Soulfly Debuts Seventh “Trailer” From ‘Ritual’

Courtesy: Nuclear Blast Records

The wait is almost over for Soulfly’s new album, Ritual, and in continued anticipation of its release, the band has debuted another new trailer.

The band debuted the album’s seventh “trailer” on Wednesday. In the latest “trailer,” Soulfly front man and founder Max Cavalera talks about working with guest vocalists on the band’s forthcoming album.  Audiences learn early on that Immolation front man Ross  Dolan did not even know that he was going to be featured on Ritual when the story broke that he will be included in the record.

Cavalera also discusses working with Lamb of God front man Randy Blythe on the song ‘Dead Behind The Eyes’ during the interview.  This is just the latest mention that has been made of Blythe’s work with Soulfly on Ritual.

Early last month, Soulfly debuted ‘Dead Behind The Eyes’ as Ritual‘s third single. Cavalera discussed the connection between Blythe, producer Josh Wilbur (who produced Ritual as well as albums from Lamb of God) and how that connection led to Blythe being featured on Ritual.  He also talked about at length about the song’s title and lyrics in the interview.

This new discussion is just the latest to promote Ritual.  In previous discussions, Cavalera has also talked about choosing what music goes to what project, working with the Navajo on Ritual, the return of tribal elements to the band’s new album, the album’s title, working with Josh Wilbur, and Ritual‘s artwork.

Along with the video for ‘Dead Behind The Eyes,’ Soulfly has also released a 360-degree video for Ritual‘s title track and a stream of the album’s lead single, ‘Evil Empowered.’

Pre-orders are open now for Ritual.  The album’s track listing is noted below.

Ritual track listing:
1.  Ritual
2.  Dead Behind The Eyes (feat. Randy Blythe)
3.  The Summoning
4.  Evil Empowered
5.  Under Rapture (feat. Ross Dolan)
6.  Demonized
7.  Blood On The Street
8.  Bite The Bullet
9.  Feedback!
10.  Soulfly XI

More information on Ritual is available online now along with all of Soulfly’s latest news and more at:






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Artillery Debuts New LP’s Second Single

Courtesy: Metal Blade Recprds

Artillery has released another single from its upcoming album.

The band debuted the single ‘Crossroads to Conspiracy‘ on Wednesday.  The song is the second single that the band has released from the forthcoming LP, The Face of Fear, which is currently scheduled for release Nov. 16 via Metal Blade Records. It is the band’s ninth full-length studio recording.

‘Crossroads To Conspiracy’ comes a little more than a month after the band debuted the album’s lead single and title track, and almost a month after the band debuted that single’s video.

Guitarist Michael Stutzer said in an interview that the song is familiar territory for the band and its fans. He added that the song’s lyrical theme centers on the issue of people’s hypocrisy and the related consequences thereof.

“‘Crossroads to Conspiracy’ was one of the very last songs we crafted, and it’s a hard-hitting melodic thrash metal song with the typical Artillery riffing,” Stutzer said. “The lyrics are about how you have been cursed by the wrong choices you’ve made.  “The wrongdoings of others, that you used to condemn others for, have been committed by yourself.”

The Face of Fear will be available on limited edition digipack with two bonus tracks, 180-gram black vinyl and four separate limited edition colored vinyl pressings.  Their details are noted below.

–opaque grey blue marbeld vinyl (ltd. 300 – EU-exclusive)
–golden yellow blue marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
–blue green / white splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 – EMP-exclusive)
–blue/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 300 – US-exclusive)

Pre-orders are open now. The album’s track listing is noted below.

