Astros Look To Avoid Sweep Against Rangers Tonight On ESPN Radio

Courtesy:  ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

Houston and Texas face off tonight on ESPN Radio.

Tonight’s matchup between the teams is the finale of a three-game series between the AL West foes. And Houston will be hungry for some redemption coming into tonight’s game, as Texas has already taken two of the series’ three-games so far. Nick Martinez is expected to start for the Rangers in tonight’s game while Scott Kazmir will start for Houston, which currently sits third overall in the American League standings behind Kansas City and the New York Yankees. Kazmir’s last time on the mound was last Thursday against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Houston blanked the Angels 3 – 0 in that game. While Kazmir’s teammate Luke Gregerson was credited with the win, it was Kazmir that carried the ‘Stros through most of the game, throwing one hundred eleven pitches over seven point two innings. Over the course of that time, he fired off five Ks, allowed only three hits, and three walks. He allowed no runs, no earned runs, and no home runs. Of those one hundred eleven total pitches, sixty nine were strikes. That is roughly sixty two percent of his total pitches.

Martinez’s last time on the mound was this past Friday as the Rangers faced the Giants. Texas won that game 6 – 3. Martinez was credited with the win in the game. He pitched 6.1 innings, striking out four batters along the way. He allowed a total of seven hits, two runs, two earned runs, and two walks. Though, he prevented the Giants from knocking any balls out of the park, throwing fifty-nine strikes over the course of ninety-nine pitches for a fifty-nine percent strike rate.

Houston currently sits atop the American League West three games ahead of the Angels. However, Texas has been on a tear as of late, going 6 – 4 in its last ten games and has won its last three straight games, two of which came against the Rangers Monday and Tuesday. Houston is 5 – 5 in its last ten games and lost its last two games. Interestingly enough, Texas is 22 – 29 at home so far on the season whereas Houston is 22 – 30 on the road.

Adam Amin will have the call for tonight’s game live from Texas. He will be joined in the booth by Chris Singleton for additional commentary. Coverage is expected to begin at 7pm ET. More information on ESPN’s MLB coverage is available online along with all of the latest MLB headlines at:



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Red Sox, Yankees Renew Their Rivalry Once More This Week On ESPN’s WNB

Courtesy:  ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

Tomorrow night on ESPN, one of the longest-running rivalries in sports will see its latest chapter written when the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees face off once again.

The Bosox and Yanks will face off live August 5th on ESPN’s Wednesday Night Baseball live from New York in the rubber match of a three-game series between the AL East foes that kicks off tonight. Jon Sciambi will have the call for Wednesday night’s game. He will be joined in the booth by analysts Rick Sutcliffe and Doug Glanville for additional commentary. Luis Severino is currently slated to take the mound for the pinstripers in his major league debut while Steven Wright is expected to start for Boston. Wright’s last time on the mound was last Thursday against the White Sox. He was credited with the win in Boston’s 8 – 2 route of Chicago having faced twenty-nine batters over seven innings. Over that time, he struck out eight batters, allowed only six hits, two runs, two earned runs, two walks, and one home run. And out of his one hundred sixteen total pitches, he threw a total of seventy-seven strikes, which is a roughly sixty-seven percent strike rate.

New York currently sits atop the AL East, leading second place Baltimore by five and a half games while Boston sits at the bottom of the division thirteen games back. Currently, New York is 59 – 45 so far on the season and 6 – 4 in its last ten games. Considering Boston’s struggles this year and New York’s 30 – 17 home record so far this season, the odds are in New York’s favor in not only Wednesday night’s game but in the series in whole. Boston, on the other hand, is 47 – 59 so far on the season and 5 – 5 in its last ten games. It is 20 – 31 on the road verses and 27 – 28 at home.

Tomorrow night’s game will be available both on television and online via ESPN, WatchESPN, and ESPN3. Coverage begins at 7pm ET. More information on Wednesday’s AL East matchup on ESPN is available online along with all of the latest MLB headlines at:



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TesseracT Debuts Polaris’ Lead Single

Courtesy:  eOne/Kscope

Courtesy: eOne/Kscope

Next month, British prog-metal standout TesseracT will release its third full-length studio effort. The album, titled Polaris, will be released in stores and online on Friday, September 18th. In anticipation of the album’s release, the band has premiered the video for the album’s lead single.

