noted, there is still one element that should be noted here that makes this episode work.  That element is the collective interviews featured throughout the episode.  Some of the scientists working on the LHC are interviewed for their own insight on the machine’s importance in both the scientific community and the world.  There are also interviews with a variety of academics throughout the program.  Their insight coupled with that of the people that work on the LHC paints quite a vivid picture of the machine’s importance and its capabilities.  Their thoughts show even more clearly the importance of the LHC being recently being restarted and the implications for what it could potentially reveal to the world in being restarted.  Those insights round out the reasons that NOVA: Big Bang Machine proves itself worth the watch whether audiences are experienced members of the physics community or whether they just have a general interest in the subject.  Together with the program’s pacing and its depth of information, all three elements show not only why audiences should definitely see this episode of NOVA but why NOVA remains overall one of the best science-based series on television today if not the best.

NOVA has remained one of the best science-based series on television for a number of years thanks to the variety of episodes that it tackles and its accessibility to such a wide range of audiences in every episode.  That standard is exactly why it maintains its place in the pantheon of educational television in NOVA: Big Bang Machine.  The solid packing of the topics taken on throughout the program is another reason that it maintains that reputation and why the episode itself is such an interesting watch.  And as with so many other episodes of NOVA, the interviews included across the episode add even more insight and enjoyment. Each of the elements plays an important part in the whole of the program. Together, they show clearly why NOVA: Big Bang Machine will make a big bang of its own among anyone with any interest or experience in the world of physics. It is available now on DVD and can be ordered online at It can also be ordered in a combo pack that also includes a wristwatch for $49.99. The combo pack will retail in stores for $68.94. Audiences can check out a clip from this episode of NOVA online now via YouTube at More information on NOVA: Big Bang Machine and other episodes of NOVA is available online now along with all of the latest NOVA news at:



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Audiences Of All Ages Will Enjoy PBS Kids’ Latest Trip To Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Kids/PBS Distribution

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids/PBS Distribution

PBS Kids will release the latest collection of episodes from its hit series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood later this month.  It’s A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood is an aptly titled release as it is such a great new collection.  The central reason that it is such a joy is the collection of lessons incorporated into each of its eight episodes.   From its opening lesson on getting outside and getting active to its lesson on healthy eating to a lesson about responsibility and making things right when one makes mistakes and more, the lessons incorporated into these episodes make them a wonderful watch for audiences of all ages.  Another reason that it shines so brightly is the fact that the episodes are run in chronological order once again as with previous collections and with the series itself.    Last but not least worth noting is the material added onto the collection as bonus material.  The printable coloring pages and activities that have been included with previous collections are present here.  There are also a couple of bonus music videos performed by the trio Voodoo Highway Music & Post.  One of the videos and its song drives home the lesson centered on self-confidence.  The other sees the trio performing the show’s theme song.  All three elements together show fully why Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood is yet another welcome addition to any family’s personal DVD library.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood offers plenty of reason for any family to add it to their personal home DVD library.  The central reason that it is so worth the purchase is the collection of lessons incorporated into each of its episodes.  Being that summer is now right around the corner, many of the lessons the lead off lessons centered on getting outside and exploring nature is a fitting way to lead off the collection.  These lessons are taught as Daniel and his friend O The Owl go outside with O’s uncle X The Owl for a walk in “Daniel Explores Nature” and “Daniel’s Nature Walk.”  X teaches the boys about appreciating all that nature has to offer in these episodes and that even if there’s a little sprinkle it doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to go indoors.  The boys (and in turn audiences) learn about all the different plants and animals in nature in the collection’s lead off episodes.  This will hopefully get young audiences encouraged to go outside themselves and learn about all the joys that nature has to offer.  By connection, going outside also promotes getting active which is just as important for young viewers to learn if not more so.  On a similar note, the pairing of “Fruit Picking Day” and “A Trip To The Enchanted Garden” teach young viewers about healthy eating by showing just some of the great tasting healthy foods there are out there.  If that isn’t enough for audiences (especially parents and teachers), there is also a lesson about being responsible for one’s actions and making things right when one has made a mistake.  The lesson includes a sub-lesson of sorts that teaches young viewers about taking things that aren’t theirs without asking.  Yet again, here is another reason that this collection should be in every family’s home and maybe even every pre-school and kindergarten classroom.  It’s not the last reason that it should be included in both settings, either.  There is also a lesson that teaches young viewers about the importance of cleaning up and another centered on safety at the beach (again just in time for summer).  Regardless of which lesson(s) one chooses, every viewer will agree that every one of the lessons featured in this collection make it well worth the purchase and the watch.

The lessons that are presented throughout the course of PBS Kids’ new Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood collection are central to its success.  That should be crystal clear by now.  They make up just one reason that every home and every pre-k and kindergarten classroom should have this collection.  Another reason that it proves itself well worth the purchase and the watch is the fact that the lessons are presented in a clear and concise fashion.  More simply put the episodes that teach each of the lessons are presented together once again just as with previous collections from the series.  It also mirrors the way that the lessons are presented in the series, too.  This is a direct throwback to the way the lessons were taught in Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood so many years ago.  Keeping the episodes in question in chronological order as it were means keeping young viewers’ fully engaged.  Had the episodes jumped around then the lessons incorporated into said episodes wouldn’t have been driven home as well if at all.  But in keeping each episode paired, it ensures the lessons are driven home.  It is one more way in which the people at PBS and PBS Kids have succeeded once again with this latest collection and even more reason for parents and teachers alike to add this set to their home and classroom collections respectively.