The Face Of Fear track-listing:
1. The Face of Fear
2. Crossroads To Conspiracy
3. New Rage
4. Sworn Utopia
5. Through The Ages Of Atrocity
6. Thirst For The Worst
7. Pain
8. Under Water (instumental)
9. Preaching to the converted

10. Mind Of No Return (ltd. 1st ed. bonus track / re-recorded song from Artillery‘s first demo from 1982)
11. Doctor Evil (ltd. 1st ed. bonus track / 2018 version)

More information on The Face of Fear is available online now along with all of Artillery’s latest news and more at:






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Eagle Rock Entertainment’s New Lennon, ‘Imagine’ Retrospective Will Appeal To Lennon, Beatles Fans Alike

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

John Lennon’s Imagine is one of the most important albums in music history.  Whether one is a fan of Lennon, The Beatles or just an audiophile in general, the stylistic change in this record from his work with Lennon’s former Beatles band mates showed a dramatic change of pace for the late, great musician. Now thanks to Eagle Rock Entertainment, the most devout Beatles and Lennon fans finally get to see for themselves how Imagine was created while also taking in the album complete with visualizations in the form of the recently released presentation, Imagine & Gimme Some Truth.  The two-part presentation offers plenty for the noted audiences to appreciate, beginning with that noted dual presentation.  This will be discussed shortly.  The companion booklet that comes with the presentation is just as important to discuss in examining the Blu-ray’s presentation as the primary content.  It will be discussed a little later.  The bonus content included in the Blu-ray rounds out its most important elements, and will also be discussed later.  All things considered, Imagine & Gimme Some Truth proves to be a presentation that the most devoted fans of John Lennon and The Beatles will find appealing.

Eagle Rock Entertainment’s recently released John Lennon doc Imagine & Gimme Some Truth is a presentation that the most devoted fans of Lennon and The Beatles will find appealing.  As noted already, that is due in part to the primary content presented in the program.  Eagle Rock Entertainment has presented here a vintage presentation that follows the creation of his landmark album Imagine as well as a full presentation of the album complete with home videos of Lennon and his widow Yoko Ono.  The doc presents the original in-studio footage of Lennon and his then band mates at work figuring out how to make each song the best that it can be as part of the presentation.  What makes this interesting is that audiences get to see Lennon not just as a performer, but as an artist and a real person.  It’s not always the smiling John Lennon that so many people might remember.  Audiences see that happy guy, but also someone who was human and got frustrated at times, too.  Some might ask why is this important, especially considering that John Lennon is no longer with us.  What is important is that it serves as another reminder that celebrities are not super humans.  They are ordinary people, just like everyone else.  What’s more, audiences get to hear some raw mixes of the songs that would end up on the record while also getting that fly on the wall vantage point of the creative process.  Getting to hear a raw, demo session of ‘Imagine’ itself presents a completely different vocal approach from Lennon than what is heard on record, for example, as well as a slightly different arrangement.  Audiences also get to take in the in-studio recording of ‘Gimme Some Truth,’ which stylistically harkens back to the likes of ‘Helter Skelter.’  Again, here is another important point for the documentary portion of the presentation.  Between all of this and so much more, the documentary proves to be a work that will please, again, the most devoted fans of John Lennon and The Beatles.

The full musical presentation of ‘Imagine’ is a bonus for those fans as it is the original presentation recorded by Yoko Ono and John Lennon together.  The companion booklet that comes with this presentation explains the history behind the film, which is interesting, even for those who might not be as devout as others in their fandom.  As is noted in the booklet, making the film was alien territory for Lennon, but apparently not so much for Ono, which led to some of its more intriguing moments.  Audiences get in the film, home video footage of Lennon and Ono, as well as more artsy type of footage, such as Lennon and Ono sitting at an art display with human-like figures at a table, and the couple walking around in a forest apparently looking for one another just to note a couple of instances.  The home video footage includes footage of the couple at their home together, and with a number of celebs, such as Miles Davis, Andy Warhol and Jack Palance.  Again, the most devout fans of The Beatles and John Lennon will find it all appealing.  Those who might be more casual listeners will at least appreciate getting to hear Imagine in its whole after going through the making of documentary that itself is vintage footage.  That vintage footage in both presentations adds even more appeal for fans as it wasn’t tweaked for the presentation here.  It is exactly the same footage presented in its original presentation.  To that end, the two-part presentation that forms the foundation of Imagine & Gimme Some Truth makes that foundation strong to say the least.  The companion booklet that came with that primary content strengthens that foundation even more.