TesseracT debuted the lyric video for ‘Messenger’ online via this week. Front man Dan Tompkins notes of the song that it is meant to express the growing trend of people thinking for themselves rather than allowing the media and other outlets to tell them what to think. It “highlights an ever growing awakening from the onslaught of the social conditioning we’re exposed to everyday from the media,” he said. “The truth constantly obscured and the public subdued by ‘Casting fear into doubt.’” Audiences can check out the video online now at



Polaris will be available in stores and online beginning Friday, September 18th. Pre-orders for the album are available now via iTunes at Fans that digitally pre-order the album now will get ‘Messenger’ as an Instant Grat track. Pre-orders for the physical album are also available now online. They can be accessed at Fans can check out a the teaser trailer for Polaris online now via YouTube at

Courtesy:  eOne/Kscope

Courtesy: eOne/Kscope

The album’s track listing is noted below.

Polaris Track Listing

1. Dystopia

2. Hexes

3. Survival

4. Tourniquet

5. Utopia

6. Phoenix

7. Messenger

8. Cages

9. Seven Names

More information on Polaris is available online along with all of the latest news from TesseracT at:




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Confess’ New Single Presents An Intense And Intensely Positive Message

Courtesy:  Opposite Records

Courtesy: Opposite Records

Generally when one thinks of Iran, one’s thoughts instantly lean towards all of the latest major news headlines–the nation’s deal to curb its nuclear output, terrorism, etc. So it goes without saying that when a band rises from what is said to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world and takes a stand against all of the negativity surrounding its home nation, it is a band well worth hearing. Enter Confess. The Tehran, Iran-based band has just released its latest single ‘See You Other Side.’ And in hearing the song, It is a powerful new statement from the band.

According to its official Facebook page, it takes its influences from the realms of metalcore, NWOAHM, and Thrash. Each of those influences is clear in the band’s new single, which can be heard online now via SoundCloud at Right from the opening bars of the nearly five-minute opus, the band launches into a full on assault that hints at the likes of Hatebreed, The Haunted, Overkill, and a number of others. That is especially thanks to the work of front man and founding member Nikan Khosravi. According to the band’s official Facebook page, Khosravi handles lead vocal duties as well as guitars and bass. If that is indeed him on guitars in this song, then he is to be highly applauded as his work instantly grabs listeners and refuses to let go. It throws back to the great thrash numbers of the late 80s that once made thrash such a great subgenre of the rock world. Khosravi’s vocals are just as intense, conjuring thoughts of the one and only Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Superjoint Ritual) and to a slightly lesser extent, Crowbar frontman Kirk Windstein among others. DJ/sampler/engineer Arash “Chemical” Ilkhani plays his own important role along with the band’s recording drummer Samir “Outsider” Malikoglou. While Ilkhani’s role is not as large in this song as Confess’ other work, it still is important in its own right regardless. All parts combined here, ‘See You Other Side’ proves in regards to its musical content to be a piece that any hardcore fan will appreciate. It shows that great hardcore and great rock in general can come from any part of the world; even the most war-torn corners of the world.

Having noted the impressive nature of ‘See You Other Side’s musical content, the next logical step is to examine the song’s lyrical content. Khosravi noted of the song’s lyrical content that it is meant to be a response to all of the negativity surrounding the communities of the Middle East. They are meant not to be negative but to serve as a starting point to give listeners hope amidst all of the bleakness surrounding them. That is made clear right from the song’s opening verse as Khosravi screams, “Destruction of underestimation/Hope and dreams are weapons of the war/Rejection of conclusion/Wash away your eyes from the tears.” That verse alone speaks volumes. It comes across as saying that amid all of the strife and suffering, hope and dreams can be used to fight all of that negativity. Rejection of conclusion/Wash away your eyes from the tears is just as clear. He comes across as telling listeners to not give in to the sense of hopelessness and desperation brought on by everything going on. The irony here is that while these lyrics may be in response largely to the situation in the Middle East, they could apply just as much to any other part of the world.