The lessons incorporated into the new collection of episodes from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and the clear connection of the episodes to drive home the lessons are both key in their own way in making the collection enjoyable.  Having noted the most important of the disc’s elements there is still one more element to note that makes it so enjoyable.  That last element is the material included as bonus material.  Included with this collection are all of the bonus printable coloring pages that were included with the series’ previous DVD collections.  The bonus activity “All Aboard” is included once again, too.  The coloring pages feature Daniel and his friends by themselves and together on board Trolley.  Speaking of Trolley, the bonus activity “All Aboard” gives young viewers the chance once again to “buy” their own imaginary tickets and ride their own make believe trolley.  Along the way, the activity teaches those same viewers about taking turns.  Those families and teachers that might not have the series’ previous DVDs will most appreciate that these same bonuses have been included once again.  That is because it keeps them on the same page as viewers that do have the noted collections.  The music videos included with this collection are the new additions.  The videos present the series’ theme song and another piece that teaches young viewers about self-confidence.  The songs in both pieces are performed by Voodoo Music & Post.  The second of the songs is especially important as it can be used as part of an invaluable discussion on self-worth especially in an age when it seems like bullying is still at near epidemic levels in this country.  It is one more important way in which Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: It’s a Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood shines, proving itself a must have whether in the classroom or the living room.

PBS Kids’ new collection of episodes from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is yet another must have whether in the classroom or the living room.  Its lessons and their organization are both important in their own way to the enjoyment and success of this latest collection.  The bonus material included with the disc is just as important to the presentation in whole.  All three elements considered together, they prove once again the collection’s value regardless of the setting in which it is used. It will be available Tuesday, May 26th on DVD and can be ordered online direct from PBS’ online store at More information on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is available online along with more episodes and games at:



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ESPN Events Acquires Another College Football Bowl Game

Courtesy:  ESPN/ESPN Events

Courtesy: ESPN/ESPN Events

Officials with ESPN Events announced today that it has acquired the Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl. The bowl, which was previously owned by Bahamas Bowl, LLC, debuted last season. It is played at the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium in Nassau. It will be held on Christmas Eve this year and will feature one team from Conference USA taking on a select team from the Mid-American conference. Last year’s debut game featured Western Kentucky (C-USA) taking on Central Michigan (MAC). It was the first time that a college football bowl game had been held outside the United States or Canada since 1937. Western Kentucky won the game by a single point 49 – 48. Both teams spent time off the field with children at Nassau’s Ranfurly Homes For Children and at a youth football clinic held by the heads of the Bahamas Bowl, fulfilling the bowl’s mission statement vowing to give back to the people of the Bahamas.

ESPN Events Senior VP Pete Derzis spoke on behalf of the company, expressing the company’s gratitude for for the country’s support of the bowl game and the company’s determination to live up to the country’s expectations saying, “We are excited to be adding the Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl to our portfolio of events. “The inaugural game was a tremendous success, and we hope to build on that by bringing a one-of-a-kind bowl experience for our student-athletes, coaches and fans. The level of support from the entire country of the Bahamas makes this event truly unique — making this game a true destination event that fans across the country will want to attend and support.”

ESPN Events will hold a press conference on Wednesday, June 10th at a local Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl summit at which the company will officially announce ESPN Events as the bowl game’s new owner. The summit will be held at the Atlantis – Paradise Island.

More information on ESPN’s college football coverage is available online now at:



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ESPN Gets NFL Wildcard Game, Will Simulcast On ABC For The First Time Ever

Courtesy:  ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

The draft is done. Rookie minicamps are under way. And teams are counting down the days to the start of their annual summer camps. That can only mean one thing: Football season is almost here again. And with kickoff of the 2015 – 2016 NFL season inching closer each day, ESPN has announced another addition to its broadcast coverage schedule.

ESPN announced today that it will once again air at least one of the league’s Wildcard Playoff games this season. The game, which will be played on the weekend of January 9th – 10th, 2016, will be simulcast on ABC for the first time ever along with the network’s weekly pre-game show Monday Night Countdown. The upcoming broadcast will mark only the second time that the worldwide leader in sports has aired an NFL playoff game in its thirty-six year history. The Carolina Panthers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27 – 16 last season in the network’s first ever playoff broadcast. The game averaged a 12.5 household US rating and 21,678,000 viewers (P2+) according to Nielsen research. That made the game the ninth most-viewed broadcast in cable history.

ESPN President John Skipper noted its success in making the announcement about the upcoming game. “Our first Wild Card playoff game was one of ESPN’s highest-rated and most-watched events ever,” he said. He also noted his expectations for a similar result for the game’s first time ever simulcast on ABC stating, “By leveraging the broadcast platform we have on ABC, the upcoming Wild Card will rank among the most-watched programs of the year and we will reach even more fans during the NFL postseason.”

ESPN’s MNF broadcast team of Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, and Lisa Salters will have full coverage of the game. They will also be live at the league’s annual Pro Bowl game at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Pro Bowl is currently scheduled to be played January 24th, 2016.

All of the latest news on ESPN’s NFL coverage is available online now at:



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