As noted already, the companion booklet that joins the Blu-ray’s primary content is so important because of what it adds to the Blu-ray’s presentation.  It presents the words of Lennon and Ono themselves instead of the typical liner notes written by a journalist, biographer or other personality.  The notes, obviously written around the same time as the Imagine film, clearly show the time and thought put into the film’s creation so many years ago.  Ono discusses Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton movies in her notes as inspiration for the film’s stylistic approach at one point.  At another point, Lennon talks about the cameras following him and his fellow musicians around the studio as the album was being made.  He also writes jokingly about the man in the bag who walked around London in one point of Imagine.  At yet another point, Lennon talks about Ono’s apparent talent with film making, how that led to the film’s outcome and his feeling on the outcome.  It’s just one more commentary that, again, truly devout fans of Lennon and the Beatles will appreciate.  Between all of this and the rest of the commentary featured throughout the booklet, the whole of that content builds on the foundation formed by the program’s two-part primary content to give the noted audiences even more reason to view this presentation.  Even as much as this content offers audiences, it is not all that audiences have to appreciate here.  The bonus material included in the program rounds out its most important elements.

The bonus material features bonus outtakes of performances from Gimme Some Truth not included in the final presentation of that studio presentation.  Audiences get as bonuses, outtakes of the sessions for ‘Jealous Guy,’ ‘How?’ and ‘Gimme Some Truth.’  Again, the bonus features show Lennon and company hard at work in a setting that audiences might not be so commonly seen in other Lennon and Beatles presentations.  As an additional bonus, audiences also get to see a photoshoot of Lennon in studio that is used to create pictures to promote Imagine.  Again, it’s one more display of the creative process for the record.  It’s one more item for Beatles and John Lennon fans to appreciate.  When it is considered along with the bonus studio outtakes, the breadth of information shared by Ono and Lennon themselves in the presentation’s companion booklet and the primary two-part program that forms the program’s foundation, the whole proves to be a work that the most devout Lennon and The Beatles fans will find appealing.

Eagle Rock Entertainment’s recently released profile of John Lennon’s landmark album Imagine is a work that the most devout fans of The Beatles and John Lennon will find appealing.  That is due in part to the two-part primary content that forms the presentation’s foundation.  The rich background that is provided through the Blu-ray’s companion booklet strengthens that foundation even more.  The bonus studio outtakes put the finishing touch to the Blu-ray’s presentation.  Each element is important in its own right to the whole of this Blu-ray.  All things considered, they make this a work that, once again, the most devout fans of The Beatles and John Lennon will appreciate.  It is available now.  More information on this and other titles from Eagle Rock Entertainment is available online at:










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Alvarez’s Latest Zardonic LP Is Sure To “Become” A Favorite Among EDM Metal Fans Alike

Courtesy: eOne

World-renowned producer Federico Agreda Alvarez, aka Zardonic, released his latest full-length studio recording Become late last month via eOne.  The album, his ninth full-length studio recording, comes three years after the release of his most recent recording, 2015’s Antihero.  The record’s musical arrangements, which boast a solid mix of dubstep and industrial metal creates a sound that will appeal to fans of Ministry, Gravity Kills, The Prodigy and other similar acts.  Its lyrical content adds just as much interest to the record as its musical content, with its engaging themes.  Keeping in mind the lyrical and musical content presented throughout, ‘Children of Tomorrow’ proves to be one of the album’s most powerful entries.  It will be discussed shortly.  ‘Takeover’ is another notable addition to the album, and will be discussed a little bit later.  ‘Follow The Light’ is yet another of Become’s most notable entries.  Between these songs and the eight others that round out the rest of the album, the 11-song album in whole proves to be a surprisingly enjoyable effort for those unfamiliar with Alvarez’s work and just as enjoyable for his more seasoned audiences.