The opening verse of ‘See You Other Side’ offers a clear understanding of the message being conveyed by Confess in its latest single. While its lyrics paint a picture that is clear enough, the song’s closing verse makes that message even more obvious as Khosravi screams, “Hating me for being someone’s loved one?/You never know what it feels like when your duty’s done/The negative thirteen/Plus the positive thoughts/My tongue is a trigger/And my brain is a gun/You’d better run/That’s right.” The line in which Khosravi notes a person not knowing “what it feels like” when his or her “duty is done” seems to verbally attack the suicide bombers and their twisted mentalities. His continued thoughts concerning the power of positive thoughts both emotionally and mentally in the verse’s closing line presents a message that is just as optimistic for listeners. That is especially obvious as he writes in the song’s previous verse, “My scars are bleeding out too fast/They are deep/Deep as my last breath/My mind’s bruised/I’ll start first global war of wrath/We feel the same as you/Try to send it back at last.” One can only assume that these lines make reference to the brainwashing that so many younger people in the Middle East go through by those extremist groups. That being assumed, it can be inferred that these lines set against the more optimistic vibe of the song’s closing lines that Khosravi is telling his listeners that they don’t have to listen to that brainwashing; that there is hope out there and better things than what the extremists are trying to get them to do. It is a good final message for fans in this song. Together with the song’s intense musical content, the song’s collective lyrical content makes the song a work that proves that even from the worst situations, great things can rise. It is a message that he entire Middle East needs just as much as other nations of the world. Given the chance, it will spread and it will rise, making itself and the band in whole the push that the world needs to win the war on terror once and for all.

‘See You Other Side’ is a powerful new work from Iran’s Confess. The intensity of the song’s musical content will make any metal purist proud; especially those purists that are fans of the thrash and hardcore realms. The song’s lyrical content gives the song even more punch. Both elements assembled together, they make ‘See You Other Side’ a message that given the chance could inspire listeners both in the band’s home country and in countries around the world and in turn begin to help turn the tide in the war on terror just as much as entertain. Audiences can, again, hear ‘See You Other Side’ now online via SoundCloud at More information on the band’s new single is available online now along with all of the latest news from the band at To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Lamb Of God Takes No Prisoners As It Storms This Year’s Hard Rock And Metal Field

Courtesy:  Epic Records

Courtesy: Epic Records

It’s official. Lamb of God is back. The veteran metal band, which was once tapped as part of the so-called New Wave of American Heavy Metal, released its latest full-length studio effort on July 24th. The album, the band’s seventh, is one that almost didn’t happen. That is because of front man Randy Blythe’s 2012 court case stemming from the death of one of the band’s fans in 2010 at one of the band’s live shows in Prague. Blythe faced the possibility of spending quite a bit of time behind bars as a result of the fan’s death as he was implicated in sad fan’s death. Thankfully that didn’t happen. And because it didn’t fans now have an album in VII: Sturm Und Drang that is both one of the band’s best albums to date and that is one of the best of this year’s hard rock and metal albums. The record is anchored by the trademark musical and lyrical intensity that the band’s fans have come to know so well over the years as is evident in ‘#512′ and ‘Engage The Fear Machine.’ Though, for its familiar sound and feel, the band does throw a proverbial wrench in the works, branching out slightly in regards to its musical content in ‘Overlord.’ All three songs show in their own way that Lamb of God is indeed back. They are hardly the only songs that could be cited in making that argument. The standard edition features seven other songs that could just as easily be used for that argument. The deluxe extended edition no fewer than nine other tracks as fodder for that argument as it includes a pair of bonus recordings. All things considered, VII: Sturm Und Drang (storm and penetrated, roughly translated) proves both in its standard and deluxe editions to be an album that is, again, one of Lamb of God’s best recordings yet and one of this year’s best new hard rock and metal recordings.