Zardonic’s new studio album Become is a powerful new offering from the Venezuelan producer/DJ/keyboardist that will appeal just as much to his seasoned audiences as his new fans.  That is due to the combination of the record’s powerhouse musical arrangements and its equally engaging lyrical themes.  ‘Children of Tomorrow’ is one of the most notable examples of how that joining of elements makes Become a strong new offering from Zardonic, aka Federico Agreda Alvarez.  This is proven in part through the song’s musical arrangement, which is a heavy, driving composition.  The brooding, contemplative vibe makes it even more impacting.  In the same breath, that engaging vibe is a good accent for the song’s equally brooding, contemplative lyrical theme, which focuses on those people who have and do stand against oppression.  As Alvarez pointed out in an interview, “ ‘Children of Tomorrow’ is an anthem for the resistance; for the people who have raised their voice as the system continues to oppress us.Many sadly took this fight to the streets and violence, leading eventually to riots and their death. This is our homage to them.”  As the song’s lead verse states, “Got a heart full of sorrow for the children of tomorrow/Fire in the sky/Beg, steal, kill or borrow/Their purpose is worthless/their days numbered/Can’t take the heat/Watch it rise to the surface/Death or dishonor/Grab the dog by its collar/Dog eat dog, let us fight over dollars/They don’t know/They will never ever show what we go through/Red lights on/Won’t stop until you do.”

The second verse illustrates that message just as much, stating, “We’re not safe/devastate when they legislate/Designate hate/Take the food off your plate/And the clothes off your back/We’re under attack/We’re under attack/Gear up/Rise up/Put on your gas mask/Take that Molotov/Blast counter attack/This is streetside manpower fighting back.”  The song’s chorus is just as direct in its message, following the wording in the verses closely.  What listeners get overall is a song that is not just another protest song or even just another industrial or Electronic Dance Music (EDM) work.  It is a work that sets a solid hybrid EDM/Industrial metal arrangement alongside a tribute to those who have fought against corrupt powers in Venezuela for a work that could just as easily inspire those fighting against corruption around the world.  Simply put, it is entertaining and inspiring all in one, and in turn, clearly one of Become’s most powerful entries.  Of course it is just one of the album’s most notable additions.  ‘Takeover’ is another of the album’s most notable compositions.

‘Takeover’ is its own important work because it bears its own identity separate from the rest of the songs included in Become.  This song, composed along with the work of the Qemists, does boast that noted familiar feel in its arrangement.  What is truly interesting here though, is that along with the clear influences from Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, Celldweller’s influence can be heard, too.  The joining of those influences makes this arrangement another powerhouse presentation that will definitely appeal to a wide range of listeners.  That hard-driving arrangement is only one part of what makes the song so worth noting.  Its lyrical content plays into its importance, too.  Alvarez pointed out in his interview about the album that the song, musically and lyrically is a tribute to Zardonic’s forefathers.  He said, “Takeover’ is a reminder to the world that before EDM and rock/metal became the trend it is today, we were pursuing this sound since 2004, and there were also many before us all the way back to the 60s…We pay homage to the great artists before us, those who made it big, those unsung – Pendulum, The Prodigy, Celldweller, Ministry, Linkin Park, and all other great artists that contributed to bring electronic-fused rock to the mainstream, and as the scene takes shape, you better be ready to brace for ‘Takeover!”

That tribute is clear in the song’s lyrics.  The song’s lead verse reads, “Oh, we’ve been doing this since the dark ages/With fast paces/Takin’ rock and metal/Throwin’ drum and bass in/And this one goes out to the cell dwellers/Who stood alone/metronome full force to the trendsetters/Rock the people/Rush the stage/keepin’ bodies movin’, yeah/But melting the face/Crushin’ the metal/Punchin’ the bass/Rockin’ the place as you brace for takeover.”  The tribute continues in the song’s chorus, reminding listeners to “be ready for takeover.”  It’s a message that the biggest and best is yet to come, and is sent defiantly and proudly, too.  That pride and positivity in the song’s message couples with the equally upbeat and infectious nature of the song’s arrangement to make it another standout addition to ‘Takeover.’  The end result is a song that clearly proves why it is another of Become’s most notable works.  It is not the last of the album’s most notable compositions, either.  ‘Follow The Light’ is one more of the record’s most notable works.