Lamb of God’s latest full-length album VII: Sturm Und Drang is one of the band’s best recordings to date and one of the best of this year’s crop of new hard rock and metal albums. It is an especially welcome recording from one of the members of the so-called New Wave of American Heavy Metal considering that it almost didn’t happen. From beginning to end, fans will note the band’s trademark musical and lyrical intensity in every song including one of its highest moments, ‘#512.’ Considering the song’s lyrical content, one can’t help but think that it must be one of the two songs included in this record that were centered on the case in question. He writes in the song, “Six bars laid across the sky/Four empty walls to fill the time/One careless word, you lose your life/A grave new world awaits inside.” He goes on to write in the song’s chorus, “My hands are painted red/My future’s painted black/I can’t recognize myself/I’ve become someone else/My hands are painted red” The content contained in the song’s second and third verse strengthens the argument even more that this song is referencing the events of Blythe’s case. Both verses, when coupled with the intensity of the song’s musical content, illustrates the emotion that Blythe must have felt when he originally wrote this song. That is, again, if the song is indeed making reference to the case.

Regardless of whether or not #512 is indeed making reference to Randy Blythe’s case stemming from the death of one of LOG’s fans some five years ago, it is still one of the best moments of this already outstanding return for one of metal’s top acts. It is hardly the only positive that can be taken from the band’s new album. ‘Engage The Fear Machine’ is yet another positive from this outstanding work. Coming from a musical vantage point, ‘Engage The Fear Machine’ shows another familiar sound. The band’s technical expertise in this death metal style song. Drummer Chris Adler’s time keeping is without flaw. Mark Morton and Will Adler are just as tight together in the song’s dual-part approach to the songs. And the fire in Blythe’s voice as he screams will remind long-time fans just as much of the band’s previous works. Speaking in terms of the song’s lyrical content, the song hits just as hard as Blythe comments on the steady stream of fear, death, and destruction being fed to Americans from the media and other sources. He screams, “Here we go again/The world is coming to an end/Engage the fear machine and collect the dividends/That’s it, you filthy monkeys/Keep your eyes on the bright and shiny/Just for you/A brand new-and-improved catastrophe/Pure-bred Pavlov/Prime time apocalypse/Hit the panic button and reap the bloody benefits.” This is made even clearer as he screams in the song’s closing verse, “Stream the latest threat from the limelight economists/Fabricated peri from contagion to communists/Fear delivered to your door by racketeers and strategists/Another advertisement war sold by the media terrorists.” If there was any doubt before, then that doubt is completely eliminated here. The fear machine is the media. It is politicians. It is everybody in any sense of power that willingly drives people into submission through the use of fear. That reminder to not give in to the fear machine set alongside the song’s familiar powerhouse musical content makes even clearer why this song is one of the best of the band’s new album. While it is another of the album’s best moments, it is not the last of said moments. ‘Overlord’ is one of the album’s representative singles and justifiably so. It is yet another of the album’s most notable works.

‘#512′ and ‘Engage The Fear Machine’ are both key additions to Lamb of God’s new album. Both songs harken back to the band’s previous albums with their musical content. The songs’ lyrical content will impress just as much with their hard-hitting and thought-provoking lyrical content. While both songs show in their own way to be key additions to VII: Sturm Und Drang they are just a small collective glimpse into what makes this record such a welcome return for Lamb of God. The album’s latest single ‘Overlord’ is one more example of what makes this record a welcome return. It is perhaps the single most notable of the album’s songs because it is such a drastic departure for the band. The band’s signature speed and ferocity are both there. However, listeners are treated to more than just that familiar sound. The song starts out with a much slower hybrid Crowbar/Alice in Chains sort of sound that runs nearly three and a half minutes into the song’s six and a half-minute run time. Throughout that initial run, audiences actually get to hear for themselves that the band’s members can in fact do more than just play really fast and really loud. All five men show that they can play in a slow, controlled fashion just as much as they can fast and loud. Even Blythe’s vocals have a different sound in that run. It’s an interesting change of pace overall. It is just part of what makes this song such an interesting addition to the record, too. The song’s lyrical content, written by Blythe add even more interest. Blythe noted in an interview that lyrically speaking, the song is a commentary about how the world’s people have become completely self-obsessed and that the end result of that obsession can only be bad. He notes of the song that, “I wrote the song about the dangers of self-obsession in our distressingly myopic and increasingly entitled “me-now/now-me” culture; just like the couple in the video, many people can’t seem to look past their own relatively small problems to see the bigger picture: the world is in serious trouble. Having a bad day at work, or a fight with your significant other, or getting a crappy haircut or table service does not in any way shape or form constitute an emergency. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we want them to deal with it. People who only see their own problems eventually wind up alone because no one wants to hear their crap anymore- we all know someone like that, always whining and complaining about some inconsequential setback as if it were the apocalypse. This song is for those people.” That statement is made clear as he screams, “A new time of declaration of distress/Strife, misery, and the pursuit of unhappiness/Endless complaining/No accountability/No reek of privilege and weightless tragedy.” It is made even clearer as he screams later in the song, “All the world’s a stage/But you are the only player/A black hole in the center of the universe/A dark cloud of despair/Caught in an endless rut/A Crisis without solution/Someone should stitch your mouth shut/And solve your f***ing problem.” This is a rather sharp indictment of those people. But again, everybody knows someone like the individual(s) noted here. That being the case, the fire in these words along with Blythe’s delivery style and the musical approach of his band mates combine to make ‘Overlord’ one of the album’s strongest songs if not the single strongest songs. Audiences can check out the song for themselves now along with its companion video via YouTube at Together with the likes of ‘#512′ and ‘Engage The Fear Machine’ all three songs show together clearly why VII: Sturm Und Drang is a welcome return for Lamb of God. Those songs combined with the remaining tracks not noted here result in an album that is justifiably one of the best of this year’s hard rock and metal crop.

VII: Sturm Und Drang shows from beginning to end to be a welcome return for Lamb of God. Audiences will agree that regardless of whether they pick up the deluxe twelve-track edition or the standard ten-track record, it proves to be one of the best of this year’s crop of new hard rock and metal albums. This is thanks both to the musical talent displayed time and again throughout the body of the record and the commentary contained within each of the album’s songs. Whether for one of the tracks noted here or for any of the many others that could just as easily be noted, fans will agree that this applies in every one of the album’s songs. VII: Sturm Und Drang is available now in stores and online. The band is currently touring in support of the new record. It will be in Boston, MA tomorrow, August 4th and then in Holmdel, New Jersey on Wednesday. The band’s current tour schedule is listed below.


LAMB OF GOD W/ Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine & Motionless In White

8/4 – Boston, MA @ XFINITY Center

8/5 – Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Arts Center

8/6 – Pittsburgh, PA @ First Niagara Pavilion

8/8 – Toronto, ON @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

8/9 – Montreal, QC @ Parc Jean-Drapeau – Heavy Montreal

8/11 – Washington, DC @ Jiffy Lube Live

8/12 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach

8/14 – Indianapolis, IN @ Klipsch Music Center

8/15 – Chicago, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre

8/16 – St. Louis, MO @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

8/19 – Denver, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre

8/21 – Salt Lake City, UT @ USANA Amphitheatre

8/22 – Garden City, ID @ Revolution Center – NO SLIPKNOT *New Show*

8/23 – Auburn, WA @ White River Amphitheater

8/24 – Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena

8/26 – Concord, CA @ Concord Pavilion

8/28 – Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Resort Festival Grounds

8/29 – Phoenix, AZ @ AK-Chin Pavilion

8/30 – Albuquerque, NM @ Isleta Amphitheater

9/2 – Austin, TX @ Austin360 Amphitheater

9/4 – Houston, TX @ The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

9/5 – Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavilion

More information on Lamb of God’s tour is available online along with all of the latest updates on its new album and all of the latest news from the band at:




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Lethal Seas Will Fully Immerse Audiences