‘Follow The Light’ stands out in part because unlike the arrangements presented in the previously discussed songs, this song comes across as the most EDM-centered arrangement.  Yes, the industrial metal influences are there once again, but this time, they seem present more in a supporting sense, while the EDM elements take more of a center stage.  What really make the arrangement stand out is its sense of urgency, which makes the little lyrical content in the song more relatable.  The one real line of lyrics states simply, “We reunite as the worlds collide/Fear is an illusion/We are your salvation/By eventide our journey begins/So heed the call and follow the light.”  As Alvarez noted of that content, “The worlds collide is a perfect analogy to our manipulated society.  It pains me to see this, because I see the results of it in every aspect of our lives.  How through fear, people are led to create enemies out of fellow humans, and are capable of the worst atrocities against them.”  He goes on to note that because of the negativity and hate filling the world, he follows the light “that lets me see the with real eyes, what is going on once you look at the bigger picture.”  He is saying that people in general need to see that light and stop the evil and hate filling the world, thus that noted seeming urgency in the song’s arrangement.  That urgency and the urgency evoked through the song’s growing tension drives the message home even more.  When one takes all of this into consideration, the whole of the song proves even more important and notable.  When it is joined with the other songs discussed here and the rest of the album’s works, the end result is an album that is not just another EDM/Industrial presentation, but a work that combines those elements in a unique fashion while also presenting some equally engaging lyrical themes.  The combination of that engagement and entertainment makes the album in whole a presentation that is sure to impress Zardonic’s fans new and old alike.

Multi-talented producer/keyboardist/DJ Zardonic, aka Federico Agreda Alvarez’s latest full-length studio recording Become is a powerful new offering from the veteran composer, producer and performer.  It is a work that is certain to have a wide-ranging appeal.  That is proven in part through arrangements that solidly balance Alvarez’s EDM influences with his more rock and metal influences from one song to the next.  That in itself guarantees listeners’ sustained engagement and entertainment.  The record’s wide range of lyrical themes is sure to keep listeners engaged.  This is just as clear from start to end.  When all of this is considered in examining the album in whole, the record proves to be a solid new offering from Zardonic, and easily one of the year’s best new industrial and EDM offerings.  It is available now via eOne.  More information on Become is available online now along with all of Alvarez’s latest news and more at:










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Pistol Annies Releases New LP’s Fourth Single

Courtesy: RCA Records Nashville

Country music trio Pistol Annies will release its third full-length studio recording this fall, and in anticipation, the group released the album’s latest single this week.

The group — Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley —  released ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ Friday from its forthcoming album Interstate Gospel. The song is streaming now via Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and all other streaming services.

Pistol Annies member Ashley Monroe said in an interview, that it came about completely by chance.

‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ came after a particularly fruitful night of songwriting,” Monroe said.  “We’d just finished a song out at the farm, and Miranda said, “Girls, we’re on fire, I think…,” and then she said, “So stop, drop and roll one!””

The trio is currently scheduled to perform a trio of already sold out shows in support of Interstate Gospel beginning Oct. 25 in Nashville, TN at the famed Ryman Auditorium.  Its current scheduled also includes a Nov. 2 performance at The Town Hall in New York City and Nov. 7 at The Novo in Los Angeles. In addition, the group is also scheduled to perform live at the annual 2018 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony Oct. 17.

Pre-orders are open now for Interstate Gospel.  Audiences who pre-order Interstate Gospel now will receive instant grat downloads of the album’s three previous singles, ‘Interstate Gospel,’ ‘Best Years of My Life’ and ‘Got My Name Changed Back.’