Courtesy:  PBS/PBS Distribution

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Distribution

Our world is in peril.  Those five simple words opened every episode of the once –popular animated, eco-friendly animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers.  As preachy as that series was, it made a clear and valid argument.  The argument in question was that mankind is killing Earth.  People around the world are finally beginning to see and admit this, too.  Yet there are still those they want to deny that the world is indeed in peril even today, more than two decades since Captain Planet and the Planeteers first debuted and nearly two decades since it went off the air.  Now thanks to Lethal Seas, the latest installment of PBS’ hit science-based series NOVA, the network has shown in its own way once again just how much peril the Earth is facing even today.  It does so by showing the effects of the rising acidity levels in Earth’s oceans.  The presentation centers on the effects of the oceans’ rising acidity levels both on a micro scale and a macro scale (an oyster-fishing operation and major coral reefs respectively).  That is just one aspect of this episode that makes it worth the watch.  The episode uses science to explain what exactly is happening to the oceans as a result of greenhouse gases being trapped inside the Earth’s atmosphere, going all the way down the atomic level in order to do so.  That is another way in which this episode proves to be so enlightening and entertaining—especially considering that the science doesn’t get too in depth for general audiences.  The graphic illustrations and footage used to illustrate the scientific discussions go hand in hand with those discussions and round out the ways in which the program proves itself so interesting for audiences.  Both elements together with the topic itself make Lethal Seas even more proof of why NOVA remains today the best science-based series on television and why PBS in whole is the last remaining bastion of truly worthwhile programming on television today.

NOVA: Lethal Seas a rather interesting new edition of PBS’ hit science-based series.  Watching through the nearly hour-long program, it makes clear yet again why NOVA remains today the top science-based series on television today.  That is made clear primarily through the topic at the episode’s center.  The topic in question is that of the increasingly clear effect of pollution on the world’s oceans and their ecosystems.  Audiences will appreciate in watching this episode that those behind the lens didn’t approach its topic in the fashion of so many ecological activist pieces out there.  Rather it presents the problem, but approaches it in a purely scientific fashion.  It presents the effects of carbon dioxide on the earth’s various marine ecosystems both on a micro and macro level.  The micro level presentation centers on a family’s oyster farm and the effect of the rising acidity level of the water on the family’s oysters.  Viewers see in this segment that the rising acidity prevents young oysters from fully developing their shells.  This in turn leads many of them to die.  The resultant effect here is much smaller yields for the family in question.  What’s more, it means that this very same scenario could be playing out across the country for other oyster farmers and even potentially for those running farms for other maritime life.  One the larger scale, the program examines the effects of carbon dioxide and in turn increased acidity in the oceans on the world’s coral reefs.  Audiences will be interested to learn and see for themselves the impact of those rising levels on the ability of coral reefs to spawn and grow.  Viewers are actually presented here with a side by side comparison of a healthy coral and one that has been affected by the noted pollution.  That will be discussed a little more at length later.  But it is an interesting sight that helps establish the basis of the program and in turn makes the program in whole that much more worth the watch.

The topic presented in NOVA’s latest new-to-DVD episode Lethal Seas and the program’s stylistic approach to discussing the problem is in itself plenty of reason for viewers to see the program at least once.  Viewers see both on a micro and on a macro level the effects of rising acidity levels in the world’s waters.  They see the potential effect of those rising levels (brought on by pollution) both on those that use the world’s waters to maintain a living and on those that live in the world’s waters, giving a completely clear and thorough look at the stated problem.  It is just one part of what makes this edition of NOVA worth the watch.  On a deeper level, the program’s overall approach to the problem makes it even more worth the watch.  Viewers will note in watching this episode that while it does present an alarming problem facing the world’s peoples, It doesn’t take the standard environmentalist take used by so many similar programs put out by other networks and studios.  Rather, it walks that line but still manages to maintain its objective and scientific edge over the preachy nature of so many similar programs put out by other networks and studios.  It’s a breath of fresh air to see those behind the lens maintain that objective stance especially considering the program’s subject matter.  It makes for even more reason for viewers to see Lethal Seas at least once.