More information on Pistol Annies’ new album, performance schedule and more is available online now at:






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Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies’ New LP Is A Good Fit for Young Children’s Halloween Parties

Courtesy: Crumby Records

The annual countdown to Halloween is on yet again, and with it is the planning for all of those parties filled with costumes, candy, cola and lots of other stuff that stats with the letter “C” (and other items that start with other letters).  Whether the party is for grown-ups, teens or children, the food and drink are of course always critical, but are not the only items that need planning.  Music is just as crucial as the food and drink, and thanks to children’s entertainers Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies, grown-ups looking for music for their little ghouls’ and ghosts’ party have something new.  It comes in the form of the group’s new Halloween-themed album Happy Haunted Halloweeen.  Available now via Crumby Records, the 14-song record is especially fitting for those hosting Halloween parties for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.  That is made clear in part through the record’s musical arrangements, which will be discussed shortly.  Its lyrical content supports that statement just as much as its musical content.  The album’s sequencing ensures that collective musical and lyrical content keeps those listeners entertained from start to end, and will also be discussed later.  Each element is important in its own way to the whole of Happy Haunted Halloween.  All things considered, the album is sure to be a musical treat for any little monster’s Halloween party this year.

Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies’ new Halloween-themed album Happy Haunter Halloween is a record that is fitting for any pre-school/kindergarten Halloween party this year (and really any year).  That is proven in part through the album’s collective musical arrangements.  The arrangements offer some spooks here and there, but those spooks are never too spooky for young listeners.  Right from the record’s outset, listeners get a fun, danceable tune in ‘Happy Halloween’ that will put a smile on everyone’s face.  ‘Gonna get Me A Monster’ is one of those spooky but not too spooky tunes that is just spooky enough to give young listeners a fun fright without leaving listeners with nightmares.  In other words, it will be put listeners in the Halloween spirit (no pun intended) without being too scary.  ‘Ain’t Scared of Nuthin’,’ the record’s third record lightens things back up with its rockabilly style arrangement that will have listeners of all ages dancing.  Grown-ups will instantly make comparisons with this song’s arrangement to the best works from Reverend Horton Heat, Brian Setzer Orchestra and other similar acts.  The varied influences exhibited in ‘Insane Scientist Victory Blitz’ come together in that song to make it yet another example of the importance of the record’s musical arrangements.  At one point, the song’s arrangement lends itself to comparisons with Danny and the Juniors’ hit golden oldie ‘At The Top.’  In the same breath, some grown-ups might even find themselves making a comparison to certain musical numbers from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The song’s bridge introduces something of a garage rock sound that switches things up even more before the song moves back to that previously noted hybrid sound.  Between the examples noted here and the rest of the album’s arrangements, the whole of the record’s musical content stays largely in the Halloween sound, but never gets too spooky for its targeted audiences.  That being the case, it is just one of the reasons that grown-ups will want to use this record for their kids’ Halloween parties this year.  The record’s lyrical content offers plenty to appreciate, too.

Just as the its musical content never gets too spooky for young listeners, neither does its lyrical content.  One of the best examples of the focus paid to the record’s lyrical content comes in ‘Grandpa’s Ghost.’  While the song’s title sounds spooky, one finds in listening, that is in fact a celebration of family.  It celebrates, as the song notes, someone’s grandfather, and the happy memories brought by those memories of the man.  That loving memory is coupled with an arrangement that is while a little bit spooky, does a good job of illustrating the joy that those memories bring.  ‘Who U Spoze 2 Be’ (yes, that’s really the title’s spelling on the album’s back cover) is another song that will appeal to plenty of listeners.  That’s because, as the title notes, it addresses the seemingly never-ending issue of people asking “what are you supposed to be” to people in unfamiliar costumes.  Who out there hasn’t felt the frustration exhibited in this song? ‘How Many Pieces of Candy’ is yet another example of the family friendly lyrical content in this record.  It celebrates the very thing that every kid looks forward to every Halloween, the collection of that sweet (and sometimes salty) treasure.  In the same breath, it also proves responsible, reminding kids to not eat all of their candy in one sitting.  It’s just one more way in which the album’s lyrical content proves to be friendly for the whole family.  The album’s other songs do just as much to prove that statement.  When they are joined with the songs noted here, the whole of the songs’ content offers even more reason to play this record at any very young children’s Halloween party.  When this is considered along with the record’s musical content, the musical and lyrical content together give more than enough reason to add this record to those parties.  Keeping all of this in mind, the record’s sequencing ensures that listeners will remain engaged.