The topic presented in NOVA: Lethal Seas and the clear, thorough presentation thereof makes it a presentation well worth at least one watch.  The same can be said of the fully objective and scientific approach taken by those behind the lens here.  While both elements are of equal importance to the program, there is still one more element worth noting in the program’s general effect.  That element is the program’s use of graphic illustrations and footage to illustrate the discussion at the program’s center.  The program utilizes a graphic illustration of certain atomic makeups interacting with one another as well as with the organisms living in the world’s waters as this part of the program is handled.  There is also actual footage showing the effect of said the pollution in question presented as researchers examine a coral reef. The footage in question is quite surprising. That is because viewers will see a clear difference between those corals that were healthy and those that had been so drastically affected by the increased acidity in the noted regions. These are just a couple examples of why the graphic illustrations and footage incorporated into NOVA: Lethal Seas is so important to the program in its own right. Those two elements together with the topic itself, and its noted objective approach collectively show why NOVA: Lethal Seas is well worth the watch.


NOVA: Lethal Seas is another interesting addition the ongoing success of television’s leading science-based program. That is thanks to the subject at the center of the program. The approach taken to the program makes it even more worth the watch. The elements incorporated into the program round out the presentation showing together with the aforementioned elements why this presentation is another success for NOVA and why in larger part both NOVA and PBS remain at the top of their respective fields. NOVA: Lethal Seas is available now on DVD and can be ordered direct from PBS’ online store at More information on this and other episodes of NOVA is available online now at:





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Saxon Debuts New Single; Announces Details For New Album, Tour

Saxon Battering Ram Cover Art

Courtesy: UDR Music

This fall, legendary metal act Saxon returns with its twenty-first full-length studio album. Battering Ram will be released in stores and online on Friday, October 16th via UDR Music. In anticipation of the album’s release, the band has debuted the video for the album’s lead single and announced a handful of North American tour dates that kick off Wednesday, August 19th in Riverside, California. The band will join fellow veteran metal acts Motorhead and Armored Saint for the twenty-three-date tour. Audiences can check out the video for ‘Battering Ram’ online now via YouTube at The video splices together footage of the band recording the song at Backstage Studios in Derbyshire, UK and vintage footage of crash test dummies in action, a place crashing, a boxing match, a football game and more.  The current schedule for the band’s upcoming tour is listed below.

SAXON US Tour Dates:

August 19 – Riverside, CA @ Riverside Municipal Auditorium w/ Motörhead

August 20 – San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick w/ Armored Saint

August 21 – Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues w/ Motörhead

August 22 – Los Angeles, CA @ Shrine w/ Motörhead

August 23 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace Of Spades

August 24 – San Francisco, CA @ Warfield Theatre w/ Motörhead

August 27 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex w/ Motörhead

August 28 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory

September 1 – Austin, TX @ Cedar Park Center w/ Motörhead

September 2 – San Antonio, TX @ Aztec Theatre w/ Motörhead

September 3 – El Paso, TX @ Speaking Rock Entertainment Center

September 4 – Dallas, TX @ Bomb Factory w/ Motörhead

September 5 – Houston, TX @ House Of Blues w/ Motörhead

September 6 – St. Louis, MO @ Pageant Theater w/ Motörhead

September 9 – Indianapolis, IN @ Murat Theater w/ Motörhead

September 10 – Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage – Prog Power

September 12 – Stafford, CT @ Palace Theater w/ Armored Saint

September 13 – Portland, ME @ Asylum w/ Armored Saint

September 15 – Washington, DC @ Howard Theater w/ Armored Saint

September 16 – Westland, MI @ Token Lounge w/ Armored Saint

September 17 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar w/ Armored Saint

September 18 – Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom w/ Armored Saint

September 20 – St. Charles, IL @ Arcada Theater w/ Armored Saint

Battering Ram will be available Friday, October 16th in stores and online. It is currently available for pre-orders online via iTunes at Those that pre-order Battering Ram now via iTunes will get the album’s title track as an Instant Grat track. Pre-orders via Amazon and other outlets will be available soon. They will include the CD in Ecolbook, 180 gram Vinyl, Limited Edition Boxset (containing CD, Vinyl and a Bonus CD with the band performance of their Denim & Leather Tour “Saxon Over Sweden 2011” – 18 tracks). More information on Battering Ram is available online now along with all of the latest news and updates from Saxon at:




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