The sequencing of Happy Haunted Halloween is key to note in examining the album because it takes into account the album’s lyrical and musical content together and uses them to keep listeners engaged from start to end.  The Halloween themes are prevalent throughout, but they are not the only themes.  As noted, there are other themes thrown into the mix to keep things interesting.  ‘Grandpa’s Ghost’ celebrates family while ‘Dream of the Bonfire’ is a celebration of that beloved past time of sitting by the campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories.  Again, it’s never too spooky.  ‘Monster in Me’ is a fun piece that talks about that inner persona that everyone loves to release every Halloween in a fun way.  The uber short ‘She Writes Frankenstein’ is just an introduction to ‘Insane Scientist Victory Blitz,’ yet at the same time celebrates famed author Mary Shelly.  In other words, it could be argued that it promotes literacy.  What’s important to note here is that the not fully Hallowen-themed songs are put at just the right points across the album to keep it interesting, lyrically.  In regards to its musical content, the record never gets too slow or spooky.  It keeps the energy stable from start to finish, with its slowest point coming at ‘How Many Pieces of Candy?’  That stability in the album’s energy and the variety offered through the songs’ lyrical themes shows plenty of time and thought was put into the sequencing from that vantage point.  Considering the amount of time and thought put into the record’s sequencing, that effort proves to have paid off.  To that end, the album in whole proves to be a record that is certainly its own musical treat for any pre-k and kindergarten Halloween party.

Mr. Singer and the Sharp Cookies’ new Halloween-themed record, Happy Haunted Halloween, is a good addition to any pre-k and kindergarten Halloween party this year.  That is proven in part through musical arrangements that, while they embrace the Halloween spirit, never prove too spooky for young listeners.  The lyrical themes presented throughout the record do just as much to entertain listeners with their family-friendly Halloween themes.  The sequencing used for the album ensures that those lyrical themes and musical arrangements keep listeners engaged, too.  Each element is important in its own way to the whole of the album, as has been discussed here.  All things considered, the album proves to be its own musical treat for any young children’s Halloween party this year.  It is available now.  More information on Happy Haunted Halloween is available online now along with all of the latest news from Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies at:










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The Okee Dokee Brothers Get “Cool” On ‘Winterland’

Courtesy: Okee Dokee Music

The wait is almost over for The Okee Dokee Brothers’ new album.

The duo recently announced that it will release its fourth full-length studio recording Winterland on Oct. 5.  The 16-song record takes listeners from the change of seasons from autumn to spring that the whole family will enjoy while curling up together at the fireside.

Along with being a record for the whole family, the record also addresses the issue of climate change.  The record’s full track listing is noted below.

Track List

The Okee Dokee Brothers


  1. Blankets of Snow
  2. Welcome Home
  3. Ice Fishin’ Shack
  4. Keep Me Warm
  5. The Abominable Yeti
  6. You You You
  7. Candles
  8. Slumberjack
  9. Ukulele in a Snowstorm
  10. Howl
  11. Snowpeople
  12. Lazy Day
  13. North Country Dance Band
  14. Great Grandmother Tree
  15. New Year
  16. Signs of Spring

Ten percent of the album’s sales will go to benefit Askov Finlayson’s Keep The North Cold initiative.  The company works to fight climate change by supporting other initiatives that slow factors such as greenhouse gas emissions.

Ten percent of ticket sales at the pair’s Nov. 3 hometown show will also go to benefit the organization.  The group will also donate ten percent of ticket sales at its Nov. 4 Denver, Colorado show to Protect Our Winters, which also works to combat human-caused climate change.

More information on Winterland is available online now along with the Okee Dokee Brothers’ latest news and more at:






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